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Senior Ui Developer Resume

Mountain View, CA


  • Over 8 years of UI development experience with HTML5, CSS3, DHTML, XHTML, DOM, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX and JSON, Angular JS.
  • Knowledge on latest angular framework, Angular 2.0
  • Good knowledge of latest version of object oriented JavaScript Libraries like Angular.js. JQuery, Angular JS, React JS
  • Good knowledge on latest JavaScript version ES2016(ES7)
  • Experience working with Babel, Browserify along with React.JS for better support.
  • Extensively used JavaScript for client side validation. And knowledge on Spring Boot Framework
  • Extensively used Bootstrap for customization of web application.
  • Experience in developing and consuming SOAP and RESTful Web Services using Node.js
  • Created responsive web applications, using frameworks such as Angular. Built UI elements and RESTful API's.
  • Designed the user interactive (UI) web pages using web technologies like HTML5, XHTML, CSS3, and Bootstrap.
  • Experience working with CSS frame works like SASS(SCSS), LESS
  • Hands - on experience on Bootstrap Studio to develop successful responsive mobile web design which effectively works on mobile application development frameworks like Apache Cordova and PhoneGap
  • Experience in deploying web applications to Cordova to develop mobile supported apps to work on different platforms like Android, iOS and Windows.
  • Experience in compatibility checking for different mobile operating systems after deploying applications to Apache Cordova.
  • Developed and designed Ajax based Prototype, JavaScript, JQuery and AJAX based UI frame work.
  • Experience in generating responsive charts using D3 (Data Drive Documents).
  • Experience in deploying applications to cloud platforms like Heroku and experience in setting up the environment for the deployment.
  • Has good experience in UI developing using Java frameworks Hibernate, Struts, Spring MVC.
  • Good Understanding of Document Object Model (DOM) and DOM Functions.
  • Experience in working with MVC framework.
  • Worked in developing dynamic robust UI screens using CSS, HTML, XHTML, XSLT, JavaScript, Bootstrap, and jQuery.
  • Worked on .NET security features such as authentication and authorization, forms-based authentication, authorizing users, roles and user account impersonation.
  • Extensive experience in SQL Server, Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers, Queries, Indexes, and Cursors.
  • Experienced in building cross browser compatibility applications using HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Extensive experience in creating style guides, best practices and setting UI standards for enterprise/consumer applications.
  • Created projects using current and emerging developer tools and technologies. Tested code using Mocha, Chai and Karma.
  • Expertise in building strong websites confirming Web 2.0 standards using Yahoo User Interface (YUI) Framework, JQuery, HTML5, XHTML, DHTML & CSS3 to develop valid code and table-free sites.
  • Experience in DOM (Document Object Model) to use in interacting with objects in HTML, XHTML and XML.
  • Worked on so many Cross Browser Applications items in IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Tablets, and Mobile responsive
  • Experience in working MVC Architecture and also in using version control (SVN).
  • Extensive Experience in Applications using AJAX, Object Oriented (OO) JavaScript, JSON, JSONP, and XML.
  • Extensive experience in Java/J2EE programming - JDBC, JSP, Servlets, spring, Hibernate.
  • Developed web application using JSP custom tag libraries, Struts Action classes and Action. Designed Java Servlets and Objects using J2EE standards.



JavaScript Libraries: JQuery, Angular.js, React js, Require.js, Nodejs, Morris.js, Flot.js.

Database: MySQL, MSSQL, Teradata, PL/SQL, Oracle, Mongo

Source Control: CVS, VSS, SVN, and GIT-SCM

Operating System: Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X.

Methodologies: Agile, Scrum, Waterfall.

IDEs worked on: Notepad++, Eclipse, Netbeans, Visual Studio, Atom, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, Sublime Text, Text Mate, Microsoft Publisher, Webstorm, Bootstrap Studio

Application Servers: Apache Tomcat, Web Logic, WebSockets, Web Sphere, JBoss

Browser: IE, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari.


Confidential, Mountain view, CA

Senior UI Developer


  • Developed mockups and prototypes using HTML and CSS3.
  • Coded extensively in jQuery to make rich Internet web pages and created custom date picker on the website.
  • Design website and maintain the website content up to date
  • Experience in cross browser compatibility check and thoroughly performed unit testing and integration testing.
  • Develop the online chat interface for the anonymous communication between mentors and clients.
  • Re-designed the website to improve user experience and add new functionality.
  • Worked on the website from scratch using HTML5/CSS/JavaScript.
  • Worked with ES6 to make use of constants, block scoped variables, arrow functions and classes.
  • Developing new user-facing features using AngularJS
  • Designed dynamic and browser compatible Websites using HTML5/HTML, JS, CSS and Created UI designs using Web 2.0 standards.
  • Responsible for creating the screens with table-less designs meeting W3C standards.
  • Involved in extensive HTML5 coding. Co-ordinate with UX designers and develop static content using front end with HTML5, CSS3 and Angular JS 2.0.
  • Created Custom Directives, Filters, Services and Modules with the help of new Angular 2.0.
  • Implemented Client side validations using Angular JS Custom Form Validation and server side validations using Data Annotation. Developed custom AngularJS filters to provide better search experience.
  • Implemented AngularJS Controllers to manipulate and view employee task data.
  • Developed Angular 2.0 services using factory for effective use of JSON data.
  • Used AngularJS HTTP methods to retrieve employee task data from entity models.
  • Developed CSS styles to maintain the uniformity of all the screens throughout the application and positioning of screen objects. Involved in creating and consuming RESTful Web Service usingNode.JS
  • Developed page layouts, navigation, animation buttons and icons. Experience working on Sass Preprocessor.
  • Applied industry best practices and standards when project requirements are lagging.
  • Implemented various Validation Controls for client-side Using third party libraries like ValidatorJS.
  • Used EXT JS for building rich internet applications, Require JS to optimize in-browser use and to load the module and to improve the Speed.
  • Designed CSS based page layouts that are cross-browser compatible and standards- compliant.
  • Performing the different modules like login, search and download with tracking.
  • Did extensive JavaScript and JQuery programming to give AJAX functionality for the website.
  • Used MySQL database to interact with backend data via Rest API.
  • Involved in the creation of interface to manage user menu and Bulk update of Attributes using Angular.js, NodeJS and JQuery.
  • Developed responsive data representation charts using D3.JS from the data received from the server.
  • Designated UI architecture for the internal web application and worked with designers to constructs conceptual Wire-frames and Mockups.
  • Evaluated conversion of the application from Backbone to AngularJS for load time and performance.
  • Worked closely with developers in deploying application to Heroku as well as maintaining the app in cloud platform.
  • Involved in the implementation of the Service Locator, Business Delegate and the Session Façade design pattern for the enterprises level functionality.
  • Built Web pages that are more user-interactive using jQuery plugins for Drag and Drop, AutoComplete, JSON, Angular JS, native JavaScript and Bootstrap. Worked on handle bars.
  • Wrote and performed client-side and server-side unit testing with Jasmine, Mocha and the chai assertion library.
  • Use javascript for the automation framework with mocha/chai and supertest.

Environment: HTML, CSS3, JavaScript (ES6, ES5), Firefox, Chrome, AngularJS, Angular 2.0, Node JS, Rest API, Redux, Grunt, Sass, Mocha, Chai.

Confidential, San Diego, CA

UI Developer


  • Well knowledge in using testing frameworks like Jasmine, mocha, chai to implement unit test cases.
  • Supported the development team by creating wireframes and prototype as needed based on requirements and revising those based on feedback.
  • Ran Functional, UAT, Compatibility and End-to- End Testing
  • Used mocha, sinon and chai for unit testing the code.
  • Created JS components using JSX and used React Json schema for implementing the capable of building HTML forms out of a JSON schema and using Bootstrap semantics by default.
  • Worked on Lifecycle Methods, State, Specs, Props, Event to create interactive React.js Components.
  • Used React Js for improving the performance of the app by using the Reusability concept.
  • Enhanced user experience by designing new web features using MVC Framework like Express.js, Require.js, React.js and Node.js.
  • Used Babel to transpile JSX / ES6 code to browser support versions.
  • Involved in customizing the JSX files for rendering the UI in implementing React Js.
  • Converted wireframes in templates including creation of brand identity, web site header, menu, information containers, grid styles, navigation, forms, buttons, icons, images, User components and application widgets creation with suitable color schemes.
  • Worked with the architects and back-end Developers to gather requirements and enhance the application functionality and add new features.
  • Worked through cross browser compatibility issues with layout and styles for all new CSS that was implemented.
  • Following Scrum methodology to track the project details and updating the development status every day in the SCRUM.
  • Worked through cross browser compatibility issues with layout and styles for all new CSS that was implemented.
  • Used Node.js to run Webpack tasks and build properly the project.
  • Implemented modules into Node Js to integrate with designs and requirements.
  • Implemented Initial setup and component migration to Redux. Built backend REST API with Node.js, Express.js.
  • Wrote and performed client-side and server-side unit testing with Jasmine, Mocha and the Chai assertion library.
  • Developed various screens for the front end using React js and used various predefined components from NPM (Node Package Manager) and redux library.
  • Assisted developers while deploying the application to cloud platform Heroku in setting up the environment and maintaining.
  • Successfully performed the RESTful APIs Integration using XML and JSON.
  • Proficiently Apply JavaScript tasks runner like Gulp and Grunt to perform unit test, code minify and uglify, compile SASS to CSS.

Environment: HTML, CSS3, JavaScript, IE 6, 7, 8 9 10, Firefox, Chrome, Node JS, React Js, Rest API, Redux, React Json Schema, Grunt, Sass, Mocha, Chai, Sinon stubbing.


Senior UI Developer


  • Analyze the software requirements to determine feasibility of design within time and cost constrains.
  • Created HTML mock-ups for mobile as well as Tablet devices as per UID using CSS3 and HTML5 for both landscape and Portrait view.
  • Designed and Developed User Interactive (UI) of Web pages with the help of HTML5, HTML, CSS3, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap and AJAX.
  • Involved in the creation of interface to manage user menu and Bulk update of Attributes using Angular.JS, node. Js, EXTJS, Require.js and JQuery.
  • Creating Custom directives and dependency injection.
  • Performed Unit testing on angular applications using tools like Karma, Jasmine.
  • Involved in developing XML, HTML, and JavaScript for client side presentation and, data validation on the client side with in the forms.
  • Implemented CSS3 and JavaScript based navigation system visually identical to previous table-based system to improve ease of maintenance and organic search engine placement.
  • Used various libraries of JavaScript like jQuery, jQuery UI, and node.js.
  • Created Master Pages, CSS Styles Sheets and Integrated to Silver light and got approval from Business Stake holders.
  • Designed the email blasts using Adobe software and then implemented them using HTML and Java script.
  • Created HTML navigation menu that is role based menu items changes dynamically, derived from the database in the form of XML.
  • Used jQuery core library functions for the logical implementation part at client side for all the applications.
  • Designed new classes and functionalities using various JQUERY components for CRM application for customer service.
  • Designed and developed User Interface Web Forms using Adobe Flash, CSS, Dreamweaver, and JavaScript.
  • Used AJAX for implementing dynamic WebPages where the content was fetched via API calls and updated the DOM (JSON Parsing)
  • Strong web Data Visualization skills to render large sets of data on an MS excel like table view.

Environment: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, Angular js Framework, Bootstrap, Node js, Ext js, JSON, Google Analytics, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver CS5, Adobe Illustrator, WordPress, Eclipse, GitHub, Visio


UI Developer


  • Gathered and analyzed the requirements and converted them into User Requirement Specifications and Functional Requirement Specifications for the designers and developers to understand them as per their perspective.
  • Involved in web designing using HTML 4/5, XHTML, CSS 2/3, JavaScript, Ajax, JSON, and JQuery.
  • Developed HTML prototypes and UI deliverables, such as wireframes, flowcharts, screen mock-ups, and interface design specifications.
  • Used Angular.js as framework to create a Single Page Application (SPA) which can bind data to specific views and synchronize data with server .
  • Responsible to manipulate HTML5, CSS3 in JQuery as well as making the pages dynamic using AJAX, JSON and XML.
  • Designed and Developed Java Script frame work which is wrapper on top of JQUERY frame work and AJAX based UI frame work for UI Configuration widgets.
  • Worked one-on-one with client to develop layout, color scheme for his website and implemented it into a final interface design with the HTML5/CSS3 &JavaScript using Dreamweaver.
  • Developed different JQuery component in MVC micro architecture framework which internally use various design pattern such as singleton, command, delegate, etc.
  • Enhanced user experience by designing new web features using MVC Framework like Require.js, and Ext.js, accommodate these advanced and fast technologies.
  • Used the Node.js and Angular.js MVC Frameworks in the development of the web applications.
  • Used JavaScript DOM manipulation and JavaScript event to generate the data result in UI.
  • Used AJAX frameworks like JQuery, JSON to develop rich GUIs and also involved in performance tuning the website.
  • Used JavaScript DOM manipulation and JavaScript event to generate the data result in UI.
  • Involved in Enhancement of existing application utilizing JSP, Created HTML navigation menu that is role based menu items changes dynamically, derived from the database in the form of XML.
  • Developed Web Services for data transfer from client to server and vice versa using Apache Axis, SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI.
  • Involved with cross browser testing and compatibility using chrome, Firefox and IE.
  • Co-ordinate with QA for testing, Production releases, Application deployment and integration.
  • Involved in Production Support and minor enhancements as per application requirements.

Environment: HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, JavaScript, AJAX, XML, JSP, JSON, MVC, DOM, Adobe Dreamweaver, Angular.js, Require.js, Node.js, Ext.js, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Oracle, Windows.


Front End/UI Developer


  • Responsible for creating efficient design and developing User Interaction screens using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery AJAX and JSON.
  • Used JavaScript, jQuery for user interactions in pages.
  • Worked on creating responsive website for smart devices using responsive design and media queries.
  • Used JQuery Ajax for service calls on pages to interact with the server for information.
  • Rapid prototyping of design concepts.
  • Utilized various JavaScript and jQuery libraries, AJAX for form validation and other interactive features.
  • Involved in designing and developing the JSON, XML Objects with MySQL.
  • Used Ajax, JSON to send request to the server to check the functionality of the websites.
  • Testing the website on multiple browsers with their old as well as latest release.
  • Used JSON for storing and exchanging information between browsers and servers.
  • Integrated different social networking site like Facebook, twitter.
  • Created forms to collect and validate data from the user in HTML and JavaScript.
  • Active participation throughout the entire software development lifecycle from project inception, to code development and elaborate testing of the various modules.
  • Used agile methodology for the software development.
  • Developed SQL queries to perform insert, update or delete operation on MySQL database.
  • Responsible for authoring of website functionality with JavaScript, HTML, CSS.
  • Been an active team player, helped in fixing bugs and also carried out troubleshooting.
  • Produced semantically appropriate, standards compliant markup, and produced Rich User Interfaces.
  • Used all the advanced Photoshop features to create appealing visual web interfaces.

Environment: HTML 5, JavaScript, AJAX, CSS 2/3, JSON, JQuery, XML, JBoss.

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