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Sr. Aws/devops Engineer Resume

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Dallas, TX


  • 10+ years with strong experience in CM tools like Perforce, GIT, Subversion, CVS and Clear case as Build/Release/Deployment/CI Engineer along with Development experience.
  • Experience on various flavors of UNIX System like Red Hat Linux, Ubuntu, CentOS, Solaris, IBM AIX, HP, and Windows.
  • Expertise in using build tools like Gradle, MAVEN and ANT for the building of deployable artifacts such as War & Ear from source code.
  • Experienced in Chef and Puppet, Ansible for Deployment on Multiple platforms.
  • Experienced knowledge and solid understanding of DevOps and continuous delivery tools such as Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Etc.
  • Experience in using version controller tools like Subversion (SVN), TFS, GIT, GITHUB, MSBUILD.
  • Expertise in WAMP (Windows, Apache, MYSQL, and Python) and LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and Python) Architecture.
  • Experience in using CI tools Jenkins, Bamboo, Chef, Puppet and Ansible for automated builds.
  • In - depth knowledge of computer applications and scripting like Shell, Python, Ruby, Perl, JavaScript and YAML.
  • Experience in creating the company's DevOps strategy in a mix environment of Linux (RHEL, CENTOS, Windows) servers along with creating and implementing a cloud strategy based on Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Experienced in strategy and practical implementation of AWS Cloud-Specific technologies which include EC2, EBS, S3, VPC, RDS, SES, ELB, EMR, ECS, Cloud Front, Cloud Forefmation, Elastic Cache, Cloud Watch, RedShift, Terraform, Lambda, SNS, Dynamo DB.
  • Developed and implemented Software Release Management strategies for various applications according to the agile process.
  • Implemented Chef Recipes for Deployment on buildon internal Data Centre Servers. Also, re-used and modified same Chef Recipes to create a Deployment directly into Amazon EC2 instances.
  • Worked with Docker Management Platform, Leveraged Custom Docker Images as Containerized Apps with in the Docker Engine as Multi Stack Application like LAMP
  • Installation, Configuration and Management of RDBMS and NoSql tools such as MySQL, DB2, PostgreSQL, MongoDB & Cassandra.
  • Experienced in running Vcenter Orchestrator to create workflows and recover the data from disaster and migrate virtual machines and resources.
  • Used Spring Core Annotations for Dependency Injection and Spring Boot for executing engines in Apache Marathon and Mesos.
  • Knowledge on networking protocols (e.g., HTTP, TCP, IP, SSH, FTP, SMTP, DNS, DHCP NFS, RPM, YUM, LDAP and Auto FS, LAN, WAN, iptables), load balancer, firewall, storage.
  • Familiar and experienced with Agile Scrum development.
  • Expertise in Enterprise repository management tools like Nexus, Artifactory etc.
  • Extensive experience in the design and implementation of Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Deployment and DevOps processes for agile projects.
  • Experienced in deployment of applications on Apache Webserver, Nginx and Application Servers such as Tomcat, JBoss.
  • Quick in learning new technologies and a good team player working with Project Managers, Architects, Team Leads, Developers, Business Analysts, Testers.


Build Tools: MAVEN, ANT, Gradle, MSBuild and cruise control.

Bug Tracking Tools: JIRA, Fisheye, Crucible, Bamboo, Cucumber, Crowd and confluence, IBM Clear Quest, Zephyr

Web/ Application Servers: Apache Tomcat, Apache Proxy, JBOSS, Web sphere, Web logic

SCM/Version Control Tools: GIT, SVN, Perforce, Team Foundation Server (TFS), Clear Case & Teamcity.

Automation container: Docker, kubernetes marathon and mesos.

Continuous Integration Tools: Jenkins/Hudson, bamboo, Team City, Build Forge, Anthillpro, TFS Visual Studio Build

Continuous Deployment tools: Puppet, Ansible and Chef.

Application configuration: Mongo DB, Express Js, Angular Js, Node Js & terraform

Cloud services: Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services(AWS), EC2, RDS, VPC, S3, ROUTE53, SNS, SQS, Cloud front, EBS, ELB, Cloud watch, Elastic beanstalk, Open Shift, OpenStack, Heroku and Cloud trail.

Monitoring tools: Nagios, splunk, grafana, sonarqube and Selenium

Scripting Languages: UNIX, Shell scripting, Perl, Ruby, YAML and Python

Operating system: Unix, Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, Red Hat, Centos) &Windows

Content management tools: Neos, Ektron and Alfresco

Programming Languages: C, C++, Java/J2EE, .Net (NuGet packages )

Database: RDBMS Oracle, Spark, Teradata, Mongo Db, Cassandra, Netezza, MY SQL, SQL Server


Confidential, Dallas, TX

Sr. AWS/DevOps Engineer

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Worked as a Build Engineer for a team that involves three different developments teams and multiple simultaneous software releases.
  • Proposed industry best branching strategies and created branches to implement parallel development in fast paced agile environment.
  • Involved in End-to-End, Build, Release Management process using Jenkins, Ant, Maven, Gradle.
  • Administration of DevOps tools suite: Puppet Enterprise, AWS, Open stack, Jenkins, Udeploy, GitHub, JIRA, Confluence, Anthill Pro, Splunk.
  • Created post commit and pre-push hooks using Python in SVN and GIT repos.
  • Setting up the SVN and GIT repos for Jenkins build jobs.
  • Automate Application Delivery using Puppet and Urban Code Deploy(UDeploy) tool suite.
  • Used Docker to Showcase the build microservices to modularize design and isolate the development of containers.
  • Used kubernetes to deploy scale, load balance, scale and manage docker containers with multiple namespaced versions.
  • Written and implemented Perl script to modify LDAP database.
  • Wrote Ant build scripts for creating jar, war and ear artifacts, which were then deployed to Tomcat and WebLogic.
  • Configuring 'nginx' for proxying, RESTful API calls to micro-services in Docker containers.
  • Responsible to maintain SOAP UI and RESTful API Webservices.
  • Implemented AWS solutions using EC2, S3, Redshift, Lambda, RDS, EBS, Elastic Load Balancer, Auto scaling groups, SNS, Optimized volumes and Cloud Formation templates.
  • Build servers using AWS, importing volumes, launching EC2, RDS, creating security groups, auto-scaling, load balancers (ELBs) in the defined virtual private connection.
  • Involved in performance monitoring tools like Iaas, AWS CloudWatch and stackdriver.
  • Used Rational Clear Case as a Version control system. Managed Integration Streams.
  • Installed and administer Atlassian tool set including JIRA, Confluence, Fisheye and Crucible.
  • Developed CI/CD process for front-end Angular application, using Jenkins and Udeploy for contentious integration and deployment, integrated Sonar for code Quality.
  • Expertise with Maven Dependency, plugin and nexus repository management during the builds.
  • Installed and administered nexus repository and created roles and privileges to restrict access to the users.
  • Involved in troubleshooting build issues for java errors due to vast exposure to language.
  • Integrated the existing Ant scripts to automate the code quality report generation process for the existing legacy based applications
  • Installed Jenkins and perform troubleshooting during installation to implement the CI process for the java application builds.
  • Created Slaves to implement the build farm where multiple builds run on multiple slave machines in Jenkins
  • Deployed the static code in to front end apache webserver.
  • Designed, implemented and documented Puppet deployments for Dev & SIT env’s for 4 applications.
  • Work directly with Project Managers to establish and create & design the release plan.

Environment: - Subversion, Shell, Perl, AWS .., Chef, Docker, Ansible, Alfresco,SonarQube, Jira, Terraform,C#, SQL, .NET, ASP.NET,Java/J2ee,Kubernetes,Python, Ant, Maven, Nexus, Nginx, Splunk,Apache Marathon and Mesos.

Confidential, Bentonville,AR

Sr. Windows/Linux Admin.


  • Involved in the Migration of Databases from SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2005.
  • Provide 24 X 7 dedicated support to all Production, QA & Development MS SQL Server Environments.
  • Prepared Documentation for the Disaster Recovery plan.
  • Managing Databases spread across multiple servers in Production, Development, staging & testing environments.
  • Responsible for installing and maintaining SQL 2008 R2 Cluster environment and Performed migrations from SQL server 2005 to SQL server 2008R2/2012.
  • Applying existing servers with relevant Service Packs, Hotfixes and any Critical Security Updates released by Microsoft.
  • Experience in configuring report manager for creating report subscriptions, snapshots, and caching and optimized Performance and Capacity planning of Various Data processes related to Reports.
  • Installed/configured/maintainedthe Linux servers, DNS, NFS, Mailing List, Sendmail, apache, FTP, SSHD.
  • Created Database Management Warehouse.
  • Uploaded Reports on to Report manager and Organized them based on Business Rules.
  • Network troubleshooting in complex environments, VLAN configurations.
  • Assist in development, improvement and maintenance of imaging, deployment solution.
  • Administer multiple disjoint Active Directory Forests, Domains, DHCP, DNS and various other Infrastructure services. Trust relationships setup, dc promo and decommission of AD.
  • Updates, patching and software installations via group policies (GPO)
  • Racking and patching equipment as needed.
  • VMware mixed mode support environment customer test environment.
  • Configuration of active directory in Windows operating system.
  • Experienced working with Microsoft Excel, Word and power point

Environment: SQL Server 2000/2005, T-SQL, Excel, Advanced Windows 2003 Server & PVCS Version Control Management, VMware, LINUX, Oracle, Windows server, MySQL, Post gre SQL, SQL Server 2005/2008/2008 R2/2012, Windows 2008 server, Windows Server 2008(x64).

Confidential, Alviso, CA

Sr. Build/Release Engineer

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Responsible for all the build and release activities in IT Applications.
  • Responsible for doing software rollouts for real customer TiVo units.
  • Managing different branches for bi-­ weekly support releases and project releases in parallel.
  • Automated the build and deployment process to DEV/QA/PRE-­ PROD and PROD environments using anthillpro.
  • •Installed and administered Artifactory repository to deploy the artifacts generated by Maven and to store the dependent jars which are used during the build
  • Coordinating with Operations and DBA for release planning.
  • Involved in bugzilla enhancements.
  • Automated AWS components like EC2 instances, Security groups, ELB, RDS, and IAM through AWS cloud Formation templates and used Ansible server and workstation to manage and configure nodes.
  • Wrote the Ansible playbooks which are the entry point for Ansible provisioning, where the automation is defined through tasks using YAML format. Run Ansible Scripts to provision Dev servers.
  • Used Ansible server and workstation to manage and configure nodes
  • Developed and performed various ClearCase administration tasks, including upgrade tasks, developing trigger scripts, monitoring ClearCase storage space, licensing issues.
  • Setup anthillpro, setup builds deployment request and deployments in anthillpro.
  • Responsible for branching and merging of code base for various, parallel releases.
  • Locking and unlocking branches.
  • Assisting developers with any build issues, perforce related issues.
  • Responsible for conducting weekly DEV/OPS meetings and filling gaps between OPS and DEV team.
  • Automated SONAR code analysis for the night builds to scan Java code and notify the developers if any new violations are added in the last updated code.
  • Responsible in defining the release process and timelines for projects.
  • Planning releases with Zero downtime and no impact for the partners.
  • Communication with partners for the upcoming releases.
  • Setup maven archive internal repository and maintaining local repositories on Build agents.
  • Responsible for Primary and Secondary workflows in anthillpro.
  • Retrofitted the production deployment process to QA and Dev.
  • Opened defects about AnthillPro functionality to Urban code.
  • Installed and configured maven on Development machines, build machines and AnthillPro agents.
  • Support other teams in Tivo, which use Hudson continuous integration tool.
  • Involved in designing and maintaining deployment scripts.
  • Automated SOAP UI testing in various environments using AnthillPro.
  • Responsible for standardization of maven goals in the build process.
  • Support various teams in organization with different type of issues related to TiVo box provisioning and software updates.

Environment: -Maven, svn, git, anthillpro,Hudson, Jenkins, Chef, Puppet, Ansible,udeploy, SonarQube,SOAP, jira, bash shell.

Confidential, Bentonville,AR

Sr. AWS/Devops Engineer

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Worked with an agile development team to deliver an end to end continuous integration/continuous delivery product in an open source environment using chef and Jenkins
  • Used the continuous Integration tools such as Jenkins for automation the build processes. Create Jenkins job to build the artifacts using maven, deploy the Terraform templates to create the stack.
  • Support a high-level AWS hosting group using Bamboo/Alfresco in the DevOps environment to manage the integration of various scripts for continuous deployment.
  • Involved in DevOps migration/automation processes for build and deploy systems.
  • Performed SVN to GIT migration and Implemented & maintained the branching and build/release strategies utilizing GIT.
  • Creating scripts for system administration and AWS using languages such as BASH and Python.
  • Build and deployJ2EE application in Web Sphere. Build and maintain SQLscripts and execute different scripts for different environments.
  • Automation of the build and deployment using Jenkins and uDeploy.
  • Automated the cloud deployments using Chef and AWS cloudformation templates.
  • Used a microservice architecture, with Spring Boot-based services interacting through a combination of REST and MQ and leveraging AWS to build, test, deploy Identity microservices and JSP, CSS3, jQuery and Angularjs.
  • Implemented docker -maven-plugin in and maven pom to build docker images for all microservices and later used Dockerfile to build the docker images from the java jar files.
  • Combined Chef and AWS CloudFormation to automate the deployment using JSON framework.
  • Created and maintained Shell deployment scripts for WebLogic web application servers.
  • Created Amazon S3 buckets to keep the web app files and the CloudFormation templates.
  • Used Jenkins to create a build job that spawns the Cloud Formation stack using Jenkins-cloudformation-plugin.
  • Written custom scripts for backing up data for more than 2 weeks into S3 bucket and for longer period the data was moved to RedShift.
  • Created AWS Route53 to route traffic between different regions.
  • Involved in developing Docker based infrastructure- Kubernetes and Mesos.
  • Worked on testing, evaluation and troubleshooting of MongoDB and Cassandra NoSQL database systems and cluster configurations to ensure high-availability in various crash scenarios.
  • Developed Chef Cookbooks, recipes, Roles, attributes in Ruby and Cloudformation templates.
  • Writing json templates for cloud formation and Ruby scripts for chef automation and contributing to our repository on GitHub(sub version control).
  • Involved in Building the Docker containers and deploy them into AWS container as service
  • Used Docker and OpenShift to manage micro services for development and testing.
  • Working with Terraform to create AWS components like EC2, IAM, VPC, ELB, Security groups
  • Implemented multi-tier application provisioning in OpenStack cloud, integrating it with Ansible/Puppet.
  • Manage Amazon redshift clusters such as launching cluster and specifying node type as well.
  • Automated provisioning and scaling of Couch base cluster using AWS Opsworks stacks.
  • Created monitors, alarms and notifications for EC2 hosts using CloudWatch and for App using Nagios.

Environment: -C#, SQL, Java/J2ee, Ruby, AWS .., Chef, Puppet, Docker,OpenShift, WebLogic, Maven, SVN, Git, Jenkins,Terraform,bash shell,Apache Marathon and Mesos.

Confidential, Minneapolis,MN

Linux / Build and Release Engineer

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Promotion of Code - includes both manually compiling and builds through TFS
  • Tracked software customization, defects and issues via TFS
  • Worked on TFS 2013 Sandbox.
  • Mentoring Accel team for TFS activities, providing Coaching and delivering Application Lifecycle Management Tools.
  • Automated the test scripts using VSTS framework with MTM interface integration and Coded UI.
  • Build credibility, establish report, and maintain communication with stakeholders at multiple levels, including those external to the organization
  • Coach, mentor and lead personnel within a technical team environment
  • Present periodic Dashboard reports on the current program, future opportunities and client issues.
  • Monitored, maintained, and controlled hardware and software configurations in classified network environment.
  • Identified and maintained inventory of items under configuration control.
  • Supervised and guided team to establish quality and CM standards as per agile methodology and implemented the agile templates in TFS.
  • Provided delivery management to ensure customer satisfaction and reference-ability
  • Promotion of Code - includes both manually compiling and builds through TFS
  • Creation and definition of a Code Migration Plan
  • Defined and implemented a division wide MS SharePoint solution for Configuration Management of project documentation
  • Wrote CM plan plans
  • Developed and maintained automated build scripts written with MSbuild
  • Generated and reconciled build issue lists and documented other release information
  • Implement, define, and enforce process throughout each project's lifecycle
  • Led-Cross-functional team that analyzed, identified, documented requirements for, and implemented an enterprise wide source code control and bug/issue tracking system
  • Manage and Maintain Borland StarTeam 2005 R2 server
  • Liaised with Projects & Operations team and successfully migrated Projects into Production Environment.
  • Experienced in configuration management using Visual Studio Team System (VSTS), Team Foundation Server (TFS), VSS and Subversion.
  • Set up "Continuous Integrations" & Manual Build Trigger for Build Definitions that does a Deployment into the Servers.
  • Identified new tools, technologies, and processes to improve the reliability, repeatability, and efficiency of builds, releases and QA
  • Responsible and accountable for the coordinated management of multiple related projects directed toward strategic business and other organizational objectives.

Environment: Windows 2003/2008 server standard/Enterprise edition R2, Sql Server 2005/2008, Linux, TFS 2008, MSbuild, VS 2008, IIS 6.5, MS Project, Project server 2008, SharePoint 2008.

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