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Sr. Software Engineer Resume

Austin, TX


  • Enthusiastic developer who has been programming professionally for 7 years, as a hobby for 24 years. Example project, a library of non-cryptographic hashes:
  • Shipped software, large and small: led the effort to maintain and enhance an international accounting application that grew to sell 2,500 licenses in 20 countries over a 2 year period
  • Coached agile teams company-wide to find a good balance between lean development practices and shifting business requirements that may require comprehensive documentation and planning
  • In charge of agile/scrum iterative development practices, wearing each hat in turn: team member, product owner, and ScrumMaster
  • Reputation for getting things done quick, fast, and in a hurry, from fixing defects to creating new sites
  • Hands-on technical lead. Extensive programming experience on both desktop and web applications allow me to be an effective, knowledgeable leader

Confidential,(Austin, TX)
Sr. Software Engineer, Internal Systems
Feb 2012 to Present

  • Worked on the front and back end of websites used by over 100 million active users, one of which receives over 3 million pageviews daily
  • Created dozens of internal pages for the operations division to enter and manipulate affiliate data, manage user experiences, and monitor hundreds of key metrics
  • Wrote and delivered technical talks, including “Beginning jQuery” and “Advanced Python Datatypes”
  • Built a flexible reporting system using jQquery UI and PHP to export data as PDFs or CSVs from MySQL servers on demand or at scheduled intervals
  • Maintained over 50 scheduled maintenance tasks, most of which were ETL jobs written in Python
  • Upgraded and carefully tuned the Sphinx full-text search server and interface, a critical site feature
  • Created specifications and negotiated implementation details for a new external-facing API, securely exposing key data to affiliates and contracted organizations
  • Fixed dozens of defects weekly, finding and fixing bugs in PHP, Java, C#, Python, SQL, JS, and HTML/CSS

Confidential, (Austin, TX – working remote)
Sr. Web Developer and “System Admin Guy”
Apr 2011 to Jan 2012

  • Maintained and developed new features for over 20 high-volume websites,
  • Recommended, planned, and executed changes to the websites, including UI changes that led to improved response times and higher user conversion rates
  • Refactored existing code using test cases as a safety net; rapidly implemented test and deploy scripts in Python to ease the process
  • Brought new web, database, and memcache servers online to help improve availability and scalability
  • Reconfigured existing architecture to improve response times: moved to a SOA that could more evenly distribute load across the hardware and ease failover events
  • Optimized SQL and data models to reduce load on MySQL cluster, preventing downtime which was a regular occurrence in the past.
  • Cleaned up existing SVN repositories and deployment process. Added SVN-Spam and Trac hooks to the test and deploy scripts, connecting everything together to ensure end-to-end issue tracking.

Confidential, (Austin, TX)
Development Manager
Jan 2009 to Apr 2011

  • Directly managed small development teams working on both new products and mature offerings in long-term maintenance
  • Diverse technologies used in Windows and web applications: Python, C#/.Net, Perl, PHP, and others
  • ScrumMaster and technical lead for an international customer-hosted mail accounting web application
  • Hired, trained, and supervised a total of 10 software engineers, testers (QA), and project managers across two high-performing, cross-functional development teams
  • Wrote and maintained requirements and specifications in collaboration with customers, from new product designs and RFPs to change/feature requests on existing product lines
  • Made specifications into reality through iterative implementation, delivering demos to stakeholders on a semi-weekly basis to maintain the shortest possible feedback loop
  • Created a company-wide innovation program that encouraged and incubated ideas for new products and internal tools
  • Communicated project and team status to international stakeholders and senior staff, recommended changes and coordinated any adjustments to timelines, scope, and staffing
  • Created a high-speed system for interfacing with mail processing equipment using a RESTful web API,

Confidential, (Austin, TX)
Lead Developer
Apr 2008 to Jan 2009

  • Lead developer on eBay’s “ship and pay wizard” for Europe: responsible for technical and architectural decisions on-the-fly
  • Planned and led development of the Australian Post Office\'s international shipping site, an 8 month project with a 12-person geographically-separated development team. The site processes and tracks thousands of packages a day, including hazardous materials requiring complex customs declarations:
  • Created an automated build and test tool in Python to quickly smoke out problems in each of 20 possible locales across dozens of common browser configurations using dozens of VMs and
  • Safely migrated mature code base to new SVN repository and reorganized build/test process, reducing the commit-build-test cycle from 45 minutes down to 5 minutes

Confidential, (Austin, TX)
Lead Developer & Architect
Dec 2006 to Apr 2008

  • Acted as technical lead for a team of 4 developer/testers and reported directly to the CEO and COO
  • Directed the development of a complete automated trading platform using document classification
  • and vector clustering techniques, including support vector machines (SVMs)
  • Implemented a Financial Interchange eXchange (FIX) protocol stack in C to speed up securities
  • trading tenfold over the existing Perl library
  • Lead the team from initial requirements gathering through final release for a flagship financial news/
  • notification webapp in 20 weeks, reaching all milestones on time and on budget
  • Created a full-text search index designed to handle thousands of queries and inserts per second over
  • multi-gigabyte corpora with a novel technique for finding similar documents by focusing on individual
  • parts of speech

Confidential,(Arlington, VA)
Contract Sr. System Administrator
Jul 2006 to Dec 2006

  • Maintained and secured dozens of enterprise MySQL, Apache, IIS, and MS SQL Server installations
  • Worked closely with other teams to plan and successfully execute a $550,000 software and hardware
  • upgrade with zero allowable downtime
  • Automated upgrading, patching, and monitoring for 50 servers hosting hundreds of VMs using Perl
  • and Python

Confidential, (Washington D.C.)
Contract Sr. System & Database Administrator
Dec 2005 to Jul 2006

  • Installed, maintained, and upgraded Linux web and database servers (LAMP stack) and backup replication servers handling 100K unique requests daily from a data-mining application
  • Automated text-processing and parsing tasks with PHP and Python to streamline daily maintenance and to sanitize the incoming traffic for ETL and extraction of geographic information and other tokens Coordinated a failover plan with mirror sites across the globe for a massive 12TB indexed document database

Confidential, (Ramstein, Germany and Minot, ND)
Manager, Intelligence Operations; Staff Sergeant E-5
Dec 1999 to Dec 2005

  • Provided deskside support for dozens of desktop users. Upgraded network infrastructure to gigabit ethernet while maintaining independent networks for different classification levels
  • Gave daily situation intelligence briefings and produced support digest documents for the Joint Force
  • Air Component Commander and his staff, all of rank Brigadier General or higher, at the air operations center in Qatar during Operation Iraqi Freedom
  • Trained others to use geospatial reference and planning software, including the use of Python scripting under FalconView GIS to churn through millions of possible flight paths and threat scenarios (Monte Carlo simulations)
  • Trained and supervised a rotating team of 6 analysts to perform well under demanding timelines with no room for error. My teams received “superior performance” rating on all annual bomb wing Nuclear
  • Safety Inspections from the Inspector General


  • Certified Scrum Master
  • SAIC: Data Warehousing, Parsing, and Retrieval Course for Administrators
  • Associate\'s degree in Communications Applications Technology (CCAF, 2004-05)
  • Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE, 2002)

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