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Devops Engineer/application Support Resume

Bothell, WA


  • 8+ years of IT experience as a DevOps Engineer in CI (Continuous Integration), CD (Continuous Development), strong background in Build and Release Management and Cloud Implementation all within that suites the needs of an environment under DevOps Culture.
  • Experience in a UNIX environment and expertise in several flavors of Linux including Red Hat, CentOS , and Ubuntu .
  • Expert in developing cloud strategies, roadmaps, architecting new cloud solutions or migrating enterprise applications to the cloud.
  • Experience working on several Docker Components like Docker Engine, Hub, Machine, creating Docker Images, Docker Registry and handling multiple images. Knowledge on mesos,marathon.
  • Extensively worked on Hudson and Jenkins for continuous Integration and End - to-End automation for all builds and deployments.
  • Excellent hands on experience on configuration management tools like Chef , Puppet, Ansible, Docker .
  • Experience in Administration / Maintenance of source control management systems such as Git Hub and Subversion SVN . Created tags and Branches, fix the merge issues and administered Software Repositories.
  • Good knowledge in creating and maintaining various DevOps related tools for the team such as provisioning scripts, deployment tools and staged virtual environments using Docker and Vagrant .
  • Automated processes with custom built Python & Shell scripts.
  • Experience in cloud automation using AWS Cloud Formation templates.
  • Experience in configuration and administration of Splunk clusters and in-depth knowledge of analysis and maintaining logs.
  • Experience in using Splunk, Appdynamics, Dynatrace, Nagios , IBM monitoring tools(TAM).
  • Experience in Blue-green deployments/Zero downtime deployments in production environments.
  • Good knowledge on other Amazon web services which includes S3, EBS, VPC, ELB, Route 53, Auto scaling, Security Groups.
  • Written Chef cookbooks and recipes to Provision Several pre­production environments consisting of Cassandra DB installations and several middleware installations.
  • Good knowledge on other Cloud based services like GCS, Microsoft Azure.
  • Knowledge in using build automation tools like MAVEN, Bamboo, Gradle , and ANT for the building of deployable artifacts such as war & ear from source code.
  • Implemented version control for Hadoop Projects and automated the process of package (rpm) creation and deployment of Jobs to Hadoop edge nodes.
  • Involved in configuring and integrating the servers with different environments to automatically provisioning and cresting new machines using CM/ Provisioning tools like chef and puppet.
  • Exposed to all aspects of software development life cycle ( SDLC ) such as Analysis, Planning, Developing, Testing and Implementing and Post-production analysis of the projects.
  • Expertise in troubleshooting the problems generated while building, deploying and in Production support.
  • Experience in shell, ruby and Python scripting.
  • Experience in Tomcat and Apache web servers for deployment and for hosting tools.
  • Experience in Hashi corp tools like vagrant, terraform.
  • Extensive experience on Open stack, SALT stack, knowledge in Dynamite, AutoSys, Zabbix monitoring Tool, NoSQL like Redis.
  • Excellent Knowledge on WebLogic Configuration, MSbuild, TFS,XL Release.
  • Excellent communication skills, ability to work as a team or individually, ability to learn new technologies quickly.


Application Servers: Oracle (BEA) WebLogic 10.x/11g/12c, WebSphere 7.0/8.5.5,Tomcat 7.0.x/8.0.xJBOSS

Web servers: Apache 2.x, ERS, IIS, Nginx

Operating Systems:: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.x/7.x(RHEL), Solaris 9.x/10.x/11.x, UBUNTUWindows NT/XP/2003/2008, Mac OS X,UNIX

Repositories:: Nexus,Artifactory

Scripting: Bash,Perl,Shell, Python, Ruby,Groovy,Power shell.

Tools: Chef,Puppet,Ansible,Kubernetes,Splunk,Appdynamics,Jenkins,Hudson,Docker,NagiosSelenium.

Databases and DB Tools: : Oracle 10g/11g/12c, My SQL, DB 2.0, MS Access

Tools: Ant, Maven, XML, Eclipse,SonarQube

Source Control Tool: Subversion (SVN), CVS, GIT, Clear Case

Issue tracking Tools: Atlassian, JIRA,Version ONE, Bugzilla

Virtualization: VMware WorkStation, Oracle Virtual box and VSphere

Cloud Services: PCF, AWS, Azure, Rackspace


DevOps Engineer/Application Support

Confidential, Bothell, WA


  • Maintenance of GIT repository for the application and assisted developers with establishing and applying appropriate branching, merging conventions using GIT.
  • Responsible for build and deployment of the application in Jenkins using automation Shell scripting on Linux servers. Created Jenkins Pipelines for effective functionality of the code in lower environments.
  • Maintained build related scripts developed in ANT and Shell . Modified build configuration files including Ant's build.xml.
  • Worked on WCBD (WebSphere Commerce Build & Deployment) using Jenkins. Configured and maintained Jenkins to implement the CI process and integrated the tool with Ant to schedule the builds.
  • Continuous Delivery is being enabled through Deployment into several environments of Test, QA, Stress and Production using Jenkins.
  • Automated scripting using Bash, Shell, Jython, yaml for various System Administration tasks to automate repeated processes.
  • Interacted with developers and Enterprise Configuration management team for deciding the changes to best practices and tools to eliminate non-efficient practices and bottlenecks.
  • Developed Ansible playbooks for Auto installation of IBM WebSphere softwares on the servers.
  • Migrated java application to PCF .
  • Implemented project migration and portfolio migration tasks.
  • Installed WebSphere applications and spearheaded deployment activities.
  • Experience deploying and maintaining multi-container applications through Docker.
  • Worked on several Docker Components like Docker Engine, Hub, Machine, creating Docker Images, Docker Registry.
  • Worked on PCF for effective deployments of the application in cloud using Spring Boot .
  • Worked on deployment of REST Web services, Microservices in PCF.
  • Experience in Blue-green deployment that reduces downtime and risk by running two identical production environments.
  • Worked on Docker Container snapshots, attaching to a running container, removing images, managing Directory structures and managing containers.
  • Managed builds and wrote build scripts for JAVA and WebSphere based applications
  • Managed and monitored the server and network infrastructure using AppDynamics , Splunk . Performed system administration and operations tasks using Jenkins, AppDynamics.
  • Installed Splunk in production servers for logging purpose. Built Splunk dashboards for application monitoring . Configured alerts for operational purpose.
  • Scanned/Analyzed the builds using the SonarQube for effective coding practises.
  • Worked with development/testing, deployment, systems/infrastructure and project teams to ensure continuous operation of build and test systems.
  • Created new roles and maintained user accounts on Oracle, production and staging servers.
  • Administration of IBM Websphere Commerce Server, supporting the patching, migration activities for maintaining the environment.
  • Configured LDAP authentication for the proper login of users into console.
  • Used Splunk data Connector between Splunk Enterprise and Relational Database.
  • Engaged in IT infrastructure planning and engineering for Websphere Commerce and assigned systems.
  • Implemented and maintained the assigned enterprise infrastructure systems to ensure successful deployment and operation support (24x7).Supported systems integration testing and user acceptance testing.
  • Worked on the configuration and design of web server infrastructure. Involved in the Infrastructure Review to adequately represent ecommerce platform and other systems.
  • Maintained environments by applying necessary fixpacks/feature packs.
  • Monitored application server performance and respond appropriately. Monitored application server performance and respond appropriately.
  • Worked with DBAs to implement required DB2 configurations and data.
  • Provided configuration control and managed required changes. Managed WCS access, log capability etc.

Environment : CI/CD, WebSphere Commerce Server, WebSphere Application Server, Apache, GIT, BitBucket, Jenkins, Service Now,Ansible,Docker,MicroServices,SpringBoot,RabbitMQ,Artifactory,Slack,Linux,Shell,Jython,YAML,Oracle, Ant, AppDynamics, Apigee, LDAP, Splunk, Jira, PCF, SonarQube.

Sr. DevOps & AWS Engineer

Confidential, Chevy chase, MD


  • Defined and Implemented CM and Release Management Processes, Policies and Procedures.
  • Developed automation scripting in Python (core) and used to deploy and manage Java applications across Linux servers.
  • Coordinate/assist developers with establishing and applying appropriate branching, merging conventions using GIT source control .
  • Configured and maintained Jenkins to implement the CI process and integrated the tool with Ant and Maven to schedule the builds.
  • Collaborated with development teams in designing folder structure and branching strategy to implement package creation of Hadoop Jobs.
  • Implemented a Continuous Delivery pipeline with Docker, Jenkins and GitHub and AWS AMI’s, whenever a new GitHub branch gets started, Jenkins, our Continuous Integration server, automatically attempts to build a new Docker container from it, the Docker container leverages Linux containers and has the AMI baked in.
  • Automate provisioning of Amazon AWS instances.
  • Continuous Delivery is being enabled through Deployment into several environments of Test, QA, Stress and Production using Jenkins .
  • Hands on experience in automating builds and deployment process using Shell scripting.
  • Maintained build related scripts developed in ANT and Shell. Modified build configuration files including Ant's build.xml .
  • Development of .NET batch applications which processes high volume of data.
  • Migrating an existing on-premises application to AWS .
  • Migrated Projects from SVN to GIT.
  • Automated the deployment process of Hadoop Jobs using Jenkins, Reduced the deployment time from hours to minutes.
  • Designing and maintaining production-quality Splunk dashboards.
  • Integrating WebLogic 10.x and Apache 2.x and deploying EAR, WAR files in WebLogic Application Servers.
  • Drive complex deployments of Splunk dashboards and reports while working side by side with technical teams to solve their integration issues.
  • Wrote PowerShell scripts for administrative tasks and management of the server infrastructure.
  • Developed automation and deployment utilities using Ruby, Bash, PowerShell, and Python .
  • Designed and worked with team to implement ELK (elastic search, log stash and Kibana) Stack on AWS.
  • Evaluate Puppet framework and tools to automate the cloud deployment and operations.
  • Build server deployment on Cloud (EC2) servers with help of devops tools like Puppet.
  • Created monitors, alarms and notifications for EC2 hosts using Cloud Watch.
  • Responsible for distributed applications across hybrid AWS and physical data centers.
  • Optimization / cost reduction of Amazon AWS services (EC2, S3, EBS, ROUTE53, SES, VPC) through Autoscaling .
  • Able to create scripts for system administration and AWS using languages such as BASH and Python.
  • Wrote Ansible Playbooks with Python SSH as the Wrapper to Manage Configurations of Open Stack Nodes and Test Playbooks on AWS instances using Python.
  • Build Data Sync job on Windows Azure to synchronize data from SQL 2012 databases to SQL Azure.
  • Design and Implement WCF services layer hosted on Windows Azure. This layer is the middle tier between SQL Azure and SharePoint online external content.
  • Create Cache Memory on Windows Azure to improve the performance of data transfer between SQL Azure and WCF services.
  • Provided Deployment support for DEV, QA and Performance environments for Web Application, Windows Application, Web Service, Windows Services.
  • Worked on infrastructure provision using Terraform. Configuring/changing the infrastructure using Templates (IaaC).
  • Scheduled and ran application containers on clusters of physical and virtual machines using Kubernetes .
  • Analyzed the builds using the SonarQube.
  • Design and develop the operating infrastructure in a private, OpenStack cloud.
  • Managed and monitored the server and network infrastructure using Nagios. Performed system administration and operations tasks using Puppet, Nagios.
  • Work with development/testing, deployment, systems/infrastructure and project teams to ensure continuous operation of build and test systems.
  • Provided end-user training for all GIT Hub users to effectively use the tool.
  • Automate the builds and deployment of C# projects using ANT and Jenkins.
  • Developed C# using Entity frame work.
  • Created Bash, shell & python scripts for various Systems Administration tasks to automate repeated processes.
  • Responsible for build and deployment automation using VM Ware ESX, Docker containers, Vagrant and Puppet.
  • Created Docker images and demonstrated the use of Kubernetes for managing containers using GCE.
  • Deployed Docker images in Redhat Openshift (Platform as service) environment.
  • Created virtual servers using vagrant and bootstrapped it to Puppet.
  • Implement, maintain and support reliable, timely and reproducible builds for project teams.
  • Interact with developers and Enterprise Configuration Management Team for changes to best practices and tools to eliminate non-efficient practices and bottlenecks.
  • Developed Ansible playbooks for Splunk in cloud environments with auto scaling for task force initiatives requiring big data analysis.
  • Created and maintained user accounts, roles on MySQL , production and staging servers.

Environment :CI/CD,AWS,Jira,.net,Java,Ansible,Splunk,WebLogic,Docker,vagrant,python,Jenkins,Puppet,Python,Apache,Nginx,MySQL, Ant, Hadoop,Kubernetes ,Cassandra,Shell,Git,Kafka, Terraform, Ruby,Nagios,Azure, Atlassian, SonarQube.

DevOps/Build Release Engineer

Confidential, Georgetown, KY


  • Experience working with various Linux machines with Red Hat and CentOS flavor.
  • Installed and configured Jenkins for Automating Deployments and providing automation.
  • Wrote Maven Scripts to automate the build process.
  • The complete installation and hosting was automated with AWS cloud formation.
  • Install, Configure, maintain and monitor MySQL and its replication. Optimized MySQL queries and troubleshoot performance issues to ensure efficient server performance.
  • Maintained GIT source code repository and local mirrors, perform branching, tagging, merging and maintenance tasks for windows host.
  • End to end Automation using PowerShell for User Account/ Mailboxes/ Distribution Group/ Security Group provisioning and management.
  • Creating and Managing Virtual Machines in Windows Azure and setting up communication with the help of Endpoints and VM Migrations from Transitional hosts on Canada Boxes.
  • Splunk DB Connect 2.0 in search head cluster environments of Oracle, MySQL.
  • Created repositories according to the structure required with branches, tags and trunks. Knowledge of DevOps principles and practice.
  • Responsible for nightly and weekly builds for different modules.
  • Performed P2V migration for approximately 100 physical servers using VMware converter.
  • Experience deploying and maintaining multi-container applications through Docker.
  • Create a Virtual Network on Windows Azure to connect all the servers.
  • Adding the New Co-Admin and Managing the Co-Admins for all the Subscriptions in the Windows Azure Platform.
  • Worked directly with the Azure Product team in tracking and resolving defects in the beta Azure IaaS offering.
  • Used sub modules in the GIT and educated users working with submodules in GIT. Configured plugins for the integration tools to the version control tools.
  • Worked with the developers to configure plugins trough Eclipse to develop the code.
  • For check in process used Tortoise SVN as a migration tool. Involved in migration of Bamboo server, Artifactory, and Git server.
  • Experienced in troubleshooting and automated deployment to web and application servers like WebSphere, IIS, Apache, WebLogic, JBOSS and Tomcat.
  • Using and configuring Yum repositories and troubleshooting activities.
  • Deployed a centralized log management system and integrated into Chef to be used by others.
  • Deployed the applications to Tomcat server and static content to Apache web server.
  • Experience in Puppet Master and Client installation and configuration
  • Develop AWS Cloud Formation templates (in JSON) to automate infrastructure deployments.
  • Performed Blue-Green Deployment Models in AWS.
  • Deployed Puppet, Puppet dashboard for configuration management to existing infrastructure.
  • Developed build and Deployment Scripts using ANT and MAVEN as build tools in Jenkins to move from one environment to other environments.
  • Implemented Puppet Configure management technique on windows server 2012 r2 instances using PowerShell DSC along with Puppet DSL.
  • Integrated services like GitHub, AWS CodePipeline, Jenkins and AWS Elastic Beanstalk to create a deployment pipeline.
  • Developed Shell/Python/Perl/Ruby Scripts for automation and deployment purpose.
  • Writing Chef recipes for various applications and deploying them in AWS .
  • Created virtual servers using vagrant and bootstrapped it to Chef.
  • Migrated Projects from SVN to GIT.

Environment : Linux, Eclipse, C#, Java,SVN, Perl, Ruby, PHP, Jenkins, Maven, Puppet, Chef, Shell, Ansible, GIT, AWS, Azure, Terraform, WebLogic, TFS, Docker, Splunk,Nagios, Apache, PowerShell,Ant, .NET, JIRA.

DevOps Engineer

Confidential, Seattle, WA


  • Installed and administration of windows and Linux (Centos, Ubuntu and Red hat) servers.
  • Monitoring the server's health status using with different tools.
  • Creating the local users and managing the passwords with using script.
  • Preparing's SOPs and managing central repository.
  • Configured and troubleshoot the local and remote printers.
  • Providing Application Support on Red hat Servers which included Apache configuration
  • Experience working with Storage Area Network (SAN), EMC Clariion, IBM XIV.
  • Experience in Performance monitoring, usage and load of the system, changing kernel parameters for better performance.
  • Creating and maintaining users, profiles, security, rights, disk space and process monitoring.
  • User account management, worked with Perl, shell scripting (bash) to automate administration tasks.
  • Experience in Networking, DNS, NFS and TCP/IP.
  • RPM package installation & upgrade released by Red Hat from repository.
  • Administration of client computer using SSH and FTP.
  • Troubleshoot the network and firewall issues.
  • Monitored the servers & applications using Nagios and Splunk.
  • Using Tomcat for Application Deployment.
  • Involved in the complete Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) using the agile development Methodology. Interacted with the end users and participated in the SCRUM meetings
  • Worked on the Tomcat configuration and Troubleshooting.
  • Migrated windows and Linux servers in data center.
  • Configured and troubleshoot the IP Address and LAN.
  • Support for application upgrade & rollback, services start/stop on Linux Servers.
  • Handled hardware issues like Memory, hard disk, Motherboard and Processor.

Environment : UNIX, Linux, Windows, RTC, GIT, Urban Code, WebSphere, Jenkins, Shell, Splunk, Quality Center, Nagios.

Build & Release Engineer



  • Helping developers and Business analysts to create migration docs and tickets in Remedy6 and Remedy7 .
  • Once ticket is created in Remedy and comes in QA/UAT/Production phase, migrate the code in respective environments.
  • Communicating with Dev/BA and troubleshoot it in case any issue occurs.
  • Working on Live production releases. Modules that I worked on, mainly involve communicating with different teams including- Project managers, developers, DBAs, QA team, system administrators.
  • Getting the code from Version Control Tool
  • Experience in configuration and troubleshooting the Tomcat.
  • Experience in using Tomcat for deployment of the application.
  • Taking actions as per requested by Dev in migration doc which includes- Code building and Deployment on servers, executing SQL scripts, restarting the servers and processes, copying the JSP files etc. on Unix servers, Compiling the code and building ear files, deployment of war files, schedulers on servers.
  • Tuning the performance of stored procedures and large T-SQL Queries using Clustered indexes, efficient coding standards.
  • Experience in using Agile methodologies like Scrum and agile testing Functionalities.
  • Code deployment via Admin Console (Web sphere/Web logic)
  • Maintaining data consistency in QA, UAT and PROD environment
  • Tracking the changes in Code using Remedy tool.

Environment: Sun Solaris 10, Red Hat Enterprise 5.0(Linux), BEA Web logic 9.2/10, Tomcat, Unix Script, Agile Methodology, Perforce, Remedy6,Remedy7, Oracle 10/11g, SQL, JAVA/J2EE.

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