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Freelance Web Developer Resume

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South Windsor, CT


Motivated by the lack of technical solutions to daily problems, I have been developing complex applications to enhance daily interactions with my environment in an effort to make technology work for me instead of adjusting my life to work better with technology. I began with building simple HTML and CSS websites that made it easier for me to connect with friends abroad at a time when social media networks were in their early stages and today I have expanded my knowledge to in corporate database driven applications using SQL and PHP with public API providers to enhance some of the concepts I developed in the early stages of my interaction with programming and more importantly build new solutions to demanding needs around the home with the use of Internet of Things (IOT) as a concept for a technology driven life.


HTML (8 years), CSS (8 years), PHP (7 years), Bootstrap (4 years), Python (Less than 1 year), JavaScript (1 year


Freelance Web Developer

Confidential, South Windsor, CT


  • Developed a personal finance web solution to better visualize, manage, and analyze income and spending habits for more effective budgeting.
  • Used PHP, SQL, JavaScript, Bootstrap, HTML and CSS to build an encrypted SQL database hosting data inputted from receipts, invoices, and bank statements to generate monthly and yearly reports of expenses by categorizing them into common expenditure categories to provide an overall view of all credit cards and bank accounts.
  • Developed using PHP, SQL, Bootstrap, CURL, Brightscript (Roku programming language).
  • Currently a Roku app built by the Roku Direct Publisher program in on the marketplace that pulls its JSON feed content from a SQL database that is managed by a soon - to-be-public website that's developed to manage the different platforms that will feed from the database.
  • The administration side of the website pulls information from public APIs to populate the different fields as well as processing data available in XML, JSON, and non-organized content sources.
  • The website's accessibility on all mobile, tablet, and on-the-go devices is a precursor for future native apps in iOS and Android with both mobile and set-top boxes in mind.

Web Development Specialist

Confidential, Mansfield, CT


  • Utilizing HTML, CSS, Bootstrap Framework, I developed a number of WordPress-based websites for the Operations and Information Management department to assist both student organizations and department projects have a permanent place on the web to provide critical information and to help students learn about the opportunities available through the department.
  • Co-created the awair Add-on for Splunk using Python, the Awair REST API, and Splunk as a smart IOT application that collects weather quality, temperature, and other metrics to pass on to Splunk for better data processing, visualization, and analytics.

Web Developer/Programmer

Confidential, Mansfield, CT


  • Market the technologies available through the University IT Services to perspective, incoming, and returning students through the development of websites utilizing WordPress, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and in corporation of business and marketing strategies to best showcase the available resources.
  • Designed relevant graphics using Adobe Photoshop to add visual value to the content of the website.

IT Technician/Web Developer

Confidential, West Hartford, CT


  • Assisted clients by installing Microsoft Office products, Adobe Creative Cloud, Antivirus software (Microsoft Security Essentials on Windows 7), and other software as requested.
  • Ran complete security check using CCleaner, Combo Fix, Bitdefender, and Microsoft Security Essentials to identify and remove ordinary malware. Used more complex techniques such as task manager processes analysis, startup procedural analysis, analysis of temporary folders in APPDATA and throughout the system, Desktop behavior analysis, and network monitoring to detect and ultimately remove more complex malware.
  • Install and maintain Confidential PC and Laptops for classrooms, computer labs, and faculty use, Confidential printers, scanners, and multi-purpose units, projectors, and A/V equipment for presentations.
  • Replaced Confidential PC components including graphics cards, RAM, Hard Drives, and maintained Confidential PCs for best performance. Worked with Confidential customer support to ensure components that could not be replaced in our own shop would be sent out for further analysis.
  • Assisted in the transition of University websites from unorganized, individually programmed php websites to organized WordPress websites with much simpler management.
  • Developed proposals for much needed internal WordPress plug-ins to accommodate the needs of clients.
  • Designed and developed new websites on WordPress for University departments lacking an online presence.

Sales Clerk

Confidential, Manchester, CT


  • Assisted customers in different ways from finding items in the store to checking out and providing information over the phone.
  • The job required excellent communication skills as well as great customer service behavior.
  • Worked with managers to keep the store well organized and prepared for customers, making sure the products were giving customers the most information at first glance.

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