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Sr. Sap Certified Bw/bi/bo Consultant Resume

Foothill Ranch, CA

Sr. SAP Certified BW/BI/BO Consultant


  • Over 7 years of extensive work experience in the IT industry as Consultant.
  • Experience and knowledge working on SAP BW 3.0-3.5, SAP BI 7.0 and BO XI R2 & BO XI R3 environment.
  • SAP certified BW consultant with 4 full-life cycle implementations and BW development experiences in fortune 500 companies.
  • Implementation of BW 3.0, 3.1, 3.5, BI7.0 which includes Gap Analysis, Requirements gathering, Data Extraction, Data Loading (Full /Delta Up-Load), ETL, Scheduling, and Monitoring.
  • Creating Process chains and Infopackages to load data to various Infoproviders.
  • Custom data extraction from Legacy systems using Flat files.
  • Experience in Performance Tuning using Aggregates & Roll-Up, Compression of an InfoCube, Indexes, and BW Statistics.
  • Involved in Post production, go-live support.
  • Over 3 years of experience in creating interactive & executive dashboards using Xcelsius Enterprise 2008/4.5/3.x
  • Expertise using QAAWS and to create prompts used as an input parameter for the dashboards.
  • Managed the resources, granted permissions to Business Objects product users, Webi users, managed the connections, the Universes and repository domain.
  • Front-end experience in Query Designer and Web Application Designer, NW 2004s
  • Expertise in designing and implementing BEx queries using Calculated Key Figures, Restricted Key Figures, Filters, Variables, Structures, Exceptions, Conditions, RRI (Jump Queries), and Workbooks. Created web reports using Web Application Designer (WAD) and published in Enterprise Portal using iViews.
  • Excellent cross-functional knowledge of FI, SD, MM and PP modules in SAP R/3.
  • Very fluent with business process documentation and end-users training / knowledge transfer.
  • Demonstrated ability to complete multiple assignments simultaneously and maintain high standards of client organizations.
  • Good understanding of ASAP methodology.
  • Strong Communication skills, problem solving skills and ability to adapt to new technologies.


  • Data-Modeling - Extensive involvement in gap analysis. Design and maintenance of InfoCubes, MultiProviders, RemoteCubes, ODS objects with consistent star schema and efficient multi-dimensional data modeling techniques. Customization of datasources in CO-PA, LIS, FI/CO and LO Cockpit to match the business requirement.
  • Data Extraction - Creation and customization of InfoSources, Transfer Structures, Update Rules, Start Routines, and Extract Structures. Scheduling and monitoring of data upload into InfoProviders such as InfoObjects, ODS, InfoCube as well as PSA. Automating the data extraction using Process Chains.
  • Reporting - Building custom queries using Restricted and Calculated Keyfigures, Variables, Structures, Conditions and Exceptions. Extensive experience with Query Builder, BEx Analyzer, RRI - Jump queries, Web Application Designer, Report Designer, Visual Composer, Universe Desinger, Xcelsius and WebI. Worked with InfoSets and InfoSet queries. Sound knowledge in Enterprise Portals.
  • Performance Tuning - Analyzed OLAP and WHM performance using BW statistics. Improved query and load performance using Aggregates, Partitions, Indices, Packet Size, Data Selection and Data Compression.
  • Upgrade - Hands-on experience on Upgrade from BW 3.5 to BI 7.0
  • Authorizations & Security - Developed Roles, User Authorization Objects, Profiles and User groups.
  • ABAP/4: BDC, Open SQL, Function Modules, Variants, Data Dictionary.


Business Intelligence Tools:SAP BW 3.0b, 3.1, 3.5 ,7.0 Reporting Tools:Query Builder, BEx Analyzer, WAD, Report Designer, Visual Composer, Business Object - Web Intelligence, Universe Designer, Xcelsius Programming Tools:C, ABAP/4, JAVA, SQL, PL/SQL, HTML, and VB 6.0. Operating Systems:WINDOWS 2000 Server, WINDOWS NT 4.0, UNIX, WINDOWS XP/98/95 and LINUX. Databases:ORACLE 8i, DB2, MS ACCESS, and SQL Server Presentation/Utility Tools:MS-Office, MS-Project


Confidential, Foothill Ranch, CA Feb '10 - Mar '10 Sr. SAP BI Consultant


  • Wrote migration documents for SAP BI frontend from 3.x to 7.0.
  • Created PPT presentations showing the new functionalities of SAP BI 7.0 v/s 3x.
  • Trained the Super users and the SAP BI team members about the migration of SAP BI front end to 7.0 from 3x.
  • Worked on creating a Universe from the existing query using Universe Designer.
  • Worked on creating Static and Dynamic Dashboards using Xcelsius

Environment: SAP BI 7.0, SAP R/3 4.7, BEx Query Designer/Analyzer 7.0, SAP BO XI 3.1- Universe Designer & Xcelsius.

Confidential, Houston, TX May '09 - Dec '09 Sr. SAP BI Consultant


  • Responsible for interacting with Business users for gathering reporting requirements and analyzing the scope of using Business Content and preparing technical specifications for several reports in SD, FI- AP,AR, GL.
  • Analyzed & Mapped Business Processes to BI for Sales & Distribution (SD) reporting needs.
  • Worked in Bex Analyzer, Query Designer and Web Application Designer, NW 2004s to create customized workbooks, web reports.
  • Generated Xcelsius dashboards out of SAP BW data where the data is in the form of BEx Queries and Infocubes.
  • Created OLAP Universes on BEx Queries and using them in Query As A Web Service(QAAWS) for data loading into Xcelsius.
  • Worked on Query Design including Restricted Key Figures, Calculated Key Figures, Conditions, Exceptions, and Variables.
  • Created Web-templates and displayed the queries in form of tables, charts with different navigation options.
  • Experience in Backend modeling / production support.
  • Created ADD documents for approval of design from the architecture team.
  • Worked with team to ensure deliverables/milestones are being met as per the project plan.
  • Worked on open hub destination.
  • Wrote includes for expert routines for open hub transformations.
  • Involved in Post Production go-live support.
  • Possess good understanding of the change management process.

Environment: SAP BI 7.0, SAP R/3 4.7, BEx Query Designer/Analyzer 7.0, WAD (Web Application Designer 7.0, BO XI R3- Universe Designer, WebI & Xcelsius 2008)

Confidential, Spring, TX Oct '08 - Apr '09 Sr. SAP BI Consultant


  • Worked on developing a program to migrate existing SAP 3.5 bookmarks into SAP BI 7.0 Query Views.
  • Create New BI 7.0 roles and migrate workbooks and queries to BI 7.0 and assign it to the new roles.
  • Working on frontend Migration from 3.5 to 7.0.
  • Identify Tabular format Reports and create Report Designer Reports.
  • Created reports on SD, MM, SRM and FI.
  • Activated standard extractors for the required Application components.
  • Installed Business content objects including InfoCubes, DSO, Multiproviders, InfoObjects, InfoSources, InfoPackages, Transformations, DTP, Process Chains, etc.
  • Uploaded master data and transactional data from Flat File and SAP R/3 to BI system.
  • Created Infopackages for uploading the master and transaction data, Process chains for daily delta loads.
  • Experience in Bex Analyzer, Query Designer and Web Application Designer, NW 2004s
  • Worked on Query Design including Restricted Key Figures, Calculated Key Figures, Conditions, Exceptions, and Variables.
  • Created workbooks as per user requirements.
  • Created Web-templates and displayed the queries in form of tables, charts with different navigation options.
  • Created URL/BI iViews in Enterprise Portal to publish the Web-templates.
  • Possess good understanding of the change management process.
  • Working on enhancement of the existing dashboard using BSP, javascript and XHMTL.

Environment: SAP BI 7.0, SAP R/3 4.7, Bex Query Designer/Analyzer 7.0, Report Designer 7.0, WAD (Web Application Designer 7.0), Visual Composer 7.0, BO XI R3, Remedy 6.3

Confidential, Bellaire, TX Oct '06 - Sep '08 Sr. SAP BI Consultant


  • Closely interacted with the client to gather requirements
  • Developed a VC Application, which utilized WAD and Report Designer, called PACE to provide consolidated invoice related data for users in the fields. This application received data from a 3rd party invoicing company which had to be consolidated and stored in a new BW model.
  • Involved in Performance tuning of the queries.
  • Installed, configured and managed Technical content or BI Statistics.
  • Created statistics relevant queries based on different KPI's around performance optimization and BI system usage.
  • Worked with BI Administration Cockpit - Query Runtime statistics, Data Load Statistics etc.
  • Sent CSV and Excel format data to 3rd party company using Open hub.
  • Created complex formatted Web reports using Web Intelligence and dashboards using Xcelsius.
  • Worked on a new implementation of PRA and FICO bringing in of all utility information from external sources for OSI (an upstream base business organization for Chevron) utilizing all new 7.0 functionality.
  • Worked on InfoSources for general ledger (0FI_GL_1), accounts payable transaction data (0FI_AP_2), Profitability analysis quick start (0CO_PA_3).
  • Worked on several reports on MM-PUR, SD, FI- AP, AR, GL.
  • Worked with team to develop a Portal Cockpit to replace the current OSI Cockpit. It has new and enhanced features and was built using the new NW04s WAD along with embedded javascript & portal development tools.
  • Worked with team to ensure deliverables/milestones are being met as per the project plan as it relates to the portal cockpit initiative.
  • Possess good understanding of the change management process.
  • Interact with the offshore team and allocate tasks to resources
  • Used job-scheduling tools (process chains) to load data.
  • Report project status to the client and higher management.
  • Hands on experience with SAP IP

Environment: SAP BI 7.0, SAP R/3 4.7, Query Designer/Analyzer 7.0, Report Designer 7.0, WAD (Web Application Designer 7.0) Visual Composer 7.0, Business Objects XI, Remedy 6.3.

Confidential, Pontiac, IL. Sep '06 - Oct '06 Sr. SAP BW Consultant


  • Schedule and monitor periodic data loads from SAP R/3 to BW. Advise delta loading and ODS Loading process.
  • Worked extensively in loading historical data files (> 15 Million records) in to production, consolidation, development, and integration environments.
  • Resolve hurdles and ensure smooth and efficient execution of the project
  • Verify the contents of the deliverables and assure quality
  • Created Multiple Process chains to schedule the loads for master as well as transaction data for the whole BW project and helped the scheduling team to integrate the process chain into the maestro scheduler.

Environment: SAP 3.5, Process Chains and Maestro Scheduler

Confidential, GA. Sep '04 - Sep '06 Sr. Datawarehouse Consultant


  • Interacted with the management and the end-users to identify the business requirements and documented them.
  • Developed ODS object to load Sales Order Data using the LO structures, defined the update rules. Loaded transactional data into PSA and updated data from PSA to ODS and Activated ODS for reporting.
  • Extended the LO Structure to include additional fields. Developed Function Module to populate the extended structure.
  • Involved in the implementation of the PP module. Have good knowledge of entire extraction and design process of PP. Took advantage of the Business content.
  • Extracted LO data (2LIS_11_VAHDR, 2LIS_11_VAITM) and others using V3 update using standard structures
  • Extracted GL data (0FI_GL_6, 0FI_GL_7) using the FI delta mechanism.
  • Maintained and monitored GL data loads.
  • Created Info sources for Master Data & Transactional data, assigned Data Source to Info source, Created and Activated Transfer Rules, Maintained Communication structure, set the update rules for Info cube, Created & Scheduled Info packages for data extract, and uploaded data.
  • Developed ABAP/4 routines for data manipulation in transfer/update rules.
  • Created & Activated Custom Info cube as per the Data model for Sales area covering Customer/Material/Sales Organization.
  • Developed custom Bex queries against the Info cubes and ODS objects using Bex Analyzer. Created Drill through Queries from Summarized Info cube report to detail ODS data. Included Restricted Key Figures & calculated key figures for filtering and formula requirement of query.
  • Responded to Ad-hoc requests with solutions that meet user needs in creative ways, utilizing technology.
  • Created views of the Query for WEB Reporting, Defined Exceptions & Conditions Published different elements of the views to the WEB.

Environment: SAP BW 3.5, SAP R/3 4.7, Windows NT, BEx Analyzer, SAP MM/PP, SAP FI-GL.

Confidential, Noida, India Apr'01 - Nov'02 ABAP developer

Environment: SAP BW 3.0B, SAP R/3 4.6C, Oracle 8i, Windows NT, BEx Analyzer. Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for working in Data Modeling, Extraction using DataSources, InfoSources, InfoPackages, Transfer Structures, Update Rules, InfoObjects, PSA, InfoCubes, and Reporting.
  • Identify DataSources in OLTP, start ETL process to extract data from source systems into BW and finally report the InfoCubes using BEx Analyzer by creating several periodic and annual reports for various functions/roles. Involved in the star schema design with multiple dimensions and fact tables.
  • Worked extensively on standard and custom defined LIS, LO extractors. Installed relevant SAP business content. Used LO structures for extracting sales order, delivery information. Logistics Cockpit configuration and customization; Tracing problem to R/3 and resolution.
  • Installed the business content to implement standard InfoCubes of Sales and Distribution namely 0SD_C01(Customer), 0SD_C02 (Deliveries), 0SD_C03(Sales), 0SD_C04(Delivery Service), 0PUR_C01(MM Purchasing), loaded data using the InfoSources 2LlS_01_S260 (Sales Order), 2LlS_01_S261 (Delivery), and 2LlS_01_S262 (Billing Document) 2LlS_01_S263 (Sales Order/Delivery), 2LIS_01_S001 (SD Customer) and 2LIS_01_S005 (Deliveries). Used ODS to stage the data before transferring the ODS contents to the InfoCube. Done ODS reporting to give details of delivery items and schedule line items.
  • Set up procedures for extracting R/3 data for SD using LO-cockpit into standard InfoCubes. Customized wherever necessary as per customer requirements.
  • Created DB connects for loading data from Oracle function modules for custom extraction wherever system did not support delta update. Read database tables directly or read the change pointer tables.
  • Set up statistics/aggregates rebuild and event-chains to notify end-user of report availability.
  • Generated reports using BEx Analyzer including RRI's.

Environment: SAP BW 3.0B, SAP R/3 4.6C, Oracle 8i, Windows NT, BEx Analyzer.

Confidential, Hyderabad, India Jun'99-Mar'01 ABAP developer


  • As per the client's requirements, was responsible for the ABAP/4 development for SD, MM and FI/CO modules. It includes development of Reports, SAP Scripts, Dialog Programs, BDCs and Call transactions, Function Modules, Subroutines, Includes, Data Dictionary Objects, Customer Enhancements
  • Enhanced many standard SAP Reports/Transactions according to the customer requirements for SD.
  • Modified, customized and enhanced standard SAP programs SD, MM, FI and CO modules. Developed user exits, created reports using BW, provided interface to SD.
  • Developed dialog modules and transactions for specific clients needs using screen painter, flow logic and ABAP/4 code for implementing logic.
  • Created a report to compare standard price and price unit versus the purchase price and price unit and calculate variances, when plant and purchasing document date are given.
  • Giving purchase order no., material no or order type could also narrow down this report.
  • Designed and developed interface programs using BAPI technology for data load.
  • Utilized BDC sessions to simulate online input, developed GUI screens using ALV.
  • Designed Dialog Modules using BADI, also developed ABAP/4 classes, methods and functions.
  • Modified standard layout set to get the company header and logo, supplier address, delivery address, total purchase order value and general terms and conditions.
  • Setting up customized InfoCubes with optimal star schema, InfoCube partitioning for query performance. General ledger (0FIGL_C01), accounts payable transaction data (0FIAP_C02), published key figures (0COPA_C01) and quick start (0COPA_C03) is customized according to the client requirement. ODS objects are created for data staging before InfoCube loading.
  • Worked on InfoSources for general ledger (0FI_GL_1), accounts payable transaction data (0FI_AP_2), Profitability analysis quick start (0CO_PA_3).


  • Masters in Computer Science.
  • Certified SAP BW Professional.

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