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Aem Developer  Resume

Alpharetta, GA


  • 7+ years of experience in IT and 3+ years of experience in AEM
  • Design and implementation of various modules in CRX repository. Leveraging web content management components and experience in developing WCM applications with Adobe Day CQ and CRXDE.
  • Good knowledge of developing cross - platform/browser compatible, dynamic applications for web and/or mobile.
  • Development of static web pages, landing pages, category landing pages using content management system, Adobe AEM.
  • Develop websites, applications, and integrations on the Adobe AEM platform and Apache Sling framework using appropriate programming languages including, but not limited to, Java, HTML, JavaScript, HTL, JSP, Servlets, Sling Models, jQuery, CSS.
  • Experience in an Agile Software development environment using agile methodology and Scrum Process.
  • Expertise in interacting with client and business users for requirements gathering.
  • Good knowledge in implementing Adobe AEM templates, components, workflow, style sheets, tagging and performing CMS administration tasks.
  • A Quick learner and possess very good communication skills, Ability to understand the business environment and translate business requirements into technical solutions.


Operating Systems: Windows Family, Unix and Linux

RDBMS/ Databases: Oracle, MySQL, MS-Access, SQL Server 2000 (6.5, 7.0).

Programming Language: Fronted Java CSS, Bootstrap,HTML5,XML

IDE: Eclipse, and Intelli J

Distributed Technologies: EJB2.0

Web Technologies: J2EE, JSP, Servlet, XML, XSLT, JavaScript, AJAX, JQuery, JDBC, CSS3, SOAP, REST, Angular JS.

Content Management System: CQ5.6, AEM 6.0,6.1,6.2

Web/App Servers: Tomcat, Apache HTTP, Web Logic

Build Tools: Maven, Jenkins

Version Control System: Git, SVN

Logging Tools: Log4j

Frameworks / ORM tool: Struts, Spring, Hibernate, Apache Sling


Confidential, Alpharetta, GA

AEM Developer


  • Developed the customizable landing pages and AEM 6.1 custom components
  • File vault is used for importing the code from JCR to file system and vice versa
  • Write specifications for custom templates and components geared toward the newly redesigned web sites
  • Expertise on using Sightly, API for presentation and worked on OSGI Services, Servlets.
  • Creation of custom workflows and dynamically rendering the DAM assets on various pages
  • Maintain regular communication on project status with Team lead, project management.
  • Building and managing relationships with business leaders to understand their goals
  • Translates business requirements into technical details relevant to Adobe CQ5
  • Provide author training to business users to familiarize them with the design and usage of the system
  • Ability to develop quickly and with high quality via Sprints under the Agile methodology
  • Evaluate code to ensure that it is valid, is properly structured, meets industry standards and is compatible with browsers, devices, or operating systems.
  • Selenium is used as an automated testing tool
  • Involve with content management strategies and architecture of content hierarchy that targets the users

Environment: JDK 1.7, Html, CSS3, JSON, JQuery, Adobe AEM 6.1, CRXDE, JUnit, Selenium, JSP, and Servlets, Apache Sling, Apache Jackrabbit, Linux, Unix.

Confidential, Irving, TX

AEM CQ5 Developer


  • Creating and maintain customer-facing Adobe AEM 6.1 content management systems.
  • Creating blueprint site using AEM 6.1 MSM tool.
  • Creating custom bundles for environment specific configuration and versioning for client libraries.
  • Creating Templates, Client libraries and Page components, Packages.
  • Creating and managing workflows for pages.
  • Creating Custom components according to client requirement.
  • Development of static web pages, landing pages, category landing pages using content management system, Adobe AEM 6.1
  • Provide estimates, designs, and specifications for AEM templates, components, and workflows
  • Setup and configure Author and Publish environments, Replication agents, Reverse Replication agent Flush agents, Dispatcher and Web Servers
  • Working on JCR API’s and Sling API’s for retrieving content from JCR repository.
  • Design and development of Adobe AEM6.1 Components for Web Content Management.
  • Built various web pages using HTML, CSS, Java Script and JQuery.
  • Develop digital consumer experiences based on foundation of the Adobe CQ5/AEM 6 product suite, including CRX, DAM.
  • Worked on AEM Forms customization by developing the custom form fields, writing the custom constraints for form fields and specifying the global validation resource type at the form level.
  • Design and development of web pages using CQ, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Ajax and JQuery.
  • Design and development of AEM 6.1 templates, components widgets and CQ5 bundle

Environment: Adobe AEM 6.1, CRXDE, JCR 2.0, Sling, CQ5 DAM, Java, J2EE, Apache Maven, Eclipse, JS, JIRA, Servlets, JSP, HTML, CSS, REST, XML, SVN

Confidential, Edison, NJ

AEM Developer


  • Installed and Configured version 6.0 of Adobe CQ Web Content Management System, Apache Felix Admin Console.
  • Creating/modifying CQ5 work flow templates for the customer including templates and components using CRXDE.
  • Used Jira for bug tracking, project management.
  • Worked on Java Content Repository (API) suite, Sling web framework and Apache Felix OSGi framework.
  • Experience in CQ5 Forms customization by developing the custom form fields, writing the custom constraints for form fields and specifying the global validation resource type at the form level.
  • Using Maven automated build scripts to compile and package the application.
  • Expertise on using Sightly, API for presentation and worked on OSGI Services, Servlets.
  • Working on defects reported by the QA team and fixing them.
  • Adhere to work-flows, project guidelines and working on timelines.
  • Developed and implemented the MVC Architectural Pattern using Struts Framework including JSP, Servlets, and Action classes.
  • As a senior CQ5 consultant, responsible for mentoring Java resources, Demo/Functionality guidance for Business users (Authors), handling multiple teams both onsite/offshore.
  • Extensively worked on multiple social community modules including reviews/ratings, comments, moderation workflows.
  • Worked closely with Quality teams and coordinating the deployments with them.
Confidential,Edison, NJ

AEM Developer


  • Interacted with Business stake holders, Subject Matter Experts and Business Analysts to gather the Requirements and Business logics on scheduled basis.
  • Developed many custom components, templates which are used by content authors to create the web pages.
  • Development and support of CQ components which consume CXF based RESTful web services.
  • Developed custom OSGI services, sling servlets and customized Digital Asset Management (DAM).
  • Mentored the new resources on AEM technology.
  • Developing the CQ components, extending the out of the box CQ components.
  • Involved in Production, QA, User Acceptance Testing, Dev environment setups.
  • Resolve the bugs that were reported by QA and provide solution documents for the stories worked on.
  • Involved in configuration of replication agents, reverse replication, and dispatcher flush agents.
  • Worked on configuring the web servers for load balancing, writing the caching rules.
  • Have trained the business users on content authoring in AEM.
  • User management, permissions management and handling the business requests for any urgent content changes.
  • Assisted the UI team to integrate backend logic with front end code.
  • Managing the user client libraries and debugging them.
  • Used Package Manager for building and deploying packages in Publish, DEV, QA environments.
  • Worked on CQ Personalization, Localization and Campaign Management.
  • Involved in content migration from CQ 5.6 to AEM 5.6 and AEM 5.6.1 to AEM 6.0
  • Building OSGI bundles using Maven that uses the JCR API to deploy on Adobe CQ.
  • Participate in daily standups and identify the road blocks and get the burn down charts updated.
  • Involved in developing different components using Eclipse/IntelliJ IDE.
  • Worked on CRX, DAM, automation of deployments using Jenkins and Maven.
  • Assisting the support team once the project went live.
  • Used GIT which is a distributed revision control system for CQ5. File vault in conjunction with GIT helps to pull or push the code to developer's machine.
  • Responsible for debugging, analyzing and fixing all the code related issues and front end/backend related issues that arise out of the production systems.

Environment: Adobe AEM 5.6, HTML, JavaScript, AngularJS, JSP, Sightly, Java, CSS, XML, JSON, AJAX, jQuery, ExtJS, Windows 7/8, Mac OS X, Linux

Confidential, Edison, NJ

Java Developer


  • Involved in analysis of system requirements and designing the web interface.
  • Developed UI components using HTML, DHTML, JSP, JQuery and Servlets and business logic using Spring MVC Framework.
  • Developed external system interfaces using XML Web services.
  • Involved in trouble-shooting and fixing various issues in production environment.
  • Designed and developed Data Access layer using JDBC, Oracle and Hibernate.
  • Involved in handling Hibernate as part of DB connectivity and persistence as ORM tool and writing HQL queries.
  • Implement the best practices to develop the components, including patterns such as Singleton, Session Facade, Business Delegate, Data Access Object (DAO) and Factory pattern.
  • Implemented Web Services in JAXP based on SOAP protocols using XML and XSLT extensively for data transfers.
  • Developed and maintained User authentication and authorization using EJB and LDAP server.
  • Designed the sequence diagrams and class diagrams using Rational Rose.
  • Developed Stored Procedures, triggers, functions and SQL queries in Oracle.
  • Used CVS as Version Control to perform Checking-out and Checking-in of codes from the repository.
  • Implemented logging by using Log4j logging framework.

Environment: HTML, JavaScript, AngularJS, JSP, Sightly, Java, CSS, XML, JSON, AJAX, jQuery, ExtJS, Windows 7/8, Mac OS X, Linux


JAVA Developer


  • Effectively interacted with team members and business users from different regions for requirements capture and Analysis.
  • Used WID7 (WebSphere Integration Developer) as IDE and SVN as Repository.
  • Designed and implemented the automated work flow from ordering till billing using BPEL (Business Process Execution Language) process, Mediation Flows and backend business flow using Java/J2EE technologies
  • Extensively worked on web services to interact with different sub systems.
  • Used JAX-WS for Design and development of web services. Created Web Service Definition Language (WSDL) and XML Schemas to provide a data access service for the web applications.
  • Used JMS concept for passing objects to various systems and used Microsoft MQ visual Browser to get hold of queues.
  • Involved in component development using EJB and maintained development using J2EE principles
  • Used design patterns such as Singleton, Factory and Session façade pattern in the implementation of the application.
  • Involved in XML and XSLT modifications and complex transformations
  • Developed Portal to keep track of the transaction using spring.
  • Used JDBC, Spring JDBC and Hibernate and Entity beans to interact with the Database and implement database operations.
  • Responsible to create and monitor the JMS Queues, Connection Factories, Data Sources in Web Sphere.
  • Writing the stored procedures and compiling into the oracle servers
  • Used ANT tool to build and deploy the whole application into IBM Web sphere Application server (WAS) and WebSphere Process Server (WPS) in Linux /Centos OS.
  • Used HP Quality Center in Production Support work to track defects, resolving the tickets, monitoring the logs, and helping the users to find and fix the issues proactively.

Environment: Java, J2EE, JSP, Html, Spring, Hibernate, JNDI, EJB3.0, SVN, JMS, ANT, XML, XSLT, WebSphere, Win 7, BPEL, WebServices, ESB, Apache Axis 2, Mediation Flows, MQ visual browser, JavaScript, AJAX, PL/SQL, DB2, Oracle10g, Windows XP/Linux, Toad, Perl.


Database Analyst


  • Worked on converting the data from existing legacy system into oracle.
  • Developed PL/SQL Packages, stored procedures, functions to extract, transform and load data from Legacy systems into Oracle database.
  • Involved in uploading of the data from flat and external files into relational Database tables using SQL*Loader and validated the data.
  • Worked on performance issues while conversion of data.
  • Created PL/SQL objects such as tables, views, synonyms, sequences, triggers and database links as well as custom packages tailored to business requirements.
  • Worked on scheduling programs on a nightly basis using DBMS JOB SCHEDULING.
  • Developed automated scripts to schedule the load of flat files on daily, weekly and monthly basis.
  • Involved in unit and integration testing and documentation.

Environment: Oracle 10g, SQL Server 2005, Oracle SQL developer, SQL, SQL*PLUS.

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