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Software Engineer Resume

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Irvine, CA


  • 7.5+ years of experience in IT, specializing in Quality Assurance, Web - based, API's and Mobile applications.
  • Experience on all phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), including Agile and Waterfall methodologies and processes.
  • Expertise in SQA (Software Quality Assurance), AutomationTesting, ManualTesting, SmokeTesting, UITesting, BackendTesting, Black-boxTesting, FunctionalTesting, Systemtesting, and RegressionTesting.
  • Experience in open source test automation tools like SeleniumWebDriver, SOAPUI, TestNG and JUnit framework with Java programming language.
  • Extensive experience with RESTAPI testing using POSTMAN plugin and JAVA utilities built using ApacheHttpClient.
  • Experience with Log4J, Apache POI, ApacheHttpClient, Collections, and JDBC to help with automation scripts.
  • Sound knowledge on JUnit, TestNG framework for Unit testing, Maven and Ant for Project building tool, Jenkins/Maven for Continuous Integration.
  • Work experience in integration Automation scripts (SELENIUMWebdriver API) on Continuous Integration tool Jenkins for nightly batch run of the Script.
  • Developed Test Cases for Application using TestNG& JUnit Framework using Eclipse IDE.
  • Experience in Functional Testing, Data Driven Testing, Load Testing and Validating WSDL using SOAPUI
  • Good experience in Web Services Testing using SOAPUI, XML and WSDL. Providing required input data to request XML & get the required data from response XML & use the response data from other request XML using SOAPUI.
  • Extensive experience with Web Technologies HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, JSON, XML, SOAP, WSDL, CSS Selectors, XPath and HTTP Operation.
  • Web Service testing (RESTful) and Automation using Apache Jmeter using JSON, XML payloads.
  • Proficient in Creating and Enhancing scripts, Executing Tests and Analyzing results using Load Runner.
  • Experienced in Mobile Native, Web App Automation using Android SDK Tools, Appium, Selendriod and UIAutomator.
  • Knowledge on networking protocols (TCP/ P Protocol suite) such as TCP, UDP, FTP, SSL and HTTP
  • Experience in bug and defect tracking using tools like HPALM/Quality Center, JIRA and Rally.
  • Experienced on writing SQL Queries to extract data from various source tables to perform database testing.
  • Experience in understanding the code written in different programming languages JAVA, Python, QML, VB Script, JavaScript and databases like Oracle, SQL.
  • Experienced in developing manual and automated Test Scripts and Test Cases based on the client provided BRD, FRS and SRS.
  • Highly motivated team player with analytical, organizational and technical skills, unique ability to adapt quickly to challenges and changing environment.


Testing Tools: WebDriver, Selenium-Grid,RC, IDE, JUnit, TestNG, SoupUI, Postman, Appium,RestAssured, Protractor, Jmeter

OS: Windows, UNIX, Linux, Android

Languages: Java, Python, JavaScript, Groovy, SQLDatabases

Oracle, MySQLWeb Technologies: HTML5, XML,XPATH, CSS, AJAX, AngularJS, NodeJS

Build Tools: Ant, Maven

IDE: Eclipse, IntelliJ Idea, SQL Developer

Defect Tracking: Rally, JIRA, Bugzilla, HP QC


Confidential, Irvine, CA

Software Engineer


  • Responsible for Integration, validation, troubleshooting on IFE systems and dealing with LRU's troubleshooting.
  • Good exposure to TDD and BDD environments - worked with Cucumber features, Scenarios and Step definitions.
  • Performed cross-browser compatibility testing on various versions of Firefox, Chrome, IE and Safari.
  • Developed the regression GUI automation using squish, Gherkin, BDD.
  • Built high level automation framework with Java, Selenium WebDriver, Maven, TestNG, and Jenkins, Apache POI using patterns like Page Object, Data driven testing, and UI Mapping and Java Design patterns.
  • Worked with automating RESTAPIs using REST Assured, TestNG, Java and JSONPath.
  • Understanding the network flow of data through the daisy chain connection between the LRU's.
  • Debugging and Troubleshooting software issues.
  • Creating automatic Shell scripts to launch services on the display unit LRU.
  • Verifying customer specific requirements with the loaded software in the IFE.
  • Performing the lab conformity with the Lab Interconnect Diagram.
  • Integrate developed software into the distributed LRU’s viz., TPMU/SVDU/DSU and performing the pre-integration testing.
  • Expertise in operating various Flight Simulation Software and Seat Simulations. Loading Software / Content on Simulated Seats.
  • Set up Jenkins, GitHub, and Maven to work together and provide a smooth Continuous integration system. Used Maven as a build automation tool for JAVA projects.
  • Experience with application life cycle management tools like Rally and JIRA and defect management tools like HP Quality Center and clear-questions depending on the customer specific.
  • Experience working with Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery in Agile - Scrum Methodologies.
  • Writing Bash Shell Scripts, Crontab Scripting for automation of manual events. Proven expertise in using static techniques for review of specification documents.
  • Created and executed SQLqueries to validate backend data.

Environment: Selenium WebDriver, TestNG, JAVA, Jenkins, JIRA, Rally, Maven, REST Assured, GIT, SQL, Agile and Oracle.

Confidential, Bethesda, MD

Sr.QA Engineer


  • Tested Client's Revenue Management Application (RMA) and Price Publish Application for various rate offers with End to End Manual and Automation testing.
  • Developed Automation framework both DataDriven and Hybrid using Selenium WebDriver in JAVA and performing unit testing by using TestNG.
  • Automated Functional test cases using Gatling and Scala (Eclipse IDE).
  • Used Gatling to automate functional test cases written in Scala to test API (REST WebService).
  • Automated the regression test cases and developed regression test suite using Gatling framework.
  • Front end UI built in AngularJS Test in the backend for AngularJS application.
  • Created, planned, managed, and executed automated backend regression testing and documented test execution results and maintained defect logs. Familiarity with cloud based platforms - AWS and Google Cloud Compute Engine.
  • Experience working with GitHub, SVN and CVS for repository management.
  • Developed an Automated scripts and frameworks using Java.
  • Scheduled jobs in Jenkins to run automation test suite daily at night.
  • Used Rally (Agile Project Management tool) for creating user stories, test cases, tracking defects.
  • Wrote SQL Queries extensively, queried database and generated test reports.

Environment: Selenium, JAVA, Scala, Gatling, Neo4J, Couch base, REST API, JUnit, Maven, GitHub, Jmeter, Rally and SQL, Agile.

Confidential, San Ramon, CA

QA Engineer


  • Tested stories based on the acceptance criteria for the stories in each sprint and accepted the story if all the acceptance criteria are met for the story.
  • Automated Smoke & Functional test cases using Selenium WebDriver, TestNG and JAVA (EclipseIDE).
  • Tested various Service Oriented Architectures ( SOA), spanned across various Web Services using SOAP and WSDL across various applications using SOAPUI
  • Used TestNG as a testing framework to execute the tests and report the results.
  • Performed data driven testing in Selenium WebDriver using test data from Excel, ApachePOI.
  • Set up Jenkins, GitHub, and Maven to work together and provide a smooth continuous integration system. Used Maven as a build automation tool for JAVA projects.
  • Performed WebServicesTesting using SOAPUI and generated XML Files for messaging, used SOAP/RESTAPI services using SOAPUI to test services.
  • Integrated Automation scripts (Selenium WebDriver API) in Continuous Integration tools (Jenkins) for nightly batch run of the Script, created Project plan on Jenkins, and configured it using Cron job.
  • Worked with web-debuggingtools like XPath, Firebug and Firepath to locate elements, tested compatibility of application for dynamic, static content under various cross browsers using HTML ids and XPATH in Selenium.
  • Used JMeter to execute LoadTests outside the company firewall by configuring host machines with JMeter in AWS
  • Worked on Tools like Appium&UIAutomator which are used for Automation of IOS.
  • Developed metrics dashboards and advanced filters in Rally to provide end-users and business leadership with performance metrics and status reports.
  • Performed Data Driven testing by using JDBC as a data source in SoupUI and configured SQLqueries to fetch data from the Database.
  • To make sure the velocity of the team is maintained in an AGILE environment during releases.

Environment: Selenium WebDriver, TestNG, JAVA, Jenkins, JIRA, Rally, Maven, GIT, Jmeter, SoupUI, SQL, Agile

Confidential, Pleasanton, CA

QA Engineer


  • Created JAVAversionSmokeTest using Selenium WebDriver and integrated into build system, providing continuous build validation.
  • Regression test cases were written and automated using SeleniumWebDriver.
  • Followed Data Driven +Object Module pattern in developing test scripts in JAVA using Selenium WebDriver.
  • Created framework using SOAPUI to automate and validate Web Service REST API calls.
  • Validated test scripts with expected Result using TestNG Framework Features.
  • Created test scripts using Groovy script to automate Web Services in SOAPUI.
  • Tested SOAP Web Services with different end points and analyzed SOAP Responses.
  • Automated the major performance functionalities of the application and the bugs reported using Jmeter.
  • Perform specific and scripted tests, Installing and Configuring Company’s application in both Windows and Linux Environment.
  • Performed Mobile Application Automation for IOS and Android using tool Appium and Selendriod.
  • Reporting tracking and determining the priority of reporting bugs in JIRA
  • Worked with tight iterations throughout the development cycle in Agile

Environment: Java, Agile, Selenium WebDriver, TestNG, J2EE, SOAPUI, REST API’s, Maven, Jmeter, Appium, JIRA, SQL, UNIX.

Confidential, South San Francisco, CA

QA Engineer


  • Working closely with the Developers in the review and modification of the product and its specifications using Agile-testing methodology.
  • Worked with the business teams on the use cases, built test cases to have extensive regression coverage
  • Regression test cases were written and automated using Selenium RC and WebDriver.
  • Extensively used Selenium APIs such as Take Screenshot for Capturing Failed test cases, Select for selecting multiple values from list, Action for various key and mouse event, by with different Locators (XPath, CSS, id, Link text).
  • Extensively used Selenium (XPath and CSS locators) to test the web application.
  • Developed new and updated existing Automation test cases using Selenium WebDriver and TestNG, using SVN as VCS for a Java based Web application, using Maven as build tool and Jenkins to create and run deployment jobs. Executed automated test suites on multiple platforms using Selenium Grid and Maven scripts.
  • Used JAVA language and TestNG framework for scripting. Used ANT for building the WebDriver project.
  • Using Load Runner executes multi-user performance tests, used online monitors, real-time output messages and other features of the Load Runner Controller.
  • Experience in debugging the issues by analyzing the SQL queries.

Environment: IBM Web Sphere, Selenium WebDriver /RC, ANT, Java, JUnit, XML, JDBC, JavaScript, HTML, JIRA, Load Runner

Confidential, Park Ridge, NJ

QA Analyst


  • Enhanced the QTP Scripts in expert mode in order to implement efficient test scenarios.
  • Developed automated test scripts, functions and sub- routines using JavaScript.
  • Executed Test Cases for Web Application hosted on a Web Logic Server and validated response.
  • Ensured that all the test cases are updated in the Quality Center along with Master test plan.
  • Created test cases and scripts in Quality Center test plan module and linked them with requirement.
  • Used Load Runner to stress the application under test to isolate and identify potential network and server bottlenecks.
  • Generated Oracle SQL scripts to validate large scale data migration from existing system to new environment.

Environment: Scrum Method0logy, QTP, Quality Center, (UNIX), Load Runner, JavaScript, SQL, Windows, Oracle, VBScript.

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