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Cloud Aws Devops Engineer Resume

Charlotte, NC


  • 8 + years of experience as a Linux Administrator and DevOps Engineer with reputed companies working on tools like AWS, Jenkins, Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Ansible Tower on Linux distributions.
  • Solid experience working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) products like EC2, Amazon Elastic Beanstalk, AWS Lambda, Route 53, VPC, ELB, S3, Glacier, Elastic Block Store, DynamoDB, Amazon RDS, Cloud Formation, Code Deploy, CloudWatch, Amazon IAM, SES, SQS, Security Groupsand SNS
  • Experienced in all phases of the software development life - cycle (SDLC) with specific focus on the build and release of quality software. Experienced in Waterfall, Agile/Scrum, Lean and most recently Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) practices.
  • Understanding of the principles and best practices of Software Configuration Management (SCM) processes, which include compiling, packaging, deploying and Application configurations.
  • Worked with Version Control Systems GIT, Github, GitLab and SVN (Subversion).
  • Skilled enough to build deployment, Build scripts and automated solutions (using scripting languages such as Shell, Python, Ruby, Perl etc.)
  • Experience in Systems Administration (Installation, Configuration, Tuning and Upgrades of Linux (RedHat, Ubuntu and Oracle), Windows, Unix/Linux platforms.
  • Extensively worked with automation tools like Jenkins, Hudson, Bamboo, uDeploy to implement the End to End Automation.
  • Application Deployments & Environment configuration using Chef, Ansible, Puppet.
  • AWS Cloud platform and its features which includes EC2, VPC, AMI, EBS, CloudWatch, AWS Config, Cloud Front, IAM, S3, Elastic Beanstalk, Route53.
  • AWS Services Iaas (Infrastructure as a Service),paas(Platform as a Service),Saas(Software as a Service)
  • Working with technical and non-technical teams across AWS.
  • Experienced on Docker, Docker Swarm, AWS ECS, Kubernetes.
  • For seeking a technology solution, learning opportunities, or help with the transition to cloud-native development - you can find what you need in The Foundry.
  • Kubernetes is an open source system for managing containerized applications across multiple hosts, providing basic mechanisms for deployment, maintenance, and scaling of applications.
  • Developed Ruby mostly on GNU/Linux especially Red Hat, Ubuntu.
  • Expertise in using build tools like MAVEN and ANT for the building of deployable artifacts such as war & ear from source code.
  • Experience in working with Terraform key features such as Infrastructure as code, Execution plans, Resource Graphs, Change Automation
  • Experience writing Shell and Perl scripts to automate the deployments.
  • Worked on Identity and Access Management IAM products to initiate, capture, record and manage user identities and their related access permissions in an automated fashion.
  • Experience using RPMs to effectively package the applications for product deployments.
  • Experience in configuration of Apache SOLR, Mongo db, PostgreSQL, Active Directory, NIS, NIS+, DNS, DHCP, NFS, LDAP, SAMBA, SQUID, postfix, send mail, ftp, remote access, security management and Security trouble shooting skills.
  • Experience is using Tomcat, JBOSS, Weblogic and WebSphere Application servers for deployments.
  • Experience in writing Ant and Maven build scripts for creating the builds (.jar .war and. ear) for the applications.
  • Udeploy is a tool for automating application deployments through your environments.
  • Experienced in WAMP (Windows, Apache, MYSQL and Python) and LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySql and Python) Architecture.
  • Designed and support all internal and client databases through LAMP Stack environment, as well as websites, version tracking software (git), ticket support system and Word Press.
  • Experience in Installing Firmware Upgrades, kernel patches, systems configuration, performance tuning on Unix/Linux systems.
  • Good understanding of OSI Model, TCP/IP protocol suite (IP, ARP, TCP, UDP, SMTP, FTP, and TFTP)
  • Managed environments DEV, SIT, QA, UAT and PROD for various releases and designed instance strategies.
  • Good knowledge on security standards and compliance concepts PCI, SOX.
  • Experience in using bug-tracking systems like JIRA, Remedy, Taiga and Quality Center.
  • Ability to work closely with teams, in order to ensure high quality and timely delivery of builds and releases.
  • Strong ability to troubleshoot any issues generated while building, deploying and in production support.
  • Good Interpersonal Skills, team-working attitude, takes initiatives and very proactive in solving problems and providing best solutions.
  • Good knowledge on ITIL Process and have worked on coordinating releases across the projects.


Hardware / Platforms: HP-UX, AIX, SunOS, Ubuntu, RedHat EL and Windows

Version Control Tools: GIT-STASH, Subversion, UCM ClearCase, Harvest Release 12,Accurev and TFS 2010

Programming /Scripting Languages: Shell Scripting, PERL Scripting, Python, Groovy, PHP and SQL

Change Management & Defect Tracking Tools: HP ALM, IBM Rational ClearQuest, BMC Remedy 7, Jira

Build Management Tools: Make, GMake, Maven, Ant and MS Build

CI/CD Tools: Jenkins, Hudson, TeamCity, CircleCI and Bamboo

DevOps Tools: Ansible, Artifactory, Jenkins, Bamboo, Docker, ocker Swarm, Chef, Nagios, Git, GitHub, Splunk, Gradle, Vagrant, Puppet, Kubernetes, Open Source Tripwire & Bamboo

Application Server: Apache Tomcat, Apache Geronimo, JBoss Enterprise & IBM WebSphere

Cloud Platforms: Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Azure


Confidential, Charlotte, NC

Cloud AWS DevOps Engineer


  • Design and build custom VPC setups, maintain and architect Cloud Formations for rapid deployment, setup High Availability Cloud architectures in AWS. Architect and setup AWS Customer Gateway via VPN.
  • Maintain the best in class AWS Cost Optimization, AWS Cloud Security, Operational Excellence, Performance, and Reliability for AWS Cloud architecture and deployments.
  • Build and use CloudFormation\ Terraform templates to design and launch applications.
  • Writing chef recipes for various applications and deploying them in AWS using Terraform.
  • Expert working knowledge of Chef, Terraform, Cloudformation.
  • Jenkins for build code, base, unit testing, test runs, Selenium for user acceptance tests, static code analysis, code quality metrics, Artifactory, Gradle, Splunk, document generation, Jira and deployment as part of our test driven development thus automating the SDLC pipeline
  • Implemented a Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline with Bamboo, Docker, UDeploy and Subversion and AWS AMI’s, whenever a new Subversion branch get approved to trunk, Jenkins, our Continuous Integration (CI) server, automatically attempts to build a new Docker container from it, The Docker container leverages Linux containers and has the AMI baked in
  • Chef for infrastructure automation and local development testing, used EC2 as virtual servers to host GIT, Jenkins or Bamboo and configuration management tool. Converted slow and manual procedures to dynamic API generated procedures and Junit for testing framework.
  • Write Chef Cookbooks using recipes with Tomcat, scripts to recipes with Python, Pip and Django, worked with legacy code - Redis, used community cookbooks and converted configuration script to recipe using Jenkins
  • Compliance across applications and infrastructure with InSpec 1.0, InSpec DSL and InSpec Shell to develop controls iteratively, test driven development with InSpec, unit test with ChefSpec and verify code style with RuboCop and Food critic
  • Rolled out Chef to all servers, and used the chef node database to drive host configuration, DNS zones, monitoring and backups
  • Experience in Chef Workstation setup, cookbooks, recipes and attributes along with bootstrapping instances and auto scaling integration
  • Lead multiple cross-functional teams in developing REST full API applications across a variety of channels
  • Had experience working with logs and usage of REST and SOAP Services to provision and maintain accounts
  • Worked on Rundeck job scheduler and job automation Job structure, Job grouping, Scripts, Job options, Allowed option values, Script access to option data using Rundeck GUI and CLI
  • Created Docker images using a Docker file, worked on Docker container snapshots, removing images and managing Docker volumes also deployed Docker Swarm
  • Involved in Jira as defect tracking system and configure various workflows, customizations and plug-ins for Jira bug/issue tracker.
  • Created virtual images similar to production environment using Docker, developed and maintained containers on a private DockerHub
  • Nagios monitoring extensively for system monitoring, protocol monitoring and application monitoring. Worked on Nagios XI, Nagios Log server & Nagios Network Analyserand Oracle Fusion for High Availability Disaster Recovery and Designing Mission-Critical Middleware Solutions
  • Installed and managed Middleware tools through puppet such as WebSphere Application Server 7.x/8.x, JBOSS, GA7/EAP6, IBM HIS, Apache and Tomcat
  • Application Server - IBM WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment, WebSphere Commerce, WebSphere Portal (WWCM / RCI), Apache Tomcat, JBoss, Apache HTTP Server, IBM HTTP Server, Big-IP F5 Load Balancer, Hands on experience on F5 load balancer, its methods, implementation and troubleshooting on LTM, GTM, APM and ved ASM. Worked on software versions including 9.2, 11.4.1, 11.5.3, Design and Deployed F5 LTM load balancer infrastructure per business needs.
  • Installed, configured and maintained NFS, DNS and FTP services Wildcard and Multi Domain SSL certificates, Couchbase and manipulating JSON data in Couchbase Server through N1QL
  • Demonstrated experience of all layers of the TCP/IP stack and common Internet services/protocols such as SMTP, DNS, LDAP, NTP, HTTP, HTTPS, NGINX, IIS Server (extensibility) 6.x, 7.x, CouchDB, Couchbase, TLS, VXLAN and IPSec
  • Cloud Foundry encompasses an ecosystem of distributions, add-ons, providers, education, and more that provide a full range of solutions to end users.
  • SAN SSL/TLS, Exchange Server Certificates, Unified Communications Certificates or UCC SSL) are SSL/TLS certificates that can secure multiple domains

Environment: AWS, CI/ CD, Jenkins, code pipeline/ end - end automation, Artifactory, Gradle, Splunk, Chef, Chef Automate, Chef Compliance, Rundeck, Docker, Nagios, Websphere, PCF,JBoss, IIS Server.

Confidential, Tampa, Florida

Sr. DevOps/AWS Engineer


  • Involved in DevOps automation processes for build and deploy systems for legacy and micro services projects.
  • Migrated entire project repo stack from SVN to Git Stash
  • Implementing new projects builds framework using Jenkins & Maven as build framework tools.
  • Integrated Sonarqube with Jenkins for continuous inspection of code quality and analysis with sonarqube scanner for Maven.
  • Integrated Jacoco with Jenkins for code coverage analysis in Java VM based environments.
  • Implemented a CI/CD pipeline using Jenkins, Ansible, and Maven in Linux environment.
  • Developed continuous delivery product release pipelines, using tools such as Rundeck, Jenkins, and enable release and operations automation using Ansible.
  • Extensively worked with automation tools like Jenkins, uDeploy to implement the End to End Automation.
  • Udeploy is designed to facilitate rapid feedback and continuous delivery in deployment and production.
  • Worked on micro services project- to build docker containers and deploy to Dev, iTest, Scale, UAT (SIT), PROD.
  • Implemented CI/CD for all the microservices of the OEM application using Jenkins, Maven and Ansible.
  • Worked on Ansible playbooks, roles, include statements, vars, modules, check mode (dry run).
  • Worked AWS stack - AMI management, auto scaling, Elastic Load balancing, Auto Scaling, Cloudwatch, EBS, EC2, IAM, Route53, S3, VPC. EC2 container service, RDS, Cloud Formation.
  • And taking care of various deployments to cloud using Cloud Formation, actually we have a AWS-CF aws cloud formation plugin integrated with Jenkins.
  • Apart from that I was taking care of Cloud Foundry issues.
  • I had to check Cloud foundry logs and metrics, need to check if we face any issues with various Build packs and technology stacks within the build packs.
  • Deployed, scaled and managed AWS services using Ansible playbooks.
  • Provisioned EC2 instances, configured auto scaling and defining cloud formation JSON templates using Ansible modules.
  • Worked to setup Jenkins as a service inside the docker swarm cluster to reduce the failover downtime to mintues and to automate the docker containers deployment without using configuration management tool.
  • Implemeted docker-maven-plugin in maven pom to build docker images for all micro services and later used Docker file to build the docker images from the java jar files.
  • Created Docker container using Docker images to test the application
  • Designed on the same principles that allows Google to run billions of containers a week, Kubernetes can scale without increasing your ops team.
  • Implemented build stage- to build the micro service and push the docker container image to the private docker registry.
  • Worked on end to end setup of the artifactory pro as a docker container with a secure private docker registry and local docker repositories for storing the built docker images.
  • Worked on Ansible playbooks to automate the installation of docker-engine, docker swarm cluster.
  • Worked on deployment automation of all the micro services to pull image from the private docker registry and deploy to docker swarm cluster using Ansible.
  • Worked on Ansible roles to pull the latest succesfull image from the docker repository through JSON API.
  • Worked on building custom python modules.
  • Worked on Ansible modules to deploy docker services on the swarm cluster for the entire micro services stack.
  • Worked on Docker compose to schedule multiple containers and written compose.yml files to configure and scale multiple application services.
  • Worked on Docker swarm mode with docker engine v1.12.5 to bootstrap the manager and worker nodes using swarm join tokens.
  • Worked on Consul and etcd as the hosted discovery service within the swarm cluster.
  • Worked on Docker service rolling updates to implement zero downtime PROD deployments.
  • Worked on Docker machine to install docker-engine on managed virtual hosts in the data center.
  • Worked on Docker Kinematic to build and run containers on the local environment.
  • Integrated mintmarks docker-swarm Visualized to the swarm cluster.
  • Worked on shell scripts to integrate Prometheus, Alert Manager, Node Explorer to monitor the docker swarm cluster metrics from host to container level.
  • Worked on Splunk logging driver to send the container logs to http event collector in Splunk Enterpsrise.
  • Worked on git2consul to mirror a configuration file sitting in git repo to Consul KV store and to make this config file available to docker containers during deployment.
  • Worked on Zero-touch deployment of Ubuntu, RHEL servers and open-source IP address Management (IPAM).
  • Worked on server management tool Landscape to deploy, monitor and manage Ubuntu servers.

Environment: Subversion, GIT, Jenkins, ANSIBLE, JIRA, Bamboo, Maven, AWS, Python, UNIX, Shell Scripting, Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, Cloud Foundry .

Confidential, Las Vegas, NV

Build / Release Engineer


  • As a member of Release Engineering group, redefined processes and implemented tools for software builds, patch creation, source control, and release tracking and reporting, on UNIX platform.
  • Setting up the build and deployment automation for Java base project by using JENKINS and Maven
  • Responsible for creating and deploying builds on various Web Logic environments, testing in build environment and release to test team on scheduled time.
  • Creating builds using power shell Scripts, ANT/Maven scripts manually and automated.
  • Troubleshooting deployment and installation issues.
  • Automated the Build Process using Jenkins.
  • Maintained necessary back-up of the important files and documented Linux scripts for future reference.
  • Handling complete Build and Release process including code, documentation and supporting testing team along with the server Administration
  • Work with QA to facilitate verification of releases. Running multiple builds at a time.
  • GIT administration like give access for branches and GIT repositories.
  • Support the code builds by integrating with continuous integration tool ( Jenkins ).
  • Installed and configured Jenkins for Automating Deployments and providing an automation solution.
  • Integrated GIT into Jenkins to automate the code check-out process.
  • Used Jenkins for automating Builds and Automating Deployments.
  • Managed build results in Jenkins and deployed using workflows.
  • Managed to deliver specific versions of various components of an application into target environments.
  • Modeled the structure for multi-tiered applications orchestrate the processes to deploy each tier.
  • Developed build and deployment scripts using ANT and MAVEN as build tools in Jenkins to move from one environment to other environments.
  • Integrated delivery ( CI and CD process) Using Jenkins, Nexus, Yum and puppet .
  • Worked on Docker platform to develop, ship, and run applications
  • Have used Confluence to create, share and discuss content and projects.
  • Familiar and experienced with Agile Scrum development.

Environment: GIT, Ant, Maven, Artifactory, Tomcat, Web Sphere, VMware, Clear Quest Jenkins, Linux, JBOSS, Shell, Perl Scripting, Nexus, JIRA

Confidential, Sacramento, CA

Linux/DevOps Engineer


  • Developed installer scripts using Ant, Python and UNIX for various products to be hosted on Application Servers.
  • Automated the release pipeline to achieve zero touch deployments using Jenkins, Nexus, Coordinate/assist developers with establishing and apply in appropriate branching, labeling/naming conventions using GIT source control.
  • Analyze and resolve conflicts related to merging of source code for GIT.
  • Conceived, Designed, Installed and Implemented CI/ CD automation system.
  • Created and updated Bash scripts and modules, files, and packages.
  • Responsible for Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) process implementation
  • Set up Java environment for the installation of ANT on Linux .
  • Troubleshoot Build and Deploy Issues, with little downtime.
  • Organized and Co-Ordinated Product Releases, work closely with product development, QA, Support across global locations to ensure successful releases.
  • Implemented rapid-provisioning and life-cycle management for Linux using Amazon EC2, Chef, and custom Ruby/Bash scripts.
  • Worked on Managing the Private Cloud Environment using Chef.
  • Implemented Chef Cookbooks for OS component configuration to keep AWS server's template -minimal.
  • Monitoring using Ansible playbooks and has integrated Ansible with Rundeck and Jenkins
  • Developed automation framework for Application Deployments to the cloud environments.
  • Managed and optimize the Continuous Delivery tools like Jenkins.
  • Experience in managing virtual instances and disks using Puppet.
  • Deployed Puppet, Puppet dashboard for configuration management to existing infrastructure
  • Installed, Configured, Administer Hudson/Jenkins Continuous Integration Tool.
  • Automated Continuous Build and Deploy Scripts for Hudson/Jenkins Continuous Integration tool.
  • Wrote ANT and MAVEN Scripts to automate the build process.
  • Kubernetes is an open source system for managing containerized applications across multiple hosts, providing basic mechanisms for deployment, maintenance, and scaling of applications
  • Provided ANT build script for building and deploying the application.
  • UrbanCode (Udeploy) Deploy is a tool for automating application deployments through your environments.
  • Udeploy is designed to facilitate rapid feedback and continuous delivery in agile development while providing the audit trails, versioning and approvals needed in production.
  • Integration of Automated Build with Deployment Pipeline. Currently installed Chef Server and clients to pick up the Build from Jenkins repository and deploy in target environments (Integration, QA, and Production).
  • Member of the Technical Design team, Build and Release Module for Development of new products.
  • Automated the local dev environment using Vagrant/chef-solo..

Environment: Red hat Enterprise Linux(RHEL) 7/6., Java, Eclipse, Toad, Git, Tomcat, Apache, Ansible, Jenkins, Python, Ruby Chef, Kubernetes, JIRA, Maven, Art factory, Udeploy, Ubuntu, CentOS, AWS, AWS Cloud Formation Templates, AWS RDS, AWS Cloud Watch, Chef-solo/server

Confidential, Bothell, WA

Build and Release Engineer


  • Provided detailed documentation of complex build and release process, MOPs, build cycles and calendars including creating build reports and Release notes.
  • Was active member of stand up meetings, bug scrubbing meetings and Sprint planning meetings as best practices of agile environment
  • Configured multiple jobs on Jenkins for different projects.
  • Worked on Integrated JIRA with subversion and Jenkins to automate the weekly build process.
  • Used Bash Scripts and Shell scripts to automate deployment process.
  • Assisted Release Manager to deploy APKs and IPKs.
  • Written WLST scripts to deploy the WAR/WAR files to the target Web Logic Server
  • Deployed the java applications into web application servers like Apache Tomcat.
  • Involved in estimating the resources required for the project based on the requirements
  • Performed all necessary day-to-day Subversion functions for the project like merging, creating branches and tags using Tortoise SVN/ Visual SVN. Involved in various Web Application Servers (WAS) administration and troubleshooting.
  • Support the code builds by integrating with continuous integration tool ( Jenkins ).
  • Installed and configured Jenkins for Automating Deployments and providing an automation solution.
  • Integrated GIT into Jenkins to automate the code check-out process.
  • Used Jenkins for automating Builds and Automating Deployments.
  • Managed build results in Jenkins and deployed using workflows.
  • Setting up the build and deployment automation for Java projects by using Jenkins and Maven.
  • Responsible for creating and deploying builds on various Web logic and tomcat environments, testing in build environment and release to test team on scheduled time.
  • Creating builds using power shell Scripts, Ant/Maven scripts manually and automated.
  • Involved in migration activities of Java scripts and Database scripts from Oracle, MS SQL Server and MYSQL into different environments like Development, QA, UAT and Production on Red Hat
  • Create and maintain Subversion Branching, Merging and Tagging across teach production releases and perform builds using Hudson Continuous Integration using Maven Build scripts.
  • Convey Release information in a variety of communication methods such as presentations, training, meetings and knowledge sessions.
  • Worked on deploying ERP (Oracle 11i) applications.

Environment: Subversion, XCode, Jenkins, Maven, ANT, Apache Tomcat, LINUX, XML, Test Flight, IIS Server, Confluence, Oracle, Perl Scripts, Shell scripts, WLST scripting


Software Engineer


  • Identified the Business Requirements of the project.
  • Preparing the Design document by reviewing the Solution Requirement Specifications.
  • Working on the Change requests and involved in Construction phase.
  • Developed and Worked in EA Frame Work.
  • Writing Test Cases from Function Specifications.
  • Handling Status Calls to explain the progress of defects.
  • Providing reports and performing Cleanups requested by client.
  • Java coding to fix the defects and performing unit and integrated testing.
  • Capable of Creating new database instances & managing table Spaces, users & roles.
  • Conversant in XML related technologies.
  • Experience in developing dynamic web based user interfaces using HTML and Java Script.
  • Involved in workflow, and process flow.
  • Spring Boot offers a fast way to build applications.
  • Developed Java Beans that interact with the back end layer to fetch the data and displayed accordingly.
  • Designed and developed the presentation layer with JSP, Java Script, HTML and AJAX.
  • Developed backend logic using Servlets, EJB, and JDBC.
  • Involved in Developing the Application using Dependency injections.
  • Developed Structured & Rule validations in Java.
  • Involved in preparing business requirement, Functional specification documents and UI prototype.
  • Designed and developed the UI using JSP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Developed Servelets for retrieving/updating the data from tables in the database.
  • Performed Unit testing using JUnit for code coverage.
  • SQL statements and procedures to fetch the data from the database.
  • Designing database backup strategies and performing roman backups and recoveries. Shell scripting for automating the SQL*Loader jobs for the initial data load.
  • Used EJBs (Session beans) to implement the business logic, JMS for communication for sending updates to various other applications and MDB for routing priority requests.
  • Involved in functional testing for the developed application.
  • Developed Integration part to consume with the UI using RIAK service.
  • Worked to develop Document upload using Mule configuration and different services.
  • Used Maven projects to build the versioned applications.
  • Utilized SVN for software configuration management and version control.
  • Worked with RSA IDE to develop and deploy complete application.

Environment: Java EE 1.5, JDBC, Multi-Threading, Servlets, JSP, Struts 1.0, XML, XSLT, JUnit, Eclipse, ANT, Web logic server 9.2, Oracle 9i, CVS, Unix, Windows.

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