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Aws/ Devops Engineer Resume

Ashburn, VA


  • Innovative and Results driven Engineer seeking an AWS/Java/DevOps Engineering position where my education, qualifications, acquired skills and passion for development will be utilized to their best to improve the company’s overall performance.
  • Hands - on Experience in coding with Android and iOS Mobile platforms
  • Seasoned AWS Cloud Engineer with experience in Cloud Engineering, related technologies that includes extensive work experience in AWS (EC2, EBS, S3, VPC, RDS, SES, ELB, AMAZON EMR, Cloud Front, Cloud Formation, Elastic Cache, Elastic Search, Kinesis, Cloud Watch, RedShift, Lambda, SNS, DynamoDB, etc.)
  • Users and group management using the AWS's Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Strong Scripting skills (Bash/Python); Programming in C/C++ and MATLAB
  • Extensive knowledge and experience in Linux server administration, Design & Development
  • Knowledge in circuit theory and circuit design and simulation software (MultiSIM etc.)
  • Experience working with FPGAs and Hardware Description languages (ex. VDHL)
  • Excellent skills in developing and maintaining written processes related to most aspects of Application support
  • Member of the honor society of IEEE - Eta Kappa Nu
  • Fast Learner, able to grasp new technologies and acquire new skills quickly
  • Passion for troubleshooting complex issues
  • Critical thinking & Independent worker with strong analytical and comprehensive problem-solving skills
  • Good in working with both Team and Self-Directed settings; dependable and adept at following directions
  • Extensive experience in Developing, Building, Deploying and Managing Three-tier Applications


Operating Systems: Linux (Red Hat, CentOS, Ubuntu), Mac OS, Microsoft Windows

Web Design Tools: HTML/CSS, JSON, XML, Node.JS, Angular.JS, JQuery/JQuery UI

Mobile Application Design Tools: Android Development (Android Studio), iOS Development (Xcode)

Hardware Languages: VHDL (with FPGA), MIPS Assembly, Assembly Code

Databases: DB2, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, DynamoDB, Firebase (Integration /w Google Sheets)

Scripting Languages: C, C++, SQL, Shell, Swift, Python, Java (SE 8/Android), JavaScript, Power Shell

AWS Cloud Services: VPC, EC2, S3, ELB, Auto Scaling, IAM, EMR, Lambda, Kinesis, Elastic Beanstalk, Cloud Front, Cloud Formation, EFS, RDS, Redshift, Direct Connect, Route53, CloudWatch, Cloud Trail, SQS and SNS

Build/CI Tools: Ant, Maven, Gradle, Jenkins, Bamboo, Confluence

Monitoring Tools: CA-APM, ELK, Dynatrace, and Cloud Watch.

Config/Project Management Tools: GIT, SVN, CVS, Jira, HP ALM


AWS/ DevOps Engineer

Confidential, Ashburn, VA


  • Built servers using AWS services, launching EC2, importing volumes, creating security groups, auto-scaling, load balancers in the defined virtual private connection (VPC).
  • Configured Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) with a network of subnets containing instances
  • Created NAT and Proxy instances in AWS and managed route tables, EIP’s and NACLs.
  • Worked on storage lifecycle policies to back the data from AWS S3 to AWS Glacier
  • Worked on AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) components, including user, groups, roles, policies and password policies and provide the same to end user.
  • Created load balancers (ELB) and used Route53 with failover and latency options for high availability and fault tolerance.
  • Optimized the EC2 instances runtime using Lambda functions and Cloud Watch events.
  • Played a key role during Analyzing, preparing technical and functional design specification documents as per the Requirements, Architecture, Development and Maintenance of high traffic application built in Java/J2EE.
  • Migrated existing on-premise application environment to Amazon's Web Services (AWS) infrastructure.
  • Migrated rails applications from Rackspace to Amazon Web Services (AWS) services including Elastic Beanstalk, RDS, and Elastic cache.
  • Worked with Jenkins continuous integration Tools including installation, configuration of jobs, pipelines, security setup etc.
  • Involved in leading Deployment automation Team by working with Jenkins.
  • Used Jenkins for managing configurations, cloud provisioning, and deployment of application
  • Involved in DEVOPS migration/automation processes for build and deploy systems.
  • Configured and managed source code using Git and resolved code merging conflicts in collaboration with application developers and provided a consistent environment
  • Worked with Git / GitHub for code check-ins/checkouts and branching etc.
  • Wrote MAVEN/ANT scripts for automation of build and deployment of applications.
  • Designed the entire life cycle of application development by using Docker and created virtual instances with Docker.
  • Worked on the installation of Docker using toolbox & creation of custom Docker container images, tagging and pushing the images and worked on several Docker components like Docker Engine, Hub, Machine, Compose and Docker Registry.
  • Managed SSL certificate renewals for Web applications as required
  • Managed environments DEV, SIT, QA, UAT, and PROD for various releases and designed instance strategies across multiple applications.

Environment: AWS EC2, ELB, EBS, Cloud Watch, S3, RDS Elastic, Route 53, SQS, Cloud Formation templates, Jenkins, Docker, Ansible, Apache, Python, ANT, Maven, App Dynamics

Android App Developer

Confidential, McLean, VA


  • Designed the website for the client as per their specifications using Wordpress technology
  • As an Android App Developer, single-handedly developed an Android application using Android Studio environment as per client’s specifications where a user can search for contest/registration information on competitions for various subjects (Science, Poetry, Forensics, etc.) based on criteria such as education level (KG - 12th grade) and/or location.
  • Self-starter in a purely individual work environment with constant communication with the client, updating them on progress and addressing their issues, if any
  • Sign-in Authentication flow with own application (e.g. ContestPro) logic as well as with federated providers Google and Facebook, via Firebase SDK.
  • Assisted with migration of company’s legacy data from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to Google Spreadsheet as well as introducing data validation.
  • Set up an online data store to house relevant information that the app can directly access and search as necessary; this involved integration of various resources, namely setting up and connecting Google sheets to a Firebase NoSQL database via a custom Google App Script.
  • Provisioned real-time data e.g. a modification in the Google Sheets cell(s) once confirmed will automatically update information displayed on the Android app without necessitating any ‘refresh’ feature.
  • Additional Google App Scripts were devised for customized data validation for select columns as well as for scheduling e-mail notifications to the client, alerting for spreadsheet rows (containing competition information) that were expired or soon.
  • Individually built and assisted client in deploying the aforementioned application and all related environments to the Google Play Store for final release.
  • The code is managed in GitHub.

Environment: Android Studio, XML Layouts, Gradle scripts, Android API, Google Firebase, JSON, Firebase SDK, Google/Facebook/Custom Auth SDK, Git, GitHub, Java and DateTime API, Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Google App Scripts (coded in Javascript), jQuery / jQuery UI

Production Support Intern

Confidential, D.C.


  • Performed Production support, supporting several applications during release deployment, Incident management & problem resolution and monitoring the production environment as well as with Linux Administration
  • Setting up Jenkins Deployment Automation pipeline using Shell scripting.
  • Utilized tools like JIRA to assess priority and/or severity of tickets, share them with team members by sending media (screenshots etc.)
  • Categorized ticket issues and debugged website issues.
  • Ticket life cycle of incidents and request fulfillment via email, WebEx, phone, instant messaging
  • Developed Unix shell scripts for handling the deployment process
  • Involved in setting up the File systems, Load Balancer rules and deployment of application packages and middleware packages during the expansion of prod and Canary environment, Green and Blue
  • Created branches and managed the source code for various applications in GIT.
  • Documented and maintained the resolved knowledge base for most common issues of app team
  • Created Automated Scripts for the repeated issues
  • Performed queries in SQL to gather data and gather resources on bridge calls to solve problems
  • Setting up the Environment for Application packaging and deploying
  • Troubleshooting various server start/stop issues as they arose
  • Created jobs in Jenkins to automate routine day-to-day activities
  • Tuning servers and applications for better performance. Troubleshooting the emerging application issues, from server configuration to code issues.
  • Experience in analyzing the root cause and resolving the problem during outage or daily routines.
  • Develop, maintain, communicate and implement written processes and procedures related to all aspects of application support.

Environment: AWS, Git, GitHub, Maven, Jenkins, ELK, Java, RHEL, Ansible, Apache Tomcat, Docker, MySQL, Shell Script

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