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Devops Engineer Resume

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  • Exposed to all aspects of software development life cycle (SDLC) such as analysis, planning, developing, testing, implementing, post - production analysis of the projects
  • Experience on Build and Release Engineer in Automating, Building, Deploying, Managing and Releasing of code from one environment to another environment
  • Expertise with UNIX and Windows environments including shell and Python scripts, perforce,
  • Strong knowledge of Subversion (SVN) and experience utilizing source control such as Perforce, GIT, and knowledge of Clear Case.
  • Experience in and demonstrated understanding of source control management concepts such as Branching, Merging, Labeling/Tagging and Integration.
  • Experience in administration of web servers like Apache web server and Apache Tomcat.
  • Involved in the functional usage and Deployment of Applications in Web Logic, Web Sphere and Apache Tomcat Server.
  • Worked on DevOps, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment
  • Configured and monitored distributed and multi-platform servers using chef. Excellent at defining Chef Server and workstation to manage and configure nodes. Developed Chef Cookbooks to manage systems configuration.
  • Involved in several projects setting up builds using Ansible, and Chef.
  • Expertise in using build tools like MAVEN and ANT for the building of deployable Artifacts such as War & Ear from Source Code.
  • Excellent automation experience in working with configuration management tools like Chef, Puppet, Ansible.
  • Written manifests/Recipes and Ruby scripts to customize the Chef as per our environment.
  • Extensively worked on Jenkins, Hudson for continuous integration and for End to End automation for all build and deployments.
  • Experienced in Debugging, Optimizing and Performance Tuning of Oracle BI (Siebel Analytical) Dashboards / Reports to improve performance at Database.
  • Experience in writing UNIX scripts, Perl script, Maven and Ant.
  • Efficient in tracing complex Build problems, Release issues and Environment issues in a Multi Component Environment.
  • Worked with different Bug tracking tools like JIRA, Rally, Remedy, HP Quality Center, and Fisheye.
  • Hands on work experience in support of various operating systems Ubuntu and Windows98/NT/XP/ Vista/7/8 of production, test and development servers
  • Experience with MongoDB Oracle and MS SQL Server DB Tasks (DML, DDL Executions, Log Rotations, Table space alterations, user management etc.
  • Expanded Experience in Network Management like DNS, NIS, NFS, LDAP, TFTP and system troubleshooting skills
  • Implementation of TCP/IP& related Services-DHCP/DNS/WINS.
  • Knowledge of using various routed protocols like FTP, SFTP, SSH, HTTP, HTTPS and Connect direct.
  • Efficiently used Project Management AtlassianTools (JIRA, confluence, Stash, Source Tree, Crucible)
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal, intuitive, and analytical and leadership skills with ability to work efficiently in both independent and team work environments.


Operating Systems: Windows, UNIX, Red Hat Linux, CentOS.

Versioning Tools: Subversion Clear case, GIT and BITBUCKET.

Bug Tracking Tools: JIRA, Remedy, HP Quality Center, IBM ClearQuest, Tes light.

CI Tools: Jenkins, Hudson, Bamboo, Cruise Control.

Build Tools: ANT, MAVEN, GRADLE.

Languages/Scripting: C, C++, Shell, Gradle, Java/J2EE, Ruby.

Web Technologies: Servlets, JDBC, JSP, HTML, Java Script, XML

Web servers: Apache, IBM HTTP Server, NGINIX.


Application Servers: JBOSS 4.x/5.x/6.x, IBM WebSphere Application Server 6.x/7.x/8.xWebLogic 11g, Apache Tomcat 5.x/6.x/7.x, TcServer 6.x/7.x.

Monitoring Tools: Splunk, AppDynamics.



Confidential, WI

DevOps Engineer


  • Installed required software on build servers to maintain efficient infrastructure.
  • Developed and designed API’s (RESTful Web Service) for the company's website
  • Maintained and administered GIT /Subversion source code tool.
  • Implemented & maintained the branching and build/release strategies utilizing BITBUCKET.
  • Tested Splunk search strings & operational strings and used it as resource monitoring tool
  • Managed build results in Jenkins and deployed using workflows.
  • Worked on Jenkins to deploy code in Staging and Production environments.
  • Extensively used chef roles, databags and environments, performed attribute overriding, Databag encryption
  • Managing configuration using Chef in the production and Created Chef Recipes and Cookbooks in development environment.
  • Experience in working with AKAMAI technologies.
  • Developed Chef Cookbooks to manage systems configuration.
  • Knowledge and expertise on all aspects of Chef concepts like chef server, workstations, Nodes, chef clients and various components like push jobs, super market etc.
  • Well versed with many different concepts of Chef like Roles, Environments, Data Bags, Knife, Chef Server Admin/Organizations.
  • Experienced in using artifactory Repository Managers for Maven Builds.
  • Involved with set up of continuous integration and daily builds using bamboo with artifactory repository manager.
  • Written multiple recipes and also customized facts for efficient management of the Chef clients.
  • Helped team installing AEM tool.
  • Installed APIGEE EDGE for implementing, managing and exposing APIs.
  • Worked with Atlassian tools like Bamboo, Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket.
  • Executed various scripts like Power shell, Ruby, Perl to automate build and release process.
  • Part of a team of CI engineers that design, develop and support the CI system for a large software development group using Agile development methodologies.
  • Hands on experience of Build & Deployment phase and usage of Continuous Integration (CI/CD) tools, build configuration, change history for releases, Maintenance of build system, automation & smoke test processes, managing, configuring, and maintaining source control management systems.
  • Worked on lot of enhancements and modifications using HTML, HTML5, DHTML, Java Script and XML.
  • Built and Deployed java/J2EE to a web application server in an Agile continuous integration environment and automated the entire process.
  • Used Maven as build tool on Java projects for the development of build artifacts on the source code.
  • Experienced in writing ANT scripts to build and deploy Java applications.
  • Hibernate is used to extract data from database and bind to corresponding Java objects.
  • Deployed and Configured Java/J2EE applications in LINUX environments.
  • Work closely with developers, QA teams, Product owners and other stakeholders to deploy efficiently on various environment instances.
  • Establishing and building continuous integration process pipeline to improve currents processes in order to achieve better results.
  • Provide on-demand support to SW engineers with Development Environments.
  • Carry out research on new Integrations technologies.
  • Performed all necessary day-to-day Subversion/GIT support for different projects.
  • Connected continuous integration system with GIT version control repository and continually build the check-ins from the developer.
  • Build out server automation with Continuous Integration - Continuous Deployment tools like Jenkins/Maven for deployment and build management system.
  • Integrated Docker container based test infrastructure to Jenkins CI test flow and set up build environment integrating with Git and Jira to trigger builds using Slave Machines
  • Administer and execute Jenkins jobs for generating artifacts and deploying the same on specific environment as and when required.
  • Developed build and deployment scripts and used ANT/Maven tools in Jenkins to span from one environment to other.
  • Extensive experience in JIRA for creating bugs tickets, storyboarding, pulling reports from dashboard, creating and planning sprints.
  • Implemented best practices of Agile methodology to speed up the delivery process efficiently

Environment: Tortoise(SVN) 1.6,1.7, Bitbucket, Oracle 10g,11g,Jenkins, Java/J2EE, Ruby, ANT, MAVEN, Web Logic, Perl Scripts, Shell Scripts, Perforce, XML, UNIX, JIRA, Chef, Splunk

Confidential - Houston, TX

Devops Engineer/ Build & Release Engineer


Release Engineer for a team that involved different development teams and multiple simultaneous software releases.

  • Developing automated process for builds and deployments using Jenkins,Ant,Gradle,Maven, Sonatype Nexus, Shell, Python and Java.
  • Installing and configuring Jenkins master and slave nodes. Built CI/CD pipeline and managing the infrastructure as code using Urbancode/Ansible.
  • Integrated Jenkins with various DevOps tools such as Nexus, SonarQube, and Ansible etc.
  • Interacted with Users and Application Owners for gathering information required for Application Packaging.
  • Viewing the selected issues of web interface using SonarQube.
  • Working closely with different development teams to understand their requirements and providing solutions
  • Developed build and deployment scripts using ANT, MAVEN and GRADLE as build tools in Jenkins to move from one environment to other environments.
  • Replaced existing manual deployment and management processes with Ansible/Chef and Urbancode.
  • Created Playbooks for each application to help the release management team for successful deployments.
  • Administered and integrated the Version Control Systems like Subversion and Git with Jenkins.
  • Developed Gradle and Maven scripts to automate the compilation, deployment and testing of Web and J2EE applications. created and maintained the Jenkins jobs, including automatic generation, reporting and alerting of test and code metrics (JUnit, PMD, etc), build failures and build status indicators.
  • Developed Python and shell scripts for automation of the build and release process.
  • Responsible for the development and maintenance of processes and associated scripts/tools for automated build, testing and deployment of the products to various developments.

Environment: IBM WebSphere Application server 6.0/6.1/7.0, Apache 5.5, IBM Http server 6.0/6.1/7.0, RHEL 5.6, DB2, Oracle, Windows, LDAP, HTML, Java Script, XML, JSP, Servlets, Chef,Ansible,Urbancode.


SCM/Build and Release engineer


  • Release Engineer for a team that involved different development teams and multiple simultaneous software releases.
  • Imported and managed multiple corporate applications into Subversion (SVN)/GIT.
  • Responsible for creating branches and resolving the conflicts while merging in SVN/GIT.
  • Responsible for build, design and maintain the platform automation infrastructure using Chef.
  • Developed Chef cookbooks to install and configure Apache, Tomcat, Splunk, Jenkins, Weblogic, Rundeck and deployment automation.
  • Integrated Jenkins, Rundeck and Chef.
  • Helped Developers to setup Workstations in Windows, Linux and Mac to work with Chef.
  • Participated in setting up build and deployment pipeline for Mobile apps for both Android and IOS.
  • Developed and implemented Software Release Management strategies for various applications according to the agile process.
  • Assist users and developers with the setup, installation, and testing of their applications.
  • Participated in weekly release meetings with Technology stakeholders to identify and mitigate potential risks associated with the releases.
  • Installed and configured Rational Build Forge and created multiple projects.
  • Administered Rational Build Forge and created users and given permissions based on their roles.
  • Developed build using ANT and MAVEN as build tools and used Jenkins to kick off the builds move from one environment to other non-prod environments.
  • Manage deployment automation using Ansible, Automated the build and release management process including monitoring changes between releases.
  • Setting up SSL certificates to use DNS for the tools.
  • Developed and Implemented Software Release Management strategies for various applications according to the Agile Process.
  • Created release pipelines using GIT, Chef for automatic workflow.
  • Created and maintained the Shell/Perl deployment scripts for Web Logic web application servers.
  • Scripting/automation languages such as TCL, Perl, shell or equivalents.
  • Jenkins is used as a continuous integration tool for automation of daily process.
  • Deployed the static code in to front end apache and NGINIX webservers.
  • Extensively used Java multi-threading to implement batch Jobs with JDK 1.5 features.
  • Created inventory in Ansible for automating the continuous deployment and wrote playbooks using YAML scripting.
  • Developed and supported the Software Release Management and procedures.
  • Deployed Puppet, Puppet Dashboard, and Puppet DB for configuration management to existing infrastructure.
  • Deployed Java applications into web application servers like weblogic.
  • Used MAVEN to automate the build process. Responsible for writing Hooks and Triggers using Perl. Built Java application using MAVEN.
  • Worked on Installation and Implementation of Ansible configuration management system and used to manage Web applications, Environments configuration Files, Users, Mount points and Packages.
  • Created inventory in Ansible for automating the continuous deployment and wrote playbooks using YAML scripting.
  • Worked extensively on Core Java API like collections for complex background processing.
  • Created and deployed a tool to automate branch and project creation in Subversion using Perl, Chef and Puppet.
  • Automated Linux production servers’ setup using Puppet Scripts. Used these scripts to replicate production build environments on a local dev boxes using vagrant and Virtual Box.

Environment: Tortoise(SVN) 1.6,1.7, WebSphere 6.1.1,Oracle 10g,11g,Jenkins, Java/J2EE, Ruby, ANT, MAVEN, Web Logic, Perl Scripts, Shell Scripts, Perforce, XML, UNIX, JIRA, Puppet.

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