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Software Engineer Resume

Crossville, TN


  • Beautiful, clean, story like code. Anything can function well, but well documented and easy to follow code is sometimes hard to come by. I’ve come through many different opportunities to end up with the knowledge and excellent experience over the years. I specialize in engineering web applications and have interest in the design and security in web applications. I am now aspiring to find a great team to settle down with.
  • 6+ years of software development experience in developing Client/Server, Internet & intranet applications using PHP, OOP, LAMP Stack Servers, Restful API’s, HTML4&5, XML, JavaScript, JSON, AJAX, jQuery, Prototype, CSS, and SASS.
  • Extensive knowledge of Object Oriented Analysis/ Design (OOD) and various design patterns.
  • Experience in architecture, design & development of small business web applications, documentation of user requirements, and architectural specifications.
  • Experience in a fast - paced Agile / Scrum environment
  • Conceptualized and developed modules for javascript and laravel.
  • Great Interpersonal Skills and the ability to talk to sales without words going over their head, as well as being able to convert sales talk to development tasks and explaining their needs.
  • Developed and consumed web services using PHP using the protocols such as RESTful.
  • Excellent knowledge of different OOP languages and MVC Frameworks like PHP, Laravel 4.2/5.1, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Drupal, Joomla.


LAMP Stack Technology: PHP, Apache, Composer, Artisan, Javascript, JSON, AJAX, ES6, CSS3+, SASS, XML, HTML5, Web services, OOP, Bash / Shell Scripting

Databases: MySQL, Informix, SQL Lite

MVC Frameworks: Laravel 4.2 / 5.1, CodeIgniter 3+, Expression Engine, Drupal, Wordpress, Zen Cart, Confidential, BladeScript

Programming Languages: PHP, Perl, Python, Javascript, C, C#, Java, AS3

Other Tools: Webstorm, PHPStorm, Sublime Text 2, Notepad++, Atom, Git, Mercurial, Agile Scrum Environment, Netbeans

Operating Systems: Windows 8/7/XP/2008, Windows 2008 Server, Linux Ubuntu Server, Linux CentOS Server, AWS EC2, DigitalOcean, Linode, Linux Ubuntu



Software Engineer, Crossville, TN


  • Designed and developed on BladeScript, I worked on the account page, which consist of dealing with payment gateways, handling transactions, upgrading account packages, updating user information, and managing child users.
  • The account page as developed heavily on javascript and jQuery, using PERL as the backend. It handles ajax requests fluidly and uses promises to wait on certain ajax requests.
  • Started to design a C / Python program to read incoming NetCDF data and output that data as images.

Technologies Utilized: Perl, CSS3+, HTML5, Javascript / jQuery, GIT, Apache, Informix, Bash / Shell Scripting, Ubuntu, C.


IT Consultant / Linux Admin / PHP Developer, Brentwood, TN


  • Working part time as an IT consultant / Web Developer for Pacesetters.
  • Doing work such as cloning machines, managing admin tasks such as updating machines, networking issues, and bug / hardware fixing.
  • Also working as php full stack developer, and server admin by maintaining their Ubuntu servers, cron scripts, and web sites.

Technologies Utilized: PHP, CSS3+, HTML5, Apache, MySQL, Bash / Shell Scripting, Squid Proxy.


Senior PHP Full Stack Developer, Cookeville, TN


  • Designed and developed in Laravel on a Bootstrap framework, with scalable features. Built with an incredible javascript core and RESTful API.
  • It is designed with a custom javascript core framework to make it easily able to setup forms and pages on the fly. The application allows users to schedule eLert messages to go out through voice / text / email and allows Providers to quickly send Demand messages when they need to get in contact with their patients right away.
  • Designed and developed in bootstrap, it scales to practically any media platform such as desktop computers, all the way down to small resolution phones with no problems.
  • Designed and developed the MDPay (Payment Management Form) which allows a Provider to request payments from patients very quickly using a Base64 hash, and an encrypted and secure payment form.
  • Application is used by several different clinics to manage their messaging systems and to help keep the relationship with the patient. The platform was written with secure intentions for use of HIPPA requirements and for use of the Department of Defense.

Technologies Utilized: Prototype, jQuery, PHP, SASS, CSS3+, Bootstrap, HTML5


Owner / Consultant / PHP Full Stack Developer, Cookeville, TN


  • Worked with Confidential to setup a product feed for a custom based shop. Built PHP scripts to manage the ASI Feed daily and import the products into a Confidential E-Commerce website, filtering and parsing through products based on favorites, most bought, and well rated products.

Technologies Utilized: Javascript, jQuery, PHP, CSS3+, HTML5, Confidential


PHP Full Stack Developer, Lousville, KY


  • Developed in a SCRUM agile environment with a corporate sized team.
  • Developed custom libraries in CodeIgniter to handle validation, form control, and cart control.
  • Managed the repositories in Mercurial ( Confidential ).
  • Technologies Utilized: Javascript, jQuery, PHP, CSS3+, HTML5, CodeIgniter


PHP / Drupal Developer, Bowling Green, KY


  • Developing custom hooks and custom templates for several companies for Drupal.

Technologies Utilized: Javascript, jQuery, PHP, CSS3+, HTML5, Drupal, Drush


PHP Developer, Bowling Green, KY


  • Developing a web presences and task management system in CodeIgniter for intranet use.
  • It was used to keep tasks, and projects organized between sales, graphic designers, and programmers.
  • Also, developed their studio website in flash using AS3.

Technologies Utilized: Javascript, jQuery, PHP, CSS3+, HTML5, CodeIgniter, Flash, AS3

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