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Ui Developer Resume

Sunnyvale, CA


  • Around 7 years of extensive Experience in User Interface (UI) applications and professional web applications using HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, JavaScript, AngularJS, jQuery, React JS, Node.js, GIT, Bootstrap, SASS/LESS, JSON and RESTful Services.
  • Experienced on Cross Platform Web/Client - Server applications design and development in Health care, Supply chain, banking and telecom domain using Java, J2EE involving extensive front end development
  • Involved in write application level code to interact with APIs , Web Services using AJAX and JSON .
  • Expertise in working with the JavaScript , prototype JS and various MVC JavaScript frameworks AngularJS , React JS and Node.js .
  • Extensive experience in Cross - browser HTML , CSS and JavaScript coding to offer responsive website layouts to modern browsers and mobile devices.
  • Experience in Grunt task runner to manage project and Bower package manager to install libraries such as jQuery and Bootstrap
  • Worked on Typography , Notifications, and Time out functions, cards, Dialogs, Forms, Tables, Switches, Icons, Dashboards, Widgets, Charts and buttons for developing Bootstrap 4 using Angular 2 .
  • Worked on responsive design and developed a single ISOMORPHIC responsive website that could be served to desktop, Tablets and mobile users using React . js .
  • Worked on multiple domains including Banking , Finance and E-commerce .
  • Collaborated with a team and successfully designed Web Apps with React JS and Structured the JavaScript code using Angular JS.
  • Created single Page Application with loading multiple views using route services and adding more user experience to make dynamic by using Angular JS 2.0 framework and Node JS .
  • Worked on Angular 2.0 by consuming RESTful web services & Used Angular 2.0 forms like Template Driven forms and Modern Driven (Reactive) forms to perform form validations both on server and client side.
  • Strong ability in writing Test Plans, Test Cases, Test Procedures and Test scripts from requirements and Use Cases.
  • Created various Angular Services & injected them into Angular controllers (using Dependency Injection) to enable Ajax calls and created custom directives to create own HTML tags and induce functional behavior to those tags.
  • Worked on Media quires for different layouts for screen, print, mobile phone, tablet, etc. Solid experience with Responsive Web Design (RWD) with involvement in several web application development projects.
  • Proficient with Adobe Photoshop , Illustrator & Dreamweaver .
  • Good Knowledge of Box Model , Document Object Model(DOM) and DOM functions.
  • Analyzed jQuery - Ajax plug-in to get the data in JSON format and displayed on HTML page
  • Good at techniques like bundling and Magnification in angular to reduce the compile and run time of the application.
  • Created SQL queries to perform insert, update or delete operation on MySQL database.
  • Unit testing for the front-end code using JASMIN and KARMA for the Angular js testing
  • Worked with Node JS , Grunt , Gulp and Bower for setting up local server, running tasks and managing dependencies.
  • Familiar with configuration and version control management using GIT, SVN.
  • Strong understanding and experienced with all the phases of SDLC and agile development methodologies including SCRUM , involved in daily SCRUM meetings to keep track of the on-going project status and issues.


Programming languages: C, C++, JAVA, SQL, PYTHON



Version control systems: GIT, INTELLIJ IDEA, SVN.

Operating systems: WINDOWS XP/7/8/10, LINUX, MAC OSX


Confidential, Sunnyvale, CA

UI Developer


  • Involved designing in webpages using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Bootstrap, SASS, LESS, React JS , Redux , Flex, Mongo DB.
  • Worked on time out functions, cards, Dialogs, Forms, Tables, Switches, Icons, Dashboards, Widgets, Charts and buttons for developing Bootstrap 4 using React JS .
  • Designed and implemented the enhanced development platform by doing POC using frameworks like React JS, Node JS , Npm, Spring MVC, REST API . Embedded new NPM build with in maven build to reduce the impact of current build process and help run builds seamlessly on the existing infrastructure.
  • Enhanced legacy application by building new components in React JS and JavaScript with a REST wrapper around the existing backend java services as well as various enterprise web services integration.
  • Used React -Autocomplete for creating google maps location search on the webpage and added Excel-Builder to download the Tabular data in Excel format using react .
  • Involved in writing application level code to interact with APIs, Web Services using Node.js, AJAX, JSON and XML.
  • Using CSS preprocessor SASS to make CSS more efficient and used Bourbon a lightweight Sass tool set that helps you write more effective stylesheets
  • Wrote media queries and designed the application using Responsive web design tool Bootstrap .
  • Used Node.js to offer an easy and safe way to build high performance and scalable network application.
  • Used React JS components for built-in and synchronizing models with single page Applications (SPA).
  • Developed user interface by using the React JS , redux for SPA development.
  • Implemented react JS code to handle cross browser compatibility issues in Mozilla, IE 7, 8, 9, Safari and FF.
  • Used React-Router to turn application into Single Page Application
  • Worked in using React JS components, Forms, Events, Keys, Router, Animations and redux concept.
  • Experience with remote data (via REST and JSON) and knowledge of the HTTP protocol.
  • Developed modules like configuration module, create module and developed routing files for routing each page.
  • Modified Rich user interface using HTML5 , Bootstrap 3and CSS3 and configured all necessary jar files in local Apache Tomcat 7 application server.
  • Implemented front end user interface and features in the application using AJAX .
  • Used jQuery and coded JavaScript for page functionality and Light box plug-in.
  • Coded pages with best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques.
  • Used GitHub as a version control, and used JIRA for bug management.
  • Utilized Agile Methodologies ( Scrum ) to manage full life-cycle development of the project.

Environment: HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, jQuery, AJAX, IDE, React JS, GITHUB, JIRA for bug management, Bootstrap, Debugging, Safari, Windows, Fires fox, Internet Explorer.

Confidential, Bellevue, WA

UI Developer


  • Designed and implemented a lead discovery web application using Typescript , AngularJS , JavaScript , HTML , CSS , MVC , and Web API .
  • Worked in the development of single page applications using AngularJS .
  • Utilized Swagger Module and Node.js for developing RESTful Web services.
  • Developed web pages using HTML5 , CSS3 , JavaScript , Angular.js, jQuery , AJAX and JSON .
  • Designed and implemented different layouts using HTML5 and CSS3 .
  • Created Typescript reusable components and services to consume REST API's using Component based architecture provided by Angular 2 .
  • Worked on custom directives and on Angular JS filters for transforming the data.
  • Used Dependency Injection (DI) from Angular . JS factories and services.
  • Debug the application using Firebug to traverse the documents and manipulated the Nodes using DOM and DOM Functions.
  • Used jQuery and AJAX for service calls on pages to interact with the server for information.
  • Used AJAX , JSON to send request to the server to check the functionality of the website.
  • Involved in implementing the complete Application in the in-build MVC Architecture with AngularJS.
  • Created Angular 2 components, implemented Interpolation, input variables, Bootstrapping, ng-for, ng-if, Router Outlet , binding the click event, Component decorator, binding to the hidden property.
  • Designed table-less layouts using CSS3 and appropriate HTML5 tags as per W3C standards.
  • Designed and developed Single Page Application with Controllers, Model and Views of Angular.js framework.
  • Used CSS preprocessors like LESS and SAAS .
  • Worked with angular project directory structure and yeoman angular project setup.
  • Experience with DevOps tools Jenkins, JIRA , SVN .
  • Involved in design and development of single page application for the web pages and mobile application using Angular JS.
  • Testing the website on multiple browsers with their old as well as latest release.
  • Involved with bug fixing on functionality, performance and designing issues with JavaScript and jQuery.
  • Gathered and analyzed the requirements and converted them into User Requirement Specifications and Functional Requirement Specifications for the designers and developers to understand them as per their perspective.
  • Involved in web designing using HTML5 , X HTML , CSS 2/3, JavaScript , Ajax , JSON , and JQuery .
  • Developed HTML prototypes and UI deliverables, such as wireframes, flowcharts, screen mock-ups, and interface design specifications.

Environment: Sublime Text IDE, jQuery, JavaScript, JSON, AJAX, HTML5, CSS3, DOM, Bower, NPM, SDLC, ANGULAR JS 2.0.

Confidential, Dallas, TX

UI/ Web Developer


  • Developed Login/Registration/Edit of user profile integration with community sites using HTML5 , CSS and JavaScript .
  • Developed Project Page module which facilitates editors can select articles displayed in site using Object Oriented Programming.
  • Developed White Paper Display Module which including rate the asset, save for later and email colleague functionalities.
  • Used Grunt and Node . JS to build run and serve a server.
  • Developed the Whitepaper upload functionality.
  • Experience with unit test frameworks and test-driven development.
  • Thorough understanding of mobile, including devices, technologies and applications.
  • Experience with Bug tracking and source control with strong debugging skills.
  • Used advanced JavaScript to create interfaces and help manage cross browser compatibility.
  • Implemented pagination/date calendar using jQuery .
  • Used jQuery plugins autocomplete, validation, drag and drop and more exceptionally
  • Used JS framework such as AngularJS for data driven apps.
  • Written CSS and implementing it in the views / layouts as needed.
  • Asynchronous and non-blocking IO programming experience.
  • Worked on Cross browser compatibility using Modernizer .
  • Worked on optimizing SQL queries to improve the loading times of the web pages.
  • Analyzed and improved application efficiency by optimizing.
  • Used Firebug , Firebug Lite , and IE Developer Toolbar for debugging and browser compatibility.

Environment: Windows, Eclipse, JavaScript, HTML5, DHTML, CSS, jQuery, AJAX, AngularJS, Jasmin, SQL.


Web Developer


  • Responsible for maintaining and transforming design mock-ups to W3C standards compliant HTML pages using XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery, JSP, XML and XSLT .
  • Created Images, Logos and Icons that are used across the web pages using Adobe Flash, Dreamweaver , and Photoshop .
  • Implemented File Manipulation, Custom Servers using Node JS .
  • Responsible for developing responsive Web Design using CSS Bootstrap and Media Queries .
  • Used GIT for version Control.
  • Developed and updated User Interface Web Forms using CSS and JavaScript .
  • Used AJAX and JSON to process asynchronous actions in front development.
  • Translated business requirements into a user-friendly and functional and extremely scalable UI across Multiple platform.
  • Familiar with mobile interfaces, mobile interaction guidelines and best practices.
  • Experience in managing daily communication with offshore development teams.
  • Have been a participant of object oriented framework using java script, backbone JS and ext.JS .
  • Experienced in assisting with Image ready for image slicing and optimization.
  • Experience with application submission and provisioning procedures.
  • Assisted in document coding at a level, that provides a standard for a team engineers testing.
  • Supporting the client application to go through the full lifecycle, both during development and after release.

Environment: HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, XML, XSLT, Adobe Flash, Dreamweaver, Photo shop, Node JS, GIT, Directives, Filters, Controllers, HTTP, AJAX, JSON, Image slicing, Back bone JS, Ext JS.

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