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Python Engineer Resume

San Diego, CA


  • 6+ years of experience with multiple technologies primarily Python and shell scripting.
  • Designed tools using python and web services like Flask.
  • Experience in object oriented programming (OOP) concepts using python and Linux.
  • Knowledge on Django, a high - level Python Web framework.
  • Experience in automation deployment systems like Ansible.
  • Well acquainted with Software development life cycle (SDLC).
  • Experience developing with database servers like MySQL.
  • Exposure working with virtual machines and containers with Vagrant, Virtual Box and Docker.
  • Experience with Unit testing/ Test-driven Development (TDD) with PyUnit, PyTest modules.
  • Experience in executing Field Test Plan for Full, Regression and Sanity test scenarios.
  • Experience in Automation working on python scripting for Log Analysis Specific tools.
  • Experience with Design, code and debug operations utilizing python.
  • Exposure to wireless technologies like CDMA, LTE, VOLTE, SRLTE, CSFB on mobile devices.
  • Exposure to Wireless and Telecommunication Protocols and testing tools like QXDM, APEX, LAF, KPI-ATS, QMI.
  • SQL exposure with experience in DDL and DML commands.
  • Experience in working with various Python IDE’s using PyCharm, PyScripter, PyDev
  • Fixing code bugs and reverting the code changes in production, setup data load and scripts automated build process.
  • Experience in configuration management using GIT, GitHub and Perforce for peer review.
  • Highly motivated, dedicated, quick learner and have proven ability to work individually and as a team.


Languages: Python 2.7, C, Shell script


Web Technologies: Python requests library, Python Flask, Docker, JSON

OS: Windows, Linux, Oracle s Virtual Box

Development Tool(IDE): Eclipse, PyCharm




Confidential, San Diego, CA

Python Engineer


  • Developed scenarios which are grouped as sub-systems for analysis and parsing of the mobile communication events and messages in an order to validate against the expected call flow to check for any failure.
  • Developed a WRAPPER module which is a collection of python scripts that is triggered by user-defined keywords that represent separate test area and generates reports.
  • Worked on LAF, a python based framework that automates end-to-end log analysis. Developed scenarios that parses a series of metrics to determine the call flow success or failure and print the causes and reasons in a. laf file format
  • Modified existing scenario codes to suit the changing industry standards for mobile communication metrics
  • Worked on the SQLite DB which is the backend for the automation tool
  • Wrote python scripts to automate mundane jobs like renaming hundreds of logs after tester collects them, working with excel, xml sheets to copy the data in a specific order/format.
  • Worked extensively on python’s Pattern matching, regular expressions
  • Developed python scripts using plotly to create plots and graphs for consumer demonstration
  • Worked on modules like argparse, os, gc, multiprocessing, datetime
  • Worked on automation python scripts for parsing ISF files and Exposure to sql commands as part of extracting key performance indicators from the ISF logs
  • Developed a wrapper module which reads a config file, copies the files from server to local machine, unzips the logs and creates an analysis config based on JSON file and submit the processing jobs to the log parsing tool
  • Responsible for maintaining the crowd sourced scripts within a structure for Nightly Validations occurring before every official release
  • Exposure to Qualcomm CreatePoint, Perforce, Jira

Tools: used: Python, KPI-ATS, LAF, APEX, Perforce, SQLite, JSON

Confidential, San Mateo, CA

Python Developer


  • Inherited code and rewrote code using advanced features like python exceptions, generators.
  • Developed python scripts to parse data using Pandas Data frame and load into JSON format.
  • Wrote SQL queries to define data structures and extract data into python data frames.
  • Implemented continuous monitoring via watchdog library for user file system and trigger the application in case of any event.
  • Setting up email scripts using smtplib to indicate the development activity and for notifying on any assistance deprived behavior.
  • Utilized continuous integration and automated deployments with Jenkins, Ansible for automated build and code coverage reports.
  • Experienced with deploying the application image on Docker.
  • Deployed Flask Application with nginx and gunicorn on AWS EC2 cloud VM.

Tools: used: Python 2.7, Jenkins, Linux, JSON, Pandas Data frame, Docker, GitHub, SQL


Software Engineer

Responsibilities:Developed scripts for pattern matching in Perl for parsing required fields from databases (large excel reports, xml files).

  • Developed scripts to format data in a specified order for huge data input directories by traversing through the file systems tree
  • Responsible for installing, troubleshoot and support operating systems, applications, network connections and wireless networks
  • Used multithreading and synchronization techniques to file multiple requests.
  • Worked on a web-based data retrieval project using PERL to retrieve and format data residing on remote servers
  • Good understanding network OSI Model, TCP/IP protocol suite (IP, TCP, UDP, SMTP, FTP, TFTP)

Tools: used: Perl, REST API, JavaScript, Vmware, PERL, XML


Technical member of the Team


  • Wrote and executed various MySQL database queries from python using Python-MySQL connector and MySQLdb package.
  • Used python modules for data analytics and computations with NumPy, SciPy.
  • Used urllib2 and requests library to scrape data in JSON format and processing it using Python library (json) for extracting the data.
  • Worked on python requests module and HTTP requests, response, headers.
  • Developed PyUnit test scripts for testing the code for increasing efficiency.
  • Developed automation tasks using Python, Shell Scripting, XML to automate some of the tasks.

Tools: used: Python 2.7, Requests Library, MySQLdb, JSON, Linux.



  • Created display interface for Test Pattern Generator (TPG) using MicroBlaze Processor embedded on a Xilinx Virtex-5 FPGA.
  • Proposed display interface is designed on an FPGA by adding external interfaces like GPIO, timer, EEPROM.
  • Developed hardware using EDA (Electronic Design Automation) in Xilinx Platform Studio.
  • Hardware is launched into the Software Development Kit and programmed.

Tools: used: Xilinx, MATLAB

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