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 lead Developer Resume


  • Help clients stand out in a crowded online space by creating unique websites and applications that are efficient, sophisticated, and focused on the customer.


Languages: C#, VbScript, Python, PHP, HTML5, CCS3, SASS/SCSS, Javascript, Jquery, Ember JS, NodeJS, Linux/BASH scripting

Content Management Systems: ASP.NET, .NET, Django, WordPress, Laravel, WooCommerce, Joomla, Concrete 5, Drupal

Databases: SQL Server, Microsoft Access, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite

Operating Systems: Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, Ubuntu Linux, CentOS Linux

Design: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects

Other Software: Git, Eclipse, SVN, VirtualBox, VIM, Arduino, micro controllers and small electronics integration, 3DS Max, AutoCad, AutoCad Inventor, Blender



Lead Developer


  • Built large scale web application for national health insurance company.
  • Used modern web technologies (including html5, CSS3, jQuery, SASS, Laravel, Grunt and NodeJS) to produce standards compliant site and accompanying mobile application capable of handling high traffic.
  • Deployed grid of secured linux based webservers to host database, application and backups (using Ubuntu, Apache2, Nginx, MySQL, rsync, memcached and Git).
  • Integrated RESTful API with application to allow non - native access with integrated SSL.
  • Responsible for communicating with clients to resolve problems and create solutions to increase revenue.
  • Created database strategy to sync mobile, desktop and application data across all client installs.
  • Integrated multimedia presentations, audio and video into the latest client advertisement sites.

Freelance Web Development


  • Acquired customers, created scope of work agreements, designed UI/UX interactions and built websites and interactive apps. Clients include AromaSharepy, Benchmark Systems, Local Doctors and Dentists Offices & Toronto School of Design (using ASP.NET, SQL Server, IIS).
  • Developed responsive websites with custom stores, mapping applications and interactive forms to work on desktop computers, tablets, and phones (using ASP.NET, Wordpress, Django, Drupal, Concrete 5 and others).
  • Deployed cloud servers with redundant backups and automatic monitoring (Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Rackspace, Linode and others).
  • Setup analytics, e-commerce tracking, affiliate sales and marketing programs integrated with client sites.
  • Created social media campaigns to grow user-bases, user interaction and enhance SEO.


Lead Developer


  • Designed and built eight large and medium scale websites in a small team environment (using Django, Codeigniter and Wordpress).
  • Used modern open source software and standards compliant practices to create mobile first sites that enhance user experience across a variety of devices (Linux, Apache2, Python, PHP, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Git).
  • Developed software for humanitarian workers contact database, with thousands of users while reducing page load times and making use of load balancers and caching techniques. Wrote custom login application to handle securely encrypted transfer of sensitive information across network of websites and handle universal login (libSSL, PyCrypto, Python).
  • Built collaborative disaster response mapping tool with mobile data collection to connect aid workers with real time data during Haiti Earthquake and the Japanese Tsunami.
  • Created and edited promotional and humanitarian videos for web and physical distribution.

IT Specialist / Engineer


  • Administered IT for 12 users, including backup, email, work station setup, file sharing and a company website. Tracked purchase orders, inventory, job costing and production on custom built web application (ASP.NET, Access2000, Windows Server).
  • Programmed Batch, VBA and LISP for AutoCad workstations. Created custom application to speed up stockbilling and record keeping of engineers (VbScript, Excel, C#).
  • Reorganized business processes to reduce wasted time and overhead.
  • Drafted blueprints for furniture manufacturing (AutoCad).

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