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 c/c++ Embedded Developer Resume

Hesston, KS


  • Around 5 years of IT experience in software development, which includes user interaction, system feasibility study, requirement analysis, design, testing, development, configuration, client interaction and support.
  • Expertise in handling application development life - cycle involving requirement analysis, system study, designing, coding, de-bugging, testing & documentation using C / C++ on Linux & Windows.
  • Software experience in Golang, Python, C/C++ on Linux, Linux kernel, Qt, QML Cross-platform and embedded systems.
  • Very strong exposure on software development on Embedded Linux kernel, VxWorks (RTOS) and Solaris and Linux.
  • Experience in deploying UNIX/Linux Inter Process Communication mechanisms like Shared memory, PIPES, signals and semaphores for various embedded products.
  • Developed Python on Linux, Cross-platform and Embedded systems.
  • Developed feature dynamic configuration change in the cluster using Python scripting.
  • Designed and developed automated function test cases in Python.
  • Effective in leading applications and driver development with end-to-end responsibilities using C, C++ and Client/Server Technologies with exposure to different domains.
  • Extensive knowledge in memory management, auto pointers, pointer handling, callbacks, function pointers and Functions in C / C++.
  • Expertise in the OOPS, Multi-threading, String pool, C++ Packages, Exception-Handling & Collections, developing various Web services like SOAP, REST and Restful APIs depending on client/Customer requirements.
  • Strong experience in automating system test and production tasks using Shell Scripting and Python.
  • Experienced in STL concepts of C++ in developing the application.
  • Have working knowledge and designed embedded systems with various micro-controllers (PIC, ARM, AVR etc.) and exposed to different compilers, debuggers and IDE's like Microchip MPLAB, Code warrior.
  • Handled different embedded communication buses (UART, I2C, MOST, USART, CAN).
  • Good knowledge on UNIX Inter Process Communication like Pipes, Message queues, Shared memory and Semaphore etc.
  • Communication protocol suits TCP/IP, UDP, working knowledge of CAN and LIN.
  • Experience in Data Modeling the Business Requirement and having excellent skills in Oracle 11g and earlier.
  • Experience in Oracle Analytical functions and having excellent Hands on experience in writing PL SQL like Procedures, Package, Triggers.
  • Management systems and used tools such as Rally, Review Board, Extra view and Clear Quest.
  • Good experience with JENKINS and other build environment tools.
  • A pro-active, assertive team player with good analytical, communication, interpersonal and organization skills with ability to establish project & operation management process/procedures as well as manage multiple complex time critical projects across multiple locations.
  • Excellent written and presentation skills, created reports, technical / functional specifications for stake holder reviews to gain approvals.


Programming Languages & Scripts: C, C++, Python, Shell.

Operating Systems: Windows NT/2003/XP/Vista, Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, RHEL, UNIX/Linux.Protocols TCP/IP, RTP, 802.11 Standards, UDP, CAN, SNMP, KWP2000, LIN, RS 232, GMLAN, KWP.

Databases: Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, SQLite and MongoDB.

Tools: Emacs, eclipse, UML tools, MS-Office, splunk, Jira, OpenGrok.

Libraries & Frameworks: STL, BDE, IPC, multithreading, sockets, heap allocators, signals/event handling, SOAP webservices, Software Design OOP/OODVersion Controls: GIT/github, SVN, CVS.Build Jenkins, cppCheck, Coverity.


Confidential, Hesston, KS

C/C++ Embedded Developer


  • Responsible to develop an implementation of an order Management system to accept orders from UI, Fix, send/route to Exchanges and other broker dealers and fill the trades in C++ on Unix and Linux platforms.
  • Developed a multithreaded cache offline program in C++, supporting various user interfaces to deliver/process data for scalable, low latency applications.
  • To store data on order history, accounts, securities, etc. have extensively used STL for fast retrieval and update.
  • Experience with serial communications including RS232, RS485, I2C, SPI and I2S.
  • Good experience in 8/16/32 bit controller based h/w, design, testing and troubleshooting.
  • Developed SOAP web services for order and trade related information to display on UI. Used proprietary MQ to subscribe to order and trade updates.
  • Using Bloomberg toolkit to gather data about various securities using BPIPE. Have coded various Python scripts to fetch this data for various reports.
  • Used various data structures and design patterns in applications like Singleton, Observer, Factory methods etc.
  • Implemented unit tests using Python, C++ in Google test framework, Squish test in python to automate the GUI testing.
  • Used a C++ interface to retrieve data from the data base or to update data in the data base.
  • Have written many SQL stored procedures for data manipulation and to compute several metrics like gain or loss, realized or unrealized etc.
  • Used Python scripts to generate various reports like OATS, P&L, transaction history, user privileges, limit rules and commission schedule reports.
  • Used SVN and git/GitHub for source code control.
  • Followed Agile and Scrum Methodologies.

Environment: C/C++, Design Patterns, SQL, Python, bash, ksh, Linux, POSIX Threads, SVN, git, GitHub, OOAD, BOOST libraries, gdb, pdb, dbx, OpenGrok, Jira.

Confidential, Sparks, MD

C / C++ Developer


  • Extensively involved in bug fixing, blocker removals and working on story points.
  • Proficient knowledge in C++ 11 standards and worked on UNIX/LINUX.
  • Working extensively with off-shore team and various teams on onsite for development on regular basis.
  • Used various Web Debugging proxy tools like Charles Web Debugging tool, Fiddler etc.,
  • Worked on Mobile and web based applications like Android, Windows based apps.
  • Involved in code check-ins and code-checkout using GitHub repository and performs code reviews at regular intervals.
  • Provide training to help ground teams and programs in the principles and practices of Agile.
  • Had good experience on PCI, UART and USB.
  • Worked on various databases like SQL, My-SQL, PL/SQL.
  • Good hands on experience on Web services like REST API, SOAP API and RESTFUL API from data integration.
  • Had a sound and expertise knowledge on Telecom and Mobile based domains and applications like Android, windows etc.,
  • Working on high priority tickets on various applications and providing them the exact resolution.
  • Writing Visual C++ code in MS Visual Studio 2015 Community version. Proficient knowledge on ticketing tool JIRA.
  • Designed and developed new C++ modules for sending open contracts to Equaled for reaching price agreement with counterparties.
  • Utilized C++ and Oracle. Git was used as the Source Control tool
  • Involved in the project documentation using MS-Office, Visio. Performed various Testing like Unit test and writing test cases.
  • Performing code reviews at regular intervals for the smooth running of application.
  • Providing on-call support for Global teams located at various locations.
  • Worked on SDLC methodologies like SCRUM (Sprints) involved in the development of the project. Working closely with Dev and QA team and resolving the crisis.

Environment: MS Visual Studio 2015, Charles Debugging tool, MS-Office, REST API, PCI, USB, SOAP API, RESTFUL API, GitHub, JIRA, Android Studio, UART, UNIX/LINUX, C++ 11, SQL, PL/SQL, SCRUM (Sprints), UAT, Test cases.


C / C++ Developer


  • Used OOAD in the software development for HP servers.
  • Used Linux device driver code in C\C++ on 32 bit to implement the device interaction code for application.
  • Modified C\C++ code on 32 Bit/64bits environment to support enhancements, fixed bugs in the existing software in multithreaded, highly scalable, high throughput applications
  • Used C++ STL containers, algorithms in the application.
  • Designed, developed and implemented algorithm for network servers to expand the capacity of existing tool with new released hardware.
  • Used SVN for code repository.
  • Used TCP/IP and UDP for communication on Linux environment.
  • Used concept of Design Pattern for design and implementation the code.
  • Designed, developed and Implemented for Logical configuration command to configure the device for Linux OS for 0x86 and x86 64 bit environments.
  • Implemented Identify command in C\C++ on Linux 32 bit and 64-bit environment to identify the devices and hardware
  • HP ACU implemented for various family of HP server including Gen 6, Gen 7 and Gen 8 blade and ProLiant servers.
  • Worked on Performance Improvement &memory leakage.
  • Provided support for production and development issues.
  • Coordinate offshore team by assigning tasks, mentoring them for technical issues and updating the status to client on daily basis.

Environment: C, C++, STL, COM, Make file, Linux Driver interaction programming Integrated Development Environment and Debug Tools, GNU Debugger, POSIX threads, SVN, HP-UX and UNIX/Linux.




  • Provide technical support in design and development of embedded systems.
  • Worked on keil 4.0 for programming in embedded c to develop output and load to hardware by Flash magic tool.
  • Supported all phases of the software development process i.e., Requirements, Design, Development
  • Worked on ECG display on smart network project.
  • Hands on experience in Microcontrollers, Microprocessors, Analog and Digital Communications, RF filter analysis in LabVIEW.

Environment: C, Advanced C, C++, TCP/IP, Embedded Linux, RTOS, Bluetooth, LabView.

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