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Aws Devops Engineer Resume

Blue-ash, OH


  • Around 9 years of IT experience as AWS Cloud computing, DevOps Engineer, Build and Release Engineer, System Engineer and Unix/Linux Administrator.
  • Provisioning EC2 instances and have knowledge on all resource areas of EC2 like Instances, Dedicated hosts, volumes, Keypairs, Elastic IP's, Snapshots, Load Balancers and Security Groups.
  • Expertise in Amazon AWS Cloud Administration which includes services like: EC2, S3, EBS, VPC, ELB, AMI, SNS, RDS, IAM, Route 53 , Auto scaling, Cloud Front, Cloud Watch, Cloud Trail, Cloud Formation, OPS Work, Security Groups.
  • Connected user requests to infrastructure running in AWS such as Amazon EC2 instances, Elastic Load Balancing load balancers, or Amazon S3 buckets and outside AWS using Amazon Route 53.
  • Experienced in Administration of Production, Development and Test environments carrying different operating system platforms like Windows, Ubuntu, Red Hat Linux, Centos and Solaris servers.
  • Expertise in using build tools like MAVEN and ANT for the building of deployable artifacts such as war, jar & ear from source code.
  • Profusely worked on Version control tools like Subversion, GIT, clear case to track changes made by different people in source code.
  • Profoundly did Continuous integration using Hudson's/Jenkins, Anthill pro, Team city and Bamboo, which requires developers to integrate code into a shared repository several times a day.
  • Experienced in working on DevOps/Agile operations process and tools area (Code review, unit test automation, Build & Release automation, Environment, Service and Change Management).
  • Worked in an agile development team to deliver an end to end continuous integration/continuous delivery product in an open source environment using tools like puppet & Jenkins.
  • Used Chef for server provisioning and infrastructure automation in a SaaS (Software as a Service) environment.
  • Involved in the functional usage and deployment of applications in WebSphere, WebLogic, Jboss and Apache Tomcat Server.
  • Experienced with version control tools like GIT, CVS, Bitbucket and SVN. In depth knowledge on source controller concepts like Branches, Tags and Merges
  • Worked on several DevOps tools Subversion(SVN), GIT, Ant, MAVEN, Puppet, Chef, Ansible and Docker for Build, deploy, continuous integration to help developers work in an Agile environment.
  • Setting up UNIX/Linux environments for various applications. Worked on different Linux distributions like Ubuntu, RHEL, Amazon Linux, CentOS.
  • Worked with container based deployments using Docker , with Docker images and have a good knowledge on Vagrant.
  • Great communication and interpersonal skills, ability to learn, implement and explain new tools and technologies quickly and ability to work within stipulated timelines.
  • Highly - motivated and able to work with low supervision independently as well as in a team environment. Have practical and terrific trouble shooting skills.


Version Control: GIT, SVN, Bitbucket, TFS

Build and Deployment: ANT, Maven, Bamboo, Gradle, Hudson/Jenkins, uBuild, MS Visual Studio (VSTS), TeamCity, Octopus

Repository management and Monitoring Tools: Artifactory, Nexus, J Frog, Splunk, Nagios, New Relic, Cloud watch

Configuration Management: Puppet, Ansible, Chef, SaltStack

Operating Systems: Linux, Ubuntu, RHEL 6-7, Unix, Windows 7-8-10, Vagrant

Scripts/Programming: Java, Python, Shell, Perl, Ruby, JSON, XML, Node.js, .Net

Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Dynamo DB, Oracle, Sybase, NoSQL, DB2

Web App servers: Apache HTTP Server, WebLogic, Tomcat, WebSphere, Jboss, Nginx

Cloud Services: AWS, OpenStack, Azure, EFS, Elastic cache, RDS, VPC, EC2, S3

Containers: Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift, ECS, Mesos/Marathon

Networking/ Protocols: TCP/IP, SOAP, REST API, Routing Protocols, Subnets, VPN

Testing tools: Selenium, Junit


Confidential, Blue-Ash, OH

AWS DevOps Engineer


  • Implemented and maintained the monitoring and alerting of production and corporate servers/storage using AWS Cloud watch.
  • Worked on cloud environment AWS, created EC2 instances and migrated various applications to AWS.
  • Written Cloud formation templates and deployed AWS resources using the same.
  • Defined AWS Security Groups which acted as virtual firewalls that controlled the traffic allowed to reach one or more AWS EC2 instances. Used Elastic cache to setup, manage and scale a distributed cache-in environment in the cloud.
  • Expert level experience with AWS DevOps tools, technologies and APIs associated with IAM, Cloud Formation, Cloud Watch, AIMs, SNS, EC2, EBS, S3, RDS, VPC, ELB, IAM, Route 53, Security Groups, Lambda etc.
  • Managed local deployments in Kubernetes, creating local cluster and deploying application containers.
  • Supported small to medium sized projects using GitHub, and administrate GitHub user setups. worked on integrating GitHub into the continuous Integration (CI) environment along with Jenkins
  • Generated scripts in Maven, Perl & Bash Shell for build activities in QA, Staging and Production environments.
  • Automated weekly releases with ANT/Maven scripting for compiling java code, debugging and placing builds into maven repository.
  • Worked extensively with API Management product of Apigee edge in consuming the Api’s in implementing customer use cases. Performed Service Level Testing for Web services using Soap UI, Postman and Apigee.
  • Streamlined installation of OpenShift on partner cloud infrastructure such as AWS
  • Deployed project on OpenShift Paas service using Apache webserver with python Django
  • Used Puppet to automate Configuration management and to manage Web Applications, Config Files, Data Base, Commands, Users Mount Points and Packages.
  • Created Jira workflows to automate deployment and issue tracking. set up build notifications, created the users and assigned the permissions on bamboo.
  • Administration of Bamboo. Implemented a Continuous delivery framework using Bamboo, Ansible and Oracle in Linux Environment.
  • Deploy the all build artifacts in tomcat server and resolved the issues for any failed jobs.
  • Strong in building Object Oriented applications using Java, python, writing Shell Scripts on UNIX
  • Created custom PowerShell scripts for software installation. Developed Agile processes using Groovy, JUnit to use continuous integration tools.
  • Managing Users and Groups in Subversion (SVN) and troubleshooting client specific issues and user issues.
  • Developing scripts to be executed as checks by Nagios, Nexus, ganglia for execution in both Windows and Linux environments.
  • Wrote Ansible Playbooks with Python SSH as the Wrapper to Manage Configurations of AWS Nodes and Test Playbooks on AWS instances using Python
  • Viewing the selected issues of web interface using SonarQube and test the code quality.
  • Proficient in deployment and troubleshooting of JAR, WAR, and EAR files in domain and clustered environments of WebLogic Server, Jboss Application Server and Octopus deploy.
  • By using Visual Studio, we integrated development environment to facilitate the creation of Web, desktop and mobile applications for the Windows operating system.
  • Enhancing the Selenium Test cases for Cross browser testing and Junit for unit testing.
  • Database Administration and Maintenance of Database servers like MySQL/PostgreSQL server, NoSQL, Dynamo Db including Patching/Upgrades.
  • Troubleshot for PC Operating systems, specifically Device Manager and TCP/IP configuration.
  • TCP handshaking and working with the TCP and UDP.
  • Provided high availability for IaaS VMs and PaaS role instances for access from other services in the VNet with Azure Internal Load Balancer.
  • Have the good experience on configuring pure storage to AZURE integration custom files of the customer configuration XML, VNet Configuration XML, Provider Configuration, Flash Array Configuration XML, Azure Configuration, Azure Virtual Machine Configuration and Express Route Configuration

Environment: Java/J2EE, SVN, Maven, Ansible, GIT, Bamboo, OpenShift, Apigee, Perl, Bash, JIRA, WebLogic, Nexus, Artifactory, AWS, Cloud, IAM, Open stack, Rackspace, Jenkins, Python, Hudson, Puppet, My SQL, Dynamo DB, NoSQL, Selenium, VSTS, VNet, Jboss, API, TCP/IP, Azure, Nagios

Confidential, Pittsburgh, PA

DevOps Engineer


  • Configured the DynamoDB using AWS management console and created the necessary tables and used Java based AWS SDK for access, storage and retrieval of information.
  • Understanding the specific problems that each functional area has in regards to Cloud Computing is essential for coming up with solutions that will benefit everyone.
  • Provide highly durable and available data by using S3 data store, versioning, lifecycle policies, and create AMIs for mission critical production servers for backup.
  • Configured applications within Fidelity Pricing & Cash Management business unit for Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment using Jenkins and UDeploy.
  • Hands on experience on website code and website patch Deployment and deployment tools like UDeploy (IBM), URelease, Jenkins and Artifactory.
  • Implemented CI/CD for J2EE, SOA & Micro services Architecture Environment (NodeJS, .Net Core, Zookeeper, Kafka, Redis) using Jenkins, uBuild & UDeploy.
  • Checked the code from GIT, Bitbucket and used Ant and Gradle to build Jar, war and ear artifacts
  • Production experience in large environments using configuration management tools chef, puppet.
  • Building/Maintaining Docker container clusters managed by Kubernetes, Linux, Bash, GIT, Docker, on AWS. Utilized Kubernetes and Docker for the runtime environment of the CI/CD system to build, test deploy.
  • Installed and administered Docker and worked with Docker for convenient environment setup for development and testing. wrote Docker images for Bamboo, Nexus and various.
  • Extensively used Chef Configuration management to deploy packages with the required build artifacts from Artifactory and facilitate a stable and scalable build and deploy infrastructure.
  • Designed and implemented Chef, including the internal best practices, cookbooks, automated cookbook CI and CD system. Made use of Jenkins for Chef CI, and Rake for style.
  • Deployments from GIT to Cassandra via Bamboo and Node.js, with full auditing and user authentication and authorization provided by the LDAP.
  • Writing Groovy Scripts for REST Web services and deployments. Designed and Developed Bamboo Build deployments on Docker containers.
  • Worked with SaltStack as a configuration management tool for high speed communication with large number of systems to open up new capabilities.
  • Developed PowerShell Scripts for Active Directory management of Users/Groups
  • Implemented TIBCO Business Works Batch processes involving asynchronous JMS messaging, JDBC interactions and file processing
  • Reviewed OpenShift PaaS product architecture and suggested improvement features after conducting research on Competitors products.
  • Working with the container based technologies like Docker, Kubernetes and OpenShift along with development of Microservices architecture using Spring Boot including distributed SSO Authentication and Authorization, Distributed Session Management etc.
  • Kafka Deployment and Integration with Oracle Databases.
  • Work extended hours as necessary to maintain existing or implement new technology with minimal customer impact. Managed library versions and deprecated code, design and sequencing of automated builds & test runs and troubleshooting expertise - build failures due to dependencies, tests, etc.
  • Experience on splunk/sensu enterprise deployments and enabled continuous integration as part of configuration management.
  • Wrote build and deployment script using Ruby and shell scripting.
  • Very Good understanding and Working Knowledge of Object Oriented Programming(OOPS), Python and Scala.
  • Getting the list of issues from the components (project, module, file etc.) with the help of SonarQube.
  • Wrote shell scripts to automate the system management functions and system backup.
  • Performed tasks on F5 load balancer like ordering new certs, installing and renewing SSL certificates, bouncing servers with performance issues after taking them out of the server pools, ID maintenance, User, Group management for all the UNIX servers
  • Performed extensive unit testing using Junit, NUnit and TestNG.
  • Maintained Traffic of HTTP and HTTPS Using Application Load balancers like Incapsula, F5 load balancer, Citrix.
  • Proactively involved in SQL Server Performance tuning at Database level, T-SQL level and operating system level. Maintained database response times, proactively generated performance reports.
  • Involved in SQL Server, Oracle database administration and maintenance activities along with Database Programming.

Enviro nment: Azure Service Bus, Virtual Machines, VNets, PowerShell, .NET Frame work, UNIX & Linux, Maven, MS Build, MS SQL Server, Oracle, Hudson/ Jenkins, Chef, AWS EC2, VPC, IAM, S3, Cloud watch, OpenShift, WebLogic, WebSphere, UDeploy, Docker, Junit, Splunk, Gradle

Confidential, Cleveland, OH

Build & Release Engineer


  • Worked in team environment to automate the deployments using scripts which execute the automated CI and release management process.
  • Created a reusable deploy distribution for the system which can be ported to multiple environments without having the need to run separate builds.
  • Version control system Team Foundation server is used for Source code management and integrated to AnthillPro to build the artifacts.
  • Developed Windows PowerShell script to automate setting of user credentials and activation of Windows Helping the Project team to get transformed to Scrum methodology using TFS (Team foundation server).
  • Performed and deployed Builds for various Environments like QA, Integration, UAT using Customized XAML files in TFS 2010
  • Worked on migration of projects and configuration of scripts from TeamCity to new CI tools.
  • Build artifacts (war and ear) are deployed into a WebLogic app server by integrating the WLST scripts to Shell Scripts.
  • Wrote Bash/Shell scripts, python scripts for managing day-to-day transactions & automation of routine tasks.
  • Involved in editing the existing ANT/MAVEN files in case of errors or changes in the project requirements.
  • Directed the Release Management Calls to synchronize with the Developers, Testers and DBA teams for successful Release.
  • Automate Deployment on OpenStack as well as artifact repository manager Artifactory, using configuration Management tool like Chef.
  • Developed Chef Cookbooks, Recipes, Resources and Run lists, managing the Chef Client nodes, and upload the cookbooks to chef-server from Workstation
  • Responsible for the Plugin Management, User Management, Build/Deploy Pipeline Setup and End-End Job Setup of all the projects.
  • Used JUnit automation to different type of browsers to perform Cross Browser Testing
  • Implemented Continuous Delivery framework using AnthillPro, Chef, MS Build & Artifactory in MS windows server environment.
  • Helped release the Docker/Selenium based New Relic browser testing solution.
  • Having Strong Experience on designing and configuring Azure Virtual Networks (VNets), subnets, Azure network settings, DHCP address blocks, DNS settings, security policies and routing.
  • Strong knowledge on JIRA administration and JIRA workflow design and JIRA service desk
  • Administered Linux servers for several functions including managing Apache/Tomcat server, mail server, and MySQL databases in both development and production. configure Nexus for repository management of artifacts
  • Bugzilla is used for tracking bugs and raised tickets to get resolved.

Environment: OpenStack, Chef10.9.12, AnthillPro 3.7, Vagrant 2010, Team Foundation Server(TFS) 2010, Perl, Java SE 6, Junit, Artifactory, Bugzilla, WebSphere, Tomcat, python scripts, MS windows server 2008R2, Nexus, New Relic

Confidential, Irving, TX

System Engineer


  • Responsible for Deployment Automation using multiple tools Chef, Jenkins, GIT, ANT Scripts
  • Worked on Oracle and MySQL Databases and performed performance tuning and troubleshooting.
  • Worked on User administration setup, maintaining account, Monitor system performance.
  • Activities include user administration; startup and shutdown scripts; crontab, file system maintenance, backup scripting and automation using Perl, shell scripting (bash, ksh) for Red Hat Linux systems.
  • Installed Patches to the current version, Packages related to hardware, and system customization
  • Configured Volume groups and logical volumes, extended logical volumes for file system growth needs using Red Hat Logical Volume Manager (LVM) commands.
  • Written Chef Cookbooks and recipes in Ruby to Provision several pre-prod environments consisting of Cassandra DB installations, WebLogic domain creations and several proprietary middleware installations.
  • Troubleshooting day-to-day server related issues and problems in terms of operating system, applications and network
  • Educated team about continuous integration and automated testing practices and supported them throughout development.
  • Configured Jenkins to implement nightly builds on daily basis and generated change log that includes changes happened from last 24 hours.
  • Connected continuous integration system with GIT version control repository and continually build as the check-in's come from the developer.
  • Responsible for design and maintenance of the Subversion/GIT Repositories, views, and the access control strategies.
  • Designed and implemented Subversion and GIT metadata including elements, labels, attributes, triggers and hyperlinks.
  • Managing IT department's LAMP stack and configuration management.
  • Provided documentation, development and management of web products and interfaces for retail processing. Programmed user interfaces that combined System platform with LAMP.
  • Operations - Custom Shell scripts, Ruby scripts, VM and Environment management.
  • Manage configuration of Web App and Deploy to AWS cloud server through Chef.
  • Used ANT and MAVEN as a build tools on java projects for the development of build artefacts on the source code.
  • Installed centos using Pre-Execution Environment boot and Kick Start method on multiple servers.

Environment: Subversion, Ant, Maven, Jenkins, GIT, SVN, Chef, Puppet, AWS, Python, Shell Scripting, Ruby.


Linux / Unix Administrator


  • Responsible for installation, configuration, and administration of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Sun Solaris.
  • Created and maintained user accounts in Red Hat Enterprise Linux and other operating systems
  • Handled tasks of installing, maintaining, and configuring computer software systems
  • Wrote custom scripts and automated tasks to free up research and project time.
  • Implemented operating system enhancements to improve reliability and performance of the system
  • Installing RHEL 6.x using kick start and configured hostname, IP, DNS and NIS on HP blade servers to move them to production.
  • Tracked, resolved and reported issues in accordance with the existing error reporting/tracking process.
  • Managed daily activities to include user support and system administration tasks.
  • Created Bash shell scripts to monitor system resources and system maintenance.
  • Build virtual Linux server and windows server using VMWare and Xen when it is needed for testing.
  • Creation, management, and configuration of Virtual Machines, Clones and Templates.
  • Responsible for applying server’s patches using Patch Center.
  • Installation, configuration, and troubleshooting of Red-Hat server environment.
  • Expertise in Linux backup/restore with tar, gunzip, including disk partitioning and formatting.
  • Strong knowledge in manual mount through command line USB, ISO images on the Solaris and Linux.
  • Work with developers to integrate their web applications onto standard infrastructure.
  • Writing scripts for monitoring log files and sending alerts.
  • Involved in the Recovery of the UNIX servers .
  • Responsible for daily builds/deployments from Integration environment through staging environment.
  • Coordinated with variety of teams like DBA, development and build team for a successful code promotion.

Environment: Linux, Sun Solaris, Sun Enterprise 4500, Sun Enterprise 250, IBM RS/6000, Apache, VMWare, NIS, gunzip, Red-Hat, DNS, Unix

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