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Abap Developer Resume



  • Total 7 years of professional experience as SAP ABAP Consultant in analysis, design, coding and testing of SAP requirements.
  • Have worked in a variety of projects like implementations, upgrade, support and Data Migration in SAP 4.6c, 4.7, 5.0 and ECC 6.0.
  • Experience in Food, Logistics, Manufacturing, Retail, Utility, Financial & Banking.
  • Strong functional knowledge in Modules like SD, MM, PM, PP, FI/CO, WM and PMR.
  • Worked extensively on RICEF objects, and performance tuning of ABAP developments.
  • Strong knowledge in R/3 Architecture, Data Dictionary, Function Builder, Workbench concepts.
  • Proficient in Modularization Techniques such as Subroutines and Function Modules.
  • Expertise in Data Migration using LSMW, Batch Data Communication (BDC) using Session Method and Call Transaction Method.
  • Worked on creating IDOCs, creating and linking message types, process codes, RFC and partner profiles.
  • Experience in ABAP/4 classical & interactive Reporting and ALVs .
  • Experience with Enhancements like User Exits, Business Add - In (BADI) and enhancement framework.
  • Have experience working on ABAP WebDynpro Components and applications following MVC architecture.
  • Knowledge and experience in Object oriented programming.
  • Have a strong understanding of Business requirements, business process flow, system analysis and good knowledge of Web Application server.
  • Excellent communication, leadership, problem solving, analytical and inter-personal skills.


Data Dictionary: Tables, views, structures, domains, data elements and search helps.

Domain Knowledge: SAP PMR, SD, MM, FICO,PM.

Reports: Classical, Interactive and ALV reports. Data Migration(ETL), using LSMW, BAPI, BDC.

Enhancements: User exits, BAdIs, BTE.

Interfaces: EDI/ALE/IDOCs.

Conversions: LSMW/BDC. Web Dynpro with ABAP

Forms: Scripts, SmartForms, Adobe Forms.

Module Pool Programming: ERP ECC 6.0, 5.0, SAP R/3 4.7, 4.6c




Environment: ECC 6.0 and Demand Management system of PMR


  • Have analyzed several Functional specifications, prepared Technical specifications for Promotional Management Retail (PMR).
  • Have developed interfaces, reports and worked on BADIs and RFCs for Historical Bonus Buy loads.
  • Developed interfaces using RFCs/BAPIs for Historical promotion loads, involving data extraction from the ECC system and transferring to the PMR system.
  • Developed interface for sales data loads.
  • Have worked on BADIs, to replace existing cost/price of articles with various article types like - Warehouse articles, Boxed Meat articles, etc.
  • Developed interfaces to push vendor deals from ECC to PMR system.
  • Have worked on transformation routines (start/end routines) and extraction function modules in BI.
  • Have worked in Web Dynpro ABAP applications, like ALV Web report for PMR, and reports for displaying promotions and Bonus Buys.
  • Have also worked on standard class enhancements on ECC and PMR end to load master data from R3 to PMR using object oriented ABAP.
  • Worked with standard classes and methods and performed enhancements on them to group promotions based on Creation date, promotion type and few other fields .
  • Have extensively debugged standard programs, for analysis and enhancement.
  • Have maintained the status sheets, issue logs and documentation related to all objects.
  • Involved in performance tuning and support activities for PMR developments.


Senior ABAP Developer

Environment: ECC 6.0

  • Have analyzed several Software design descriptions, created technical design documents for Brazil and Malaysia related to payment files.
  • Have worked on modification and enhancements of standard SAP programs.
  • Have enhanced standard existing programs like RFEBKA00, RFFOBR A, RFFOBR D and RFFOBR D for Brazil, for Accounts payable and Accounts receivable, used for incoming and outgoing bank file formats, to handle barcode information received from the bank, present in a new segment ‘G’.
  • Designed the logic for barcode reconstruction with data from the flat file received from the bank for Accounts payable.
  • Have created standard Function modules for barcode composition.
  • Created new standard structures for a segment ‘G, containing barcode information.
  • Have worked with BAPIs for document posting.
  • Have worked on BADIs, enhancements and user exits, for posting.
  • Have worked on user exits to enhance standard transactions like MIRO.
  • Have Created SAP notes and maintained documentation for releasing notes pertaining to these developments.
  • Have created a new standard format through Transaction OBF5 based on Malaysian new salary file format.
  • Have enhanced existing standard BTEs, and also created 3 new standard Function modules, to generate outgoing salary files using standard program RFFOM100.
  • Have also created subroutines within the standard BTEs for Hash algorithm (HR pay Hash Total Formula).
  • Have worked on ALVs, to display the salary files.
  • Have maintained documentation for releasing notes pertaining to these developments.



  • Have worked on the upgrade activities for Autostrade, which involves modification adjustments using SPDD, SPAU and Unicode remediation activities.
  • Have also worked for custom object modifications, Forms. Classes, Function groups involving UCCHECK, EPC and quality checks.
  • Prepared Technical Specification Documents and Design Specification Documents.
  • Code Review and Quality Check for every development.


ABAP Developer

  • Have done analysis, design, development and unit testing of various business objects related to Data Migration pertaining to standard processes set for the project.
  • Have worked extensively in Data Migration (Developed extraction, transformation and upload programs) on FICO, WM, MM, PP, SD and PM modules for SAP 4.6c and ECC 6.0 version using methods like BDCs, BAPI and LSMWs.
  • Developed ETL objects for master and transactional data.
  • Developed load programs for various objects in all modules using LSMW (Idocs, BAPI and Batch Input methods) and BDC.
  • Developed Data Migration programs in all modules like: Banks, G/L accounts, Assets, G/L balances, Cost Centers, open AP/AR items, Material master, Vendor master, Customer master, Scheduling Agreements, Contracts, Open purchase requisitions, purchase order, Resources, Personnel creation, Master Recipes.
  • Good knowledge of Open A/P, Open A/R, G/L Accounts, G/L balances, Assets in FI.
  • Have worked extensively in BDC (Call transaction and session method), BAPIs and LSMWs.
  • Have developed various ALV reports for the display of failed/successful loads.
  • Created and maintained custom tables for data mapping and transformation.
  • Have done payroll programming using Logical Database.
  • Developed an Inbound Interface to upload HR Master Data to infotypes like recurring payments/deductions, date specification of employees using transaction code PA30.
  • Has been involved in analyzing the feasibility of the Functional specification, creation of Data Migration Requirements, creating the Technical Specification and development of data migration objects, unit testing and code reviews.
  • Responsible for Quality related work for Data Migration team.


ABAP Developer

Environment: SAP R/3 4.6c, ECC 5.0, 6.0

  • Analysis, development and unit testing and documentation of Data Migration objects.
  • Developed Data migration objects using LSMWs in modules like FI, SD, and MM.
  • Developed Data Migration objects using BAPIs, and BDCs.
  • Loaded data from legacy system to SAP R/3 using LSMWs.


ABAP Developer

Environment: SAP R/3 4.6C, ECC 5.0.

  • Have worked as an ABAP developer on objects of varying nature including ALV, Ale-Idocs, User exits for sales order Idoc, module pools, interfaces, BAPIs and Smart forms.
  • Developed interfaces for Bill of Materials using BAPIs.
  • Have been involved in analyzing the feasibility of the Functional specification, creating the Technical Specification and development of objects.
  • Key areas of development - Sending of notification Idoc and sales order Idoc to SMS (legacy system), Interfaces using BAPIs and BDCs, Smart forms.
  • Knowledge in OTC process.
  • Developed smartform for printing invoices.


ABAP Developer

Environment: ECC 6.0, SAP R/3 4.7

  • Prepared Technical specifications developed and enhanced Reports.
  • Development of classical Report Programs, interactive reports, ALVs, Module pool programs.
  • Created Data Dictionary objects and Maintenance views.
  • Developed Smartforms for printing Purchase Requisitions.
  • Preparations of Issue logs, coding and testing, Unit test cases, maintaining documentation.
  • Responsible for Quality related work, which involves Defect tracking and Change request tracking.



  • Preparation of Technical specifications, development of interfaces.
  • Development of ABAP reports, ALVs.
  • Preparation of Issue logs, testing and preparation of unit test cases, maintaining documentation.

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