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Sr.devops Engineer Resume

Caldwell, NJ


  • 7+ years of IT experience mainly in Web logic 12c/10.x/ 9.x /8.x Administration in UNIX, Linux, Solaris and Windows Platform.
  • Solid experiences in Installation, Configuration, Deployment, Performance Tuning, Maintenance and Troubleshooting of Enterprise Applications using Web logic 12c/ 10.x / 9.x / 8.x.
  • Well experienced implementing KARAF and troubleshooting issue with the bundles and connection with the Database.
  • Expertise in Web logic server Upgrade/migration activities from Version 10.3.6 to 12.1.2.
  • Experience in installing, integrating and administering Nagios 4.0.2.
  • Experience on Installing the Fusion Client on weblogic node.
  • Close work with different application like AIP, MFP and IP
  • Extensive experience in implementing application scaling concepts like Clustering in various layers of enterprise application.
  • Experience using AKAMAI and its CP codes to purge the cache after the Release.
  • Good knowledge of A10 used in DMZ1 and DMZ2 for load balancing purpose.
  • Experience in deploying the applications (Web/Java/Enterprise applications) in Weblogic clustered environment.
  • Extensive experience in migrating J2EE Application between different J2EE versions.
  • Good experience in UNIX Shell scripting, WLST to automate the administration tasks.
  • Experienced in regular maintenance tasks like upgrade, quarterly CPU for Web logic server Suite components.
  • Solid experience in Web logic administration using Administration console and WLST.
  • Well experienced in UNIX, Red Hat Linux and Windows XP/NT/2003.
  • Experience in Fine tuning the JVM settings to enhance the system performance using Jprofiler profiling tools. Also optimized the startup performance and runtime performance.
  • Experience in securing the Weblogic server environment using various security mechanisms including SSL Implementation.
  • Proficient in PHP, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, MySQL, MongoDB, HTML, and CSS.
  • Automation Framework for Cloud Orchestration (AWS) using Boto and Chef.
  • Experience in delivering micro services using Docker and etcd
  • Experience with Linux/UNIX environments and scripting for Build & Release automation.
  • Application Deployments & Environment configuration using Chef, Puppet
  • Defining Branching strategies and CM build cycle in a complete SDLC for different projects.
  • Proficient with Perl & Shell Scripting for build automations
  • Well experienced in Installation/Configuration and Administration of Apache/Tomcat/Sun ONE Webservers . Excellent in configuring the proxy - plugin for Webservers.
  • Configure the Rundeck to schedule the Jobs through chef .
  • Experienced in providing 24X7 Production support on rotation basis .
  • Extensive experience in all phases of software life cycle with emphasis in Implementation and Support of distributed enterprise scalable, secure and transactional J2EE applications.
  • Extensive work experience on N-Tier architecture based applications using J2EE technologies including EJB2.0, JSP1.2, Servlets2.0, JDBC 2.0, JNDI, RMI, and XML using Different Design patterns and J2EE Design patterns.
  • Experience working with various registry and packaging tools including CRX Package Manager.
  • Adept with various change management tools.
  • Good analytical, troubleshooting skills and worked in high pressure, enterprise class environment.
  • Fantastic ability to learn new technologies quickly and implement as per organization objectives.
  • Ability to lead new initiatives with self- motivation and little supervision.
  • Demonstrated experience creating document in dot language and compiled in .svg format using graphviz1.2.4.
  • Highly knowledgeable in revision control such as using GIT to keep track of file and new project also updating changes in machine/tools as well as in middleware server.
  • Good differentiation power of catalog data, static files, CQ bundles.


Application Servers: Oracle WebLogic Server, Oracle Application server, JBOSS

Web Servers: Apache, iPlanet6, Apache-Tomcat.

Operating Systems: Sun Solaris, Red Hat Linux, Centos, HP-UX

Build and Configuration Management Tools: Ant, Maven, Ansible, Chef, Puppet

SCM Tools: SVN, GIT and CVS

Repository: Art factory, Perforce, Nexus

CI tools: Jenkins, Hudson

Databases: Oracle 8/8i/9i/10g, MS SQL Server 7.0/2000, DB2, Sybase

Languages: C++, C, SQL, PL/SQL

Web Languages: JSPs, HTML, DHTML, XML

Scripting: Shell Scripting (Korn/Bourne/Bash), ANT Scripts, WLST,Perl, Python, Tcl


Security tools: LDAP Server and SSL Certificates.

Third Party tools: Nagios, Load Runner, JMeter, Site scope.


Confidential, Caldwell, NJ

Sr.Devops Engineer


  • Reduce the environment build time from 4-5 hours to 15 min by inventing a Control tool and also added lot more other option in it to control the weblogic environment.
  • Writing chef recipe and creating cookbooks in order to pull all the artifacts from the version control tool like GIT.
  • Configuring all the keys setting for nodes in Rundeck and adding the TAG as per environment in order to execute the scripts in the entire node parallel.
  • Schedule the time in continuous integration tool Rundeck by creating jobs to keep all the node up to date.
  • Configure the Apache Server as a proxy to the backend application server.
  • Configure the SSL certs in webserver as well as in App server.
  • Installing Fusion Client on weblogic using the wallet method and configuring all the fckey setup that is required for weblogic to communicate to application database server.
  • Configure the GIT to store all the binaries as well as the scripts for the Infrastructure and configure the Job in Rundeck to pull the artifact.
  • Used AngularJS, Django, and Express (Node.js) to develop content management tools.
  • Worked extensively with JavaScript, PHP, Python, MySQL, MongoDB, Memcached, HTML, and CSS.
  • Designed a cross-region messaging system called Hive way that connects message queues across regions by sending compressed messages over secure HTTP. Hive way provides a standard RESTful interface to more traditional message queues like RabbitMQ or Redis, allowing greater interoperability and cross-region communication.
  • Use the monitoring tool like Nagios to check the server health as well as the traffic in and out of the box.
  • Meet the SLA for business to get all the application up and running.
  • Troubleshoot various issues related to Application, Weblogic, RPAS, AIP, IP, MFP.
  • Configure Dyna-Trace agent in application to monitor the check list as per requirement from management.
  • Co ordinate with business owner of different application to get the project deliver as per requirement.
  • Creating operational tools in shell script to fulfill the requirement for the application owner as well as to automate daily task.
  • Maintained build related scripts developed in Maven, Python and shell, modified build configuration files including Mavens pom.xml.
  • Integrated Maven with Git to manage and deploy project related tags.
  • Support development engineers with Configuration Management issues
  • Automated nightly builds using Jenkins.
  • Configured and maintained Jenkins to implement the CI process and integrated the tool with Ant and Maven to schedule the builds.
  • Worked on Configuration management tool Ansible for continuous delivery.Created playbooks for new environments and modified existing plays to provision into Rackspace
  • Created and Maintained Git repositories, branches and tags
  • Acted as an Integrator for performing merge, rebase and baseline operations
  • Setting up continuous integration and formal builds using jenkins with Artifactory repository
  • Installed and administered Artifactory repository to deploy the artifacts generated by Maven and to store the dependent jars, which are used during the build.
  • Analyze and resolve conflicts related to merging of source code for Git
  • Worked with development team to migrate Ant scripts to Maven
  • Researched and implemented code coverage and unit test plug-ins with Maven/Jenkins.
  • Researched and implemented code coverage and unit test plug-ins like findbugs, checkstyle, cobertura with Maven/jenkins
  • Experienced in authoring pom.xml files, performing releases with the Maven release plugin, and managing artifacts in artifactory.
  • Used Sonarqube to analyze source code and provide useful metrics, used sonar runner as the agent and maven as the agents.
  • Own full lifecycle of build system - from analysis, development, implementation and support of builds, unit testing and deployments
  • Coordinate with Release Management regarding appropriate system releases among other development Platforms.

Environment: Git, Jenkins, Arifactory, Sonar, JIRA, Oracle, Shell, Python, Ant, Maven, Java, Linux

Confidential, Grand Rapids, MI

Devops Engineer


  • Deploy the EAR, Bundles, and Content Packages in weekly basis. Deployment of Static Files and updates the CQ workflow in daily basis in more than 1500 Production boxes.
  • Built the Application server with multiple java process running and Automation few others startup script through CHEF
  • Building integration with a number of third parties, making heavy use of asynchronous processing with Celery and RabbitMQ
  • Called multiple cookbooks in one recipe and used run-list to execute the process in the chef node.
  • Wrote a central library for CHEF in ruby syntax which is wrapper code for Power Shell script.
  • Using Splunk to pull the necessary data from logs while working on different application issue.
  • Responsible for Managing Karaf Instances which are connected to Cassandra Database to unlock the customer cell Phone device.
  • Working Java messaging, including monitoring of JMS message handlers, EJB message-driven beans, and the RabbitMQ consumer-plugin interface.
  • 24x7 ONCALL Engineer Specialist for eCommerce front facing application at att.com.
  • Administered large scale network consisting of Apache, Nginx, A10, F5, Solaris, Linux, Weblogic, ATG, Adobe CQ and Oracle
  • Working with the developer to change the various properties in ATG dynamo and also making the immediate localconfig until the changes comes in the code.
  • Assisted in the troubleshooting of various ticket open for RCA (Root Cause Analysis) in Jira as well as in QC (Quality Center).
  • Maintained and administered GIT source code tool.
  • Created Branches, Labels and performed Merges in GIT.
  • Primary lead role (solution architect) on solution based entirely on Amazon Web Services. Planning and selection of appropriate technologies, including database implementations on my SQL (RDS).
  • Designing and developing new back-end services, maintaining and expanding our Amazon Web
  • Services infrastructure, and providing mentorship to others on my team.
  • Developed processes, tools, automation for Jenkins based software for build system and delivering SW Builds.
  • Managed build results in Jenkins and deployed using workflows.
  • Delivered specific versions of various components of an application into target environments.
  • Maintain and track inventory using Jenkins and set alerts when the servers are full and need attention.
  • Constructed/Architected a Continuous Integration CI Server and Implemented Build/Deploy automation Server utilizing CI Technologies like Jenkins/Hudson, Subversion, Maven, MS Build, Ant, Sonar, JIRA and Selenium for both .NET and JAVA Applications on mixed OS Windows/Linux/Unix).
  • Supported HA services and administrated MySQL, Amazon EC2 and Node.js.
  • Developed and managed delivery pipeline and prioritized functioning period and quick server response time.
  • Assisted the Business/Production/Environment/Pre-stage Validation Team during the release by guiding how the flows work, where flow is making the call and also how to set the cookie to bounce between the datacenter.
  • Performing website application releases in a weekly manner where variety of different feature gets upgraded in the application.
  • Managed incident management processes with INCIDENT MANAGEMENT tool.
  • Setting up new project in version control using GIT and also keeping track of all the files used in that new project by pushing them to GIT master repository every time something new gets changes to the project..
  • Experience with Akamai Technologies to manage multiple geographical locations.
  • Worked closely with eCommerce Architecture team on application and system architecture
  • Worked closely with Back Office Services team to ensure end to end processing of orders.
  • Worked closely with eCommerce System Administration and Release Management teams in troubleshooting incidents
  • Keeping application up to date running JCR Sameness tool which is built in Adobe CQ/CRX.
  • Responsible for developing multiple monitoring and deployment programs.
  • Tier 3 support for day to day issues with the Applications, Application servers, boxes and backend as well as frontend system.
  • Build-out and maintenance of multiple high-traffic web applications and services
  • Monitoring and analyzing Tealeaf, Keynote, Nagios, Sitescope alerting on eCommerce websites/applications as well as alerting in Cassandra DB and all Production and Environment Boxes.
  • Manage and administer LUCID and SOLR instances for search functionality
  • Maintain and Design custom scripts for application, monitoring and statistic tools using Perl, PHP and BASH
  • Set-up and administration assistance of non-production environments for development and performance testing installed in VMWare, Baremetal.

Environment: Web Logic Server12c(12.1.2), Karaf Server 3.0.1, CQ(CRX), ATG 10.2, Java, A10 2.7.0, Solaris 5.10, APACHE, JDBC, Java Script, HTML, XML, Oracle11.2.0.3 and, Cassandra 2.1.0, AKAMAI, Linux, UNIX, GIT 2.2.1., AWS, Jenkins, GIT, ANT, .NET, MAVEN, JIRA, Python, BASH & KORN Shell, JAVA/J2EE, Web Sphere.

Confidential, Dallas, TX

Devops Engineer


  • Supported a true 7/24 high transaction application iGO and its associated group of 6 payment/chat applications. These applications constitute the primary payment gateway for 20+ Confidential applications that needs to handle any kind of payments.
  • Part of the full-fledged end-to-end Web Logic upgrade from Web logic 9.2 to Web logic 10.3.1 in Linux/ Oracle 11g environment across all Development/ Testing/ Training / Performance and Production environments. This includes production Web logic clusters in Training and Performance test environments for 6 applications.
  • Configured WebLogic clusters and deploying J2EE applications in the cluster in a production environment in Solaris
  • Backend processes were built in Python. Utilized RabbitMQ as the messaging middleware
  • Administrated using the system administration tools like system administration console, Node manager, WLST and command-line interface.
  • Deployed J2EE Web and EJB modules using Ant tool WebLogic command Line
  • Worked closely with development and testing teams to implement fixes in testing and production environments.
  • Installed Oracle-8i server, Oracle client software on the application server and configuring the connectivity using JDBC drivers
  • Set up and configured MQ series messaging service via JMS Server
  • Configured clusters, load-balancing and fail-over solutions and Web server plugins for WebLogic application server
  • Installed and configured of F-5 / BIG IP load balancer to work with WebLogic server
  • Certificates generation and installation using OpenSSL and Keytool
  • Server Performance Tuning - Thread Dump Analysis, Core Dump Analysis when Server crashed unevenly
  • LDAP, Oracle 8i/9i/10g on UNIX (Solaris/AIX/Linux) and Windows 2000 /2003 environments.
  • Created JDBC connections to database like SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle 9i and MS SQLServer databases. Performed
  • Designed and deployed AWS solutions using E2C, S3, RDS, EBS, Elastic and Auto scaling groups. Optimized volumes and EC2 instances.
  • Deploy puppet to completely provision and manage AWS EC2 instances, volumes, DNS, and S3.
  • Installation, Maintenance and Administration of Red Hat Enterprise, SUSE and Cent OS on VMS and physical server.
  • Installation, configuration and management of Apache 2.24and Tomcat 7 servers.
  • Supported 300+ Server in Dev, QA, Staging and Production environments plus primary
  • Support to all kind of issues for Redhat 5.x &6.x Linux by using puppet configuration management tool.
  • Automate site configuration using Puppet.
  • Installed, configured, and supported Puppet to create and enforce standardization across environments.
  • Designed puppet modules to manage configurations.
  • Experience with version control tools like GIT and managed source code.
  • Created users, manage user permissions, maintain User & File System quota on Red Hat Linux, CentOS and AIX.
  • Servers support included NFS, NTP, FTP, users setup/troubleshooting
  • Implementing appropriate permissions for files and folders and Managing Users and Groups.
  • Creation and Maintenance of User Accounts file systems and successfully created logins IDs on large number of servers
  • Installation, Maintenance and Administration of Red Hat Enterprise, SUSE and CentOS on VMS and physical server.
  • Install/configure/maintain the Linux servers, NIS, DNS, NFS, Mailing List, Send mail, apache, ftp, sshd.
  • Managing and Monitoring the JVM performance by WebLogic Heap Size, garbage collection, JDBC Pools and taking Thread dumps and analyzing to find the problems in application.
  • Web Server/Proxy server setup and administration (Apache, Tomcat, IPlanet, Apache SSL etc.)
  • Used Ant scripts and UNIX Shell scripts for configuration.
  • Monitored and performance tuned WebLogic JVM Heap size garbage collection JDBC Pools and JMS
  • Integrated IPlanet webserver 6.0, Apache 2.0 and IIS 6.0 with WebLogic (9.x/10.x) server
  • Developed scripts (start, stop, backup and recovery processes) for WebLogic application server administration
  • Developed WLST/Jython, Python, ANT scripts, UNIX shell scripts to automate the deployment process
  • Configured Secure Sockets Layers (SSL) for data encryption and client authentication and two Way SSL for WebLogic 8.1/9.2 using key tool
  • Deployment of J2EE Web applications EJB components and enterprise applications (WAR, JAR and EAR files)
  • Followed application management and changed management based on ITIL Process.
  • As the part of the upgrade project made changes to the source code off all the applications which involved compilation with JDK 6 and removing the deprecated methods and adding new methods.
  • Developed tools to automate Web logic installation, JDK installation, applying BEA patches, configuration of domain (including admin/managed, clusters, JDBC connection pools, startup/shutdown classes and multi-cast IP and JMS configurations and Oracle RAC Cluster).
  • Developed lot of automation tools for consistent deployment of code across numerous clusters using Web logic Deployer and WLST scripting.
  • Supported 6 major Retail billing releases where I was involved in environment configuration and tier-2 application support during testing phases. Also prepared detailed production workplans and the necessary staging/configuration updates in production.
  • Worked on Registry cleaning, and configuration.
  • Configured SSL for Non Production Web Logic servers and installed the updated Cybertrust certificates.
  • Installed Introscope monitoring agent across ALL applications and monitored the traffic on the Enterprise Manager server using the desktop client.
  • Involved in JVM performance fine tuning and other performance enhancement techniques
  • Implemented Work Mangers on the main application iGO/AIMS. This involved identifying major performance bottlenecks and enhancements, looking into issues to resolve server deadlocks and Web Logic tuning.
  • Used Puppet for monitoring and system resources reporting.
  • Keep track of all the version management/change management with Rational Clear Quest.
  • Developed Role based Security access to restrict users.
  • Coordinated with the Application and Database teams to identify and correct issues and bugs relating to Web Logic.
  • Configured and administered JDBC Connection pools and JMS Connection Factories
  • Developed startup and shutdown scripts for the Web logic servers.
  • Configured realms, users, groups and roles.

Environment: Web logic Server 8.1/9.x/10.x, EJB, JDBC, JMS, XML, Oracle 11g, SQL Server, TOAD, Putty, Rational Clear case, UDDI, Red Hat Linux 5.0, RAC, Puppet, Rational Clear Quest, AWS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.x, 5.x, 6.x, Puppet, Chef, GIT, Jira, ERITAS Volume Manager, Samba, Oracle RAC/ASM (11g), EMC Power path, DELL PowerEdge 6650, HP Proliant DL 385, 585, 580, Sun Fire v440.

Confidential, Canonsburg, PA

Web logic Administrator


  • Performed Web Logic 10.3 Server administration tasks such as installation, configuration, monitoring and performance tuning.
  • Upgrade of Web logic Server and updating JDK versions, applying patches and installing service packs for Web logic server.
  • Build, deploy and support dev, Integration test and provide detailed instructions for QA and Production environments consisting of multiple Web logic application domains.
  • Performed Branching and merging operations on SVN streams.
  • Auto deployment and troubleshooting of JAR, WAR, and EAR files in clustered environment.
  • Configured and administered JDBC Connection Pools/Multi Pools/Data Sources on Web Logic Server 10.3.
  • Troubleshooting Web Logic Application Server connection pools and connection manager with Oracle 10g.
  • Monitored error logs, fixing problems and tuning parameters on Web logic environment.
  • Involved in Setting up Web Logic domain with a single server instance for developers on their windows machines.
  • Used Java, MongoDB NoSQL database and Neo4J graph database
  • Worked with SVN change management tools.
  • Configured and deployed applications in various work environments like Development, Test, Certification and Production.
  • Installed and configured Apache HTTP Server 2.0, Apache Tomcat 6.0 and iPlanet Web Servers in various environments.
  • Installed and configured plug-ins for Apache HTTP server and Sun One Web server to proxy the request for Web logic server.
  • Helped secure environments by working closely with sun security team to install Firewall.
  • Troubleshooting with Thread and Heap analysis for detecting blocking and locked threads
  • Configure and administer Connection pools for JDBC connections.

Environment: Web logic Server 10.3.x, Sun JDK1.5, J2EE, Jrockit1.5, PHP, JSP, Servlets, EJB, LDAP, JDBC, XML, Oracle10g, Oracle RAC, Apache 2.0, Tomcat 6.0/6.1. SVN.


Production Support Engineer


  • Performed Web logic Server administration tasks such as installing, configuring, monitoring and performance tuning.
  • Performed J2EE application deployment and administration including JAR, WAR, and EAR files.
  • Configured, maintained, deployed and trouble shoot of Web Logic on multiple platforms, deployments, trouble shooting and maintenance for production, development, QA and training environments.
  • Installed and configured Apache HTTP Server 2.0, Tomcat 6.0, IIS 6 and Sun One Web Servers in various environments.
  • Responsible for Load balancing and Performance tuning for various Web Logic Instances.
  • Converted and automated builds using Ant. Scheduled automated nightly builds using cruise control.
  • Configured users groups and Global Roles.
  • Configured Clusters, Server groups and Cloning for improved availability and failover capacity.
  • Used BMC software for service management and performance management.
  • Created and configured Data Sources for database connectivity & JMS resources
  • Configured global security in Web Logic using LDAP authentication
  • Created domain configuration scripts to configure new domains, modify existing domains.
  • Developed UNIX & WLST scripts to perform automated deployments.
  • Analyzed thread dump & heap dump for web logic application server.
  • Involved in periodic backing up of configuration files.
  • Performed system administrator level duties such as adding/deleting users, regularly monitoring user level activity, checking system logs, monitoring system performance.

Environment: JDK1.4, J2EE, Jrockit8.1, JSP, WinNT, BMC, Servlets, EJB, LDAP, JDBC, XML, Oracle9i, Web Logic, Server 10.x, Ant 1.5.1, Apache web server, sun one web server (iPlanet), Linux.

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