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Web Designer/developer Resume

Warner Robins, GA

In Demand for a Cold Fusion Developer position, my objective is to enhance my versatile skills and experiences to design compelling and attractive sites along with web/graphic projects, web development, database management and programming. Savvy Webmaster and polished with years of experience in.

  • Ensuring web site quality, performance and reliability;
  • Ability to work under pressure, and to consistently deliver projects on-time;
  • Good communication skills and project management skills;
  • Around 8 Years of Freelance and company experience;
  • Web Programming, Server side scripting;

Advanced Computer and Technology Skills

Operating systems: -Window (95, 98, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7) Programming Language: -HTML, CSS, PHP, XML, Cold fusion, CFCs and FX.PHP, JavaScript, HTML5 Database Applications: - MYSQL,SQL PLUS, Oracle 11g, TOAD, Golden EYE, SQL Server Dev. Editionand SQL Server 2000/ 2005/2008 Web Design Packages:-Dreamweaver5.5, 9, MX,Notepad++,HTML, HTML5, CSS, Fireworks, Flash 8, JavaScript, Photoshop CS3, CS5.5, Classic ASP, ASP.net 2.0, DHTML, Jquery, Subversion, VSS, Illustrator, PageMaker, Fireworks, Database Development, Hardware, XHTML, XML, AJAX, FTP, SMTP, MS-Office, JOOMLA, DNN, Word Press,X Browser Compatibility,DOM, Cold Fusion9,8,Firebug,SEO, JSON, W3C, Internet marketing, Mobile Application Development, Goggle API, Analytics, Extensive Graphic Design, Yahoo Interface andFamiliarity with many other web technologies(VB Script/C#, Action Script, C, DB2, Web Services) Ecommerce Packages:-PRESTA, Magento, Os-commerce, Plain Cart, Zen, DFD & Open Cart, etc. Content Management System:- JOOMLA, WORD_PRESS, DNN Web Server: - IIS, Apache, CF9

Work History

Confidential Warner Robins, GA(Jan.2011-March.2012) Cold Fusion Software Developer

  • Developed end-to-end designs for the web interfaces, reporting, and analysis components of projects
  • Provided full support on appropriate applications, reporting, and analysis architecture
  • Developed web portals, applications and other user interface components to facilitate the user interface to Business Intelligence resources.
  • Assisted Decision Support team members; DBAs, database developers, requirements analysts, and others, in understanding data and meeting user requirements for Global EYE Phase I and Global EYE phase II.
  • Participated in project work groups with Subject Matter to understand data specific needs in SQL PLUS or oracle 11g.

Project I

  • Developed the Inventory Management Application from the scratch using Cold fusion, CFCs, Ajax, J Query, HTML, CSS, Database Development using Golden EYE, Oracle 10 g, etc.
  • Created search functionality to locate data through search box and added edit, update, delete, Move capabilities (using j query, JSON, Ajax, CFCs) for displaying or adding or deleting or moving the corresponding records.

Project II

  • Developed the Project Management Application from beginning using Cold Fusion, CFCs, Ajax, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Database Management, etc
  • Developed Ajax based tabs contents for the tabbed panels. Assigned requirements, Instructions, Closed Projects, and Project Comments for each project assigned. Developed Search under proj_name for each projects.
  • Developed and documented user security related functionality and constraints for Rampod.net

Technology used: Cold Fusion 9, CFCs, Oracle11g, Dreamweaver5, HTML, CSS, Cold Fusion Builder 2.0, JavaScript, J Query, Subversion, SQL Developer Edition, Golden EYE, TOAD, VSS, CMS, SQL SERVER, Web Services and etc.

Confidential Marietta, GA (July.2010-Jan.2011) Cold Fusion Developer

  • Functioned as team lead developer with additional project mgmt. responsibilities for the company clients.
  • Planned, designed and executed development of entire client's site for the company. I implemented timelines, meeting agendas, web-application documentation, technical notes, delegation of technical items to other team members, and reporting the progress of website development.
  • Coordinated seamless content management from multiple sources, Screaming Media, ecommerce sites, Static site along with dynamic sites.
  • Responsible for maintaining and browser consistency, overall site management, animation, graphic, content management system and database

Confidential Marietta, GA (Nov.2009-July.2010) Cold Fusion Developer

  • Performed a wide breadth of technical skills, Internet knowledge, and experience across the spectrum of online development in the service of building and improving online websites for multiple clients.
  • Performed online business consulting from securing domain names, project planning, and logo and graphic identity development, to online marketing, search engine placement and promotion.
  • Designed and developed sites from scratch using CMS such as JOOMLA, DNN & Word Press for the company clienteles and also supported in help desk management for the company.
  • Job Includes: site architecture and infrastructure, Dream weaver, backend development using open source toolset (Cold Fusion, CFCs, SQL Servers, Photoshop, Illustrator, DNN, and others, front end development with CSS and HTML/XHTML/DHTML, Jquery, Subversion, VSS, e-commerce, organic search engine optimization and strategy, web systems administration, technical writing, marketing communications and online business consulting.

Confidential Alpharetta, GA (July.2009-Oct.30-2009) Cold Fusion Developer

  • As a Web Developer for the McKesson, my responsibilities range from front-end user interface design, to back-end relational database design and development.
  • Responsible for all aspects of the day-to-day operations of a web design / development of the company websites.
  • Designing and developing web publication and administration systems with Cold Fusion, XHTML, Dream weaver, CSS, JavaScript/ IIS, HTML, Photoshop, Illustrator, and MS SQL 2000. Development included multiple objectives, as well as member sites, E-Client and administration applications. Responsibilities included redesign, decentralization and scalability methodology of the site, administrative control systems, and development and life cycle issues.
  • Experiencing full life-cycle development, from gathering and writing technical requirements to performing application development to site deployment and development.
  • Developing standards-based web applications for various parts of the company site (www.mckesson.com) using Cold Fusion, CFCs, SQL, XHTML, HTML, Jquery, Subversion, VSS, Flash, AJAX, JavaScript, CSS and relational databases (MS SQL Server 2000).

Confidential Atlanta, GA (Oct.2006- July.2009) Cold Fusion Developer

  • Designed and developed a number of back end processes aimed at improving the sites overall performance, general effectiveness, usability.
  • Cleaned up and rewrote much of the front end HTML, Backend PHP and JavaScript to meet validation requirements.
  • Developed and maintained of internal applications for organizational use Management of large number of rapid-fire tasks in a short timeline.
  • In addition to coding, maintained project documentation and assisted in web design and development.
  • Was responsible for maintaining the high volume and availability demands using source tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, JavaScript, Ajax, CSS, HTML, Jquery, Subversion, VSS, and PHOTOSHOP cs3, Flash 8, Flash MX, Cold Fusion, CFCs, Dreamweaver8 and SQL 2000.
  • (Also worked for Glotech Computer as a freelancer).

Confidential Atlanta, GA (Jan.04 to Oct. 06) Web Designer/ Developer

  • Created and maintained Web sites and applications for corporate. Performed the full spectrum of Web-related tasks, including rapid prototyping, design and layout, optimization, server-side programming (primarily Dream weaver 8 and PHP). Used tools as dreamweaver8, PHP, HTML, Asp, JOOMLA, Photoshop, Flash for site Design and Development.
  • Retained the diverse industry interactive elements and Performed technical coding, site construction, review, and testing.
  • Maintained company web site, creating custom web graphics and layouts, creating flash intros, animated banners, copywriting and content creation, write, edit and proofread a variety of documents, plan and prepare articles for online dissemination, web usability, accessibility, testing and debugging, website promotion & marketing, client relations, web maintenance, etc. Technology used: HTML, CSS, Photoshop CS3, Flash, Banner Design, etc. (Also worked on Salt Design, Inc as Remote job for 4 months)

Confidential Atlanta, GA (Jan.2004-Present) Web Designer/Developer/Owner

  • Serving as the primary Web Designer and Developer for the company. Managed Web and development projects from initial consultation through successfully launch.
  • Designing and producing websites for several clients and maintained long-term client relationships. Projects came from various Sources like: Craig list, Odesk.com, email Marketing, Positive client Mouth, elance.com, Free website for Hosting scheme, etc.
  • Developing every aspects of site, including Graphic, Shopping Cart, interactive features, PHP/Cold Fusion Development and animated websites.
  • Was responsible for Web development, user experience design, and site maintenance. Technologies: CSS, HTML, Word-Press, DNN, Photoshop, Illustrator, JOOMLA, Ajax, JavaScript, PHP, Dream weaver, Flash Development, Graphic Design, MYSQL, Cold Fusion, etc.

Key Accomplishments Key Player in the creation and launch of making website. Worked closely with co-workers to develop content for some specific sites, incorporating company vision and goals throughout

Education B.C.A Scored 89% for Cold Fusion in (Prove IT) Testing

SSIM Technical College (Multiple IT Certifications) Certificate on Computer Hardware & Networking (Computer Consultant) Specialty on Web Design and Development (Seagate)

Community Involvement Participated in the social Walkathon Program for poor and needy children. Served as a member of REYUKAI for the social welfare program.

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