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Sap Hr Techno Functional Analyst Resume

Harrisburg, PA


8 years of extensive experience in Design, Development and Testing of various SAP HR projects, which includes three end - to-end Implementations. In depth knowledge and excellent work experience on all the sub modules of HR like Personal Management, Benefits, Payroll, Organizational Management, E-Recruiting, LSO, Performance Management, CATS and Time Evaluation in addition to the new dimension technologies like WEBDYNPRO and BSP. Have solid experience in developing RICEF (forms, Reports, Interfaces, conversions and enhancements) components and configuration. Exposure to multiple clients and different implementations gave an opportunity to excel in the areas like Production support, Business process understanding and different types of Testing.

  • Developing Data migration programs using BDC, LSMW.
  • Experienced in using Logical Databases and Macros.
  • Developing Reports using clusters (PCL&) and ALV (ABAP List Viewer).
  • Developed Inbound and Outbound interfaces from Presentation and Application server
  • Experience in enhancements using User Exits and BADIs.
  • Configured Infogroups, Change Log and Organizational objects.
  • Creating and modifying custom Infotypes.
  • Developed SAP ScriptsSmartforms and adobeforms.
  • Developed ICAL attachments for notifications.
  • Creating and modifying ESS (Employee Self Service) transactions
  • Experienced in Developing and customizing BSPs.
  • Experienced in developing AdHoc Query reports.
  • Knowledge of Workflow: set up organizational unit, created positions, assigned standard tasks to respective positions.
  • Good experience on Interactive Adobe Forms.
  • Good Knowledge of SAP BW.
  • Conducting Knowledge Transfer sessions.
  • Experienced in working and coordinating with offshore teams.
  • Experienced in writing Technical specs from client requirements and Functional specs.
  • Utilization of OSS (Online Support Service) for problem solving.
  • System debugging for Root cause analysis.

ERP: SAP WAS 6.40, SAP HR 5.0ECC, 4.7 Enterprise, SAP R/3 4.0B, 4.6C.

Languages: ABAP/4, Object Oriented ABAP, C, C++, VB, ASP, VB script, JAVA, Shell Scripting, SQL, HTML

Databases: ORACLE 9i/8i, MS SQL Server 2000, MYSQL, MS-Access

Operating Systems: Unix, Windows NT/2000/XP.

Packages: MS-Office


Confidential, Harrisburg, PA

SAP HR Techno Functional Analyst


  • Developed and modified Custom Adobe Forms (Print & Interactive) for email notifications to learners.
  • Developed and enhanced WEBDYNPRO objects in ESS, MSS and LSO that includes POWl and Floor Plan Management (FPM) frameworks.
  • Derived solutions in ESS, MSS for complex scenarios involving huge data and performance issues.
  • Modified and Enhanced BSP pages for LSO enhancements.
  • Involved in ALE setup from core HR to LSO and troubleshooting the issues.
  • Worked on Print Workbench to enhance and modify the Notifications going to the users in LSO.
  • Developed ICAl attachments with correspondence notifications.
  • Added validations for IT0082 in PAI of the USER-EXIT PBAS0001.
  • Developed a custom Inbound Benefits Savings Plan Interface from Great West to update the Deferred Comp and Roth 457 plans in IT0169.
  • Worked on Layout changes and Enhancements of LSO Appraisals.
  • Scheduled Background jobs with different variants through ABAP programs.
  • Involved in configuration of request based correspondence.

Confidential, Akron, OH

SAP HR Techno Functional Analyst

Environment: SAP HR ECC 6.0, SAP NetWeaver 2004s.


  • Developed programs for Support Grp Maintenance, to change the USER role Based on ORG and to delimit the Benefits infotypes following a COBRA termination action
  • Developed Reports to display Active, Terminate, address lists in ALV with different selection criteria, performance rating report based on a custom Infotype, Active teammate retiree dependent report and COBRA Offer & Action Audit Reports.
  • Designed and co-ordinated the custom ESS and MSS components for onboarding, New Teammate request and other employee services through .NET environment.
  • Developed RFCs(through .NET) to update ATS results, to send the postings data to CareerBuilder and receiving the applicant data and updating it in E-recruiting and for background check and a FM to get the Support Grps related to User and Category.
  • Developed BCBS outbound Interface and supported various outbound interfaces like UHC, Delta Dental and Vision.
  • Enhanced WEBDYNPRO components like Education, Work Experience, personal data pages, Search Functionality and to provide notes and URLs for ATP CCA test on different pages.
  • Developed a custom WD unregistered application wizard in E-Recruiting.
  • Enhanced BSP pages in E-recruiting to restrict the Drop-down lists, currencies, payment cycles, additional fields and implemented custom logic for Salary data processing.
  • Developed a program to create Position to Role & Position to Profile relationships using BDC with different modes.
  • Used LSMW to update the infortype PA0234.
  • Worked on ALE/IDOCS and change pointers to transfer the data from HR system to E-recruiting standalone system using message type HRMD ABA.
  • Developed SMARTFORMs for dependent and Student Verifications and worked on ADOBE Interactive forms to get more functionality as per client requirement.
  • Used BADIs HRALE00OUTBOUND IDOC to restrict the data moving to E-recruiting and HRRCF00 DOC UPLOAD to check and convert the documents from different formats to .JPEG using the SEAL systems BC-XDC interface.
  • Developed programs to evaluate changes to the chief positions, to adjust PM documents and to convert coverage levels in PA0167 & PA0212 as a part of Yr end process.
  • Used BADI HRHAP00 ENHANCE FREE to restrict the Qualifications list in WD PM documents.
  • Used the USER EXIT PBAS0001 to create a custom infotype PA9019 (SPID) when there’s change to PA0001.
  • Developed Reports and initialization programs for custom infotypes SPID(PA9019) and PPID(PA9003).
  • Supported various PA, OM, Benefits and Performance Management objects.

Confidential, Houston, TX

SAP HR Technical Consultant

Environment: SAP HR 6.0ECC.


  • Developed an outbound interface to ADP for payroll processing with the day to day changes from SAP. Used ADP G2 format for this interface. And interface is capable of sending the full data or the changes to ADP w.r.t the date using PCL4 Cluster.
  • Good working experience on PU12 as this was considered for payroll outsourcing.
  • Configured change log (PCL4 Clusters) for fields in standard and custom infotypes as required for the payroll processing and by not reducing the performance due to logging.
  • Developed a compare report to compare the date in SAP and ADP systems which gives a field level data differences between the two systems.
  • Configured and Developed User Exit (HRPTIM03) for the Time evolution for Awarding Vacation and Short Term Disability (STD ) Quota s .
  • Developed mass upload programs using BDC, LSMW and standard Functional modules to load data into different infotypes (Ex: IT0014, IT0015, IT0002….)
  • Developed several outbound interfaces in PA to send employee master data from SAP to different outside vendors like employee inductive data to Hewitt in the specified format to determine the benefit eligibility, master data to State of OHIO to speed up the income withholding process for child support during Hire & Re-hire and the employee’s emergency contact information used to contact employees during Hurricanes and companywide emergency, employee information to Public Affairs Council and employee master data BPX Alaska time system.
  • Developed Inbound and outbound Interfaces through XI between SAP and external Time entry systems (KRONOS). These interfaces will be running every day to update the infotypes and external entry systems.
  • Developed an inbound interface from Fidelity to load records into IT0221 for the stock transactions made by employees.
  • Developed an outbound interface to Hewitt using snap shot table logic to send the changes in a custom infotype (Severance) in a given period.

Confidential, NJ

SAP HR Techno Functional Consultant

Environment: SAP HR 5.0ECC.


  • Developed a payroll outsourcing interface which sends employee master data and position related changes from SAP to Mainframes. PCL4 change Log and dbtablog are the basis for this interface.
  • Developed an interface which will generate output files for extracting data to the systems like Asset Management, Compucom, Kraft Connect, OrgUnit and Sales Security.
  • Developed interfaces for changed records, Compensation details with HR master data and basic pay.
  • Developed Training Tracking Report, Employee List Report, Employee Education Report, Employee Movement Report, Promotions to Band Report and a report to retrieve appraisals data using ALV.
  • Developed custom infotypes for Kraft NA additional and diversity data.
  • Modified custom infotypes and made the related changes to the programs affected.
  • Developed Batch programs to update the custom infotypes using BDC.
  • Modified Standard PA Matchcode Search Options, added a new tab to the search help with IT0001, IT0002 custom fields as search options.
  • Developed custom selection views and report categories for reports and interfaces.
  • Created custom tables, structures and data elements.
  • Configured and maintained organizational objects in enterprise structure like Organizational units, jobs and positions. Configured tasks to the positions and cost centers to the organizational units.
  • Defined number ranges for the personnel numbers in the master data. Maintained Employee Master Data using transaction codes PA30, PA40.
  • Configured and Modified info groups to add custom infotypes for the respective actions.
  • Configured change log (PCL4 Clusters) for fields in standard and custom infotypes.

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