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Php Web Developer Resume


  • Seven years of extensive experience in Web Development.
  • Through understanding and solid experience of scripting languages like PHP & PERL.
  • Working experience of various PHP versions (4.2v, 4.2.5, 5.2.5)
  • Good understanding of Object Oriented Programming concepts.
  • Comfortable working in a small as well as big team environment.
  • Thorough understanding of System Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
  • Experienced in setting up LAMP, WAMP and SAMP environments.
  • Implemented PERL cron jobs on UNIX based platforms.
  • Good knowledge of mySQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL databases.
  • Proficient in testing and bug fixing.
  • Great communication skills and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines.
  • Keenness towards learning new technology.


Programming Languages : SQL*Plus, Transact - SQL, JAVA, C/C++ Web Development Tools : HTML, JavaScript, VBSCRIPT, DHTML, CSS Server Side Scripting : PHP, PERL Web Servers : APACHE 2.0.52/1.3.26, JAKARTA-TOMCAT 4.1.27 Database : ORACLE 7, 8, 8i, 9i, 10g, MS SQL, MySQL, MS ACCESS Database Design : Object-Oriented Design, UML, JDBC/ODBC, XML, XSL Operating Systems : Sun Solaris 8, WINDOWS 95/98/2000/XP/NT, MS DOS, UNIX


  • Masters in Science (Computer Science)
  • Bachelor Of Engineering (Computer Engineering)


Client : Confidential Role : PHP Web Developer (Engineering) Duration : May 2009- Present

Description: Confidential is a broad-based technology company specializing in perimeter security systems and microwave connectors/adapters


  • Integration testing and unit testing of web-based admin tool of a Control Module box.
  • Integration of PHP code with CGIs written in C/C++.
  • GUI design development with check against various Browser platforms
  • Performance testing on various browser platforms
  • Security Analysis with respect to multiple sessions and single-account handling.

Environment: Debian Linux, Apache -2.2.6, PHP-4, UNIX, IE 6/7 and Firefox 2-3, C

Client : Confidential Role : Lead PHP Web Developer (IT - Business Applications) Duration : October 2008- April 2009

Description: Confidential is the nation’s leading provider of proven loan risk mitigation tools for the financial services industry.

Project DOMUS Systems

Domus is a Housing Management and Reporting system used by the housing agencies and government agencies to track and report Clients, property data, and fund allocations. Current users are typically the business administrators of the housing programs


  • Build web forms for internal users to provide them the facility of inputting data into the database as per requirements using CAKEPHP 1.2v, HTML, and MYSQL for reflection towards external users.
  • Facilitate the migration of old data to newer MYSQL schema through PERL scripts for report generation
  • Generate web-reports using PHP 5.2.5, MYSQL, HTML, Java Script and CSS.

Environment: CAKEPHP 1.2, Apache -2.2.6, PHP-5.2.5, MYSQL, Perl 5.8.8, UNIX,IE 7/8,Firefox 2/3.

Client : Confidential Role : Lead PHP Web Developer (IT - Business Applications) Duration : November 2007- September -2008


Confidential is the global leader in device software optimization (DSO). DSO is a holistic, enterprise-wide solution to the challenges generated by increasing complexity in developing and running device software Project Phoenix


  • Lead the UI-team for the new registration process using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Lead the Defects Migration team for migration of Clear Quest data to Oracle database using Perl.
  • Integration of Wind River Systems Seminars and Whitepapers Downloads modules with the new registration process using PHP.
  • Synchronization of Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) data with Oracle database using Perl
  • Synchronization of LDAP with KNOVA database, using Perl and SOAP web services, in order to provide proper Content Access to customers using the new OLS Portal.
  • Responsible for re-writing Perl CGI scripts and packages for authentication mechanism for BSP admin tool and LDAP Access Control Lists.

Other Projects and Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for migration of web server from Sun Solaris 8 OS to Sun Solaris 10
  • Creating web pages to report proper working of the web servers and reporting of Solaris servers for administration purposes
  • Upgrading the web server from Apache 1.2 to Apache 2.2.6, PHP Environment from PHP 4.2 to PHP 5.2.5 and from Perl 5.6 to Perl 5.8.8
  • Upgrading of Mod_Perl to Mod_Perl 2
  • Responsible for migration of data from old web servers to the new environment and see that all launch points are met according to the requirements and specifications in accordance with older environment.
  • Modification of Reporting Tool in order to re-structure Authentication mechanism from database model to LDAP
  • Creating Customers License interface for accepting legal agreement with PHP 4.0v, JSON, Oracle Apps
  • Setting up configuration environment for above configurations to work with Oracle Client 9.2.0
  • Updating Perl Modules to synchronize with new environment and maintaining internal and external web pages
  • Migrating authentication mechanism from JAVA to PHP/PERL

Environment: Sun Solaris 10, Apache -2.2.6, PHP4.0v, PHP-5.2.5, Oracle 9.2.0 client, Perl 5.8.8, LDAP, JSON, IE 7/8, Firefox 2/3, Chrome

Client : Confidential Role : Lead PHP Web Developer Duration : October 2007 - November 2007

Description: Developing a dating site based upon the WEB 2.0 principles. This site involves a heavy use of Scriptaculous JavaScript and has features like Water Marking images using PHP GD 2.0 libraries.


  • Lead technical developer for this site.
  • The site is built with the help of DRUPAL CMS.
  • Worked on the technical side of the site which involved majority of PHP coding besides HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Some of the features of this site are Watermarking Images uploaded by the clients using the PHP GD libraries, use of various effects provided via Scriptaculous JavaScript.
  • The site supports LAMPP (XAMPP) environment and is currently been tested on LINUX/ UNIX environment.

Environment DRUPAL CMS, PHP 5.0, POSTGRESQL 8.1, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Apache and XAMPP setup, IE 7, Firefox 2.

Client : Confidential Role : Lead PHP Web Developer Duration : July 2007 - September 2007

Description: Confidential is a website that deals with the scenario of users making suggestions to various companies about their products and the companies acting upon their suggestions to enhance the quality of products or services they offer. Having voted at 4.8/5 by the TechCrunch web community, this site is considered to be the next big thing to hit the internet world.


  • Lead technical developer for this site.
  • The site is built with the help of CAKEPHP MVC framework of PHP.
  • The site is a type of customer response system wherein registered companies accept suggestions directly from the customers.
  • Worked on the technical side of the site which involved majority of PHP coding besides HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Some of the features of the site are OpenID Authentication through CURL, Credit Card Authorization using Authorize.net and OpenSSL and heavy use of Scriptaculous and Prototype JavaScripts, download of attachment based emails from web server using IMAP/POP3 features.
  • The site supports LAMP (XAMPP) environment and is currently been tested on LINUX/ UNIX environment.
  • This site is under the testing process currently and would be releasing worldwide soon.

Environment CAKEPHP v1.1 framework, PHP 5.0, MYSQL 5.0, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Apache and XAMPP setup, IE 7, Firefox 2.

Special Reference: www.techcrunch40.com/2007/demopit_company.php?demopit=35

Client : Confidential Role : Lead Software Engineer Duration : January 2007 - June 2007

Description: Confidential is a top-tier ad network that represents leading independent advertisers and publishers. Revenue.net combines the right publishers with the right advertisers, helping both groups to accomplish their advertising and media sales goals.


  • Developed an upload mechanism for the internal web application that is able to upload multiple file formats into a server and also the mechanism to produce advertising codes from it depending on the file format. This feature involves heavy use of HTML and JavaScript as well as cache busting mechanism.
  • The development of the new sites was done using Perl, Perl’s Catalyst MVC framework and template toolkit.
  • Working with the system administrators to ensure that all process of Revenue.net is running smoothly.
  • Maintained and modified components of the ad-server supporting PHP to add a country targeting capabilities.
  • Worked on a project that supports online video advertising for Revenue.net. This project involves producing XML files that includes information of the flash video format such as tracking pixels, video length, sizes, and encoding rates and updating the database using SOAP web services.
  • Maintaining, and managing the technology division of Revenue.net

Environment: PHP, PERL, MYSQL 5.0, Linux Centos, Apache Web Server, IE 7, Firefox 2.

Client : Confidential Role : Webmaster / E-Commerce Programmer Duration : May 2006 - December 2006

Description: Confidential is a member services non-profit credit union at University of Southern California. It has three branches in and around USC campus and in Los Angeles Downtown. The IT Department at the University Park Campus of USC maintains and updates all the websites and the intranet system of the entire credit union.


  • Designed the Web Portal System based upon the existing intranet system of the credit union.
  • A ticket generation system and an automated update and email notification system were the highlights of this portal using HTML, DHTML, PHP, CSS, JAVASCRIPT and PostgreSQL.
  • All the credit union employees at present use the system.
  • Maintained, updated and modified old and new websites according to the needs of the hour.
  • Developed skeleton sites for the online help and loan services ‘EL RESOURCES’, a student support department
  • Dealt with network and system issues during the Fall Registration of the University of Southern California.
  • Report generation and analysis through Symitar Database systems.

Environment PHP 4.4.2, PostgreSQL 8.1, MS ACCESS, HTML, CSS, XML, PERL, WINDOWS NT SERVER, Apache Server for Web Services

Client : Confidential Role : Tips Invoice Manager Duration : Aug 2005 - Feb 2006.

Description: Confidential is a stand-alone application. Admin can use it to generate the invoices (PDF format) based on the employee’s work hours, which is entered by employee in the web application and the client billing rate. Admin can directly import the client information IIF file into database.


  • Member of the analysis and design team which interacted with the functional leads for understanding of business process and converting them into techno-functional documents.
  • Involved in Designing the Presentation Layer, Business Logic layer and Data Access layer of the application.
  • Exposing certain application features as Web services and consuming web services.
  • Involved in complex user interface design using win forms.
  • Involved in the preparation of High Level and Low Level documents.
  • Responsible for using SQL reporting Services for generating reports.
  • Experience in using WinForms for development of the UI
  • Responsible for unit as well as integration testing.
  • Responsible for writing the complex stored procedures, User defined functions and triggers using MS SQL Server 2000
  • Responsible for unit as well as integration testing.
  • Fine tuning of existing SQL queries to increase database performance
  • Perfomed code review, UI reviews and gave recommendations for better UI.
  • Involved in providing L2 and L3 production support.
  • Participated in monthly operations reviews.

Environment: PHP, PERL, SQLServer2000, Windows Form, SQL Reporting services, Web Services

Client : Confidential Role : Member Management & Enrollment Project Duration : June 2004 - June 2005.

Description: SSI Education is one of the front runners in India which provides excellent Oracle and Java certified courses and training for certified exams.


  • Project consisted of designing and implementing member enrollment and managing system using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP.
  • Web based interface which collaborated with the students, faculty and other staff members for opinion design and co-ordination.
  • Also developed and worked on Object-Oriented Oracle Database Setup

Environment: Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g, Windows Server 2000/NT/XP/98, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript Client/Employer : Confidential Role : Sales Tracking Duration : June 2002 - May 2004.

Description: HDFC Limited is one the leading financial services institution which provides various customer benefit products like loans, finance, housing development schemas etc.


  • Leader of analysis management team.
  • Member of Sales Tracking project.
  • Involved in discussions and requirement gathering from users and functional experts and writing functional and technical documents.
  • Development and maintenance of a tracking system of all the financial products and its customer database.
  • Wrote complex stored procedures, functions and triggers.
  • Fine tuning and testing
  • Creating GUI using HTML,PHP,CSS and JavaScript on Apache for connectivity with MySQL.

Environment: HTML, PHP, MYSQL, WINDOWS SERVER 2000/NT/XP ,Apache


  • THEATRE TRACKING SYSTEM Designed a personalized ‘nearest-theatre’ tracking system based upon the zip code of a resident using HTML, AJAX and PERL
  • SERVER SIDE SCRIPTING IN PERL Implemented storage and validation of information from HTML pages using PERL and JavaScript
  • CORPORATE PORTAL Designed a request-response system which would fulfill the requirements of employees of various departments of an E-Ticketing Firm, using HTML, PHP, Apache 2.0.52 and PHP 4.4.2
  • DVD STORE INFORMATION PROJECT Implemented information storage and analysis development project for a DVD Store Online using XML and XSLT. The analysis was dependent upon the choices chosen by the user and the surfers’ pages clicks.


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