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Lean Manufacturing Sme Resume

Phoenix, AZ


  • 10 yrs of extensive experience in Lean manufacturing such as 5S, Confidential, Poke - Yoke, Yamazumi, Kanban, Andon and JIT
  • Expert level knowledge in value stream mapping and layout design & auditing
  • Sound Knowledge of supply chain and logistics and implemented methodologies like PFEP (Plan For Every Part)
  • Extensive knowledge in ergonomics and safety regulations like OSHA, NIOSH and EPA regulations.
  • Expertise in Work station design, material flow, works flow and resource management.
  • Well versed with developing Standardized work sheets, conducting Cycle time & Takt time analysis and Time & Motion studies for the process Assembly line.
  • Certified train the trainer for Confidential implementation, and facilitation
  • Working knowledge and understanding on concepts like Six sigma, TQM, APQP and RPS
  • Extensive knowledge and experience in creating and maintenance of Confidential
  • Sound experience in providing support and improvement of end to end manufacturing of the Diesel engine assembly line.
  • Good knowledge of PLM, PDM, CAM, CAD.
  • Hands on experience in designing tools & fixtures and conveyors systems for stream lining the material flow.
  • Experience in designing layout, structure and various machine components; exposure working with ProE/CREO, Solidworks and Autocad 2D & 3D in tool and part design.
  • Subject Matter Expert in Lean and Implementation.


  • MRB and Quality analysis
  • Supplier quality, corrective actions and Confidential
  • Lean manufacturing implementation and .
  • Design for manufacturing and assembly.
  • Layout planning and architecture.
  • Assembly line and conveyor design.
  • Safety and ergonomics.


Designing software: AutoCAD, Autodesk Mech. desktop, AutoCAD Mech, CATIA V5, ProE, Solidworks, Teamcenter

Supporting software: Microsoft word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Access, Adobe Photoshop

Domain Knowledge: Product Lifecycle management (PLM), Product Data Management (PDM), Computer Aided Design (CAD), 5S and Confidential, Valuestream mapping, kanban


Confidential, Phoenix, AZ

Lean Manufacturing SME


  • Confidential, implementation and facilitation.
  • Program manager for a new product line to ensure better collaboration between different departments to acquire better OTTR.
  • Capability studies and process optimization for different product lines.
  • Planning, facilitation and implementation of merging two different facilities into one with better ergonomic, EH&S and value stream.
  • Creating standards for scrap reduction and reprocessing methodologies.
  • Material review board inventory Maintenance and disposition.
  • Data analysis for monthly operational reviews.
  • Maintain Quality section of the Visual ERP system.
  • Setting up of Confidential for the various levels of supply chain.
  • Introduced SPQC process into the manufacturing environment.
  • Creating standard work for manufacture and repair.
  • Complete layout audit of the facility adhering to safety standards
  • Layout design for introduction of new technology and automation.
  • Management and support of work teams involving both contractors and in house maintenance personnel.

Confidential, Anderson, SC

Lean Manufacturing Engineer


  • Worked as an lean manufacturing engineer for Confidential Body Company focusing on layout setup and functionality
  • Layout planning and setup
  • Setting up plant metrics
  • Kanban determination and size
  • Material handling setup and value streams
  • Workstation setup including tool design and single piece flow
  • BOM modification and cross checking
  • Analyze and assist trim operations including testing of fit ups for prototypes.
  • 3D and 2D Layout design
  • Design of part identification systems.

Confidential, Greenville, SC

Lean Manufacturing SME


  • Worked as a Lean manufacturing engineer for Confidential focusing on implementing lean philosophy in to the work environment
  • Confidential, implementation and facilitation.
  • Preparing standard work sheets and the operators to the standard processes.
  • Introduced single piece flow in various work stations eliminating batch process and over production
  • Designed assembly line system for the pellet gate line consigning to the lean philosophy
  • Setting up of Confidential for the various levels of supply chain.
  • Introduced Confidential process into the manufacturing environment.
  • Creating value stream maps poke-yoke systems and yamazumi for various areas

Confidential, Greenville, SC

Design Engineer


  • Preparing and monitoring Bill of Materials for various Confidential Marine Engine Models
  • Product cost management and Cost Data Acquisition.
  • Part procurement and material handling Integration for pilot engine builds.
  • Inter team collaboration on supermodel ProE and JT models.
  • Estimating lead time and engine build timeline tracking.
  • Part fit up and assembly analysis.

Confidential, Houston, TX

Healthcare Specialist


  • Demonstrate the seven core Army values to accomplish challenging tasks on a daily basis
  • Develop and refine time management and organizational skills to ensure success in every given task

Confidential, Malvern, PA

Design engineer


  • Worked as a Design engineer for Confidential, a privately owned engineering contracting company that mainly focuses on heat exchanger design and commercial constructions
  • Design of various components of a heat exchanger.
  • Design of layout and structure of the heat exchanger.
  • Understanding the heat flow requirements and developing the flow structure.
  • Calculating load calculations both mechanical and thermal.
  • Support and suggest changes in the current layout to accommodate the heat exchanger and its accessories.
  • Error proofing layout drawing for any drafting errors and any other changes that the client wanted in the final stages.
  • Errors proofing layout plan developed by the architect by comparing it with the site and identify the necessary constraints.
  • Develop the BOM (bill of materials) and make sure that stay in budget and stay according to the client standards.
  • Conduct continuous quality checks during construction.
  • Train any new employees hired.

Confidential, Rocky Mount, NC

Manufacturing Engineer


  • Worked as a Manufacturing Engineer in Confidential
  • Support and improvement of Assembly, Test, Paint and Upfit areas of the Diesel engine assembly line.
  • Applying lean manufacturing principles and processes like Confidential, Confidential 5S and JIT.
  • Preparing standardized work combination charts, time & motion studies and cycle time analysis for the workstations.
  • Designing tools & fixtures that assist the smooth operation of the work stations.
  • Resolving Safety and Ergonomic issues.
  • Layout planning and processing.
  • Participated and lead Confidential projects on various workstations.
  • Resolved safety and ergonomic issue at the engine manual load station in the test area.
  • Develop standardized work sheets and conduct cycle time analysis for the process Assembly line
  • Layout planning & rebalancing: Rebalancing and redesigning the layout on the assembly line in order to optimize the throughput and enhance safety requirements.
  • Design and documentation of special tools (sockets and extensions for preset torque wrenches).
  • Organizing inventory based on the Economic order quantities and set minimum and maximum inventory levels.
  • Work with the suppliers in optimizing their package quantities to optimize storage space and material transfer.

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