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Sr. Devops Engineer Resume

San Diego, CA


  • 8 years of experience as Amazon Web Services, DevOps, Build and Release Engineer.
  • Designed, configured, and deployed Amazon Web Services (AWS) for flock of new cloud applications utilizing the AWS stack (Including EC2, Route53, S3, RDS, Cloud Formation, Cloud Watch, SQS, IAM), focusing on high - availability, fault tolerance, and auto-scaling.
  • Experienced in Setting up Chef Server/Workstation and Bootstrapping Nodes. Assisted developers in writing Cookbooks for deploying product applications in development, QA, and production environments.
  • Used GIT to resolve merge conflicts, created cloud repositories to sync the workstation console locally.
  • Build and configured virtual Data center in Amazon cloud to support Enterprise hosting which includes VPC, public, private Subnets, Security groups and Route tables.
  • Used Docker, DevTest for virtualization, run, ship, and deploy the application securely for fasten the build/ release engineering.
  • Configured Linux environments in both public and private domains.
  • Extensively Used Apigee to provide deployments for both cloud and on-premise environments.
  • Good understanding on operation of Proxy debugging and log maintaining application Fiddler.
  • Setup and configured network TCP/IP on Linux environment
  • Deployed application updates using Jenkins. Installed, configured, and managed Jenkins and triggered the SIT environment build of client remotely through Jenkins.
  • Management of configuration files, services, packages using Puppet.
  • Experience with Build Management tools Ant and Maven for writing build.xmls and pom.xmls
  • Configured and scheduled the scripts to automate the module installation in the environment. Installed and configured Nagios as monitoring tool for disk usage, CPU utilization, list of open files etc.
  • Used scripting languages like Shell, Python, Ruby in various scenarios while assisting new recruits.
  • Experience in PowerShell configuration and scheduled task automation scripts.
  • Implemented zero downtime deployment process in PowerShell script with TeamCity.
  • Worked and carried software methodologies like Waterfall model, Agile Methodology (iterative development & sprints) and Scrum.
  • Experience in GNU Tools, Configuration Management Tools (ClearCase, CM Synergy)
  • Knowledge in Oracle and MySQL Database servers DB tasks.
  • Applied redirection rules in Apache based on redirection conditions provided by developers.


Programming Language: Python, C++, C, Core Java, SQL.

Operating System: Windows, Linux, Redhat, Ubuntu.

Database: My SQL, SQL Server, Oracle.

Web Technologies: CSS, HTML, Bootstrap, JSON, XSD, XSL

Application Servers: Web Sphere, Apache Tomcat.

Configuration Management: Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Docker, AWS OPS

Version Control Tools: GIT, GIT Hub, Perforce, Code commit

Design Technologies: XDE, Microsoft Visio 2003/2005

Build Tools: ANT, MAVEN, Hudson, BAMBOO

Protocols: UDP, TCP, SMTP, DHCP, ICMP, RIP, VLAN, IPV4 and IPV6.


Confidential, San Diego, CA

Sr. DevOps Engineer


  • Resolving Release conflicts regarding dates and accommodating in various Release/Build windows by negotiating with customers based on priority and other factors.
  • Administer, secure, and maintain multiple clusters to support a global service.
  • Addressing dependencies and handling issues with release of interdependent projects especially in the Web services area.
  • Used Apigee to manage API proxies and provision backend services to the developers.
  • Used JIRA to keep track of all the ongoing tasks and maintain bug resolutions
  • Brought up VPC and enabled security features for instances.
  • Managed containerized applications and used Concourse to run scripts inside a container to manage input and output directories.
  • Developed framework in Linux environment and tracked, resolved issues using Linux commands.
  • Killed and built up containers with respect to disk usage of instances.
  • Implemented Docker containers to create images of the applications and dynamically provision slaves to Jenkins CI/CD pipelines.
  • Used Hockeyapp as a part of mobile DevOps culture to fasten the SDLC process.
  • Regularly built Jenkins builds and delivered to Artifactory.
  • Implemented cluster services using Docker and Kubernetes.
  • Used Subversion in branching, tagging and merging the Source Code and managed the source code repository.
  • Extensively used Nagios for monitoring the build statuses.
  • Provisioned large instances on Openstack and developed test environment.
  • Documented and maintained track of software solutions on Confluence.
  • Used Subversion to manage Configuration Items (CI's).
  • Build are maintained in Jenkins/Hudson and deployed using plug-ins and Master-Slave setups.
  • Integrated QTP kickoff scripts as Post DEV Deployment steps to return smoke test results
  • Aligned the resources with the help of PM for a Mock cutover and cutover (Prod Release)
  • Maintained the UNIX, Linux environments for deployments.

Environment: Ant, Maven, Git, Jenkins, AWS, Docker, Mesos, Marathon, Artifactory, Kubernetes, and Unix, Shell.

Confidential, St Louis, MO

DevOps Engineer


  • Regularly brought up worker nodes, controllers, edge nodes and tested in environment.
  • Written well versed python scripts using modules and dictionaries.
  • Evaluated Marathon and Kubernetes for Docker container orchestration
  • Coordinating the resources by working closely with Project Manager's for the release and carried Deployments and builds on various environments using continuous integration tool.
  • Participated in code reviews and ensured compliance with standards
  • Wrote ANT and MAVEN Scripts to automate the build process.
  • Used Shell/Python scripts to automate the deployment process.
  • Monitored services using Nagios.
  • Used Fiddler to maintain logs on HTTP traffic.
  • Used Shell scripts for deployment automation.
  • Enhanced Configuration Management using (PUPPET) to assist automated, repeatable configurations and application deployments.
  • Responsible for scaling/upgrading/maintaining the application.
  • Created custom developer tools and workflows for testing and releasing Puppet code
  • Trained and communicated the release process to all the counterparts globally.
  • Worked on Ant-Maven conversion process by authoring POM Files.

Environment: Ant, Maven, Git, PUPPET, AWS, Marathon, Docker, and Unix, Shell.

Confidential, St Louis, MO

DevOps Engineer


  • Worked toward standardization of a legacy environment: infrastructural consistency, documentation, policies & procedures etc.
  • Built a deployment of open-source Puppet 4.x with PuppetDB, Hiera, etc. Wrote roles, profiles and component.
  • Integration of Puppet with Apache and developed load testing and monitoring suites in Python.
  • Integrated delivery (CI and CD process) Using Jenkins and puppet.
  • Use of Ant, Maven and MS Build to automatically compile, package, test, build and deploy .NET and J2EE applications to Web Sphere and J Boss Application Server (WAS6)
  • Installation of Application on production and Test server for the use of application development and configuration.
  • Worked in teams using code sharing platform NetBeans.
  • Responsible to perform Build operations with ANT Scripts.
  • Experience in Rolling deployment, blue green deployment and Immutable environment zero downtime deployment methods.
  • Experience version control tools GIT Lab and GitHub, good understanding to push Tag/Ref on branches, merge request and things to do on release day like Tagging etc.
  • Good understanding of monitoring tools like Splunk, NewRelic, Sansu.

Environment: Ant, Git, PUPPET, AWS, Marathon, Docker, and Unix, Shell.

Confidential, New York City, NY

AWS DevOps Engineer


  • Deployed Extra hop Command Appliance on AWS to identify workloads to migrate to AWS.
  • Responsible for automating deployments, configuration management and capacity management of applications using CI/CD Tools. Build out operational capabilities to support secure, scalable, Fault-tolerant and cloud based web architecture.
  • Managed users and groups using the Amazon Identity and Access Management (IAM) using MFA multi factor authentication to secure AWS accounts.
  • Build and configured a virtual data center in the Amazon Web Services cloud to support Enterprise Data Warehouse hosting including Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Public and Private Subnets, Security Groups, Route Tables, Elastic Load Balancer.
  • Setup VPC's and subnets using Cloud Formation templates for various applications and Configured Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) for routing traffic. Tracked the efficiency of all AWS services and provide application owners with performance-based SLAs.
  • Created and monitored alarms, notifications for EC2 instances, and Billing Notifications using Cloud Watch and SNS.
  • Setup auto scaling groups based on memory and CPU to adapt to unforeseen spikes without having an outage or needing manual intervention.
  • Followed AWS Trusted Advisor recommendations for optimizing cost, improving systems performance, and closing security gaps.
  • Used Amazon S3 to backup database instances periodically to save snapshots of data.
  • Used AWS command line (CLI) client and management console to interact with Dependent resources and APIs
  • Integrated GIT into Jenkins to automate the code check-out process
  • Created Chef Cookbooks to provision Apache Web servers, Tomcat servers.

Environment: Ant, Maven, Git, Jenkins, Chef, Openstack, Marathon, Artifactory, Docker, and Unix, Shell.

Confidential, St. Louis, MO

DevOps Engineer


  • Provided configuration management expertise to all software development projects.
  • Working as a DevOps Engineer for one of the most complex system.
  • Wrote XMLs and used Ant scripts to deploy to WebSphere and WebLogic environments.
  • Responsible for Deployment and maintenance of different QA & UAT environments.
  • Worked on Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery using Jenkins.
  • Triggered sequential regular builds using Github and web hooks.
  • Release Engineer for a team that involved different development teams and multiple simultaneous software releases.
  • Used Docker for containerizing applications and further scaling instances with respect to containers.
  • Developed applications, Json files, script for automated build triggers based on client requirements.
  • Killed and built up containers with respect to disk usage of instances.
  • Created self- service end points for developers via Marathon.
  • Used Mesos for scalability of containers.
  • Provisioned EC2 instances on AWS using Ansible playbook and Unix environment.
  • Implemented Apache Mesos in containerization with Docker
  • Suggested changes to development practice to increase efficiency by restructuring the branching structure to include merging mechanism.
  • Developed Dev/Test/Prod environments of different applications on AWS by provisioning EC2 instances using Ansible playbooks.
  • Integrated Docker container orchestration framework using Kubernetes by creating pods, configMaps, deployments.
  • Developed Infrastructure as Code with Python scripting.
  • Worked on Unix environment and developed framework using Unix environment.

Environment: Ant, Maven, Git, Jenkins, AWS, ANT, Maven, Openstack, Mesos, Marathon, Artifactory, Kubernetes, Docker, and Unix, Shell.


Linux Administrator


  • RedHat Enterprise Linux Operating System Installation, Building Servers and administration of RHEL4.x/5.x/6.x & SUSE 10.x. which includes testing, tuning, upgrading and loading patches, troubleshooting both physical and virtual server issues.
  • Experience in Installation, Configuration, Backup, Recovery, Maintenance, Support of Linux and Solaris, Administration of Windows, Red Hat Linux, Cent OS and VMware Environments.
  • Implemented monitoring and wrote monitoring scripts specific to each instance.
  • Designed and implemented multi-level database for automated collecting and analyzing firmware issues with team.
  • Created fully automated process for building firmware releases (shell scripting / auto-make /ant).
  • With Team Designed and implemented High Availability clusters using shared file systems.

Environment: JDK 1.3, J2EE, JSP, Servlets, HTML, XML, UML, RATIONAL ROSE, AWT, Web logic 5.1 and Oracle 8i, SQL, PL/SQL, TCL/Except.

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