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Software Developer Resume


Seeking a challenging and rewarding opportunity to utilize Java J2EE, . NET expertise in enterprise applications.


  • 6+ years in Software engineering with data - driven web application Java 2yr, PHP 4yr, .NET 4 months
  • Excellent in programming in Java J2EE, PHP, and familiar with .NET framework with C#
  • Extensively utilized Object-oriented programming concepts and Test Driven Development
  • Excellent knowledge in Unit testing (JUnit, MUnit), Continuous integration (Jenkins)
  • Proficient in use and development of web services using SOAP and RESTful models
  • Proficient in front-end development using technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap with cross-browser compatibility (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox)
  • Expert in designing, and maintaining Database: Complex Stored procedures for reports, and used triggers, views, functions, Query optimization, Data Modeling
  • Utilized and familiar with popular design patterns: Singleton, Factory
  • Extensively involved in all phases of SDLC (requirement analysis, design, development, deployment, testing and support)
  • Proficient in requirement analysis by meeting with project manager, subject matter expert, end user, customer, and stakeholders
  • Managed project using JIRA, ASANA, Confluence
  • Advocate of Agile methodology specially Scrum


Frontend frameworks/language: Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Hibernate, Spring MVC, JSP, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, SOAP, REST API

Programming Languages: Java 8, .NET framework 4.5 using C#

Database: Oracle(PL/SQL), Microsoft SQL Server 2017, MongoDB 3.4, MySQL 5.7.19

Web application frameworks: Node.js, Express.js

Markup and Design: JSON, XHTML /DHTML / HTML5 / CSS3, Responsive Design

Other XML technology: XML DOM, XSLT, XPath, XSD

Operating System: LINUX (Ubuntu, CentOS), Windows

Web Servers: Tomcat, Apache Web Server, Windows Server

CMS: Magento 1.4, Joomla 1.5, WordPress 4.9.1

Development Environment: eclipse, NetBeans, IntelliJ IDEA, Visual Studio 2013

Version Control: Git, Subversion, Team Server Foundation

Build tools: gulp, grunt, maven, Visual Studio Setup and Build

Requirement Gathering/ Project Planning/UML/Modeling Tools: Microsoft VISIO/Microsoft Project, Rational Rose

Web debugging and testing tools: Fiddler, SoapUI, Internet Explorer Developer Tools to Debug JavaScript


Software Developer



  • Developed Java application using OWL2 API and Object-oriented programming concepts to model ontology structure for Geological and Weather Mapping to infer knowledge of geological layers of rocks in Mount Cristo Rey, NM
  • Developed a provenance model using JSON for data visualization that helped scientific model user to trace the history of input, parameter values, and output within n-tier application
  • Created a user-friendly interface for extracting data from weather stations(XML) of various states (via Web Services) and merging into a single xml for consumption by API
  • Collaborated with a team of 5 members working on various modules using version control (Git)
  • Collaborated across cross functional team with task management using ASANA to meet client requirements and documented process regarding new and current features of the system using JIRA
  • Perform code review to maintain coding standards established by team as well as industry standards
  • Mentor and supervise undergraduate students on core Java and relational database concepts
  • Presented provenance model visualization at symposium and stakeholder meetings to 40 attendees (technical and non-technical)

Graduate Teaching Assistant



  • Prepared course material and in-class activities for C programming course and Introduction to Computer Science using Java
  • Supervised lecture/lab sessions and mentored students to develop problem solving skills
  • Managed the grading system and lab assignments for an average of 120 students

Web Application Developer


Languages / Technologies: PHP5/OOP/MVC, HTML5, CSS3, MySQL, XML, JavaScript, jQuery, Zend, WordPress, PayPal API, Google Analytics, Google Maps API, Database Tuning and Optimization, LINUX


  • Developed WordPress modules including Photo Gallery and Event Management using jQuery
  • Redesigned websites by creating pixel perfect design via WordPress theming (HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap) and content migration
  • Collaborated with a team of 5 members for developing in-house Content Management System(CMS) with customized responsive stylesheets and XHTML layout options for 10 clients
  • Utilized Agile Software Development approach including SCRUM meetings for progress updates and teamwork using version control (Git)
  • Created test plan and performed acceptance testing on websites with bi-monthly sprint reports
  • Provided technical support to all MVC Zend Framework based mapping SaaS applications based on Google Maps API (Version2) and communicated with multiple levels with customers (technical/management)
  • Participated in code reviews and prepared technical documentation as well as online how-to tutorials/screencast for knowledge sharing

e-Commerce Developer


Languages/ Techniques: PHP5/OOP/MVC, Magento1, SOAP/REST API, SEO, HTML5, CSS3, MySQL, XML, JavaScript, jQuery, Zend, JIRA


  • Developed custom extensions for Magento (e-commerce platform) for over 3 clients including Best Selling Products, Latest Products, and Related Products
  • Extended existing Magento marketplace extensions to meet the client requirements and build intuitive user experience
  • Customized webshop front-end components according to theme design via layout XMLs, blocks, and templates
  • Developed SOAP web services to import inventory data in XML (Magento MySQL database) to CSV format (.NET webshop) needed from e-commerce platform to an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) .NET application
  • Worked in a team of 6 people with different expertise and collaborated for development and support of existing modules as needed using version control (Subversion)
  • Performed Search Engine Optimization of websites using developer tools, directory listing, conforming to modern web standards(W3C) as well as monitoring Google analytics report

Web Application Developer


Languages/ Techniques: PHP/OOP, MySQL, Joomla, HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, jQuery


  • Developed core PHP module/s for in-house project management application that managed leave management and performance appraisal request of 120 employees using MySQL and core PHP
  • Used MySQL queries and joins to check employee criteria for requesting leave or appraisal
  • Utilized object-oriented programming to build Joomla extensions including gallery sliders and contact forms
  • Provided support by resolving issues to existing Joomla websites using electronic communication

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