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Sr. Sap Bw Consultant Resume

Maumee Ohio U S, A


  • Sr. SAP BW/BIHANA/BOBJ/BI ABAP Consultant with hands on experience on various full life cycle (FLC) implementations of SAP BI projects and has 8+yrs of strong working experience in SAP BW 3.5/3.0 /7.0/7.3 in different functional areas like Sales and distribution (S&D), CRM, Material management, Global Trade Management, Finance and Controlling.
  • Extensive experience in implementation and configuration of SAP FI/CO module - General ledger, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable, Controlling and Profitability analysis (COPA) SAP SD : Sales order, Delivery and Billing SAP GTM : Trading Contract item data, SAP CRM : Business partner information SAP MM : Initial stock, Historical transactions (deltas) and Valuations, SAP HCM/HR: Payroll (PY ), Personnel Actions (PA), Organizational Management (OM), Actual and Labor Times.
  • Extensive experience in Requirement Gathering, technical integration and development across various SAP modules, unit/system testing of busines s processes, performing data loads, preparing Cut over, Plans to move the objects to live.
  • Extensive experience in loading huge volume of data into BW. Developed load plans for huge volumes using Company Codes, GL Accounts, Fiscal Year, sales order of R/3 and ECC logistics data.
  • Involved in developing SAP ABAP (BI) objects like stat routines, End routine, Expert routine, field routine, Function Modules for Data source enhancements and for designing generic extractors as per business logic with functional modules in SD, MM, FI, CO, GTM and CRM.
  • Involved in two Migration projects from BW 3.1c to BI 7.0 (NW 2004s) and from BW 7.0 to BI 7.3 (NW 2004s) With HANA.
  • OLTP Extraction from SAP R/3 into BW using different extraction structures such as LO, CO-PA , and Generic Extractors along with flat file extractions of Data from application server and carried out transports to Quality and production environments.
  • Installation of Business Content for in SD, MM, FI, CO, GTM, CRM and BI.
  • Designed and Customized Info Objects, Info Sources, Created transfer structures, transfer rules, update rules, DTP, and Transformations, Rule groups, DSO, Info Cubes.
  • Worked on Project Specific tools like TP Tool, Wrapper tool and Rev Track.
  • Carried out Transport to QA and production environments, data transfer using Open Hub Services (OHD)/RSCRM reports.
  • Involved in the production support , Scheduling Start Process and Process Chains of Events, fixing errors and daily ETL Data load (Full/ Delta up-load) Monitoring of the BW jobs and designed Process chains for Daily, Weekly, Monthly data loads.
  • Good Knowledge on ticketing tools like HP Quality Center (HPQC), HP Service Manager (HPSM), CRIMS CR, CRIMS SR and process chain monitoring using Autosys.
  • Configuration and administration of Open hub destinations for external DW Systems.
    Expertise in Report Generation as per user requirements using BEX/WAD.
  • Experienced working with both onshore and offshore environment and
    good analysation on Back end design model like extended star schema .
  • Developed flexible queries using filters, navigational attributes, and variables, Cell restrictions, CKF, RKF, conditions, structures, exceptions and RRIs in BEX analyzer to facilitate data analysis in a drill down or summarized way to give detail level of information .
  • Expertise in BW Performance Tuning : Performed tuning measures of Queries by maintaining Aggregates, Roll up, Compression, partitions, line item dimensions, indexing of info cubes and use of statistics for the same.
  • Worked on creating roles, users, Authorization objects, capture objects releasing objects, providing Missing authorizations and unlocking the users, expertise on troubleshooting the transport logs .
  • Experience in designing the Functional specs with respect to BOBJ and uploading them to SOLMON,
  • Designed the universe (Semantic Layers) and business layer s for reporting.
  • Involved in the Creating Web I Reports using SAP Business objects with SAP BI as Backend using the functionalities Slice and dice, Drilling Methodology, Filters, Sorts, Ranking Sections, Graphs, Query Prompts and Breaks.
  • Involved in translating requirements from the business related to management reporting into specifications for the technical BW team.
  • Experience in SAP BI Testing Across Various Modules.
  • Solid Experience in development of Test Plan & Test Cases, Defect Reporting, Test Result & Test Summary Publishing.
  • Involved in Preparation of Documentation, End User Training & Support.


Database: Oracle, My SQL.

Reporting Tool: Business Explorer (BEX), BOBJ /BO

BI Tools: SAP BI 3.5, 7.0 and 7.3 with HANA, SAP Securities

Ticketing Tools: HP Quality Center, HP Service Manager, CRIMS CR and CRIMS SR

Methodologies: ASAP.

Microsoft Packages: MS Office.

Languages: C and SAP ABAP with respect to BI.

Platforms: Windows, Unix.



Role: Sr. SAP BW Consultant

Location: Maumee, OHIO

Environment: SAP BW 7.3, ECC 6.0

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Requirement gathering has been done for the OTC (SD), GTM, FI and CRM Modules.
  • Analyze the RDD's sent by the functional team and do the Gap Analysis.
  • Identifying the Fields for the Data sources (2LIS 11 VAHDR, 2LIS 11 VAITM, 2LIS 12 VCHDR, 2LIS 12 VCITM, 2LIS 13 VDITM, 2LIS 13 VDHDR, 2LIS 46 ITM, 0FI AR 30, 0FI AP 30, 0FI GL 40, ZBIW GTM FTAF, ZBIW RISKDATA, 0BPARTNER ATTR) as per the RDD and extracting the data from the data sources using the Generic and LO extractions.
  • Perform the Business Content installation as per the objects that are necessary.
  • Object migration has been done from lower version to the higher version that is from BI 7.0 to 7.3.
  • Designed the flows as per the functional requirement and created the cubes, DSO, Transformations, DTP's etc.
  • Design the Reports as per the RDD's that were designed and stored in Solution Manager.
  • Capture the transports as per the flow and provide them to the release manager for the release.
  • Provide the link to the BOBJ team for building the shells.
  • Experience in designing the Functional specs with respect to BOBJ and uploading them to SOLMON,
  • Designed the Semantic layers and established the connections.
  • Created Hierarchies, cascading of hierarchies, LOVs at Universe level.
  • Extensively used Business Objects Report formatting functionalities such as Aliases, Context, Drilling Methodology, Filters, Sorts, Ranking, Sections, Graphs, Query Prompts and Breaks.
  • Work on the Documentation like RDD, TDD's and User manuals at the time of hand over.
  • Provided the End user Training and guiding them in executing the BI Reports.


  • Write the start routines, end routines, expert routines and field routines as per the business logic.
  • Has done the Data source enhancements for the Business content extractors 0FI AP 30, 2LIS 46 ITM, 0FI AR 30 ...
  • Customer/User exit codes have been written for queries.
  • File automation and data selection codes has been written for simulating the delta for flat file extraction for Risk Data.
  • Written Function modules for extracting the FTAF Data using the tables VTBFHA, VTBFHAPO, and VTIDERI.
  • Debugged the codes when and where ever necessary using the Codes RSRT, RSA3, SE37, SE38.

Roles and Responsibilities in Andersons:

  • Distribute the work that we got from the client to the offshore team and get it done.
  • Run the Status calls with the client as well as with the offshore.
  • Collect the metric data from the team members.
  • Update the Projection Tracker and update the client where we are.

Sr. SAP BW consultant

Location: New Britain, Connecticut

Environment: SAP BW 7.0, ECC 6.0.


  • Worked on system and user generated tickets and resolved them according to S.L.A’s.
  • Monitor the data loads by means of process chains for daily sales, open orders, back orders, inquiry, quotations, sales order, delivery, billing, inventory, financial related Data, Payroll , Personnel Actions , Organizational Management.
  • Involved in reconciliation to data in different functional areas like SD, MM, FI, CO, HCM/HR.
  • Used to trigger manual loads as a part of daily and month end activity.
  • Maintained Work history for each and every defect until it is closed down.
  • Used to reconcile the row count from ECC to BI after the data load monitoring.
  • Performance tuning had been done to increase the query performance by taking the Stats in to Consideration.
  • Fine tuned the ABAP Codes to increase the loading performance.
  • Had involved in assigning the defects to the respective group or person.

Role: Senior BW Consultant

Location: Chicago

Environment: SAP BW 7.0, ECC 6.0

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Gathering the requirements and coordinating with the team members for Order To Cash Area (OTC) and Inventory like Sales order Header, Sales order item, Sales order schedule, Deliver Oder header, Delivery Order Item, Delivery Scheduler, Billing Header, Billing Item ,Billing Scheduler, initial stock, Historical Movements.
  • GAP Analysis has been done with functional team and discussed with them if there are any issues.
  • Had created the RDD as per the requirement and created Technical specs.
  • Identified the data source are 2LIS 11 VAHDR, 2LIS 11 VAITM, 2LIS 11 VASCL, 2LIS 12 VCHDR, 2LIS 122 VCITM, 2LIS 12 VCSCL, 2LIS 13 VDHDR, 2LIS 13 VDITM, 2LIS 13 VDSCL, 2LIS 03 BX, 2LIS 03 BF, 0MATERIAL ATTR, 0CUSTOMER ATTR, 0VENDOR ATTR.
  • Designed the info cubes, multi providers, DSOs, transformations, rule groups according to the specifications in technical specs.
  • Object migration has been done from BW3.5 to BI 7.0.
  • Had done data source enhancements as per the client requirements for the SD data sources and master data sources like Sales order header and material master.
  • Data has been extracted from ECC and flat files using LO extraction and flat file extraction.
  • Designed the BEX reports for the data reconciliation with SAP BO.
  • Had done transportation with the help of REV-TRAC form DEV to QA.
  • Unit testing had been done in Dev, S.I.T in QA and User acceptance testing in Production.
  • Involved in Cut over in clearing the Queues using Process chains.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Worked on system and user generated tickets and resolved them according to S.L.A’s.
  • Monitor the data loads by means of process chains for Sales order, Deliver and Billing.
  • Involved in reconciliation to data to know whether we are getting the necessary record count as per the source or not.
  • Performance tuning had been done to increase the query performance using Aggregates, compression, line item dimensions and indexes.
  • Maintained work history for all the tickets for future resources.


  • Distribute piece of work and make sure to get it done.
  • Attend the status calls with the onshore along with the client.
  • Providing the Knowledge transfer to the new resources in the team.
  • Conducting the knowledge sharing sessions for the team if required.

SAP BW consultant

Environment: SAP BW 3.5, R3

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Worked on system and user generated tickets and resolved them according to S.L.A’s.
  • Monitor the data loads by means of process chains.
  • Maintained TWQ for all the tickets until it is close down.
  • Involved in PSA and change log cleansing.
  • Performance tuning had been done to increase the query performance at the later stages.
  • Had involved in dispatching of tickets to their respective teams.

Role: SAP BW consultant

Location: Cincinnati, OHIO

Environment: SAP BW 3.0, R3

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Had involved in CREATING DESIGN DOCUMENTS for the structures related to MFGPRO, Four Shift.
  • With the help of the Wrapper tool I Had automated the creation of ‘z’ info objects.
  • Involved in creating and maintaining info cubes, operational data store, transfer structures and communication structures, transfer rules, update rules, routines.
  • Uploaded the files into UNIX using SSH. And loading the data from application server to BW.
  • Extensively worked on B.E.X analyzer, created reports using variables, restrictions, filters, calculated and restricted key figures, exceptions and conditions for the queries.
  • TRANSPORTING the objects from DEV to Quality using TP TOOL. And raising an SD ticket to move the objects to production.
  • Maintained BW Statistics to calculate the query response time and created Aggregates, info cube partitioning, indexing and Compression.
  • Used the concept of RRI and linked all the reports that are there in the project.
  • Performing Unit testing in development (U.A.T), system integration testing (S.I.T) in quality and business acceptance testing (B.A.T) in production.
  • Giving support to users while B.A.T is going on.

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