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Sr. Devops Engineer Resume

Buffalo Grove, IL


  • Having 8 years of experience as a DevOps, Build and Release Engineer framework in application configurations, code compilation, packaging, building, automating, managing and releasing code from one environment to other environment and deploying to servers. Able to prioritize work, accomplish the target given before deadlines. Also, being a smart working individual and quick learner, I can reach Project goals accurately in time.
  • In - depth understanding of the principles and best practices of Software Configuration Management (SCM) in Agile, SCRUM, Clear Case, Clearcase to Stash Migration, Waterfall methodologies.
  • Experience in working on version control systems like Subversion and GIT, clear case, Stash used Source code management client tools like Visual SVN, Tortoise SVN, Stash, Source Tree, GIT Bash, GitHub, GIT GUI and other command line applications etc.
  • Planned and executed Linux system changes and upgrades, Customer Support.
  • Experience in using Nexus and Artifactory Repository for Maven and ANT builds.
  • Hands on experience with containerization and clustering technologies like Docker and Kubernetes.
  • Designed and implemented Nexus binary repository and process. Configured pom.xml files to publish the artifacts into Nexus repository as part of the continuous integration (CI) process.
  • Write, design and code database enabled web applications using Perl.
  • Knowledge of using Routed Protocols: FTP, SFTP, SSH, HTTP, HTTPS and Connect direct.
  • Having work experience in support of multi, platforms like UNIX, Ubuntu, RedHat, RHEL, Fedora and Windows 98/NT/XP/Vista/7/8 of production, test and development servers.
  • Leveraged Python Design Patterns (Proxy, Chain of Responsibility, and Singleton) philosophy to design object behaviours and messages for the above testing tool. Efficiently managed multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Used ClearQuest (IBM tool) as the Defect Tracking tool and updated the defect logs.
  • Hands on exp. On website code and website patch Deployment and deployment tools like Udeploy (IBM), uRelease, GIT, Jenkins, Artifactory.
  • Embed Perl/mod Perl enabled application development.
  • Deploy architecture on AWS cloud for Lamp Stack application.
  • Extensive experience using MAVEN, ANT and Xcode as build tools for the building of deployable artifacts from source code.
  • Develop and maintain configuration management system, and manage branches within the SCM system using Perforce.
  • ETL processing for better resource optimization, we thought of using lambda architecture and SOA for ETL processing, latest AWS service.
  • ETL processing for better resource optimization, we thought of using lambda architecture for ETL processing, latest AWS service.
  • Developed bamboo Plans for Maven build, creating plan on bamboo and running them.
  • Installation and configuration of bamboo, Installation and configuration of Jira/Confluence
  • Automated build and deployment task using Bash script
  • Solid ability to work on Agile and SOA projects
  • Extensively worked on Hudson, Jenkins and AnthillPro for continuous integration (CI) and for End-to-End automation for all build and deployments.
  • Ability in execution of XML, ANT Scripts, Shell Scripts, Perl Scripts, Python Scripts, and JAVA Scripts.
  • One clicks environment setup using Python and Ansible scripts, Udeploy interface to ALM.
  • Documented Daily meetings, Build reports, Release Notes and many other day-today documentation and Status Reports.
  • Excellent communicative, interpersonal, intuitive, and analytic and leadership skills with ability to work efficiently in both independent and team work environments.


DevOps Tools: Chef, Puppet, Jenkins, Ant, Maven, docker, Kubernates

Cloud Platforms: OpenStack, Amazon Web Services

Bug Tracking Tools: JIRA, Remedy, Clear Quest

Operating Systems: Sun Solaris 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, Red Hat Linux 3.x, 4.x, 5.x,6.x, Windows NT/2003/XP/2000.

Web Technologies: JDBC, JSP, HTML, JavaScript, XML

Web/Application Servers: Tomcat, Apache, Web logic and JBoss

Database: Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL

Languages: C/C++, C#, HTML, Shell Scripting, Perl, Python, Ruby

Monitoring Tool: Splunk


Confidential, Buffalo Grove, IL

Sr. DevOps Engineer


  • Installing Jenkins on Linux machine to create a master-slave configuration and implementing multiple parallel builds through build farm.
  • Writing scripts that achieve the complete deployments of DEV, QA and Production environments via Puppet.
  • Accomplished builds and deploys in Dev, ITest, QA and staging by Creating ANT, Perl & UNIX scripts
  • Used AWS Ansible Python Script to generate inventory and push the deployments.
  • Deployed a static website on AWS S3 and monitored the resources using Cloud Watch.
  • Designed and presented Container based delivery utilizing modern cutting-edge technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes.
  • Good understanding of the Cloud Watch metrics like Latency, Replica Lag, Disk Volume Connections, Disk I/O, Queue Connections, Network I/O.
  • Creating snapshots and amazon machine images (AMIs) of the instances for backup and creating clone instances.
  • Implemented of admin interfaces built on Ruby on Rails, VMware performance reporting via PowerCLI.
  • Worked on Confluence to share knowledge with other teams
  • Managing users and groups using the amazon Identity and access management (IAM).
  • Used Maven dependency management system to deploy snapshot and release artifacts to Nexus to share artifacts across projects and environments.
  • Integrated WLST scripts into Shell scripts and deployed build artifacts into a WebLogic application server.
  • Used JIRA as change management and bug tracking tool.
  • Built, configured in Ruby and supported Application team environments.
  • Established processes and tools to maintain code base integrity, including check-in validation rules and branch/merge processes.
  • Maintained the entire Linux environment.
  • Provisioning GIT and SVN configuration management environment for different developer teams.
  • Used Selenium WebDriver to test search results of qe-search engine
  • Design Chef, Ruby, Cookbooks for Automation and Configuration Management,
  • Deploying and configuring Writing Perl and Bash scripts for automation tasks
  • Installed and configured CDH5.0.0 cluster, using Cloudera manager
  • Worked with developers and QA engineers on release process and supported them in making various builds in certain environments.
  • Deployed Puppet, Puppet Dashboard, and Puppet DB for configuration management to existing infrastructure.
  • Created run books for each application to help the release management team for successful deployments.
  • Installed Chef and created POC for using Chef as configuration management tool and orchestration.
  • Used ServiceNow tool to create change requests and service requests.

Environment: SVN, GIT, ANT, Maven, Jenkins, Selenium, Nexus, Chef, Puppet, UNIX, WebLogic server, AWS, WLST, Python Scripts, Shell Scripts, Perl Scripts, ServiceNow, Ruby on rails, Docker, Kubernates, Cloudera, Confluence.

Confidential, Seattle, WA

Systems/DevOps Engineer


  • Installation, Configurations and maintenance of Red Hat Linux & Fedora Linux, CentOS, Servers (Red Hat RHEL 5/6, OEL5/6 and Centos5/6).
  • Experience on implementing and building Aspect product clusters using Puppet as a Configuration Management Tool.
  • Built deployment pipelines using Jenkins as a frontend for continuous deployment to local staging and test environments and to production environments on demand, using a combination of Ruby, Chef, AWS tools, and shell scripting.
  • Responsible for managing and administering multiple instances of GIT, including the build server infrastructure and operating environment for Chef; develop server-side scripts/SW to customize GIT and to tie in with other tools such as Jenkins.
  • Involved in all projects that move to production and work closely with the Data Center, Development, Quality Assurance and Management teams to ensure cross communication and confirmed approval of all production changes.
  • JIRA is used as ticket tracking, change management and Agile/SCRUM tool.
  • Involved in building New ESX 5.1 servers and added to ESX Clusters and performed VMotion activities during maintenance windows.
  • Configured Virtual Machines under VMware ESX and ESXI Servers to install Red Hat Linux, CentOS and Windows guests.
  • Worked on Red Hat OS upgrades from RHEL 5.6 to 5.11 and RHEL 6.1 to 6.6
  • Involving in Implementation of various AWS cloud Application and deployment using Amazon EC2, S3,
  • RDS(MySQL), Elastic Load Balancing(ELB), Auto scaling, Cloud Front, Elastic Block Storage(EBS), Elastic Beanstalk, Cloud Watch, Identity Access Management(IAM), Implementing Virtual cloud platforms using Amazon Virtual Private Cloud(VPC).
  • Implemented and configured code deploys to work with and GitHub for deployments.
  • Performed S3 buckets creation, policies and on the IAM role based polices and customizing the JSON template.
  • Worked on deployment of Application servers like Apache tomcat and JBOSS on Linux servers and integration with Apache web server.
  • Supported AWS Cloud environment with 200+ AWS instances and configured Elastic IP& Elastic Storage and experience working on implemented security groups.
  • Extensive experience on Packet capture on the network by TCPDUMP and analysing the traffic.
  • Supported physical servers and virtualized servers. Worked with other engineers to support SANs and VMWare hosts.
  • Hands-on experience on HA-PROXY Load-balancer for the frontend webservers in the DMZ Zone.
  • Configured IPTABLES on Linux machines and extensive experience on analysing tools like nmap.
  • Strong and organized Documentation skills on Confluence and create MAR’s/MEG’s to get the approvals in the process of Change Management.
  • Experience on SPLUNK and creating indexes in the logs for monitoring and collecting.
  • Hands-on experience on NAGIOS as the monitoring tool and providing limits or parameters to set monitoring across the cluster by working in close with DATADOG Monitoring team.
  • Experience in Install and configuration of Web hosting administration HTTP, FTP, SSH.
  • Experience in Installed and configured Apache/Tomcat/Java/MySQL.
  • Manage file systems using Logical Volume Management, resize file systems and implemented huge NFS server and clients across the cluster.
  • Experience in Creating and maintaining user accounts, profiles, security, rights, disk space and process monitoring.
  • Worked on Creating cookbooks and recipes, managing nodes, run lists, roles in chef environment.
  • Experience with Docker and clustering with Kubernetes.
  • Advice teams on steps required to prepare their project for the pipeline, including Bit Bucket, Stash, branching strategy, DevOps, etc
  • Strong scripting knowledge (Bash/Perl Scripting) to perform different administration tasks.
  • Understand the current and future architecture, features and capabilities in house developed deployment platform.
  • Good experience with network protocols like TCP/IP, DHCP, IMAP and POP3.
  • Configured and Implemented Samba to help printing and file sharing in the mixed environment.
  • Documented and maintained the inventory for installation and troubleshooting procedures.

Environment: Red hat Linux 5,6,7, CentOS 5,6,7, Windows 2008 R2, VMWARE ESX 5.1,5.5, Apache, Tomcat, JBoss, Git, SVN, Nagios, datadog, HA-PROXY, Chef, Puppet, Jenkins, AWS, Oracle 11g/12c, MYSQL, MONGO DB

Confidential, Long Island City, NY

DevOps Engineer


  • Defined and Implemented CM and Release Management Processes, Policies and Procedures.
  • Deploy and monitor scalable infrastructure on Amazon web services (AWS) & configuration management using Puppet.
  • Expertise in installing, configuration and administration of Tomcat and Web Sphere Understanding of cloud based deployments into Amazon EC2 with Puppet.
  • Setup and Configuration of Chef Configuration Management. Subversion administration for taking the builds using Chef Management.
  • Introduced ideas for better traceability of code and product development by documenting processes and daily activities in Confluence
  • Experience in managing virtual instances and disks using Puppet. Deployed Chef Dashboard for configuration management to existing infrastructure.
  • Create RunDeck jobs to integrate with our Jenkins CI process and call Chef on the deployment servers
  • Used Node.JS event driven architecture concept to optimize the application's throughput and scalability
  • Experience in AWS Network administration, AWS instance monitoring, troubleshooting, deployment optimization, root cause analysis and preparing documentation.
  • Configuring the Docker containers and creating Docker files for different environments.
  • Designed Chef Modules to manage configurations and automate installation process.
  • Coordinate/assist developers with establishing and applying appropriate branching, merging conventions using GIT source control.
  • Configured and maintained Jenkins to implement the CI process and integrated the tool with ANT and Maven to schedule the builds.
  • Enabled Continuous Delivery through Deployment into several environments of Test, QA, Stress and Production using Jenkins.
  • Hands on experience in automating builds and deployment process using Shell scripting.
  • Maintained build related scripts developed in ANT and Shell. Modified build configuration files including ANT's build.xml.
  • Analysed the builds using the sonarQube.
  • Installed and configured CDH5.0.0 cluster, using Cloudera manager
  • Managed and monitored the server and network infrastructure using Nagios and Splunk.
  • Work with development/testing, deployment, systems/infrastructure and project teams to ensure continuous operation of build and test systems.
  • Provided end-user training for all GIT Hub users to effectively use the tool.
  • Automate the builds and deployment of JAVA projects using ANT and Jenkins.
  • Implement, maintain and support reliable, timely and reproducible builds for project teams.
  • Interact with developers and Enterprise Configuration Management Team for changes to best practices and tools to eliminate non-efficient practices and bottlenecks.
  • Created and maintained user accounts, roles on MySQL, production and staging servers.

Environment: CI/CD, AWS, Jira, Jenkins, Chef, Docker, Apache, Python, Nginx, MySQL, ANT, SVN, Nagios, Ruby, Splunk, Cloudera, Node.Js, Conflunce, SonarQube.


Build and Release Engineer


  • Coordinated with developers, Business Analyst and Mangers to make sure that code is deployed in the Production environment.
  • Deployed legacy applications into JBoss application server.
  • Created shell scripts to automate the server bounce activities for JBoss application server.
  • Documented the deployment process (Migration Doc) of code to production on an Excel Sheet.
  • Installed Jira and confluence on Tomcat server.
  • Processed all the requests from the Developers through Remedy which is an IT process management tool and responsible for managing the code in Subversion (version controlling).
  • Provided Build Scripts for Database Projects to Deploy DB and populate Test data in DB for various environments.
  • Experience in setting Maven repository and pom.xml, Ant build.xml and managed the maven artifacts using Nexus repository.
  • Edited and Modified POM.xml for a few applications that used Maven.
  • Used Ant scripts to perform the builds and wrote a few build.xmls for application development teams.

Environment: Java, JBoss, Subversion, Ant, Maven, Jira, Shell scripting.


Network Administrator/Build Tools Admin


  • Installed Subversion on Linux Machines and Created Different Repositories.
  • Created scripts for Backup and restoring SVN repositories.
  • Responsible for User Management on SVN repositories.
  • Involved in Deployment of applications to WAS instances.
  • Worked on Troubleshooting server hardware and software remotely thru MOM (monitoring software).
  • Deployed and configured, Windows 2000/ 2003 Servers, with DHCP, DNS, IIS, Active Directory Domain Controllers, Group Policy, Internet, TCP/IP, and Routing concept.
  • Performed design, installation, configuration, support, optimization and administration of Windows-based servers and applications as well as provide performance tuning and capacity planning.
  • Responsible for Basic Router Configuration and network equipment (Cisco, Linksys, Net gear, DLink, Brocade Switches).
  • Provided remote support for VPN Technologies for site-to-site and remote access.
  • Responsible for GPO software rollout and GPO policy lockdowns.
  • Provided after-hours on-call support by participating in the on-call rotation.
  • Installed new software releases, system upgrades and resolve software-related problems.
  • Configured remote backup & automated through script.
  • Developed Shell for system administration activities.
  • Installed Hard Disks, Memory etc.
  • Worked on Troubleshooting Network Problem. Managed CPU Usage, Shared Memory, Disk Space Usage and Controlling Processes.

Environment: CISCO 3600/2600 routers, Netopia Router, DNS, WINS, DHCP, TCP/IP, RIP, FTP, TFTP, Terminal Services, SNMP, SMTP, NFS, NIS, NIS+, NFS, Microsoft Windows 95/98/2000/XP/2003, AIX-5.2, Linux.

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