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Senior Python (full Stack)developer Resume


  • Over 5 years of experience as a software developer with a solid understanding of data structure/algorithms and system design.
  • Various projects using Python, Java, C, Javascript and etc.
  • Expert knowledge of Object Oriented Design and Design Patterns.
  • Experience of using well - known frameworks like Django, Flask and Bottle.
  • Solid grasp of version control system like Git.
  • Full life cycle involvement from requirements handling, prototyping, system design, implementation, code refactoring and CI/CD.
  • Full stack developer from RestFul APIs design to frontend presentation.
  • Knowledge of machine learning.


Languages: Python, Java, Javascript, C

Tools: Linux, vim, shell, Docker, Kubernetes, git, Nodejs, Angularjs, JQuery, Flask, Bottle, Django, SQL, NoSQL, JMeter



Senior Python (full stack) Developer


  • Developed a containerized distributed testing system for cloud storage system.
  • Used light-weight Docker to minimize the overhead of forking multiple processes and fully utilize the underlying machine.
  • Scaled out applications on top of Swarm/Kubernetes.
  • Developed microserice to send various on-demand requests to test OpenStack cloud services.
  • Verified the validity of the whole project using Bottle as a prototype framework.
  • Designed full-fledged RestFul APIs on top of Django.
  • Developed responsive frontend using Angularjs.
  • Implement a fake cloud service for testing using Nodejs.
  • Increased the output by tens using Asynchronous framework Tornado.
  • Increase flexibility and responsiveness by making use of MessageQueue(Celery/RabbitMQ) system.
  • Designed SQL Schema wrapped by sqlalchemy on top of PostgresSQL.
  • Collected, Stored, Indexed, and analyzed report data on top of NoSQL solr.
  • Analyzed, indexed, and visualized data using Logstash, ElasticSearch, and Kibana(Elk stack).
  • Integrated Open-source tool Jmeter to generate configurable traffic.
  • Enable 100% code coverage and generate code report.
  • Integrate CI/CD using Jenkins.
  • Developed test cases in Django framework and Selenium.
  • Configured and load-balanced web server using Nginx.
  • Synchronized code, reviewed peer code, and resolved conflicts l using Git.
  • Automated test and deployment using Vagrant and Shell scripting.
  • Documented how-to wiki and provided customer supports.

Python Developer/Front End


  • Developed a Confidential system, applying SSID-based or Bluetooth-based position algorithms, to provide location-based, time-based, and user-based policies with customizable contents from texts to videos.
  • Developed a RestFul location service in Java.
  • Coded in Model, View, Control pattern on top of Flask framework.
  • Enable bi-directional communication on top of Web Socket.
  • No-blocking socket programming to minimize the latency.
  • Integrated a third-party CMX location APIs into Confidential .
  • Developed Graphical User Interface using HTML, JQuery, Ajax, CSS2/CSS3 and a myriad of javascript libraries.
  • Designed Schema using MySQL.
  • Participated and planned using Agile methodology.
  • Built client Android application to received text/video notification.
  • In charge of version management using Git.


Software Engineer


  • Implemented centralized WLAN user management, utilizing protocols between Mobility Controller and Mobility Agent, easing the management of clients.
  • Gathered requirements from technical leaders, product managers and planned, managed users stories in each sprint.
  • Used Wireshark and Fiddler debugging proxy to debug communication issues between different entities.
  • Implemented communication protocols on top of TCP/IP.
  • Use shell to automate code refactoring, unit testing, submission and etc.
  • Presented views to different users based on their privileges in Bootstrap.
  • Modeled different data models in Python for different user groups.
  • Used Jira to track bug and reported process.


International Engineer


  • Design department’s website using PHP and CodeIgniter framework.
  • Gathered requirements across different departments, and coordinated between different teams.
  • Designed proprietary automation software to read input from documents, generate CAD graphes, calculate results, and give suggestions.
  • Integrate office tools and AutoCAD into automation software tool chains.
  • Managed code version control using CVS.
  • Installed and configured company’s intranet to modernizing the workflow.
  • Programmed industrial automation system to monitor and control industrial plant systems.
  • Designed electrical subsystem to power industrial plants.
  • Integrated different automation software/products from different companies, like GE, ABB, or Siemens to provide a whole solution.

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