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Sr.technil Consultant Resume



  • 18 Years of IT industry experience spanning through Cloud technologies, Oracle Siebel, BIP reports, SAP CRM, and various other technologies.
  • Worked on more than 15 full life cycle project implementations.
  • Worked in the role of Lead Business Analyst/Business Analyst, Technical Lead/Integration Lead, Sr.Technical Consultant/Developer and Tester.
  • Worked on projects in Data Migration, Oracle Sales Cloud, Siebel Public Sector, Siebel Service, Siebel Life Science, Siebel Finance, Field Service, Siebel Sales Force Automation - SFA, eCommunication, Siebel Call Center, Siebel Marketing and Siebel ERM.
  • Worked with major IT consulting Companies such as Wipro Technologies, Confidential, Eagle Confidential and Confidential . Also have consulting experience with Oracle / Siebel Team & TAM, IBM and Confidential .
  • Twelve years of onsite project experience in US. Also worked on onsite - offshore model projects.
  • Sound knowledge of Configuration/Tools/Workflows, Assignment Manager, scripting, Siebel VB, eScripts, and Web Services.
  • Led teams of size ranging from 5 to 30 and worked on Siebel engagements with user base ranging from150 to 10000.
  • Domain experince spans through Finance, Telecom, Healthcare, Pharma, CTMS, Technology, FMCG, Public Sector etc.


Applications/Systems: Cloud Applications such as Oracle Sales and Service Cloud Microsoft Dynamics Cloud, MuleSoft, Oracle 11g, MS SQL, BIP,Reports, Siebel applications such as Sales, Service, Field Service,Call Centre, eCommunication, eCustomer, Life Sciences, Finance,and Public Sector and Microsoft VB

Business Processes: Work Flows, Territory Management, Assignment Manager, Business,Services and Web Services.

Business Entities: Service Request, Accounts, Contacts, Lead, Opportunity, Activity, Case Management, Correspondence, Product/Order, Siebel Tools and System Administration.

Programming languages: eScripting, Siebel VB, HTML, SQL, Microsoft VB, and Shell Script.

Database: Oracle 8i, 9i and 11i, MS SQL Server and DB2

Operating Systems: Windows 95/ 98/ 2000/XP, Windows 7 NT Servers/Workstations, UNIX OS and Solaris

Software packages: Oracle Cloud, MS Dynamics, SFDC, mySAP CRM, Siebel, Microsoft Office, Actuate Reports, and MS Visio,Tools, Methods/Platforms Siebel Tools, Remedy, Heat, Docushare, and J2EE



Sr. Senior Consultant

Environment: Microsoft Dynamics 365, Mule soft, Talend, MSSQL, and Legacy Systems.

  • Data Analysis and Functional Design.
  • Managing offshore on development works.
  • Data Migration Activities.
  • Troubleshooting and analyzing the data migration issues.


Sr. S enior Consultant

Environment: ORACLE Sales Cloud, CPQ, MCMn, Oracle Identity Manager, GAMA, Data Warehouse, LISA, and SAP.

  • Requirement Analysis and Functional Design.
  • Managing offshore team and tracking of open items
  • Test Plan, Test Scripts and Testing.
  • Tracking of POCs and demo meetings with Client.
  • Interface testing.

Confidential,Lincolnshire, IL

Sr. S enior Consultant

Environment: Siebel Service, Oracle 11g, Legacy Applications, and ODI 12c.

  • Requirement Gathering, Design and development of Data interfaces from Siebel to Legacy Applications
  • MD50 and MD70 for interfaces. Test Scripts and Testing interfaces.

Confidential,St Louis,MO

Sr. S enior Consultant

Environment: Siebel eCommunication

  • Handled Order Management Requirement gathering and Client meetings
  • Writing Business Specification Documents (BSD) for Order management
  • Writing Functional Requirement Documents(FRD) for Order Management
  • Managing and mentoring offshore Technical team
  • Drove JAD sessions for Order Management with client IT/Business Team.
  • Broken down complex business processes into functional requirements
  • Did the stack impact analysis for order flow for various scenarios
  • Worked in sync with OSM, BRM and AIA team for order fulfillment designs
  • Reviewed client deliverables and Capgemini deliverables for order management
  • Designed the end to end flow of orders including provisioning, suspension, and disconnection.


Sr. S enior Consultant

Environment: Siebel Call Center

  • Design and development of major enhancements for the Siebel Call center implementation version
  • Customization and configuration of complex functionalities.
  • New Interface development.
  • Participate in various client and team meetings.

Confidential, Burlington,VT

Sr. Siebel Consultant

Environment: Siebel Public Sector, OneGate and Oracle 11g.

  • CGI Federal project
  • Design and development of Healthcare.gov processes in Siebel for Confidential .
  • Configuration of Workflows, Business Services and Webservices.
  • Configuration of Siebel Objects and Conflict resolutions with OneGate.


Senior Developer

Environment: Siebel eEnergy and Oracle 11g.

  • Design and development of Oracle BI Reports
  • Development of EBCs based on DB Views.
  • Configuration of Workflows and Business Services.
  • Created IOs and BCs.

Confidential,Plano Texas

Senior Developer

Environment: Siebel eCommunications and Oracle 11g.

  • Understanding different business processes of client MTSA, Canada (Major Telecom Company in Canada) for their Siebel 8.x implementation.
  • Independently handled the design and configuration of Account Management Module.
  • Designed and configured the complex Invoice Adjustment Request Inbox Approval Process through Siebel Workflows.
  • Created Individual group Inboxes for different levels of the Organizational Hierarchy.
  • Leveraged and customized the out of the box Order process for the hotlining (Suspending) of assets.
  • Configured a custom robust solution for a sequential Account number generation in Siebel as client do not want to use the out of the box row id for Account Number field.
  • Configured a mechanism for launching PDF images from Oracle BRM for Invoices in Siebel.
  • Worked on the hotline process using complex workflows.
  • Configured Audit Trails for Accounts and Billing Profiles, Workflows, and Web Services in Siebel.
  • Configured PDQs, Created CX Tables and Business Components and implemented a new error handling mechanism for client.


Technical Lead

Environment: Siebel Call Center 7.7 and MS SQL.

  • Requirement Gathering from business users/managers through workshops.
  • Understanding the Service Request process for Call Center business unit.
  • Mapping interface related Call Center business requirements to functional design.
  • Effort estimation of different tasks including the configuration of interfaces.
  • Technical design of the business process pertaining to Interfaces.
  • Configuration of Interfaces and Workflow Processes, Named Subsystem, and Interfaces .


Sr. Techno Functional Consultant

Environment: Siebel Life Sciences and MS SQL 2005.

  • Requirement gathering from business users from one to one meetings on Account management/Payments/Approvals/Payment Validations and Clinical Grant processes related to Health Care business.
  • Functional Design/Technical design of the business processes with the help of flow charts and multiple algorithms.
  • Configuration of Account Module.
  • Wrote eScripts for Payment Approval Process. Clinical Grant Process, Payment Validation Process, and State Models.
  • Defect Fixing and Testing.


Lead Business Analyst/Technical Lead

Environment: Siebel 6.2, Siebel Finance & Call center 8.0, DB2 etc.

  • Siebel upgrade from 6.2 to Siebel 7.7 and then to Siebel 8.0
  • Gap Analysis and troubleshooting of Siebel Upgrade from 6.2 to 8.0
  • Worked on UPGREP and UPGPHYS processes and on the post merge development tasks.
  • Performed the Post and Pre Upgrade tasks for the Application.
  • Effort estimation of bringing up Applications such as Billing and DIU (Data Integrity Unit) from Siebel 6.2 to Siebel 8.0 including more than 30 real time interfaces.
  • Migrated/updated custom code from Siebel 6.2 to Siebel 8.0 after the upgrade has run.
  • Worked as a Techno Functional Lead for Claims, Billing, and DIU Applications .
  • Designing and configuring Web Services and Scripting in Siebel using VB and eScripts
  • Functional and Technical documentations, participates in business meetings with client team .
  • Contact Management, Account Management and Assignment Manager .
  • Led the Offsite Development Team based out of North Dakota


Technical Lead

Environment: Siebel, Siebel Service, MS SQL etc.

  • Siebel upgrade project from 7.5.2 to Siebel 8.0
  • Gathering functional requirements and understanding the technical issues from business users/managers and IT team.
  • Analyzing the Siebel 8 technical upgrade gaps like obsolete objects, Scripting, Upgrade Ancestor / ICL etc.
  • Defining upgrade steps for ADA from ver 7.5.2 to Siebel 8.0.
  • Effort estimation and cost analysis of the Service Process implementation using Siebel.
  • Submitted RFP for the complete life cycle of the project.


Lead Technical Consultant/Lead Business Analyst

Environment: Siebel 7.7.2, Siebel Life Science, Documentum, Oracle 9i etc.

  • Upgrade project from Siebel 7.7.2 to Siebel 8.0
  • Gathering functional requirements and understanding the technical issues from business users/managers and IT team.
  • Analyzing the Siebel 8 technical upgrade gaps like obsolete objects, Scripting, Upgrade Ancestor / ICL etc.
  • Reengineering critical and complex functionalities such as Adverse Event Process.
  • Analysis and proposal of the powerful search capabilities in Siebel 8 for BMS.
  • Analysis and proposal of Haley’s Authority, Task Based UI, Contact Management for BMS Call Center functionalities.
  • Documented Pitfalls/gaps in the assignment process.
  • Defined the steps for BMS Siebel upgrade from ver 7.7.2 to 8.0


Lead Techno Functional Consultant

Environment: Siebel 8.0, Field Service Siebel Sales 8.0(Sales Force Automation), Antenna Wireless, MQ Series, Outlook Synchronization, Mainframe, Click etc.

  • Requirement gathering and Gap Analysis of Siebel 8.0 Field Services.
  • Conversion of revised requirements to high-level design for the purpose of effort estimation and project planning in terms of milestones, resources and budget.
  • Team meeting and client meetings.
  • Assisting the configuration team with mapping, design and unit test cases.
  • Worked on proof of concept of Outlook Synchronization using Siebel 8.0 and Outlook 2003.
  • Worked on Opportunity, Contact, Account, Quotes, Service Requests, Activities and Complete Sales Cycle with regard to design.
  • Wireless interface(EAI) requirements and designs were discussed with the Antenna and MQ Team.
  • Designing Web Services(EAI).
  • Assisting the offshore team in understanding the business processes and converting them to technical designs. Leading the Onsite - Offshore conference calls every day from Onsite.
  • Project Planning and resource allocation.

Confidential,Little Rock, AR

Technical Lead

Environment: Siebel eCommunication 7.8, Siebel Sales 7.8 (Sales Force Automation), eCustomer 7.8, CTI, Solaris 5.6, IBM Portal

  • Defect fixing through eScripting and configuration changes.
  • Worked on root cause analysis, troubleshooting and fixing of critical issues such as duplicate assets, eCustomer Object Manager Crash and Cron Jobs which handle the disk space management and batch asset load.
  • Analyzed and resolved critical issues such as DST changes of year 2007.
  • Worked on business services using eScripts which are being used in user interaction workflows such as forgot password and user registration in eCustomer application.
  • Analyzing the Explain Plan and long running SQLs and fixing it using SQL and configuration changes.
  • Testing and deployment of long running workflows and setting up them in runtime events. Also handled workflow policy related issues, issues related to Monitor agents and generate triggers.
  • Worked on Contact, Activity, Orders, Quotes and Opportunity Management.
  • Used Assignment Manager for the allocation of Activities, Accounts and Opportunities.
  • Designed the complete Sales Cycle and Account Migration from legacy systems.
  • Worked on configuration changes and customization using eScripting.
  • Worked on the configuration of Find objects and PDQs for Accounts and Assets.
  • Exposure to Product Configuration in terms of rules, constraints, Promotions for service products like features of a wireless connection.
  • Web Services (EAI) Architecture to integrate legacy applications with Siebel.
  • Assisted offshore with understanding requirements, design, and development and testing.
  • Managing production releases and Application support.


Integration Lead

Environment: Siebel Field Service 7.5.2, Antenna Wireless, MQ Series, NEON Adapter

  • Requirement analysis, design, reviews of design docs and unit test cases.
  • Interface configuration such as the activity, asset, order interfaces between Siebel and Antenna wireless, order interface between SAP and Siebel, workflows, named subsystem and rule set configuration for interfaces, scripting and interface related admin activities.
  • Developed PL/SQL interfaces such as asset refresh between Siebel and Antenna wireless using MQ series (EAI) as middleware
  • Implementing HTTP Interfaces first time for this client.
  • Configuration, scripting and workflows.
  • Assisted the testing team in system testing, integration testing and regression testing.
  • Participation in UAT calls and bug management/fixing. Offshore/Onsite coordination and leading the offshore integration team.

Sr. Developer/Business Analyst

Environment: Siebel Sales 7.5.2(Sales Force Automation), SAP, IMS, MQ, NEON

  • Requirement gathering, analysis, design, configuration and customization.
  • Worked and managed Activities, Quotes, Orders, Opportunities and complete sales cycles of the project.
  • Worked extensively on complex Workflows such as PB Sales Assign, PB Sales Contact Plan etc.
  • Designed, scripted, developed, tested and deployed dynamic Assignment Manager for assigning sales reps with Account Position based on zip code and district number.
  • Configured and set up Contact Denorm Assignment Manager for contact synchronization with accounts and opportunities.
  • Designed and Configured Assignment Manager, Workflows, and Web services .
  • Worked with business users and testing team for testing.

Lead Technical Consultant

Environment: Siebel Call center 7.5.2, Siebel Marketing 7.5.2, CTI, EIM, Oracle 9i, and MS Reports.

  • Service Request related data migration using EIM and PL/SQL from CTI Dialer to Siebel tables to create SRs and Invoices.
  • Assisting the reporting team in writing SQL’s and designing UI.
  • Modified the existing Business Service for CTI using eScript.
  • Business requirements gathering, analysis and design.
  • Offshore/onsite coordination and presenting changes to repository committee and drive it for approval.
  • Design Marketing Programs and Campaigns.
  • E-mail campaigns using workflows and Outbound Communication Manager.
  • Supporting and enhancing Global Workflow and Marketing manager Workflow.
  • Worked on Program execution and campaign Load workflows.
  • Created new target level, Create measures and output file layouts.

Sr.Technical Consultant

Environment: Siebel Field Service 7.5.2, MQ, Oracle 8i, NEON, IMS, SAP, eService

  • Knowledge transfer activities from IBM to Wipro Technologies.
  • Troubleshooting of critical issues and working with Siebel TAM on issues.
  • Worked extensively on Application Workflows such as escalation mail workflows, auto activity creation, change SR owner etc. and interface workflows related to Antenna Wireless integration and Asset load from mainframe systems.
  • Worked on Activities, Service Requests and Order Management Process.
  • Supporting dynamic Assignment Manager for activity assignment based on territory. eScripting, Siebel VB and browser scripts used in customizations of BC’s and Applets for requirements such as validating applet fields and associating default activity to an SR.
  • Configured workflow objects and components for Accounts and Activity related workflows.
  • Cycle counting, Replenishment Engine, Account Module, and Assignment using AM.
  • Worked on Remedy tickets, Change Requests, and Configuration for PDQs and Actuate reports.


Sr.Technical Consultant

Environment: Siebel ERM 7.5.3, Oracle 8i

  • Gap Analysis of the requirements.
  • Designing, developing and testing ERM related Workflows
  • Creating workflow policies, generate triggers and configuring workflow related objects
  • Configuration and customization of ERM Applets/Views/Screens etc.
  • Extensive Siebel VB scripting for business services used in workflows. Used client side as well as tools based business services.
  • Worked with Outbound Communication Manager for mailing workflows.
  • Worked on setting up of repeating components for workflows.
  • Writing Test Cases and testing.
  • Deployment and post live support.


SAP CRM Consultant

Environment: mySAP Suite, HEAT, SAP Workbench, Oracle

  • Monitoring and administering CRM middleware queues.
  • Configuring and customizing BDOCs.
  • Configuring Admin Console and administering Mobile Landscape.
  • Creating Crystal Report based on HEAT.


Siebel Technical Consultant

Environment: Siebel Service 7.5.2, Sales 7.5.2(Sales Force Automation), Oracle 8i

  • Workflow designing, configuring and testing mainly for mailing workflows.
  • Siebel VB Scripting.
  • Writing Business Services using eScripts for repeating component workflows.
  • Worked on Service Requests and Activities.
  • Writing test cases and testing for workflows.
  • Performance tuning of workflows.


SAP CRM Technical Consultant

Environment: mySAP CRM, SAP R/3, Oracle 8i, Workbench, ASCII Adapter

  • Installing and configuring ASCII Adapter and creating temporary tables and mapping to ASCII File.
  • Mapping of ASCII fields to temporary table fields and creating Provisional BDOCs.
  • Generating BDOCs and configuring CRM Online screens using BDT and VCT.
  • Scheduling the ASCII Adapter and uploading the legacy data.
  • Monitoring and administering middleware queues.

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