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Jbos/weblogic Admin Resume

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Reston, VA


  • Dedicated, hardworking & self/quick learning professional having 7+ years of IT industry experience in the field of Client/Server Applications, Middleware Server Administration with extensive experience in WebLogic Server/JBoss/WebSphere, DevOps Engineering and cloud services like AWS/Azure.
  • Experienced in Installing, Configuring, and Administering WebLogic/Oracle Fusion Middleware(OFMW), oracle ADF Frameworks, JBoss, WebSphere, in various environments from DEV to PROD.
  • Extensively administered BEA WebLogic, Apache, Tomcat, Microsoft IIS and SunOne/iPlanet servers for server Configuration, Deployment of applications, Performance tuning including Troubleshooting and maintenance.
  • Experienced in providing 24/7 support for UAT & PROD environments.
  • Excellent knowledge in the infrastructure setup with multiple layer of administrative domains like Tomcat, WebLogic.
  • Managed and administered BEA WebLogic Domains, Managed servers using Node Manager.
  • Installed, Deployed and maintenance of Enterprise Applications on Tomcat.
  • Experience in configuring and administration of JDBC connection pools, JMS connection factories and clustering EJB Objects.
  • Configured Webserver Plugins (APACHE, IIS and iPlanet) for WebLogic application server.
  • Good understanding of the principles and best practices of Software Configuration Management (SCM) in Agile, scrum and Waterfall methodologies.
  • Ability in managing all aspects of the software configuration management process including code compilation, packaging, deployment, release methodology and application configurations.
  • Strong knowledge of Deployment of J2EE applications on WebLogic 11g/10.x and Tomcat application servers.
  • Experienced in trouble shooting and automated deployment of WAR, JAR, EAR files to web and application servers like Apache, WebLogic, IIS, JBOSS, WebSphere and Tomcat.
  • Experience in deployment in SOA suite, creation of Data sources, JMS destinations, securing web services.
  • Experience in using Routed Protocols: FTP, SFTP, SSH, HTTP, HTTPS and Connect direct.
  • Expertise in creating and troubleshooting JDBC connection pools, and multi data sources.
  • Experienced with Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Sun Solaris, Windows and Confidential - UX platforms.
  • Experienced with JVM performance tuning by optimizing parameters.
  • Worked with performance monitoring tools like Foglight, Wily Introscope and Confidential OVO ( Confidential OpenView Operations) with WebLogic/Jboss.
  • Helped in analyzing heap dump to identify memory leak and find the cause for memory leak.
  • Experienced in configuring and managing secured environments using SSL and digital certificates.
  • Good knowledge of Unix/bash shell scripts, Ant scripts, WLST scripts, Python, Ruby& Perl for the automatic startup and shutdown, backup and recovery process, monitor health of managed servers and to automate the deployment process of applications.
  • Experienced in using Verbose GC for garbage collection and tuning Heap size to reduce memory leakage.
  • Experienced in Continuous Integration(CI) and Continuous deployment(CD) using technologies/tools like Ant, Maven, vagrant, Chef, Puppet, ansible, Docker, GitHub, Jenkins/Hudson, Splunk and knowledge of other tools like MS Build, TFS, Team City and Sonatype Nexus as DevOps Engineer.
  • Experience in Administration/Maintenance of Source Control Management Systems, such as Sub Version (SVN), Perforce, TFS, GitHub and Knowledge of Clear Case.
  • Experience in writing Python modules for Ansible customizations.
  • Maintained and Administered GITHUB Source Code Tool.
  • Created and configured profiles, clusters, nodes, node agents for WebSphere Application Server.
  • Implemented standard backup procedures for WebLogic, SOA, OSB, Jboss and WebSphere.
  • Involved in doing a performance benchmark of WebLogic server by using Load Runner.
  • Written scripts for log rotation and cron jobs to schedule tasks on the server.
  • Experienced in analyzing log files for finding the root cause and troubleshooting.
  • Designed Jboss/WebLogic/Middleware architectural diagram using Microsoft Visio.
  • Worked with Ant scripts to build applications and deploy them on to WebLogic Application server.
  • Worked with development, offshore and onsite teams to support build and release cycles.
  • Used WebLogic console and admin tools to manage, administer and configure WebLogic Server.
  • Experienced in analysis of thread dumps, core dumps, server hang and high CPU utilization conditions.
  • Strong Business, Analytical, Oral and Written Communication skills to collaborate effectively with team members.
  • Ability to perform as a Team Player as well as Working Alone.
  • Exceptional leadership skills such as; effectively manage change, make good decisions, solve problems, communicate effectively, inspire and develop others, think analytically and strategically, be creative and innovative.


Application Servers: WebLogic Server 10.x/11g, WebSphere, JBoss, Oracle Tuxedo 10.3/12c

Web Servers: Apache, Sun ONE, MS IIS server, IBM-HTTP Server, Oracle HTTP Server (OHS)

SCM Tools: Subversion, GIT

Build Tools/Technologies: Ant, Maven, MS Build

CI & CD Tools: Jenkins, Anthill Pro, Bamboo, Vagrant, ansible, Chef, Puppet, Docker.

Platforms/OS: Solaris, Red Hat Enterprise LINUX, Confidential -UX, IBM-AIX, Windows 98/2000/NT/XP/2003, AWS (Amazon Web Services).

J2EE Technologies: Servlets, JSP, JDBC, RMI, JMS, JTA, JNDI, EJB, Applets, Xcode

Web/Other Technologies: JDK 1.4/1.5, HTML, XML, ASPX, ADF, Node.jsDatabases: Oracle 9i/10g, My SQL, PL/SQL, SQL Server 2000/2005/2008, MS Access and DB2

Other Tools/Utilities: Hudson, CA Service Desk, Rational Clear quest, Dynatrace, SharePoint, Foglight, Wily Introscope, Samurai, Clear Quest, OPNET, Remedy, WSG, JMX, EMAN, SiteMinder, Big IP F5 Load Balancer, TOAD, Enterprise content management (ECM), Confidential Exstream, Alfresco, LoadRunner, Terraform by Hashicorp

Programming Languages: C, C++, JAVA, C#, Visual Basic

Scripting Languages: WLST, ANT, UNIX Shell Scripting (Bourne, Korn, C and Bash), Python, Jython, Ruby

Networking & Protocols: TCP/IP, Telnet, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SNMP, LDAP, DNS, SSL, ARP


Confidential, Reston,VA

JBos/Weblogic Admin


  • Responsible for administration, configuration and monitoring of WebLogic Application Server 10.0.x/11gR1 Environments on SUN Solaris 9/10 and RHEL 5.x/6.x & JBOSS EAP 5.2/6.3.2
  • Creating SSL and Digital Certificates for secured communication between applications. Handling Security Issues: SSL certs installation /up gradation for Web/App servers.
  • Involved in WebLogic 10.3.6 to WebLogic 12c upgrade. Installing, configuring, administering, tuning, and troubleshooting Oracle WebLogic servers, and troubleshooting WebLogic Web center and Content Servers.
  • Monitor and manage upgrades, deployments and other changes to the servers and different applications including Oracle ADF on WebLogic, SOA Suite, OSB & JBoss.
  • Install, configure and maintain High Availability and Clustered firewall environments.
  • Hosting applications with the AWS Cloud.
  • Used ServiceNow that provides service management software as a service for Incident Management, opening/resolving various kinds of requests/tickets.
  • Coordinate/assist developers with establishing and applying appropriate branching, labeling/naming conventions using Git.
  • Developed Playbooks using Ansible. Automated agent's installation of Nagios on Windows and Linux servers.
  • Used Shell scripts for build automations and deployments.
  • Maintained build related scripts developed in ANT, shell and WLST/Python. Created and modified build configuration files including Ant’s build.xml.
  • Created new Chef Cookbooks and updated existing ones to automate deployments.
  • Migrated from Oracle WebLogic server to JBoss.
  • Performed Oracle WebLogic/JBoss server administration tasks like configuring both horizontal and vertical cluster environment, deploying applications, configuring JMS servers and JDBC, data sources.
  • Installed and Configured SOA Suite, WebLogic Portal Servers, Oracle Service Bus(OSB) Domains and Clusters.
  • Installing, configuring and maintenance of JBOSS EAP 6.x, JBoss EWS, Apache Tomcat 5/6 servers on Redhat Linux platform.
  • Involved in designing SOA interfaces with BPEL and ESB for different applications.
  • Managed production support and troubleshooting for various SOA Applications.
  • Managed AWS EC2 instances utilizing Auto Scaling, Elastic Load Balancing and Glacier for our QA and UAT environments as well as infrastructure servers for GITHUB and Puppet.
  • Integration of Jenkins with Jira, GitHub.
  • Worked in a team to increase the efficiency and reduced system upgrade by automating Documentum deployment process with BMC BladeLogic Server Automation, MS PowerShell, NSH Script, and UNIX Script.
  • Worked on cross-platforms (Windows NT-Unix) with ClearCase and has good understanding of Network File System (NFS) and file sharing across multiple platforms.

Environment: s: Jenkins, Hudson, Aws Clouds, Chef, Ansible, Puppet, WebLogic 10.3.6/12c, Oracle Fusion Middleware(OFMW), Oracle SOA, OSB, content management system (CMS), ADF, Oracle B2B/adapters, Tomcat, AIX, Solaris, Linux, UNIX Shell scripting, Perl scripting, Python, ANT, Single Sign On ( SSO ), Jboss, DevOps

Confidential, Roseville, CA

DevOps/Middleware Engineer


  • Worked in analysis of thread dumps, core dumps, server hang and high CPU utilization conditions.
  • Maintained detailed documentation of moderately complex system specifications, including system installation procedures, system backup, recovery techniques and system test methods.
  • Installed, configured and maintained WebLogic, JBoss EAP 6.x, JBoss EWS, Apache Tomcat 5/6 servers on Redhat Linux platform.
  • Deployed the applications on multiple WebLogic Servers and maintained Load balancing, High availability and Fail over functionalities.
  • Responsible for build and deployment automation using Docker containers, Vagrant and Chef.
  • Configured Web server plug-in to directing dynamic requests to application servers for load balance in clustered environment.
  • Worked closely with developers to pinpoint and provide early warnings of common build failures.
  • Implement and manage Continuous Delivery(CD) systems and methodologies on AWS.
  • Installed EARs, WARs and configured application specific JVM settings, Web container parameters using the Admin Console and WSADMIN.
  • Involved in Performance tuning such as tuning the web server by specifying the parameters for the maxclient, start servers and maxspareservers. Tuning the Servlet engine and database connection pools. Tuning the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) by specifying the minimum and maximum heap size.
  • Configured Node Manager for administration of Managed servers.
  • Monitored error logs, fixed problems and tuned parameters in various environments.
  • Developed and implemented an agile SDLC and refinement of the Software Configuration Management (SCM) infrastructure.
  • Used chef for server provisioning and infrastructure automation in a SaaS environment.
  • Used Maven dependency management system to deploy snapshot and release artifacts to Nexus to share artifacts across projects and environments.
  • Installation, Configuration and Administration of Tomcat 6.0 and Apache 2.0/2.2 and 2.3 versions on Oracle Enterprise Linux (OEL) environment.
  • Responsible for configuring, managing and providing support to multiple web based applications deployed on more than 50 Web and Application servers related to SOA, OTM Applications.
  • Involved in designing SOA interfaces with BPEL and ESB for different applications.
  • Deployed applications from Admin Console of Jboss Eap 6.2 as well as done the hot deployment.
  • Tuned OS parameters like Swap and virtual Memory settings to improve the Jboss/WebLogic performance.
  • Used Tivoli Performance Viewer to monitor WebSphere Applications and tuned the environment accordingly like changing the JVM Heap, and Connection Pool sizes.
  • Integrated GITHUB into Jenkins to automate the code check-out process.
  • Involved in upgrade of JBoss 6.2 to JBoss 6.4 over 100 Servers.
  • Wrote Puppet manifests files for all apps to manage the configuration files and to manage them as services.
  • Designed & implemented build automation and configuration management with Ansible.
  • Assisted in planning and development of single-click application stacks in AWS Cloud Formation and AWS EC2.
  • Experience with VMWare ESXi, vCenter, vSphere and cloud computing platforms, such as RackSpace & AWS.
  • Installed Oracle ADF Runtime and upgraded ADF to 11.1.2 with 64-bit Java on x86 64 Linux system.
  • Worked on Oracle ADF patching and deployments of Enterprise Manager applications and ADF libraries.
  • Supported Topology in WebSphere Application Server V7.x to achieve High availability, Load Balancing and Hardware fail over.
  • Installed, configured and Administered WebSphere Commerce Server 7.0 on Windows and Linux platform.
  • Lead the team of 8 and Provided 24/7 on call support in various situations on different environments including testing and production environments.

Environment: s: Weblogic10.3.6/12c, Oracle Fusion Middleware(OFMW), Jboss, Oracle Tuxedo, ADF, Tomcat, AIX, Solaris, Linux, UNIX Shell scripting, Perl, Python, Foglight, GitHub, Subversion, Vagrant, Remedy, Jenkins, Ansible, Chef, Nagios, Oracle B2B/adapter, Clear Case, Amazon EC2, AWS, SOA, XML, HTML, J2EE, DevOps

Confidential, Folsom, CA

Oracle SOA/Middleware Systems Administrator


  • Provided monitoring, configuration, testing, maintenance and production support of various applications and servers on various Oracle Fusion Middleware(OFMW) components.
  • Monitored and managed upgrades, deployments and other changes to the servers and applications on WebLogic, SOA Suite, JBoss & OSB.
  • Installed and Configured SOA Suite, WebLogic 10.3.5 Servers, WebLogic Portal Servers, Oracle Service Bus(OSB) Domains and Clusters.
  • Attended critical outages and team meetings to solve various issues and discuss future plans and steps.
  • Upgraded Apache Tomcat 6.x to 7.x & Solaris 10.x to 11.x
  • Installed, Configured and utilized AppDynamics (Tremendous Performance Management Tool) and Splunk in the whole JBoss Environment. Troubleshooted issues occurring during installation.
  • Created and Analyzed Performance Test Reports using Test Scripts.
  • Worked on the production issues, fixed them and complete Root Cause Analysis. Worked on the Change Requests and Incident Tickets.
  • Solve technical issues of various levels of complexity and difficulty & insure proper monitoring of all environment URLs for availability.
  • Build proper SOP/Checklist Documents for number of important Processes (Installation/Decommission/Migration/Report Generation and more).
  • Installation, Configuration and Administration of Tomcat 6.0 and Apache 2.0/2.2 and 2.3 versions on Oracle Enterprise Linux (OEL) environment.
  • Liaison to Infra teams like OS, Network, Build, Server Ops, VM Ware, Onsite/Offshore support teams etc. for incident resolutions. Passed tests on Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).
  • Managing several Projects, Events and Incidents simultaneously.
  • Configured Secure Sockets Layers (SSL) for data encryption, client authentication on Apache Servers.
  • Performed Performance tuning of JVM heap size, GC, Java stack trace analysis.
  • Worked closely to configure the Big IP F5 Load Balancer.
  • Worked closely with multiple support teams such as the QA testing team for performance/ load/ stress testing of applications and monitoring/tuning the application parameters and acted as a single point of contact with third party vendors for errors and bug fixes within the product.
  • Troubleshoot production environment problems and participate in the team’s 24/7 on call support rotation.
  • Expert in solving environment problems which include Network/Database issues, application code, etc.
  • Monitoring of WebLogic, JBoss, OSB, SOA resources (WAR, EAR, JMS, JDBC) using tools such as wily introscope, sitescope and JProbe.
  • Install, setup & configure new webMethods environments for the application teams across DEV, UAT and PROD.
  • Developing code fixes and enhancements. Migrating code from old servers to new servers.
  • Upgrading old integration servers to new ones.
  • Worked on cross-platforms (Windows NT-Unix) with ClearCase and has good understanding of Network File System (NFS) and file sharing across multiple platforms.
  • Installed patches using SmartUpdate tool, and troubleshooting application and post-installation issues.
  • Installed and Configured apache, iPlanet and IIS Plug-ins for WebLogic.
  • Design, Configuration and Testing of IBM MQ 6.0 Series as a foreign JMS with WebLogic Server.
  • Dealt with troubleshooting of issues like Out of Memory (OOM), High CPU Utilization and Server Hang.
  • Used Korn Shell. Scripting was used to monitor the system environment.
  • Working with process owners and business stakeholders to translate business requirements into functional requirements within ServiceNow.
  • Used WLST to get run-time parameters. Generated and analyzed Heap dump and Thread dump.
  • Designing and implementing the application process flow with BPEL.
  • Configuring and Administering JDBC, JMS, JNDI in WebLogic Server 10.3/11g.
  • Involved in designing SOA interfaces with BPEL and ESB for different applications.
  • Managed production support and troubleshooting for various SOA Applications.
  • Installed and configured Oracle Identity Manager and Oracle Internet Directory .
  • Alfresco and Fatwire Content Manager tasks like Content publishing, repository sync, sand box management.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve firewall software and hardware issues, including VPNs, connectivity issues, logging, cluster configurations etc.
  • Strong knowledge and working experience on Optimization and performance tuning techniques.
  • Worked with Performance/Load Testers for Load test execution and work with Product Management and Development determining the number of virtual users to be used during the performance test.
  • Worked in a team to increase the efficiency and reduced system upgrade by automating Documentum deployment process with BMC BladeLogic Server Automation, MS PowerShell, NSH Script and UNIX Script.
  • Provide server/logs assistance to LoadRunner testers when they Execute performance / load / stress and other non-functional tests. Monitor application logs to determine system behavior.
  • Configured and created JMS queues & topics, Connection Factories, Data sources, bridges & connections pools & multi connection pool.

Environment: s: J2EE, Apache, Oracle 10g/11g, WebLogic Server 10.3.5, JBoss 4.x/6.x, OSB, Tomcat, Windows, Jython, Solaris and Linux, Oracle SOA Suite/ EDI, FTP, Dynatrace, Oracle Enterprise manager(OEM), Oracle9i, ClearCase, Ant1.5.1, ECM, content management system (CMS), webMethods, HPE LoadRunner, DevOps

Confidential, Lexington, MA

Middleware Systems Administrator


  • Installed, configured and administered Tomcat & WebLogic Application server 8.x/9.x in clustered environment and maintained failover, load balancing and high availability.
  • Performed migration and upgrading tasks like migrating applications from WebLogic server 8.x to WebLogic 9.x and installing service packs and patches for WebLogic Server.
  • Installed and configured plugins for Apache HTTP server and Windows IIS to proxy the request to WebLogic.
  • Migrated Applications between JBoss and WebLogic Application servers.
  • Created Node Manager to startup and shutdown managed servers remotely in a domain.
  • Configured Secured Socket Layer (SSL) for client authentication and data encryption as a security measure.
  • Deployed various J2EE applications ( WAR, JAR, EAR ), JSP’s and Servlets on managed servers in clustered and non-clustered environments. Trained on Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act ( HIPAA).
  • Configured JNDI, JDBC Connection pools, multi pools, and data sources.
  • Created JMS server, Connection factory, Message Bridge, Topic/Queue, and Distributed destinations.
  • Monitored the performance of WebLogic servers and JVM with Samurai .
  • Analyzed thread dump to tune performance of JVM by setting parameters for heap size and garbage collection . Analyzed heap dump to find memory leaks.
  • Installed and configured iPlanet LDAP Server and integrated it with WebLogic Application Server 8.x/9. x.
  • Responsible for maintenance of the WebSphere Application Servers and Web Servers on different platforms and setting up the development, testing and staging environments for the ongoing application development.
  • Implemented Horizontal and Vertical Clustering , Performance tuning and troubleshooting of IBM WebSphere Application Server 6.x.
  • Consumed SOAP/JMS based Web service published in the Enterprise Bus for WebSphere.
  • Configured the Tivoli performance viewer to generate the custom report.
  • Installed and Configured WebSphere Application Server 6.1 and IBM HTTP Server 6.1 on Red hat Linux
  • Worked with F5 load Balancer team to increase throughput, performance and availability of WebLogic servers.
  • Analyzed the proxy server log in comparison with WebLogic logs to narrow down the malformed request.
  • Wrote scripts to monitor domains/disk space/number of Apache connections and recycle clusters.
  • Monitored error logs for troubleshooting and reading logs for information.
  • Developed UNIX shell scripts, ANT scripts and WLST script for auto deployment process and health monitoring of WebLogic servers and ran them as cron jobs .
  • Solved server hang issues such as Deadlock, Application and Database level lock by taking thread dump and analyzed to get the root cause of the hang.
  • Implemented standard backup procedures for both application and WebLogic server.
  • Involved in assisting QA team in Load and Integration testing of J2EE applications on WebLogic Server.
  • Involved in configuring JAAS realms for Tomcat applications for LDAP authentication.
  • Implemented best practices of agile methodology to speed up the delivery process efficiently.
  • Was active member of daily stand up meetings, bug scrubbing meetings and Sprint planning meetings as best practices of agile environment.
  • Resolved heap issues using GC log analysis, heap dump analysis using Eclipse Heap Analyzer and thread dump analysis for JVMs hung issue.
  • Created WLST and Python scripts to create and remove application users in Weblogic LDAP.
  • Performed Disaster Recovery by replicating server components from Prod to DR container and brought applications from DR Container.
  • Participate in Change Management architectural discussions with Application/Product Owners.
  • Worked on Integrated JIRA with subversion and Jenkins to automate the weekly build process.
  • Used Python and Ruby scripts to automate build and release process.
  • Provided extended support to development and QA team for troubleshooting build failures by keeping track of build logs and communicating the same effectively.
  • Involved in Migration Projects like Weblogic to Tomcat.
  • Lead the team and projects as a backup and achieved the goal on time.
  • Used Alfresco content management system for virtualizing Webapps and static sites via Apache Tomcat.

Environment: s: BEA WebLogic 8.x/9.x/10.x/11g, Oracle Fusion Middleware(OFMW), EDI SOA, Apache 2.x, Windows IIS, Solaris 9.x/10.x, RHEL 5.x, WebSphere Application Server 5.x/6.x, Ant, Perl scripts, Microsoft IIS 5.x, Apache plug-in, JRockit, F5 Load Balancer, J2EE, ANT, WLST, Single Sign On (SSO), UNIX.

Confidential, Grambling, LA

Software Engineer


  • Provide full lifecycle support to clients from initial client interaction and requirements analysis through design, coding, testing, debugging, deployment, implementation and integration.
  • Introduced methodologies and best practices that enhanced product definition, release processes and customization of applications to user needs.
  • Used object-oriented principles for class development to streamline efficiency and ensure a scalable and reusable architecture. Designed test cases and Executed Test cases.
  • Defect Analyzing and Reporting in QC. Run the Informatica Workflows for ETL Process.
  • Validated data in Target database according to business rules.
  • Database designing that includes creating E-R diagrams, defining tables, views, constraints, triggers, sequences, index, and stored procedures. Wrote SQL Queries and PL/SQL procedures for the application.
  • Developed web based user interface screens using JSP , Servlets and JavaScript.
  • Implemented Web Logic server for Java, J2EE development using JSP, Servlets, struts, session , entity EJBs . Development of Prototype screens using HTML.
  • Managed the configuration & controlled the versions of source codes using MS-VSS (Version Control Systems).
  • Created stored Procedures and Triggers in Oracle Database Server . The Stored Procedures generate customer's invoice, accounts receivable, weekly reports for the finance department and various other reports.
  • Builds and Deployment of WAR, JAR & EAR files on test, stage, UAT and production servers.
  • Involved in tracking and resolving Production issues.
  • Configured and maintained WebLogic server with JDBC Connection Pool, JMS, JNDI, SNMP and J2EE Services.
  • Troubleshooting, Load balancing, Testing and Code Profiling to measure the performance of the various applications deployed in WebLogic Server.

Environment: s: Java1.3, J2EE 1.3, Servlets, JSP, EJB- Session beans, JDBC, MDB, MS-VSS, SQL, PL/SQL, Eclipse IDE, XML, WebLogic 8.1/9.1, iPlanet, WebSphere Application Server (WAS), Shell Scripting, WLST, PERL, Windows NT, ANT, UNIX ( Confidential -UX, Solaris), IIS, MQ Series, Visual Studio, .Net/ASP.NET,

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