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Sr. Devops Engineer Resume

Roseville, MN


  • Over 8 years of experience as a Build/Release Engineer, DevOps engineer and Linux Admin .I am currently looking for a core DevOps engineer position where I am looking to work/implement and enhance the end to end work flow of Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment process for an organization.
  • Experience in using version controller tools like Subversion (SVN), GIT,and Stash.
  • Responsible for merging, tagging and conflict resolution in GIT and Geritt.
  • Extensively worked on Jenkins and Bamboo for continuous integration and for End to End automation for all build and deployments.
  • Implemented and supported CI process via Jenkins and Bamboo for several java applications including setting up pipeline jobs and downstream job configurations in Jenkins.
  • Maintained Jenkins masters, multiple jobs and slaves for different applications supported several quarterly and project releases in parallel.
  • Hands - on experience on Chef as Configuration management tool, to automate repetitive tasks, quickly deploys critical applications, and proactively manages change.
  • Supported server/VM provisioning activities, middleware installation and deployment activities via chef.
  • Written Chef cookbooks and recipes to Provision Several pre-prod environments consisting of Cassandra DB installations, WebLogic domain creations and several proprietary middleware installations
  • Written Chef Recipes to automate our build/deployment process and do an overall process improvement to any manual processes.
  • Used Foodcritic to avoid common cookbook errors
  • Used Chef spec for Unit testing, Serverspec and Inspec for integration testing of cookbooks.
  • Hands on experience in AWS provisioning and good knowledge of AWS services like EC2, S3, Glacier, ELB, RDS and Cloud Formation .
  • Work with Docker and help improve our Continuous Delivery framework to streamline releases and reliability.
  • Develop continuous delivery product release pipelines, using tools such as Rundeck, Jenkins, and chef to enable release and operations automation
  • Ability in deploying the developed code in a WebSphere/WebLogic/ Apache Tomcat / JBOSS, IIS7 .
  • Experience writing Shell and Perl scripts to automate the deployments. Ability in managing all aspects of the software configuration management process.
  • Developed Cookbooks and recipes for automating deployments via Chef
  • Implemented Continuous Delivery setup to created packages from Jenkins and to be deployed to Applications servers through Rundeck jobs with chef as the backend configuration management tool.
  • Experience in using bug tracking systems like JIRA, Remedy
  • Managed environments DEV, SIT, QA, UAT and PROD for various releases and designed instance strategies
  • Extensively used build utilities like Maven, ANT for building of jar, war, bar and ear files.
  • Experience in managing the artifacts generated by MAVEN in the Nexus repository.
  • Experience working on Docker hub, creating Docker images and handling multiple images primarily for middleware installations and domain configuration.
  • Knowledge on various Docker components like Docker Engine, Hub, Machine, Compose and Docker Registry.


Operating Systems: UNIX, WINDOWS, LINUX

Version Control Tools: GIT, CVS, SVN, Perforce

Languages & Scripting: JAVA, XML, SHELL, PERL, RUBY, PYTHON

Databases: My SQL, MS Access, Oracle 9i/10g/11g, DB2



AWS Services: AWS EC2, VPC, EBS, SNS, RDS, EBS, CloudWatch, CloudFormationAWS Config, S3, autoscaling, Lambda

Cloud Services: AWS and Openstack.

Micro services: Docker, Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, AWS ECS

Issue tracking tools: Jira, Remedy, Version one.


Confidential, Roseville, MN

Sr. DevOps Engineer


  • Configured & Provisioned AWS EC2 Cloud instances using AMI's like (Linux/Redhat) and configuring the servers for specified applications using Jenkins.
  • Used Chef cookbooks, recipes, roles, Databags, runlist to deploy web applications, applications servers and vendor applications.
  • Implemented a Continuous Delivery pipeline with Docker, and GitHub and AWS.
  • Worked at optimizing volumes and EC2 instances and created multiple VPC instances.
  • Implementing a Continuous Delivery framework using Jenkins, Chef, Maven&Nexus in Linux environment.
  • Communicated with the teams by conducting daily meetings to know the status and reviewed the deployment guide.
  • Worked with business to plan the deployment timings, Engineering teams to prepare the production deployment plan.
  • Experience working with IAM (Identity Access Management) in order to create new accounts, roles and groups.
  • Experience in creating alarms and notifications for EC2 instances using Cloud Watch.
  • Managed Ubuntu Linux and Windows virtual servers on AWS EC2.
  • Experience involving configuring S3 versioning and lifecycle policies to and backup files and archive files in glacier.
  • Experience assigning job works via Rundeck.
  • Used Test Kitchen to test the scripts and used Ohai to collect attributes on node.
  • Maintained Chef Servers and management application that can use Service Now (CI) data to bring computers into a desired state by managing files, services, or packages installed on physical or virtual machines.
  • Created own Docker images..
  • Virtualized the servers using the Docker for the test environments and dev-environments needs. And also, configuration automation using Docker containers.
  • Automated CI/CD process using Jenkins, build-pipeline-plugin, maven, GIT.
  • Implement best practices and maintain Source Code repository infrastructure (Using GIT).
  • Involved in Software Configuration Management, Build & Deployment Management.
  • Set up Jenkins master/slave to distribute builds on slave nodes.
  • Used several Jenkins plugins like Artifactory Plugin, Ant and Maven Plugin etc.
  • Setup Chef Server, workstation, client and wrote scripts to deploy applications.
  • Experience in designing and implementing configuration management system using Ansible.
  • Delivering customer on-boarding solutions based on Ansible to ensure customer adoption of solutions and products.
  • Scripting in multiple languages on UNIX, LINUX and Windows - Bash, Shell script etc. Ensures teams follow the organization's established policies and procedures.
  • Using Docker in environment variables, configuration files, Option types and strings and integers.
  • Created the Dockerfiles from the base RHEL images.

Environment: AWS, GIT, Maven, GITHUB, Chef, Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes, Java, Apache Tomcat, JBoss, Jmeter, Json, Bash, Shell, ELK Stack, Grafana, Jenkins, MongoDb.

Confidential, Bentonville, AR

DevOps/Cloud Engineer


  • Involved in Architect, build and maintain Highly Available secure multi-zone AWS cloud infrastructure utilizing Chef with AWS Cloud Formation and Jenkins for continuous integration.
  • Design & implemented VPC service for extension of customer‘s on-premises datacenter with AWS Cloud using AWS VPC and VPN & Direct connect services.
  • Global Program Management Release Management Team Building and Leadership
  • Business and Technology Leadership Ant, Make, Maven, Jenkins, Quickbuild, Chef, Puppet, Jira
  • Implemented and maintained Chef Configuration management spanning several environments in VMware and the AWS cloud.
  • Launching Amazon EC2 Cloud Instances using Amazon Images (Linux/ Ubuntu) and Configuring launched instances with respect to specific applications.
  • Built Cloud infrastructure for Multi-Tier Applications with Failover and High Availability Mode.
  • Experience in Creating secured cloud infra using (VPC) for Staging and Development environment on AWS.
  • Designed & implemented enterprise grade with customizable and cost-effective Solutions on AWS.
  • Worked on AWS- EC2, S3, Glacier, Storage Gateway, Elastic Load Balancing, VPC, IAM, RDS, CloudFront (CDN), CloudWatch and Auto Scaling Services
  • Written Chef Cookbook recipes to automate installation of Middleware Infrastructure like Apache tomcat, jdk, and configuration tasks for new environments etc.
  • Experience with chef test kitchen, berkshelf and chef spec for unit test cases.
  • Evaluated and designed the software and the infrastructure for the company-wide private container cloud solution based on Kubernetes, Swarm, Docker, Python .
  • Experience working on several docker components like Docker Engine, Hub, Machine, Compose and Docker Registry
  • Evaluated Kubernetes for Docker container orchestration
  • Experience working on docker hub, creating docker images and handling multiple images primarily for middleware installations and domain configurations.
  • Worked on Docker container snapshots, attaching to a running container, removing images, managing directory structures and managing containers.
  • Configuration of Jenkins, Identifying and Installing required plug-ins to Jenkins, integrating external Unix servers, adding nodes/Slaves to Jenkins, writing scripts to configure build jobs, Build Pipelines, set up of automated Gerrit Verification Process in Jenkins and Bamboo
  • Installed Jenkins on a Linux machine and created a master and slave configuration to implement multiple parallel builds through a build farm.
  • Responsible for branching and merging of code base for various applications release in GIT
  • Planning releases with Zero downtime and no impact for the partners.
  • Responsible for integrating test framework in to deployment pipeline.
  • Worked as release engineer for implementing and maintaining highly automated build and deployment process.
  • Managed application deployment for complex projects including systems integration.
  • Assist with supporting source code management tools and automation builds by Maven including Dependency Management.
  • Ensure proper management of the product release life cycle.
  • Develop deployment plans and schedules for the Change Review meeting.
  • Manual Installation and configuration of Tomcat and Apache servers.
  • Hands on experience in installing and administrating CI tools like Jenkins, GIT, Perforce and Nexus.

Environment: Java/J2ee, Git, Gerrit, Jenkins, Bamboo, Jira, Stash, WebLogic, Apache Tomcat, Chef, Tortoise SVN, Maven, Nexus Maven Repository, Red Hat Linux, Windows 2012 server, Docker, Amazon Web Services, Rundeck

Confidential, Lowell, MA

DevOps Engineer


  • Developed build and deployment processes for Pre-production environments.
  • Work as a DevOps Engineer for a team that involves three different developments teams and multiple simultaneous software releases.
  • Coordinating with development teams, QA teams, IT support teams to ensure smooth releases
  • Developed Chef Recipes to configure, deploy and maintain software components of the existing infrastructure
  • Implemented Chef best-practices and introduced Foodcritic, Berkshelf and Test Kitchen to facilitate a more natural cookbook development work flow.
  • Managed Nodes, Runlists, roles, environments, databags, cookbooks, recipes in Chef.
  • Deployed and maintained Chef role-based application servers, including Apache, JBoss, Nginx, and Tomcat
  • Worked on the automation of middleware configuration work through chef.
  • Create Chef Recipes, automation tools and builds, and do an overall process improvement to any manual processes
  • Created and maintained Bamboo build plans for all Cookbooks with providing unit testing, integration testing and Kitchen test.
  • Creating snapshots and amazon machine images (AMIs) of the instances for backup and creating clone instances.
  • Responsible for managing infrastructure provisioning (S3, ELB, EC2, RDS, Route 53, IAM, and Security groups) and deployment via EC2 instances with Centos, Ubuntu and RHEL.
  • Installed and administered Artifactory repository and created roles and privileges to restrict access to the users.
  • Responsible for the building and deploying the artifacts into DEV, UAT and QA Environments
  • Installed Bamboo and perform troubleshooting during installation to implement the CI process for the java application builds.
  • Implemented and supported CI process via Jenkins and Bamboo for several java applications including setting up pipeline jobs and downstream job configurations in Jenkins.
  • Integrated Stash, JIRA, Repository with Bamboo to implement a continuous integration environment with unit testing, coding standards monitoring, code coverage monitoring and automated build report generation.
  • Managed Version Control Subversion ( SVN ) and GIT Hub Enterprise and Automated current build process with Bamboo with proposed Branching strategies to accommodate code in various testing cycles
  • Deployed code on Apache tomcat, JBoss servers for production, QA, and development environments.
  • Created comprehensive JIRA workflows including project workflows, screen schemes, permission schemes, notification schemes etc.
  • Involved on Container based deployments(Docker) with Chef configuration management tool.

Environment: Java/J2ee, SVN, GIT, Bamboo, Chef, Docker, vSphere, Jenkins, Bamboo, AWS (EC2, S3, AMI’s, VPC, Cloud Formation, ELB, Auto Scaling), Vagrant, Maven,ANT, Repository, Tomcat, Jvm, Splunk, Jira, Confluence, Shell/Perl Scripts, Ruby.


Linux Administrator/ Build and Release Engineer


  • Interacted with client teams to understand client deployment requests.
  • Coordinated in building UNIX/ Linux platforms for different applications, troubleshooting and creating technical documentation
  • Worked closely with Project Managers to understand a code/configuration release scope and how to confirm a release was successful.
  • Build, manage, and continuously improved the build infrastructure for global software development engineering teams including implementation of build scripts, continuous integration infrastructure and deployment tools.
  • Managing the code migration from CVS and Star team to Subversion repository.
  • Implemented continuous integration using Hudson
  • Created repositories according the structure required with branches, tags and trunks.
  • Attended sprint planning sessions and daily sprint stand-up meetings.
  • Configured application servers (JBOSS) to deploy the code.
  • Configured plugins for the integration tools to the version control tools.
  • Worked with the developers to configure plugins trough Eclipse to develop the code.
  • For check in process used Tortoise SVN as a migration tool.
  • System disk partitioning, mirroring root disk drive and configuring device groups in LINUX and UNIX environment. Creating and authenticating windows user accounts on Citrix Server.
  • Utilize Jira for issue reporting, status, and activity planning.
  • Extensively used ANT tool to do the builds, integrated ANT to Eclipse and did local builds.
  • Integrated Maven with Hudson for the builds as the Continuous Integration process.
  • Build Java code and .NET code on to different Jenkins servers as per the schedule.
  • Responsible for communicating next steps, deployment schedules, quality assurance, validation and defect tracking/ resolution.
  • Documented all post-deployment issues in a log and assist in resolving these issues where applicable, maintaining timely updates within the log. Manual and Automation process of creating branches tags and code merging Ensured all steps are successfully completed and document their completion times and issue logs


Linux Administrator


  • Execute performance as advanced system administration, operational support and problem resolution for a large complex Unix/ Linux computing environment, including both virtualized and physical servers. Used Shell scripts to manage server performance, user activities and monitor file system usage
  • Working knowledge of activity automation Shell
  • Perform Unix/ Linux administration including changes, deletes, disk space management, application installation, and backups
  • Working knowledge of activity automation Shell
  • Configured various services, devices as well as applications of UNIX servers and worked with application team to customize the environment. Worked with Apache and developed several UNIX scripts to automate web tasks
  • Linux Operating Systems Installation, Configuration and Maintenance
  • Installation, Configuration & Upgrade of Linux operating system
  • Created different scripts for automating Linux /UNIX server tasks using shell scripts
  • Support VMware environment including changes, adding/removing systems, and disk space management
  • Provided system administration support for Red Hat /CentOS Linux and physical servers

Environment: Redhat 4/5, Apache 2.2, JBOSS 4.2, Centos, Redhat, UNIX, Linux, Shell, Jumpstart, KickStart, LDOMS 1.2, VMware, Volume Management.

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