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Devops/ Cloud Engineer Resume

Washington D, C


  • Certified Consultant with 7 years of IT industrial experience with different Management tools, DevOps, Configuration Management, Build Release Management and Linux Administration using GIT, GITHUB, CVS, SVN
  • Working experience in Amazon web services (AWS) cloud instances EC2, IAM, Subnets, VPC, Cloud Formation, S3, SNS, Cloud Watch, Route53 and RDS and obtaining HA and FT for AWS EC2 instances utilizing the services like Elastic IP’s, EBS, S3 for storing the EBS snapshots, Cloud Watch, SNS,ELB and etc.
  • Created EC2 instances, setting up databases in AWS using S3bucket and configuring instance backups to S3 bucket. Performed S3 buckets creation, policies on IAM role based polices and customizing the JSON template
  • Experience in configuration management tools like CHEF, Puppet and Ansible to automate repetitive tasks, Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment with Jenkins
  • Deployed Puppet, Puppet Dashboard and PuppetDB for configuration management to existing infrastructure
  • Good understanding of the principles and best practices of Software Configuration Management (SCM) in Agile, scrum, and Waterfall methodologies
  • Experience in Continuous Delivery tools Jenkins, Hudson and Bamboo to implement the End - to-End Automation
  • Experience in deploying .jar, .war, .ear files from source code by utilizing Build Tools like Ant, Maven and Gradle
  • Strong Programming Skills in designing and implementation of multi-tier applications using Java, J2EE, JDBC, HTML, Struts, JavaScript, Servlets, Hibernate, Springs
  • Expert in deploying the code through web application servers like Web Sphere/Web Logic/ Apache Tomcat/JBOSS
  • Experience in Integration of Liferay portal with Amazon S3
  • Experience in Integration of Jenkins Pipeline with Liferay
  • Designing the entire cycle of application development by using Docker
  • Deploying scalable services using Docker
  • Involved in scrum calls/meetings as part of agile development process
  • Strong proficiency in supporting Production Cloud environments (AWS, Azure, and VMWare) as well as traditional managed hosted environments
  • Experience in using bug tracking systems like Bugzilla, JIRA, Remedy and HP QC
  • Build process, QA release management, Customer Release Management
  • Deploy and monitor scalable infrastructure on Amazon web services (AWS) and configuration management using puppet
  • Experience on monitoring tools like Nagios, Cloud Watch, BMC Patrol and Splunk
  • Experience on Cloud technologies like VMWARE/VSPHERE, AWS and Openstack
  • Familiarity with Kubernetes, Mesos, Docker Swarm
  • Learning and Implementing Evolving new technologies
  • To stream line and optimize release process in the organization
  • Infrastructure Management and Deployment automation
  • Team player with excellent interpersonal skills, self-motivated, dedicated and understanding the demands of 24/7 system maintenance and has good customer support experience
  • Further quality includes ability to multitask, make quick decision, adapt well to change, acquire new skills and handle complex situation


Build Tools: Ant, Maven, Gradle

Scripting Languages: Shell, Python, Ruby, Perl, Bash

Configuration Management: Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Terraform

Cloud Technologies: AWS (EC2, IAM, Subnets, VPC, Cloud Formation, S3, SNS, Cloud Watch, Route53, RDS, ELB), OpenStack

CI Tools: Jenkins/Hudson, Teamcity, Bamboo, Sonarqube

VM Tools/Containerization: Docker, VMware ESXi5.1, VMWare Workstation, Vagrant

Operating Systems: Windows, UNIX (Solaris), Linux (RedHat EL 5.x, 6.x, CENTOS), Amazon, Linux AMI

Programming Languages: JAVA/J2EE, JDBC, Junit, HTML, Struts, JavaScript, Servlets, JSP, EJB, Springs, Hibernate

Databases: RDBMS, Oracle 11g, SQL Server, MSAccess

Web/Application Servers: Tomcat, APACHE 2.x, 3.x, WebLogic (8/9/10), JBoss, F5 Load Balancer, Liferay 6.2/7, Microsoft IIS server, Nginx, Apache HTTP Server

Tracking Tools: JIRA, BugZilla, Gerrit, Clear Quest


DevOps/build and release: GIT, Subversion, Bitbucket, Perforce, Stash, Udeploy

Monitoring Tools: Nagios, Splunk, Cloud watch, BMC Patrol

SDLC: Waterfall, Agile, Scrum, DevOps


Confidential, Washington D.C

DevOps/ Cloud Engineer


  • As a member of Release Engineering group, redefined processes and implemented tools for software builds, patch creation, source control, release tracking and reporting
  • Ensured standardized procedures are used for efficient and prompt handling of all changes
  • Developed strategies and supported tools to create an efficient automated integration and release process using Jenkins
  • Used ANT and Maven as build tools on Java projects for the development of build artifacts on the source code
  • Performed setup of clustered environment with Apache Tomcat Application Server
  • Creating repositories, branches, tags in GIT and assist the developers to fix merging issues
  • Integrated delivery (CI and CD process) Using Jenkins, Nexus, EC, Yum and Puppet
  • Automating Configuration management & Applications using Puppet
  • Used Puppet to manage Web Applications, Configuration Files, Data Base, Commands, Users Mount Points and Packages
  • Automated the cloud deployments using Puppet and AWS cloud formation templates
  • Implemented the Chef Software setup and configuration on VM’s from the scratch and deployed the run-list into chef-server and bootstrap the chef clients remotely
  • Created and managed EC2 instances utilizing various AWS services like auto-scaling groups, Elastic Load Balancing, S3 and Glacier for our QA and UAT environments and infrastructure servers for Chef
  • Used existing cookbooks from Chef Marketplace and customizing the recipes with respect to each VM
  • Managed JIRA users and created workflows, issues types, fields in production
  • Monitoring of network services (SMTP, POP3, HTTP, ICMP, SNMP, SSH, FTP) using Nagios
  • Using Docker have deployed scalable services, securely and reliably, on a wide variety of platforms, enabled rapid deployment with minimum run-time requirements
  • Worked on creation of custom Docker container images, tagging and pushing the images
  • Worked on creating the Docker containers and Docker consoles for managing the application life cycle
  • Worked on installing of Docker using Docker toolbox
  • Portable deployment of applications and automatic container builds using Docker
  • Developed Shell/Ruby/Python Scripts for automation purpose
  • Performed weekly and on-call deployments of application codes to production environments
  • Assisted and trained offshore team members and responsible for knowledge transfer whenever necessary

Environment: Java/J2EE, UNIX, XML, Linux (RHEL) Maven, GIT, SVN, Docker, Docker Swarm, JIRA, ANT, Jenkins, JBoss, Liferay, Ruby, Remedy, Chef, Nagios, Apache Tomcat, AWS.

Confidential, Arlington, VA

DevOps Engineer


  • Responsible for versioning the source code, releasing binary files, creating and applying labels on source files and release files
  • Automated application packaging and deployments
  • Managed Linux staging and testing environments
  • Environment build and deployment automation using VMWare ESX, Docker Container, Vagrant, Puppet and Chef
  • Used Puppet to manage Web Applications, Config Files Data Base, Commands, Users Mount Points, and Packages
  • Deployed a centralized log management system and integrated into Puppet to be used by developers
  • Using ANT, Puppet Scripts with Ivy to build the application and deploy
  • Used Web hosting service such as Bitbucket to connect with the GIT repositories and deploy the code to different environments
  • Continuous Integration and continuous deployment of the build code in the Jenkins platform with required plugins
  • Installing, configuring and administering Jenkins CI tool on Linux machines
  • Involved in Setup and Configuration of Puppet Configuration Management
  • Deploy and monitor scalable infrastructure on Amazon Web Services (AWS) & configuration management using Chef and Ansible
  • Configured Apache webserver with WebSphere application server through proxy plug-in
  • Involved in Jira as defect tracking system and configure various workflows, customizations and plug-ins for Jira bug/issue tracker
  • Configured Elastic Load Balancers with EC2Auto scaling groups
  • Experience in using WebLogic, Admin, WebLogic deployer and WebLogic server commands
  • Maintained and coordinated environment configuration, controls, code integrity, and code conflict resolution
  • Integrated Maven, Sonarqube with Jenkins and worked on the static analysis tools like code sonar
  • Used Sonar for monitoring the project on a weekly or monthly basis and check the quality of the developed code
  • Involved in writing parent pom files to establish the code quality tools integration
  • Developed WLST, ANT scripts, UNIX shell scripts to automate the deployment process

Environment: Puppet, SVN, GIT, GitHub, Jenkins, AWS, Chef, Maven, OpenStack, Cloud Computing, Bugzilla, Apache Tomcat Application Server, Linux, SQL.


Build and Release Engineer


  • Primary duties include Build and Deployment of the java applications onto different environment Dev, QA and UAT
  • Targeted and migrated completed builds to multiple servers and platforms
  • Developed strategies and supported tools to create an efficient automated integration and release process using Jenkins
  • Developed and supported the Software Release Management and procedures
  • Notifications to the development and configuration team by configuring Jenkins to deployment process
  • Managing and monitoring Jenkins (Auditing, Project based Security, Authorization and access management)
  • Created the Deployment notes along with the SCM team and release the Deployment instructions to Application Support
  • Used ANT and Maven as build tools on Java projects for the development of build artifacts on the source code
  • Managed Users and Groups in SVN and involved in troubleshooting client specification issues and user issues. Also, used SVN for branching, tagging and merging
  • Build artifacts (WAR’s and EAR’s) are deployed into a WebLogic app server by integrating the WLST scripts to Shell Scripts
  • Provided daily technical support, re-engineering, and administration of an enterprise Configuration Management System that supported multiple development applications
  • Supported local System Administrators to troubleshoot Configuration Management and Network issues
  • Developed Ruby Scripts for automation purpose
  • Performed setup of clustered environment with Apache Tomcat Application Server
  • Creation of Data sources for the application involving DB2, Oracle
  • Presented reports to the Project manager about the progress and issues tracking key project Milestones, plans and resources
  • Assisted and trained developers on SCM procedures whenever necessary

Environment: Java, .Net, SVN, Maven, Jenkins, WebLogic, Node.js UNIX, Ruby, JBoss, Apache Tomcat


Linux Administrator


  • Providing support for tickets assigned which include installation, configuration & troubleshooting of OS (Linux, UNIX) & related tickets
  • User and Group Administration
  • Configuring and troubleshooting NFS, FTP related issues
  • OVS Virtualization, and have tested various flavors of virtualization
  • Monitor system availability, load, and system capacity
  • Configure & Maintain system logs, study and report on important & critical system logs & responsive to all notifications which are sent by system
  • Trouble shoots issues with networks. Performing real-time SIL and HIL simulation between heterogeneous systems using TCP/IP Protocol
  • Administrator of FTP Servers and EDI
  • Established 11 different Password less SFTP connections with Third party vendors during re-implementation of E-Business suite which are scheduled to run with Oracle Concurrent Manager
  • Designed and implemented a new SMTP email and testing service for automatic email sending
  • Thorough understanding of network and routing protocols such as TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP, OSPF and BGP, SMTP, NFS and SIP

Environment: SVN, UAT, Code Quality Tools, UNIX, JIRA, Linux (RHEL 5.x, 6.x)

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