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Front End Web Developer Resume

Plano, TX


  • Over six plus years of professional experience in various phases of Software Development Life Cycle including Analyzing, Designing, Coding, Implementation & Production Support, Object oriented programming, Installation, Debugging of various client/server web applications.
  • Hands on experience in MVC framework using Angular JS.
  • Responsible for developing single page applications using Angular JS and Bootstrap.
  • Experience in working JSON, AJAX, REST, AngularJS, and Bootstrap.
  • Experience applying the latest development approaches including MVC framework in the browser, event - driven applications using AJAX, Object Oriented (OO) JavaScript and JSON.
  • Extensive experience on modern front-end frameworks for JavaScript including Bootstrap, JQuery, AngularJS.
  • Expertise in debugging and troubleshooting existing code.
  • Experience in making Responsive Web Pages using Twitter bootstrap and media queries.
  • Used Jasmine to write unit test cases and Karma to run those test cases.
  • Used Grunt as a Task Runner, Bower as a Package Manager and Git as version control system.
  • Good Understanding of Document Object Model (DOM) and DOM Functions compatibility and SEO techniques.
  • Basic knowledge of React, Cordova and Server Side Nodejs.
  • Responsible for maintaining HTML, CSS, jQuery to ensure the website are in accordance with the originally designed function.
  • Proven track record demonstrating innovative and unique designing skills, computer proficiency, ability to work in a stressful environment with projects and interaction with every team member.
  • Worked in close cooperation with project managers and other functional team members to form a team effort in development.


Web Technologies: HTML/HTML5, CSS3, SASS, DHTML, XML, XHTML, JavaScript, AJAX, JQuery, JSON, AngularJS, Bootstrap,React,Nodejs

Web/App Servers: HTTP Web Server, Apache Tomcat

IDE, HTML Editor: Eclipse, Web Storm, Notepad++, Sublime Text Editor, Brackets

Miscellaneous: Adobe Photoshop, MS Office

Debugging Tools: Chrome Developer Toolbar, Firebug, IE Developer Toolbar, Safari Web Developer,Batarang

Database: PL/SQL(oracle), MySQL,MongoDb

Operating System: Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10, UNIX, LINUX, MAC OS X


Confidential, Plano, TX

Front End Web Developer


  • Involved in complete SDLC - Requirement Analysis, Development, System and Integration Testing
  • Worked in a team, Involved in developing the UI, layout and front-end programming for web application that matches requirements of Client
  • Developed GUI using JavaScript, HTML/HTML5, DOM, AJAX, CSS3 and JQuery in ongoing projects
  • Created and developed the internal AngularJS framework applications projects.
  • Used Twitter Bootstrap and Media Queries to create Responsive Web Design
  • Competent in developing applications using various JavaScript frameworks like Angular Js, Node.js and Bootstrap
  • Involved in Unit testing AngularJS applications using Jasmine/Karma.
  • Created mixins variable and implemented inheritance using SASS
  • Designed in-house build automation and continuous integration systems by utilizing Node.js, Git and Grunt.
  • Created a build script using Gulp.js and Node.js for internal use.
  • Maintained Cross Browser compatibility & implemented Responsive Web Design using Twitter Bootstrap and custom media queries, etc.
  • Used Node Package Manager(NPM) to install all the dependencies such as Git, Grunt and Bower
  • Jasmine unit and end to end tests on Karma and Jasmine.
  • Refactored existing mobile web code with AngularJS to improve maintainability and make the web application more modular.
  • Developed dynamic UI using Angular JS
  • Handling cross browser/platform compatibility issues (IE, Firefox, and Safari) on both windows/Mac
  • Managed application state using server and client-based State Management options.

Environment: HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, JavaScript (Libraries: JQuery), Node JS Angular JS, Bootstrap, Node JS, MS Access, Agile, Adobe Flash, Eclipse, Sublime, SVN, GIT, MS Office, Gruntjs, AJAX, Jasmine, Karma, Tomcat Apache, Sublime.

Confidential, San Francisco, CA

Front End Web Developer


  • Created and deployed new features in order to sustain and amend existing applications.
  • Developed cross-browser/platform HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to match design specs for complex page layout while adhering to code standards
  • Designed Responsive Web pages using Media Queries.
  • Responsible for the overall layout design, color scheme of the web site using HTML, XHTML, and CSS
  • Worked on defects and resolved them in UAT Region. Also made the required code changes as part of defects.
  • Used bootstrap and angular.js in effective web design.
  • Experience in Version Control tools including GIT and SVN.
  • Testing application using Jasmine Test Framework and Grunt.
  • Created Services, controllers which have functions coded for the view pages in Angular JS.
  • Developed client side validation code using JavaScript and jQuery.
  • Able to create adaptive free layout using Bootstrap.
  • Extensively used jQuery, Jasmine, Bootstrap, JSON, AJAX and DOM (Data Object Modeling) scripting to create interactive web applications like
  • Extensively used LESS (Pre-processor) while styling with CSS
  • Developed user input forms using Angular JS
  • Ensured design consistency to meet client's requirements
  • Used SVN for version control of the code and configuration files.
  • Implemented various JavaScript/jQuery UI effects on the pages.
  • Responsible to manipulate HTML, CSS in jQuery as well as making the pages dynamic using AJAX, JSON and XML.
  • Handled the status of the project in a timely manner in a clear and concise way.
  • Extended CSS as needed to accommodate new data and display types

Environment: HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS, JQUERY, SVN, Eclipse, Jasmine

Confidential, Denver, Colorado

Front End Web Developer


  • Client interaction for requirements analysis and issue resolution with functional specifications for Billing, Quote creation, Tool Configuration, Reporting and Contract admin.
  • Created several custom directives that we reused in the application.
  • Used CSS based design techniques to eliminate table-based layouts and CSS Sprites to speed up page loading and improve the website performance.
  • Experience in using Version Control Tools like SVN and GIT/GIT-HUB.
  • Involved in development of individual Sprints with the help of GitHub and developed new functions and strategies by contributing in GIT management.
  • Used JQuery plug-ins like Auto populating select-box, Search plug-in, Map plug-in, calendar plug-in, Ajax-queue plug-in, and Auto populating multiple select-boxes.
  • Worked on the website from start to finish to give it a new look using HTML/CSS/JavaScript
  • Used extensive JavaScript and JQuery programming to give AJAX functionality for the website.
  • Interacted with the senior management and users for new features in this website.

Environment: JQuery, JavaScript, Ajax, JSON, ASP, HTML, Git, CSS

Confidential, Richfield, MN

Web Developer


  • Worked within waterfall development environment
  • Redesign and maintain existing internal web application utilizing HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Developed UI library functions to increase the code reusability and support standard coding practices.
  • Built the JavaScript functions to manage forms, error management and reporting.
  • Developed Application using Object Oriented Framework where each component within the application has its own component script which is reusable for other applications.
  • Created Table-less design to improve the performance of the application.
  • For front end development actively used DHTML, JavaScript, jQuery and AJAX, CSS. Backend was Java (JSP) and Oracle.
  • Worked extensively with next-generation technologies like AJAX and jQuery to enable more efficient development and more responsive interfaces.
  • Wrote code in jQuery to perform AJAX calls to get JSON data from the back end/ APIs and parse it on the front end.
  • Participated in bug fixing with QA team which involved cross browser testing as well as load and performance checking.
  • Subversion repository helped to automate code management between the development, test, and production environments.

Environment: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, Eclipse, XML

Confidential, Dallas, TX

UI Developer


  • Involved in complete SDLC life cycle - Designing, Testing, Debugging, Production Support and Testing.
  • Translated designs and style guides into functional user interfaces, ensuring cross browser compatibility, performance and robustness.
  • Maximized page load by analyzing content and making adjustments.
  • Designed web pages using XHTML and CSS
  • Design and Develop clean, creative and intuitive user interfaces that address business and end-user needs, while considering the technical, physical and temporal constraints of the users.
  • Worked with complete redesigns of a daily events website and focused on improving readability, utility, and overall UX.
  • Collaborate with other designers and analysts on the team, and work to unify multiple work streams to establish consistency across all solutions.
  • Worked with the QA team to fix the bugs, test the load, and performance checking.
  • Applied industry best practices and standards when project requirements were lagging.

Environment: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, Tomcat AS, Eclipse IDE

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