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Sr Eai Specialist Resume



  • Over ten years of experience in software development, testing of applications using client/server, Internet related technologies and languages.
  • Over eight years of experience in webMethods Integration Server 6.x and 7.1, Broker Server, webMethods Developer and Trading Networks EDI standards, Various Adapters, Modeler, Monitor, webMehods BPM, WorkFlow Server and Manager Server
  • Team lead for implementing several integration projects from different home grown/legacy applications and webMethods
  • Three years of experience in J2EE, Java, JDBC, JSP, Servlets, EJB, AWT, Swing, Java Beans, HTML, XML, and JavaScript.
  • Familiar with Object Oriented Design Methodologies.
  • Reliable, resourceful and efficient team player with good communication, presentation & analytical skills, able to adapt quickly to new technologies.


  • webMethods 6.0 certified Developer.
  • webMethods B2B 6.0 certified Developer
  • webMethods Enterprise Integration Developer (ES 5.0).

Software Skills:

webMethods: webMethods Integration Server 6.0/6.1/6.5/7.1, webMethods Enterprise Server 6.1,wM Deployer, Trading Network, Manager Server, Enterprise Integrator, Enterprise Adapter Manager, Monitor, Certificate tool kit, Modeler, Workflow server, BPM/BAM, Designer Languages: J2EE, JDBC, Java, Web Technologies, HTML, JavaScript, XML, DOM Operating Systems: Solaris 5.8, AIX 5.2, Windows 2000, Broker Cluster using veritas. Databases: Oracle, DB2, and Sybase Modeling Tools: Microsoft Visio, RationalRose98/2001 for UML. Work Experience

Confidential, NJ Dec 04-June 10 Sr EAI Specialist

Confidential is a global leader in the creation of innovative prescription medicines for women's health, mental health, and anesthesia products. Confidential selected webMethods to enable the automation of various Ordering, Invoicing, Payments and Enterprise Processes. This solution enables automation of Organon's Payment and ordering Management process by integrating JDE ERP system with various systems like Siebel, DataWare House, IMANY using webMethods Integration technology. I am working as EAI Specialist responsible for designing and implementing the software integration solutions using webMethods platform. I have worked on designing and developing various projects, which are

  • Integration of JD Edwards with various payment and ordering systems using TN, IS Modeler and Broker Servers.
  • WalMart AS2 implementation using Trading Network and Integration Server
  • Integrating Seibel and .NET application using webMethods BPM implementation under SOA based architecture for Marketing Campaign Business Process.
  • EDI X-12(850,180, 810,844,849) Migration From Mercator to webMethods Platform using TN and Integration Server 6.1
  • Implementation of EDI Bid Awards (845)
  • Designing and installation of Disaster Recovery site.
  • Implementation of EDI Advance Ship Notice (856)
  • POC for transitioning from JDE to SAP ERP system.
  • Upgrade from webMethods v6.1 to 7.1

Role & Responsibilities:

  • Analyze, design and document technical and functional specifications.
  • Interacting with business users for functional specifications and requirements.
  • Act as a Subject Matter Expert for implementing EAI projects, function as project leader.
  • EDI mapping using webMethods Trading Network, EDIINT and EDIforTN packages to create about 15 interfaces between JD Edwards and other systems
  • Applying webMethods GEAR Best practices for webMethods flow services and ensure extensibility, reliability and scalability of solution.
  • Installation, configuration and administration of Integration server 6.X,7.1 on Win2k.
  • Modeling, monitoring and managing business processes
  • Provide general guidance and troubleshooting and mentor other group members, provide status updates and escalate issues as appropriate.

Environment: webMethods Integration Server 6.1& 7.1, webMethods Developer6.1&7.1, webMethods Trading Network, webMethods Designer, EDIINT, WmEDI forTN, EDI standards (X12 850,180, 810,844,849). Flat File Adapter, XML, Java, Oracle Adapter, Win 2k

Confidential May 03 - Nov 04 WebMethods Programmer

  • Capacity planning, Performance and Scalability analysis, failover, backup/recovery and security strategies using SSL certificates, reverse invoke and regular file system backups
  • Worked with clients, business analysts, technical staff, and project team members to plan, design, develop, implement, and enhance applications, scripts and procedures for systems using relational databases.
  • Development of webMethods Interfaces deployed for integration of various projects like Phoenix, Stingray and CATS applications and backend systems.
  • Wrote IS flow services and mapping through B2B developer using wM Built-in services
  • Building trading network including defining trading partners, document types, processing rules, and defining the processing of business documents that are sent to TN.
  • Install, administer and monitor the Servers, Adapters (JDBC), code migration.
  • Make recommendations to improve operating efficiency and functionality of assigned system areas

Environment: webMethods Integration Server 4.6/6.0.1,webMethods Enterprise Server 6.01/5.1.1, webMethods Developer6.0.1, MQSeries, EDIINT, WmEDIForTN, webMethods Trading Network, XML, Java, Oracle Adapter, JDE Adapter, Email, Windows NT and Solaris 2.6.

Confidential, New Jersey Nov 02 - April 03 WebMethods Developer

  • Developed and Designed system canonical events for the Gateway to support transactions between external customers (partners) and the AT&T backend systems.
  • Successfully developed End To End Integrations involving Flat Files, Intelligent Adapters, Oracle and Siebel Databases
  • Published canonical event by Source Agent and subscribed by Target Agent.
  • Designed and built new services through Java for Guaranteed Delivery.
  • Involved in DSP for managing the flow services.
  • Wrote flow services and mapping through B2B developer using transformations.
  • Set up business events for various client groups.
  • Created flow and Java services on WebMethods B2B, which will be invoked by WebMethods Enterprise for the integration to be continued.
  • Performance tuning of the servers.

Environment: WebMethods Enterprise Server 5.0/4.x (EAI /Active works), WebMethods B2B Server 4.6, WebMethods B2B Integrator4.6, WebMethods Enterprise Integrator 5.0/4.x, WebMethods Trading Network, EDI Module, JDBC (intelligent) Adapter, Siebel Adapter, Email Adapter, Join Adapter, Logger Adapter, Windows NT and Solaris 2.6.

Confidential Aug01- Oct 02 WebMethods Developer

  • Develop, provide support and enhance existing Webmethods Interfaces deployed for integrating various custom applications and backend systems.
  • Monitor the Servers, Adapters and Integration Logic Agents, create Integration components using Enterprise Integrator.
  • Created new Enterprise server Broker and client groups to Publish and Subscribe events.
  • Development of Integration Components and Configured operations to achieve the integration requirements.
  • Configuring various Adapters using Adapter configuration utility
  • Writing custom Java clients to implement the above scenario.
  • Debugging and catching errors using the Integration Monitor and Adapter error tool.
  • Created different Document types and Integration components to pass data between the Integration and database.

Environment: WebMethods Enterprise Server 4.6/4.1.1(EAI /Active works), WebMethods B2B Server 4.6, WebMethods B2B Integrator4.0, WebMethods Trading Network, Oracle (intelligent) Adapter, SAP Adapter (ALE and RFC), Seibel Adapter, Email Adapter, Windows NT and Solaris 2.6

Confidential, CA Aug 00 -July 01 Programmer

  • Prepared and presented the architecture for Sun Microsystems integration to various teams on the project thereby bringing every participating team to adhere to Webmethods Best Practices which is crucial for successful Implementation.
  • B2B4.0 Server Installation and configuration on Unix platform.
  • Building Flow, Java and Record structure using B2B Developer tool.
  • Administrator of B2B server, ACL creation, HTTPS configuration and performance optimization.
  • Designed the forms HTML using WebMethods B2B Integrator.
  • Developed integration POCs for Marketing Department for the demonstration of the power of the ActiveWorks solutions suite which aimed to develop demos and demo center for the marketing dept of the Active Software.
  • Supported marketing and sales force of the Active Software Inc, responsible for installing all the above applications, configuring all demo machines, designing, developing, documenting and supporting Sales and marketing
  • Automation of testing procedure using java, perl and shell scripts for Regression testing
  • Writing perl and shell scripts for automation.
  • Writing servlets for running the test, logging the results and displaying the results.

Environment: Enterprise Server 4.0.2, Jakarta-Tomcat Server, Java, JDBC, Servlets, HTML, Oracle 8.0, Perl, Shell, Enterprise Server 4.0.2, Active Works API, IADK 4.0.2, Java, JDBC, Oracle 8.0 and various intelligent adapters

Confidential March 99 - Sep 99 Confidential is one of the largest GEs offshore development partners. I have worked on various GE business Units on Development, support and maintenance project like Employee Information System maintains, Credit card processing unit. Online software bug repository. I have been working involved in analysis, designing and development and coding using Java, Swing, HTML and Oracle DB.

Environment: Java1.2, HTML, Oracle 8.0, JDBC, SQL and WinNT

Education: Masters in Management Bachelor of Science (B.Sc)

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