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Web Frontend Developer Resume

Woonsocket, RI


  • Professional 8 years of experience in IT industry including Software Development, Web Applications, Project Management and Software Testing with sound background working with Health Care, Real Estate, Insurance, Travel & Tourism, Pharmaceutical & Recruitment industry.
  • Expertise working on various applications such as Business Applications, CRM, E - Commerce and CMS based projects in Windows (WAMP, XAMPP) & Linux (LAMP) environment.
  • Good understanding of OOPS Paradigm & all the principles in Object Oriented Programming & strong knowledge in MVC architecture.
  • Exposure in working with Agile & Waterfall Model, participating with Sprint meetings, daily Scrum meetings, sprint review & Retrospective meetings.
  • Experience working as a Fullstack developer which includes working with both front end as well as back end of application.
  • Exposure on various E-commerce tools such as Presta Shop, Magento & Open Cart.
  • Hands on experience in frameworks like Zend 1.12, Zend2, Code igniter, Laravel, Symphony and Smarty.
  • Experience in integration of various APIs such as Mail Chimp, Google API, Face book & Twitter API integration, Twitter Bootstrap & vice-versa.
  • Expertise in client side scripting languages like HTML5, Java Script, jQuery, XSLT, AJAX, JSON, Backbone Js, Node Js and Angular Js.
  • Working experience in integration of Web Services (REST & SOAP) that includes consuming external web service & developing internal service to integrate with mobile applications using either JSON or XML.
  • More than 5+ years of CMS experience working with various CMS tools like Drupal, Work Press, Joomla in various domains.
  • Experience in UNIX SH/BASH Scripting, Google Analytics Platform, familiar with Webmaster tools and working exposure of data analytics.
  • Over 3+ years of experience in developing custom plugins & modules like Drush, Views, SoLR, Panels, Entity Manager Travis & Internationalization in Drupal 7.0, 8.0 for complex CMS applications as per requirements.
  • Good knowledge on Form APIs, Entity APIs and Database APIs and integrating them in custom drupal modules.
  • Extensive experience in working with ORM frameworks like Doctrine & Propel integrating with backend framework like Spring, Zend, Zf2.
  • Familiarize with AWS Cloud services like EC2, RDS as well as APIs such as Email, Database Back Up, Disaster Recovery, Application Hosting & Simple Storage ( S3) services.
  • Possess strong client and server side programming abilities, including Database Design, developing Stored procedures, triggers and Views.
  • Experience in developing responsive websites using HTML5 & CSS3 as well as exposure of using various debugging tools as per various devices.
  • Involved in client interaction to discuss the user stories, analyzing the requirements & creating functional specification & giving effort estimation.
  • Performed Unit & Integration Testing using testing framework after the functionality is achieved & automated the scripts using Jenkins as a build tool.
  • Experience in Manual testing of Web-based applications with focus on Functionality Testing & System Testing. Experience in various testing tools like Bug Zilla, JIRA, Jasmine, Grunt, HP Quality Center.
  • Experience in versioning control packages like Tortoise SVN, Rhode Code, Git version control.
  • Excellent knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and different phases involved in software development.
  • Experience in planning, scheduling, coordinating and leading all aspects for projects & good Analytical, Problem Solving, Training and Leadership skills.
  • Able to work under limited supervision in fast paced environment with tight project deadlines and changing priorities.
  • Excellent communication, documentation and organization skills with the ability to adapt to a new environment quickly & ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously and to work independent as well as team person.


Web Technologies: Java, PHP5, HTML/HTML5, AJAX, CSS3, Bootstrap, DoJo, XML, JSP

Scripting Languages: Java Script, jQuery, JSON, Moo tools, Backbone Js, Angular Js 1.6, React Js

CMS: Joomla 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, Word Press 3.8, 3.9, Drupal 6.0, 7.0, 8.0

ECommerce: Magento1.6, Presta Shop 1.5, Open Cart

Frameworks: Code igniter 1.6, 2.0, Zend 1.0, ZF 2.0, SASS, Symphony, Laravel, LESS

Databases: My Sql, Sql Server, PDO, MS Access, NoSql, MongoDB, Oracle 11g, MemCached

Testing Tools: Bug Zilla, JIRA, HP Quality Center 10.0, Jenkins, Grunt, Jasmine

Web Servers: Apache, IIS, Zend Server

Platforms: WAMP, LAMP, XAMPP, VMware

IDEs: Adobe Dreamweaver, Zend Studio, Eclipse, Net Beans, Nu Sphere, Navicut

Others: MS Office Suite, Visio, Mercurial, Tortoise SVN, Serena Dimensions, PHPUnit, JIRA, Git Extensions, File Zilla, Amazon Web Services, Web APIs, Adobe Fireworks, UML, LDAP, SSO, Grunt, Shell Scripting


Confidential, Woonsocket, RI

Web Frontend Developer


  • Analyzed the entire PIP process to understand the flow and architecture of the files that are processed in different formats and member information.
  • Responsible for maintaining various environments in development and UAT using SVN Tortoise and promoting the code into testing environments.
  • Tracked all defects on daily basis and escalated to team members as needed for timely resolution of the critical defects.
  • Performed Validation Testing, GUI testing, Functional Testing, System Testing, Unit Testing and Integration testing after achieving functionality in development environment.
  • Responsible for the deployment of enhancements from development to UAT & to production server.
  • Worked on GUI of billing module with various modules and directives in Angular Js integrating SOAP services using ZF2.
  • Worked on the billing process cycle to change the flow of plans that have multiple line of business and maintaining separate chain of invoices based on benefit criteria offered to members.
  • Worked on various improvements, up gradation and future enhancements to add new functionalities to the applications in Angular, HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Collaborated with middleware team to guide them with the upgrade steps and working closely with UNUX team to upgrade UAT and production environments.
  • Worked closely with QA team to help them perform different types of tests inside VM machine to test the application and working on the defects raised by them.
  • Created RHEL containers with dedicated images in docker, installed and configured LAMP stack and deployed entire codebase into docker containers.
  • Responsible for setting up a testing environment using docker container in Linux servers as a VM ware for testing all the components of the system before implementing in UAT environment.
  • Worked closely with senior developer to analyze the strategy for up gradation of PHP version from application perspective and considering server logistics.
  • Responsible for up gradation of all the components of OTCH systems in Linux environment & implemented XSS to recover from vulnerabilities.
  • Worked with Informatica developer to relate through the entire process of PIP process based on the data flow architectural document to guide her to implement into Informatica.
  • Developed the data flow architectural document from My Sql which relates which plan had what fields based upon plain text file and EDI 834 format.

Environment: PHP5, ZF2, Angular Js, HTML5, CSS3, My Sql, Eclipse, Java Script, LAMP stack, SVN Tortoise, MySql Work Bench

Confidential, Stamford, CT

PHP Developer


  • Analyzing new requirements and interacting with project manager to roughly provide estimates regarding the effort estimation.
  • Responsible for developing backend that allows user to manage different modules, users as wells as gives administrator insight of the total donations received and number of research studies submitted by the user.
  • Integrated PayPal API that allows to collect donations from different states based on the amount user selects.
  • Responsible for designing custom templates for multiple layouts that separates each nodes for each module using HTML5 in Adobe Dreamweaver.
  • Involved with team lead for day to day meetings regarding the daily tasks and discussing workflow architecture for developing new components in fully integrated LAMP stack environment.
  • Developing the data dictionary hierarchy in MySqli to maintain up to Many to Many relationships.
  • Responsible for managing Rhode Code centralized directory for ALS - Research portal and branching it to create various branches.
  • Worked with graphics designers to help them in designing layouts based on the requirements gathered.
  • Collaborating with client regarding the new functionalities and communicating with project manager for developing wireframes.
  • Responsible for deployment of the various revisions from development to testing & from testing to production environment on Linux servers (Ubuntu).
  • Responsible for developing rich UI interface using Angular Js components with bootstrap and Mo tools framework along with D3.js to make it more user friendly for non tech savvy users.
  • Coordinating with QA analyst to resolve the issues raised by them in testing environments in Active Collab.
  • Participating in the meetings with team leads and business analysts to discuss about the plan of the project, effort estimation and deployment schedule.
  • Developed custom modules containing various forms using Form APIs where user admin can get feed backs or inquiries regarding donations or research articles submitted by users.
  • Working with no minimal fixed requirements and structuring the architecture based on changing requirements after presentation to the product owner.
  • Arranging meetings with QA lead to discuss the functionality achieved & directions needed by them in order to perform a smooth transition while testing the features of the application.

Environment: PHP5, HTML5, CSS3, Angular Js, My Sql, D3.js, Web APIs, Adobe Dreamweaver, Active Collab, Mercurial, Java Script, LAMP stack, Moo tools, Rhode Code, Navicut Premium

Confidential, Tampa, FL

Sr. PHP Developer


  • Discussing the new requirements and coordinating with team to develop the internal design &
  • Conducting meetings with QA lead analysts to discuss the functionality achieved & directions needed by them in order to perform a smooth transition while testing the features of the application.
  • Collaborating with QA analyst to resolve the issues raised by them in testing environments in Quality Center 10.0.
  • Participating in the meetings with Directors and team managers to discuss about the plan of the project, resource allocation, effort estimation and deployment schedule.
  • Working on the legacy internal intranet application, re mediating all the depreciated functions of the version greater than 4.0 and make it compatible till 5.3.
  • Working on various APIs such as payment Integration tools as well as on various protocols such as LDAP and SSO for integration of windows authentication in the application.
  • Working on customized framework developed internally within the interface to remove all the security patches related to PCI compliance.
  • Re mediating the code-base with the depreciated functions that are no longer supported with 4.4 & modifying the business logic to make it supportive to PHP 5.3.
  • Working on complex queries to solve vulnerability of various legacy systems in DB2.
  • Responsible for solving the security patches of all the service link portals related to PCI compliance and deploying it into Zend servers.
  • Responsible for working on various fixes of the existing portals and building the hierarchy of new interface for cross carriers as well as carrier specific portals into customized framework maintained by the company.
  • Working on development of new modules of the ongoing portals for cross carriers as well as up gradations of existing modules.
  • Architecture of various portals in PHP.

Environment: PHP5, My Sql, DB2, NuSphere PhpED, Net Beans 8.0.2, Serena Dimensions, Zend Servers, Quality Center 10.0, Git Extensions, Java Script, jQuery, Linux

Confidential, Edison, NJ

Sr. PHP Developer


  • Integrated with the custom HTML layout approved by the client.
  • Created the custom Drupal module for events that lists all the current events with AJAX.
  • Added custom fields like google map coordinates, dates, location & time that displays in the detail page of particular event.
  • Integrated Google Map API for google maps in event details page displaying location of event, date and time.
  • Designed the event details page with the custom fields & interface to allow user to register for the particular event using Forms API.
  • Used various inbuilt hooks to save the events information submitted by user and also retrieve and render in sortable grid using various Entity APIs.
  • Integrated email API of amazon for sending mails to administrator as well as to the user for registering particular event.
  • Discuss with client and provide dynamic interface to the left and right panel with editable permission to admin.
  • Coordinated with QA to resolve the bugs by using defect management tool like Bug Zilla.
  • Configured social media & google analytics third party integration modules in the website.
  • Used Drupal Views module for controlling the presentation of lists of events in hierchical order.
  • Configured SEO module from back end to increase the traffic of application and get the statistics of ongoing traffic.
  • Created testing environment using amazon web services & deployed the application using EC2 cloud service.
  • Used Git Subversion control to synchronize & deploy the changes into various environments.
  • Responsible for the integration of future enhancements of the application with new requirements from end client.

Environment: PHP5, My Sql, HTML, CSS3, Drupal 7.0, Amazon Cloud Services, AWS APIs, Navicut Premium, Adobe Dreamweaver, Bug Zilla, Git Version Control, Java Script, jQuery, AJAX, JSON.


PHP Developer


  • Coordinated with the designer to prepare the layouts of all the 3 sections.
  • Developed structured prototype in Zend for developing various modules.
  • Used Adobe Dreamweaver as an IDE to integrate layout into application.
  • Developed the backend area of the website where clients can track the number of users who have registered in all the 3 sections.
  • Developed detailed information in grid for 3 sections where client can view each & detail.
  • Configured Amazon service mail API to send the mails from application on frontend.
  • Set up the test environment in Amazon server & deployed the application.
  • Configured the Mysql into AWS & imported the database into My Sql.
  • Worked on Disaster Recovery tools from AWS and performed multiple backups of other hosted applications & restored them.
  • Performed Unit Testing & Integration Testing once the functionality is achieved.
  • Worked with highly tensed environment for completing the application on time.
  • Priotized the work according to various modules to achieve the deadlines.
  • Used Tortoise Subversion (SVN) to store the builds of every user.

Environment: PHP5, My Sql, HTML, CSS, Zend Framework 1.0, Amazon Cloud Services, AWS APIs, Navicut Premium, Adobe Dreamweaver, Bug Zilla, Tortoise Subversion(SVN), Java Script, jQuery.


Programmer Analyst


  • Arranged several meetings to get better understanding of the concept from end client.
  • Collected ideas from the end clients & participated internal meetings with team lead.
  • Analyzed the information & prepared the functional specification of the raw data.
  • Responsible for the database design & creating entity relationship diagram to get better understanding of integrity constraint.
  • Actively engaged in the discussion with the end client regarding the framework selection & recommended with the feedbacks.
  • Designed the structure of the application in Code igniter starting with back end.
  • Converted various forms from static to dynamic as per the priority modules to be delivered to client.
  • Implemented smart search functionality for keyword based search for category, industry & domains.
  • Structured Admin Panel for managing various DML operations of all the modules of front end.
  • Integrated secured authentication login interface for job seekers, employers & for Admin Panel.
  • Integrated Google Analytics to get the traffic of the website.
  • Responsible for solving of various bugs raised by Quality Engineers.
  • Performed System Testing at the end of release of every build.
  • Performed Unit & Integration Testing after the completion of tasks.
  • Engaged in day to day delivery of tasks to team lead & also to project manager.

Environment: PHP5, My Sql, HTML, CSS, Code igniter 1.6, Navicut Premium, Adobe Dreamweaver, Java Script, jQuery, Bug Zilla, Microsoft Office.


PHP Developer


  • Worked on Core PHP based projects.
  • Attended seminars or workshops to come out of some innovative ideas.
  • Participated in various client meetings.
  • Responsible for the database design for Core PHP based projects.
  • Actively engaged in a team to discuss the project in a group of two members.
  • Proven abilities to work individually or in a team as per the situation.
  • Customized add ons to achieve functionality in Presta shop.
  • Template integration in E-Commerce tools such as Presta shop, Open Cart & Magento.
  • Integrated third party extensions in CMS base websites.
  • Responsible for template integration for creating CMS web sites.
  • Worked on various open source such as Joomla, Word Press, Drupal.
  • Worked on small to medium level applications developed in Core PHP.

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