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Sr. Sap Basis/ Bobi Consultant Resume

Raritan, NJ

Professional Summary

  • 8 years of IT experience as SAP Basis Consultant
  • Experienced in Installation, Upgrade, Migration, Basis Administration and Configuration of SAP R/3 (4.6C, 4.7 E), BW 3.x, XI 3.0, SAP SRM 2005, SAP ERP 2004&2005 (ECC 5.0 & 6.0 Unicode), SAP CRM 2005 (CRM 5.0), 4.0 and the latest NetWeaver 7.0(2004s) components - including Web AS ABAP/JAVA Stack (7.0), BI 7.0, XI 7.0 & EP 7.0 and Solution Manager 3.x, 4.0 Unicode Systems
  • Experience in full life cycle implementation of SAP projects, post implementation activities, support, troubleshooting and version upgrades
  • Handled responsibility of resolving the day to day BASIS issues and smooth functioning of SAP activities at client side and was instrumental in giving maximum server up-time
  • Worked on different new dimensional products of SAP R/3 & NW04s; like ECC, BI, PI, SCM/APO, Trex, GRC, SM, Portal, MDM installed on Oracle, MSSQL databases and AIX, UNIX, Windows operating systems for various global and domestic clients
  • Design, Implement and maintain the SAP Landscape and SAP instances that comprise the SAP environment (Development, Quality, Staging, training and Production)
  • Install and configure all required SAP database servers and application servers
  • Carry out Post installation activities including client copy, SAP License, support packs and add-ons application, STMS configuration, backup configuration and parameter tuning
  • Plan & carry out System refreshes and DB refreshes of SAP systems in landscape
  • Administer the SAP database (database tablespace management, perform database reorganizations, design and implement backup and restore strategy, administer database performance, database problem determination and resolution, etc.)
  • User administration for R/3,BW,portal
  • Problem identification and fixing the bugs
  • Perform SAP client administration (create client, copy client, delete client, export/import client) as required
  • Carry out Hot packages application and kernel upgrades for ABAP and Java based systems using a structured methodology & using new tools like EHPI/JSPM
  • Design and implement manual and automated Monitoring solutions for all SAP systems (work processes, users, system logs, short dumps, locks, database updates, system traces, transports, disk space, etc.) using Solution Manager scenarios like CCMS,SMD
  • Have worked on various ticketing tools like SDM12, Remedy, Autosys
  • Develop and maintain system documentation

Core Competencies

  • SAP Basis Administration
  • Performance Tuning & System Monitoring (CCMS)
  • SAP Transport Management (CTS)
  • Database Administration Backup and Recovery
  • SAP Security Administration
  • SAP NetWeaver 2004/2004s Administration

Skill Set

Applications: ECC 5.0/6.0 NW7.0, SCM, SM 3.2/7.0, SRM, NWDI, TREX, CRM7.0, EP/BI7.0, XI/PI.

Operating Systems: AIX, HP-UNIX, SUN Solaris & Linux, Windows

Platforms: 32bit/64bit, HP, IBM - LPAR (p595)

RDBMS: Oracle 11g/10g/9i, DB2,SQL server 7.0, Max DB

Tools/Packages: Remedy, SDM12, Autosys, JIRA

Work Experience

Confidential Raritan, NJ

Sr. SAP Basis/ BOBI consultant


  • Administer and supervise the BO environment by monitoring/granting permissions and rights to vast users, creating and publishing reports and implement Folder and object level restrictions
  • Setting monitoring alerts in CMC monitoring watchlist
  • Performance Tuning and troubleshooting performance issues using Squirrel SQL query tool and GLF viewer
  • Creation of Folders in CMC and implementing security on various objects of CMC (folders, Applications, Universe and Connections)
  • Involved in Creating Repository, Creating Users and User Groups
  • Tablespace management Adding datafiles to tablespaces
  • System refresh using backup restore method
  • Day to day support for the Development, Testing and production environments
  • Applied SAP correction notes as per the SAP and Developers requirements
  • Transport Administration - Troubleshooting the unsuccessful transport

Environment: Business Object BI 4.1 SP02, Business Objects explorer 4.1 SP02, JAVA web AS 7.31 SP05, Oracle 11g, Unix, ECC 6.0 EHP6

Confidential San Ramon, CA

Sr. SAP Basis consultant


  • Administered and provided BASIS support of SAP DEV, QA, Sandbox, and PROD systems in a 24x7 AIX/Oracle environment with SAP CRM 2005 (CRM 5.0), ECC 6.0 Unicode, SRM 2005, NetWeaver 2004s - EP 7.0, BI 7.0, XI 7.0 and Solution Manager 4.0 Unicode system with ABAP/Java dual stack.
  • Resolve production problems with zero defects within agreed SLA/SLO per contractual agreement in SOW
  • Provide related support for planned activities or support activities like Patches, Backup issues etc.
  • Ensuring 99.9% Uptime of all SAP Systems by manual & automated system monitoring schedules as documented
  • Guide and encourage Team for Ensuring high performance of the systems and timely ticket resolution to the satisfaction of the user
  • Estimation , Task Planning , tracking & Execution of change activities in weekend maintenance window
  • Develop and maintain system documentation for all SAP instances and interfaces
  • As an system owner Prepare and submit Monthly Recommendation Pack for assigned system
  • Provide status reports for projects to management
  • Guide and encourage Team for Ensuring high performance of the systems and timely ticket resolution to the satisfaction of the user
  • Transport Management System
  • SAP Support Pack upgrade and Kernel Upgrade to 721 REL
  • SAP System refresh (Backup restore method) on ECC system with oracle 11g database with DB size ranging till 5 TB
  • Application of SAP Bundle Patch for Oracle 11g, using MOPatch application
  • Tablespace reorganization
  • SAP language installation
  • Redo log file resize
  • EWA Reports
  • Scheduling, Downloading (from SAP Marketplace and Solution Manager) and Commenting EWA Reports and deliver to Customer.
  • User maintenance & Authorization
  • Creation of User
  • Creation of Single Roles from SAP Standard Roles
  • Maintaining the Authorization Activity for Users
  • SAP HANA, with a Production DB size of 500 TB
  • SAP HANA DB health, Memory and CPU checks
  • SAP HANA Authentication and Single Sign-on
  • SAP HANA Authorization
  • SAP HANA user and role management
  • Auditing activity in SAP HANA Systems
  • Configuring and troubleshooting Central User Administration
  • Responsible for Downloading files form sap service market place through Solution Manager Maintenance Optimizer

Environment: IBM AIX 5.3, Window 2003 Server, SAP ERP 2005 (ECC 6.0 Unicode), CRM 5.0 (2005), SAP SRM 2005, NetWeaver 2004s, BI 7.0, EP 7.0, XI 7.0, SLD 7.0, Solution Manager 4.0 Unicode, Oracle 10g, SAP HANA 1.0.17,GRC 10.1

Confidential Long Beach, CA

SAP Basis Consultant


  • Production and On-call Support handling 60+ SAP servers
  • Performance Tuning and troubleshooting performance issues, Process Improvement
  • Transport Management System
  • SAP Kernel, Patch and Add-on implementation including ABAP and Java stack using SDM/JSPM
  • Performed Database Refresh from Production Environment to Quality
  • Oracle patch upgrade from to
  • Redo log file resize
  • Administer the SAP database (database tablespace management, perform database reorganizations, design and implement backup and restore strategy, administer database performance, database problem determination and resolution, etc.)
  • SAP OSS Note Implementation
  • SAP License installation, maintenance certificate installation
  • Knowledge on handling GRC components
  • Responsible for GRC user administration
  • Configuration of super user provisioning on user based on firefighter Id’s
  • Assigned Administration Role, Controller Role and Owner Role in SPM
  • uploaded Rule Sets and generated Rules
  • Monitor SOD Conflicts and user level and role level
  • Assisted in defining risks, security roles, and mitigating controls on GRC AC
  • Experience on SAP GRC Access Control 5.3
  • Utilized SECATT for mass user creation allowing automatic testing of SAP business processes
  • Customized Rule creation for SOX audit tool SAP GRC RAR for action and permission level SOD violations in roles for various business processes and functions
  • Worked with the SAP Security team and business process owners to identity Fire fighter ID (FFID) controllers, administrators and Owners and mapped these in SAP GRC SPM 5.3
  • Experience using Virsa tools: Compliance Calibrator, Access Enforcer, Role Expert, Firefighter
  • Performing various SAP Market place activities like software downloads, connection maintenance, co ordination with SAP with various SAP message
  • Setting up and maintaining Operation modes
  • Handling System Performance issues
  • Printer Administration, Creation, Deletion. Spool related tasks and trouble shooting
  • Good Hands on with BRTools
  • Proactive Monitoring of Production Systems
  • Checking System log
  • Short Dump analysis
  • Profile Parameter Maintenance
  • Background Job Maintenance
  • Monitoring of SAP System Buffers & operating system
  • Day to day ticket handling like Prod/non Prod backup failure issues, tablespace full, system Monitoring

Environment: IBM AIX, SAP ERP 2005 (ECC 6.0 Unicode), SAP CRM 2005 (CRM 5.0), Window 2003 Server, IBM DB2 Universal Database Oracle 10g, NetWeaver 2004s, EP 6.0, BI 7.0, EP 7.0, XI 7.0, SLD 7.0, SAP SRM 2005, and Solution Manager 4.0 Unicode, GRC AC 5.3

Confidential Framingham, MA

SAP Basis Consultant


  • SAP Performance monitoring & tuning
  • Application of interim and generic patches
  • OPatch and MOPatch utilities used.
  • Client Maintenance
  • Local/Remote Client Copy
  • Client Export/Import
  • Client Deletion
  • Kernel Patch level upgradation
  • Transport Management System
  • Configuration of Transport Domain Controller & Domain
  • Creation of Transport Layer & Transport Route
  • Assigning of Transport Layer to User defined Package
  • Export/Import and Troubleshooting
  • Java Support Package & ABAP support package upgrades/stack upgrade
  • Java parameter changes/Trouble shooting the JAVA startup problems
  • Responsible to checking / troubleshooting Backup issues
  • Proactive Monitoring of Production System
  • Checking System log
  • Short Dump analysis
  • Profile Parameter Maintenance
  • Background Job Maintenance
  • Monitoring of SAP System Buffers & operating system
  • Background processing
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Basis troubleshooting activities
  • Support pack upgrade
  • Spool & print administration
  • Configuration of CCMS (sapccmsr, sapccm4x and ccmsping) agents on BOSE landscape for the new Solution Manager 7.1
  • EHP upgrade
  • Responsible for discussing and finalizing the upgrade activities including testing ,cutover and go-live
  • activities with client and execute them with help of offshore team.
  • Technical Preparation of systems for EHP4 applications
  • Solution Manager Optimizer configuration for EHP4 extraction
  • Resolving dependencies required for EHP4
  • Working with client on selection of EHP4 components to be selected for application
  • EHP4 Implementation and post implementation activities
  • Monitor the progress as per the schedule and update the stakeholders accordingly
  • Coordinating with Functional consultants and client for solving the various issues during the testing phase

Environment: HP-UX, Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g, NetWeaver 2004, SAP ECC 5.0, XI 3.0, BW 3.5, CRM 4.0, Solution Manager 3.2 and EP 6.0,Windows 2003 Server .

Confidential Chicago, IL

SAP Basis Support


  • Install and configure SAP ECC 6.0 database servers and application servers
  • Carry out Post installations and configurations tasks
  • Create RFCs and configure TMS (Transport Management System)
  • Distribute the online SAP user workload and monitor and manage the SAP background job workload
  • SAP GUI installation & troubleshooting for Desktops
  • Monitor all SAP systems (work processes, users, system logs, short dumps, locks, developer traces, system traces, disk space, etc.)
  • Authorization/Role/ Profiles – Setup & Maintenance
  • Authorization management using PFCG and Security Management
  • creating and deleting users, assigning and resetting passwords, locking and unlocking users
  • Creating and assigning master and derived roles
  • Creating of need based single, composite roles
  • Handling authorization related issues
  • Client administration
  • local client copies
  • remote client copy
  • create and deleting clients
  • Transport Management Systems
  • Create/Manage Batch Jobs
  • Backup Schedule,run & Monitor Backup of SAP
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Apply Patches,Kernel & OSS Notes
  • CCMS configuration
  • Database Administration
  • Startup & Shutdown of Database
  • Tablespace Administration
  • Index management
  • Database Recovery
  • Database Alert Management
  • Parameter Configuration
  • Database log (Redo log, Archive Log) management
  • Oracle patch set upgrade from to
  • Applying Oracle Interim patch
  • System refresh
  • Portal administration
  • Basis troubleshooting activities
  • printer or spool configuration and administration

Environment: SAP ECC 6.0, SAP CRM 5.0, SAP BIW 7.0, Portal Netweaver 7.0, Content server MaxDB 7.6, SAP TREX 7.0, SAP Solution Manager 7.0, MSSQL 2005, Oracle, Windows 2003 on 64 Bit, Business Objects 3.1, Webdispatcher.


SAP Basis/Security consultant


  • Starting and Stopping SAP instance/(s)
  • Monitor and manage the servers, background jobs, performance of the system
  • Monitoring backups and investigate the logs for unsuccessful backup
  • Generate Developer key and Object key for programmer
  • Upgrade kernel by latest kernel patch
  • User Administration – Setup & Maintenance
  • Creating and deleting users, assigning and resetting passwords, locking and unlocking users.
  • Authorization/Role/ Profiles – Setup & Maintenance
  • Create roles using different methods like transactions, direct objects, missing authorizations, restrictions
  • Troubleshoot security or authorization problems using SU53, ST01 and SUIM
  • Analyze and fix missing authorizations
  • Spool and Print Administration
  • Transport Administration - Troubleshooting and Monitoring issues related to Transports
  • Manage Change Requests
  • Database Administration
  • Database Space Management
  • Database Backup
  • Database Recovery
  • Database log (Redo log, Archive Log) management
  • Database Performance Tuning
  • Background processing
  • Support Package application
  • Performed system refresh from production to quality
  • Printer & Spool Administration
  • Basis Troubleshooting Activities
Environment: SAP R/3 Version 4.7 Enterprise Database: Oracle 9i Release,O/S: Windows 2003, XI Netweaver 04, BW 350

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