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Python And C Developer Resume

Atlanta, Georgia


  • 12 years of experience in software development with experience in Application, System and Embedded software design/development using Python, C and C++ on Linux and Unix platforms. Thorough experience in software development life cycle.
  • Worked on user space system programming on Linux, AIX.
  • Proficient in Python, C and C++ programming.
  • Involved in Development of HP - UX cloud solution using Openstack.
  • Used various IPC mechanisms like signals, pipes, shared memory and socket Programming.
  • Knowledge of advanced level programming including thread synchronization, Multithreading, multi-processing, concurrency.
  • Knowledge of cloud computing and virtualization including KVM and HPVM.
  • Wrote a plugin driver in python than runs as part of nova component of Open stack.
  • Experience with Shell Scripting(bash).
  • Knowledge of Confidential processor and assembly language.
  • Knowledge of Linux internals.
  • Knowledge of REST APIs
  • Knowledge of AWS services like EC2, S3 and VPC.
  • Experience in configuration management tools i.e. Ansible.
  • Good Knowledge Objected Oriented Concepts, Standard Template Library and Data Structures.
  • Worked with various version control systems such as git, svn, clearcase.
  • Knowledge of RDBMS concepts and experience with writing SQL queries.
  • Good Troubleshooting and Technical support abilities
  • Worked with debugging tools like pdb, gdb, dbx and profiling tools like tprof.
  • Knowledge of Waterfall and Agile Methodologies.
  • Experience with Continuous Confidential (CI)/Deployment(CD) tools like CruiseControl.
  • Experienced in writing High Level and Low level design documents for feature development.
  • Experienced in maintaining technical documentation for projects.
  • Experienced with leading junior colleagues and mentoring new joiners.
  • Good analytical and problem-solving skills and ability to work on own besides being a valuable and contributing team player, strong interpersonal communication skills.


Languages: C, C++, Python 2.7, Bash, shell scripting, Java.

Cloud Frameworks: Openstack, Helion.

Debugging Tools: Gdb, dbx, Python Debugger.

Processors: Confidential, x86

Profiling tools: tprof, gprof, Valgrind

Databases: Oracle, MySQL.

Version Control Systems: Clearcase, Subversion, GIT, github.

CI/CD tools: CruiseControl, Jenkins

Deployment / IDE tools: Ansible, PyCharm. Visual Studio

Operating Systems: Linux - Ubuntu and RHEL, AIX, HP-UX, Windows, LynxOS(RTOS).

Virtualization Platforms: KVM, HPVM, Dockers.



Python and C Developer

  • Develop and Enhance the infrastructure of the product/tool to add capabilities for fault injection.
  • Develop the component responsible for doing fault injection and monitoring the effect of the faults.
  • Explore fault injection tools written in different languages like C,C++ and suggest Confidential of tools.
  • Add multi user capabilities to Flask web framework being used.
  • Handle performance issues and improve performance of the application.
  • Mentoring junior team members.
  • Do code reviews for existing and new code and suggest improvements wherever possible.
  • Bug fixing and maintenance of the application.

Environment: - Python, C, Linux, Flask, Openstack.

Confidential, Alpharetta,GA

Senior Python Developer

  • Developing driver in python that runs as part of nova-compute service and interacts with HPVM hypervisor for creating/managing virtual machines.
  • Developing python based library that is used by the driver to interact with HPVM hypervisor.
  • Baselining code with different openstack releases and testing compatibility.
  • Identifying distribution and packaging mechanism for the python package of the solution.
  • Setup up devstack or Helion Openstack for development environment.
  • Demonstrate the solution to different prospective clients.
  • Document the setup and steps to install/use the solution.
  • Leading and mentoring junior colleagues in the team.
  • Bug fixing various issues discovered in testing.

Environment: Python, Linux, Openstack, GIT.


Senior Python and Ansible Developer.

  • Writing ansible playbooks to deploy and integrate the HP-UX Cloud solution with Helion Openstack.
  • The ansible playbooks would be used to bind the solution with HOS framework and give users ansible playbooks to run for deploying HP-UX cloud.
  • Integrating and testing the solution with Helion Openstack framework.
  • Identifying changes required to HOS framework for adding a new hypervisor support.
  • Setup and bring up of Helion Openstack with the required configuration/services.
  • Document the setup and steps to install/use the solution.
  • Bug fixing various issues discovered in testing.

Environment: Ansible, Python, Linux, Openstack, GIT.


C, C++ Developer

  • Worked as part of Unikix product development team.
  • Developing a new abstraction layer/APIs that provides platform independence.
  • Doing a proof of concept and finalizing the design for the project.
  • Changing application code to use new APIs instead of direct socket calls.
  • Bug fixing for various other product issues that are raised by end users/clients.

Environment: C, C++, Linux, Python, SUA/Windows.


C/C++ and Python Developer

  • Rewrote cache coherency exerciser on a new framework
  • Adding thread synchronization logic for multiple threads to run together and one at a time.
  • Adding new instructions support in exerciser for newer generations of processor.
  • Owning the component in terms of design, development and maintenance.
  • Port changes to simulator environment in Python.
  • Designing and developing features in this module.
  • Providing support for defects and other issues to teams who use the module.
  • Unit testing the feature.

Environment: C, C++, Python, Linux, AIX.


C Developer

  • Component ownership in terms of design, development and maintenance.
  • Enabled module to support 8 threads to run on smt 8(simultaneous multi threading).
  • Add support for new instructions added for next gen processor.
  • Develop code for features to support new processor specific stress scenarios.
  • Unit testing new features.
  • Providing support for defects and other issues to teams who use the module

Environment: C, Linux, AIX.


C Developer

  • Gain code and setup knowledge on almost all modules of the tool.
  • Provide analysis and resolution for the defects.
  • Unblock the testing teams from various issues with their setup.
  • Interacting with testers, other team members and coordinating the bug resolution.

Environment: Linux, AIX.


C and C++ Firmware Developer

  • Implemented feature Bow and tilt for improving image quality on the above mentioned product.
  • Worked on driver and Application modules that work together to control the data and image printing process.
  • Worked on embedded application development for Multi-Function and Single Function Laser Jet Printers.
  • Fixed defects related to the Video area that controls image and data printing.
  • Implemented the feature on Linux codebase.
  • Porting the feature to Windows codebase.

Environment: Linux, LynxOS.


C and C++ Firmware Developer

  • Analyzed requirement and wrote design documents for the feature.
  • Designed and Implement changes for reporting tray overfilled condition and excluding the tray from media source selection to avoid paper jams.
  • Fixed defects for the product and coordinated with other partners.
  • Mentored and trained new and subordinate engineers.

Environment: Linux, LynxOS, Simulator, Emulator.


C and C++ Firmware Developer

  • Analyzed requirement and wrote design document for the feature.
  • Worked on similar feature in paper handling area which deals with selection of source and destination of printing media and posting of messages to user for various conditions such as paper out or mismatch.
  • Implementing the code changes for the feature.
  • Fixed defects related to the feature and other areas.

Environment: C, C++, Linux, Simulator and Emulator.


C++ Developer

  • Analyzing the changes required for adding new features/enhancements to the module.
  • Implementing code changes for the enhancement.
  • Designed and Implemented views for limit types addition and modification which was earlier done directly to db.
  • Fixed defects related to enhancement found during internal testing and during support phase.

Environment: C++, Unix, Oracle Database.


C++ Developer

  • Analyze the changes required for the enhancement.
  • Implementing the code changes for the enhancement.
  • Unit testing the enhancement and fixing defects related to the enhancement.
  • Providing support of the module for customer issues and change requests.

Environment: C++, Unix.

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