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Mobile Application Developer Resume

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Centreville, VA


Seeking a position as software developer professional building upon demonstrated abilities in design, testing, implementation, and operation.


Programming Languages: Perl, Python, C, C++, C#, Objective C, HTML, Android APK and AOSP, GNU Make Build System, LAMP stack, Java, Trusted Platform Module API, Linux build environment and modules, Android Frame Work and Native development, and various IDEs and relevant tools such as ADB, Eclipse, Android Studio.

Cloud Computing:: Eucalyptus, Amazon, Microsoft Azure, and Windows Azure Access Control Service ( ACS ).

Software:: R statistical software.

Operating Systems: LINUX, UNIX - Sun Solaris 10 and 11, Windows 10, 7, & XP.


Mobile Application Developer

Confidential, Centreville, VA


  • Designed and configured an enterprise communication service leveraging web robot technology, and C# developed project on top of Microsoft Azure cloud environment and C# async method calls to query different collections using lambda statements and LINQ queries.
  • Validated successful implementation of various classes within FCL such as delegates for purpose of call backs, threads, tasks, different solutions for ensuring uninterpretable code sections ( catch/finally blocks, Constrained Execution Regions, Code Contracts, and finalization), and other tools available to C# developers to be more productive.
  • Leveraged Active Directory Federation Service and Windows Azure Access Control Service (ACS) in providing a Security Token Service and a claims aware application.
  • Leveraged Android Studio, and Microsoft Graph API to access and use Graph data such as contacts, calendars, and other Microsoft Graph artifacts.
  • Leveraged .net core 1.0 and Kestrel web server within Linux platform for web services.
  • Create the Linux build environment for Android ROM cross compiling for the Samsung platform.
  • Used the Samsung source code combined with AOSP to create a modified image for embedded devices.
  • Leveraged Android studio to create various apps made of the Android framework as well as NDK for native code integration.
  • Investigated different security issues associated with the Android platform as well as potential solution strategies in order to improve the solutions.
  • Expert use of various pen testing and ethical hacking tools such as Kali Linux, Nmap, and OWASP tools to identify potential vulnerabilities within enterprise environment.
  • Leverage Trusted Execution Environment within Android platform by modifying the source within AOSP and building the image within LAMP stack in an effort to achieve greater App security.
  • Administration and implementation of various Web servers running Apache, or Percussion. Everyday activities involved performance tuning, log management, patching, and upgrades.
  • Install and maintain large scale Linux platforms to provide security, database, web and other services.
  • Evaluate and improve the organizational security posture through operational and strategic means.
  • Mobile security expert in the areas of authentication, trust, payment industry technology, and trusted platform module. Leveraged the AOSP combined with Samsung source to create a build environment, and add functionality to the image in the form of Native and assembly code, apps, self-made device drivers, and modified source code.
  • Leveraged code on Git repositories to build other implementations, and validated the functionality on a real device.
  • Java card implementations of embedded apps on PIV cards.
  • Effective scripting techniques to automate repeatable tasks within Linux platform.

Application Security Tester

Confidential, Tysons Corner, VA


  • Review and evaluate of Android security issues and technologies such as Samsung KNOX for purpose of secure enterprise mobility solution.
  • Design and implementation of a context-aware Android app for first responders to guide during an emergency.
  • Review of current vulnerabilities associated with the Android platform.
  • Java implementation of various data structures, and use of various APIs such as NASA’s World Wind.
  • Evaluated various database security solutions, and implemented a mechanism to address concerns associated with SQL injection, cross site scripting, cross site request forgery, and other OWASP top ten vulnerabilities. This was accomplished using OWASP tools such as burp suite.
  • Effective monitoring and management of the security solutions.
  • Daily maintenance of the infrastructure in place composed of Linux operating system; Centos
  • Review of Kali Linux tools towards potential use.
  • Advised client on required activities and process improvement towards securing the application layer as per OWASP, Whitehat, and Secure SDLC recommendations.

Software Security Architect

Confidential, Tysons Corner, VA


  • Daily evaluation and update of security posture associated with application vulnerability and patching.
  • Provide effective strategies and tools of addressing vulnerabilities identified within enterprise.
  • Established and maintained development environments and tools for production and testing leveraging tools such as Git, and various IDEs.
  • Provide guidance on enterprise porting initiatives from one operating system to other and ensuring successful application migration.
  • Provide support in Linux software development tools, initial setup of the development environment.
  • UNIX - Sun Solaris 10 porting to Linux environment.
  • Evaluate cloud environment for various software development activities.
  • Setup of various test environments for proof of concept of security solutions.

Security Design Engineer

Confidential, Tysons Corner, VA


  • Design, Document, Implement security solutions for the Government Data Center environment.
  • Responsible for gathering requirements, writing design document, interface with other engineering groups in an effort to improve the security posture of organization.
  • Lead engineer for the implementation effort security software.
  • Leveraged application scanning tools to evaluate security of source code.

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