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Devops/middleware Engineer Resume

Deerfield, IL


  • 10+ years of experience in the IT industry in Linux administration, Release Management, Application servers, Deployments, Cloud implementations in various environments.
  • IBM Certified WebSphere Professional with experience in installation and maintenance of IBM WebSphere Application Server and WebSphere Extended Deployment, WebSphere MQ, IBM IHS on AIX, Solaris, Linux and Windows platforms.
  • Administered IBM WebSphere Application server v8.x/7.x/6.x/5.x on multiple platforms like AIX, Sun Solaris, Linux, Windows 2012/08/03/NT.
  • Designed AWS Cloud platform and its features which includes EC2, VPC, EBS, AMI, SNS, RDS, EBS, Cloud Watch, Cloud Trail, Cloud Formation AWS Config, Auto scaling, Cloud Front, IAM, S3.
  • Worked in Azure cloud environment with Azure cloud services, Azure storage, Azure active directory, Azure ServiceBus, creating and managing Az ure AD tenants and configure application integration with Azure AD.
  • Hands - on experience in Ansible and Ansible Tower as Configuration management tool to automate repetitive tasks, quickly deploy critical applications and proactively manage change.
  • Involved in writing Chef Cookbooks to bootstrap nodes for configuration of system management to automate repetitive tasks, deploy applications and manage server changes.
  • Involved in developing CI/CD system with Jenkins on Kubernetes container environment, utilizing Kubernetes and Docker for the runtime environment for the CI/CD system to build, test and deploy.
  • Experienced in Secured Socket Layer (SSL) configuration, creating self-signed certificates, generating certificate requests, Import/Export certificates and creating key databases.
  • Implemented Workload Management (WLM) methodology and fail over mechanisms including horizontal and vertical clustering, HTTP server fail over, Deployment Manager and Node agent fail over.
  • Proficient in developing Scripts using Jython, JACL, and ANT to automate WAS administration and deployment tasks such as JVM configuration, J2EE application deployment, ear/war installation, and backups.
  • Expertise in working with logs, trace and messages using tools such as Log Analyzer, Resource Analyzer and Admin Console and developing Shell scripts to automate daily backups, log archival and other automation processes.
  • Experience in deploying, maintaining and troubleshooting of applications and portlets in highly available, load balanced production environments.
  • Troubleshooting Admin Server start-up issues, Java code defects after deployment and class path issues by checking the JVM logs, plug-in logs and the web server logs.
  • Experience in using GC Collector and analyzed GC verbose logs to monitor and assess the JVM runtime Heap usage.
  • Configured JDBC Providers, JDBC data sources, connection pool, Virtual Hosting, JNDI, Global Security, SSL, SSO, and Open SSH, Open SSL, LDAP.
  • Implemented clustering in WebSphere Application Server 6.x, 7.x and 8.x using horizontal and vertical clustering to provide scalable and highly available Web Sphere environment.
  • Configured and administered monitoring tools like Nagios, Splunk to monitor and track application performance and resolve the issues.
  • Well versed with high technical knowledge in different Portlet Modes based on the user authentication and authorization roles and groups.
  • Familiarity with network protocols and applications involving TCP/IP, NFS, DFS, SNMP, SMTP, POP, Telnet, Rlogin, SSH, FTP, HTTP, DNS.
  • Configured Raid - 0, Raid-1, Raid-5, Raid - 10 and created logical volumes, logical volume groups and manipulated them as required.
  • Recent experience includes hands on expertise in Single Sign-On domain using Tivoli Access Manager, Site Minder, Identity Management and LDAP.
  • Configured Atlassian tools such as JIRA, Confluence to track changes in the project, manage issues, document changes and maintain the infrastructure.
  • Automated the infrastructure and deployments along with other day-to day networking tasks with Bash and Python scripts on multiple production servers.
  • Maintained infrastructure on-premise with vCenter VMware ESXi hosts to migrate VM’s with vMotion, manage clusters, and create fault tolerant and high-available environments.
  • Expertise in supporting enterprise based distributed applications over a wide range of production environments on a 24/7 on-call rotation basis for high volume, secure transactions and Web services.


Operating Systems/Environment: Aix 6.x5.x/4.x, Solaris 10/9/8/7/2.x, Red Hat Linux 7.0/6.0/5.0, Windows NT4.0, Windows 2000/2003/XP/2008/2012.

Cloud: AWS, Microsoft Azure

Programming language s: Java, C, SQL, PL/SQL

Distributed Computing: EJB1.2, RMI, CORBA

Databases: DB2 7.2.5, 8.2, 9.6 Oracle 8.0(7.x)/9i/10g/11g/12c and SQL Server 2008/2012

WebBased Skills: Java Server Pages 1.0, Java Script, HTML, DHTML, XML, XSL

App Servers/Web Servers: IBM WebSphere Applications Server 3.5,4.0,5.0, 6.0, 6.1, 7.0, 8.0 and 8.5, WESB 7.x,6.x IBM WebSphere Process servers 7.0.x,6.0.x, Windows IIS Server 5.x/6.0/7.0, Apache HTTP Server 1.x/2.x, IBM HTTP Server 1.2.x/2.0.x/6.x/7.x/8.x and SUN One Web server 6.0/6.1/7.0.

MQM: JMS, IBM WebSphere Application Server MQ series 5.x/6.x/7.x

Development Tools: Visual Age for Java 3.5, Visual Caf 4.0, WebSphere Studio 5.1

Administration: Sun Solaris Administration, WebSphere Application Server, Oracle, DB2.

Configuration Management: Chef, Ansible

Testing Tools: Load Runner 7.5, Application Expert, and Web Load

Version Control Tools: CVS, Subversion, GIT, GitHub

Virtualization/Containerization: VMware ESXi, vCenter, vSphere Client, Docker, Kubernetes

Build Management: Jenkins, Maven, Nexus, SonarQube


Confidential, Deerfield, IL

DevOps/Middleware Engineer


  • Designed and Deployed multiple applications within AWS Cloud utilizing most of the services including EC2, Route 53, VPC, S3, RDS, SNS, SQS, IAM and configuring Security Groups with high-availability, fault tolerance, and auto-scaling.
  • Managed AWS EC2 instances utilizing auto-scaling, Elastic Load Balancing and Glacier for QA and UAT environments and infrastructure servers for GIT and Chef.
  • Managed Chef Cookbooks and Recipes to automate the system operations and infrastructure maintenance as well created Cloud Formation Templates to provision the AWS environment/resources.
  • Set up and managed EBS backed volume storage capacity when the root volume is full using AWS EBS volume feature and EIP for EC2 instances.
  • Created users and groups using IAM, assigned individual policies to each group, created SNS notifications and assigned ARN to S3 for object loss notification.
  • Created and maintained multiple pipelines using Jenkins with Maven Plugins using GIT repositories to build and automate end-end deployments.
  • Migrated the current Red Hat Linux environments to AWS/RHEL Linux Environment with automation using the AWS Auto-Scaling feature.
  • Created and modified Python scripts to deploy Java applications from Jenkins server to a remote server and configured Maven scripts to build artifacts on the source code.
  • Developing scripts for build, deployment, maintenance and related tasks for various DevOps tools such as Jenkins and Docker using Maven, Python and Bash.
  • Wrote various Python modules to customize Ansible Playbooks for automating the deployment of day-to-day tasks.
  • Installation, Configuration, and maintenance of IBM WebSphere Application Server ND 6.1/8.5, IBM HTTP Server, and Apache Tomcat on RHEL/AIX servers.
  • Hands on experience with Oracle Access Manager Configuration, installation of webgate and configuration of LDAP server for single sign-on.
  • Created Docker images to containerize applications and managed the images within clusters using Kubernetes, modified Dockerfiles to deploy the applications.
  • Involved in installation, configuration and maintenance of Rational ClearCase and ClearQuest for clients on Windows and Unix environments.
  • Monitored and tracked application administration and performance using Splunk by creating dashboards, reports, searching using Splunk queries.
  • Involved in setting up Atlassian JIRA as defect tracking system and configured numerous workflows, customizations, and related plug-ins for the JIRA bug/issue tracker.
  • Profiling all J2EE Applications and work with Application Development teams and QA teams to resolve possible memory leaks, improve application integrity, performance and resolve all issues, bugs before deploying in Production.
  • Monitoring server metrics like heap usage, CPU utilization, web container active threads, garbage collection, hung threads, Backend stalls/locks, etc. with help of Tivoli Performance Viewer.
  • Managed application servers and worked on setting up Reverse Proxies at the internal webserver scope to increase security levels.
  • Provided AIX Nim image building and configuration, Firewall configuration, LDB, Web Server and WebSphere Cluster networking and configuration.
  • Installed and configured MQSeries on AIX, Solaris, and Windows 2003 and performed various administration related tasks using MQSC commands.
  • Working with third level technical production support team for the organization's online products and services to ensure maximum performance, availability and security.
  • Maintained, monitored, and administered disk utility, usage, and volume creation on servers with NFS Mounting for different file systems.
  • Working alongside Infrastructure Architects and Solution Architects to design the project flow for successful Implementation and delivery of the projects.
  • Configuring LDAP, installation and configuration of Oracle Access Manager Webgate for single sign-on.

Confidential, Downey, CA

Build Release Engineer/WebSphere Admin


  • Installed and configured WAS ND 6.x / 7.x/8.0 and 8.5 on AIX, Windows, Linux, Solaris Platforms, WebSphere base Application Server and used Update Installer to update with fix packs.
  • Automated most of the installations and configuration tasks with shell scripts using silent response files.
  • Automated configuration, troubleshooting, deployments using JACL and Jython scripts - used AdminConfig, AdminApp, AdminControl and AdminTask.
  • Worked with developers and QA team in various stages of development and testing and taking the application from DEV to Test to QA and PROD environments.
  • Used IBM Installation Manger V8 to install on local machines WebSphere Application Server, IBM HTTP Server, Application Clients, DMZ Security Proxy Server, and Web server plug-ins.
  • Made use of Centralized Installation Manager(CIM) V8 to remotely install WebSphere Application Server, IBM HTTP Server, Application Clients, DMZ Security Proxy Server, and Web server plug-ins.
  • Used addNode - asExistingNode to recover the damaged nodes as well as to move a node to a different machine or operating system.
  • Implemented Fixpacks on WebSphere Application Server 6.x, 7.x, 8.0 and 8.5 and also on IBM HTTP Server 6.x/7.x/8.0.
  • Worked on Scripting, Disaster Recovery, messaging and security which was made easier in WAS V7.
  • Installed and configured both IBM HTTP Server and iPlanet Web servers and plugins and configured SSL for the web server and plugin communications.
  • Recommended and used hybrid clustering (horizontal and vertical) to make use of efficient resources on a single system and to provide for hardware failover and load-balancing and worked with developers.
  • Responsible for deploying applications on the cluster and setting up the environment and wrote scripts in Python, ANT and VB to automate the build/release environment.
  • Used Python, Jython and UNIX shell scripts to automate the maintenance process of the WebSphere Application Servers and other related tasks which maintains the integrity and performance of the system.
  • Configured WebSphere resources like JDBC providers, JDBC data sources 4/5 and connection pooling and tuning it and monitoring it using Tivoli Performance viewer by enabling PMI.
  • Troubleshoot problems on the various environments involving the integrations of WebSphere, IBM HTTP Server, iPlanet web Servers, TAM and LDAP.
  • Used WebSphere plug-in for load balancing across the cluster members and manually updated it for remote web servers in the DMZ.
  • Was involved in writing ANT & shell scripts to automate WebSphere admin tasks and application specific syncs / backups and other schedulers.
  • Developing Ant, Maven and Shell scripts to automatically compile, package, deploy and test J2EE applications to a variety of WebSphere platforms - BPM, MQ, ESB, Portal etc.
  • Build out server automation with Puppet and used other tools like Jenkins/Maven for deployment and build management system.
  • Worked on integrating GIT into the continuous Integration (CI) environment along with Jenkins and Subversion to manage deployments.
  • Experienced in Gitlab CI and Jenkins for CI for End-to-End automation to create builds, deploy, and package them further within application servers.
  • Implemented & maintained the branching and build/release strategies utilizing Subversion/GIT. Manage configuration of Web App and Deploy to AWS cloud server through Chef.
  • Responsible for Troubleshoot various network problems, system problems like Core Dump Analysis.
  • Participated in team meetings and management meetings to resolve issues related to the various environments.
  • Authentication and Authorization solution for corporate Web, client/server, and existing applications using Tivoli Access Manager V6.1.
  • Used Tivoli Performance tools for tuning the WebSphere environments (JVM heap size, data base connection pool size, etc).
  • Administered and Configured Logical Volume Manager which involved create and modify file system, logical volume, Physical volume, Volume groups, mirroring and un-mirroring of volume groups, hot spare physical volume.
  • Responsible for documenting the various procedures involved in the day to day maintenance of the various environments

Confidential, Los Angeles, CA

System/WebSphere Administrator


  • Installed and configured WebSphere Application Server 7.x/8.x on UNIX Platforms and used Update Installer to update with fixpacks.
  • Maintained WebSphere Application Servers on different UNIX (AIX, Solaris, Linux) platforms, development, testing and staging environments for on-going application development.
  • Implemented creation of Server groups and clusters in WebSphere Application server and cloning of servers and provided extensive support in deployment, change management and application level troubleshooting for the Dev, Test, Pre-Prod & Production environment.
  • Highly experienced in administering Unix/Linux Shell scripts to monitor installed J2EE applications and to get information from the logs and database in the required format and other daily activities.
  • Installed and configured IBM WebSphere Portal Server on Unix/Linux Servers, created Portal Clusters using horizontal & vertical clustering.
  • Installed and configured both IBM HTTP Server 6.x and iPlanet Web Servers, plugins, configured the web-server interfaces (plugin file), session management, virtual hosts, Data Sources, HTTP transports for Application Server instances and applications.
  • Experience in configuring SSL for web servers, requesting and installing secure certificates, enabling global security using LDAP registry and single sign on.
  • Migrated existing applications from WAS 7.x to 8.x using WAS pre-upgrade and WAS post-upgrade tools on Sun Solaris, Aix.
  • Worked on troubleshooting Java applications using WAS logs, traces, Log Analyzer, Resource Analyzer/Tivoli Performance Viewer. Used Wily Introscope extensively to determine application bottlenecks to dig-out which modules are consuming excessive resources.
  • Worked on problem tickets (PMRs) with IBM to find effective solutions to various problems and performance issues. Worked on WebSphere system related system work (patches, fixes).
  • Good Hands on Experience in creating and configuring the horizontal-vertical clustering, Workload Management (WLM) and Session persistence.
  • Configured WebSphere resources like JDBC providers, JDBC data sources and connection pooling and tuning it and monitoring it using Tivoli Performance Viewer by enabling PMI.
  • Automate application install, uninstall and application enhancements through Shell scripts and wsadmin scripts.
  • Involved in developing JACL, Jython, ANT and Shell scripts to administer and automate batch job scheduling including backup and recovery processes.
  • Coordinated with various teams like Development, OS, Middleware group (WebSphere MQ Group), SAN, Database and Networking to Deploy the J2EE Applications in Development, QA, Staging and Production Environments.
  • Installed and Deployed RedHat Enterprise Linux and CentOS, and installation of packages and patches for RedHat Linux Servers and setup a Jumpstart/Flash and Kickstart servers for provisioning of servers with different profiles.
  • Wrote Shell scripts for automation of daily tasks, documenting the changes that happen in the environment and in each server, analyzing the error logs, analyzing the User logs, analyzing logs.
  • Implemented performance capacity and availability monitoring using tools like Nagios, Datadog, and PagerDuty.
  • On-call production support (24X7) and troubleshooting problems related to Web Servers, WebSphere Application Server, Plug-ins, and Database.

Confidential, Olympia, WA

WebSphere Administrator


  • Involved in providing support to wide variety of applications in a diverse setup which includes WebSphere Application Server ND/XD v6.1/7.0on AIX 5L 5.3 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.
  • Deployed Applications (WAR, JAR, and EAR) in Domain and Clustered environment.
  • Involved in monitoring the JVM performance by Web Sphere Heap Size, garbage collection and JDBC Pools.
  • Troubleshooting Application & JVM errors and configured tuned JVM for optimum performance.
  • Intensively involved in IBM WebSphere Application Server troubleshooting scenarios like Out of memory, fusing IBM tools like Heap Analyzer, Thread Analyzer.
  • Installed Fixpacks, eFixes, and cumulative fixes to the existing infrastructure and new environment.
  • Implemented horizontal, vertical & multiple clustering of application servers for achieving work load management (WLM), HA Manager, Scalability and avoiding single point failure.
  • Involved in writing UNIX Shell scripts, JACL and Jython to automate the maintenance process of the WebSphere and recovered the backed-up Web Sphere configuration using wsadmin, backupConfig and restoreConfig.
  • Migrating applications from WebSphere Application v6.1 ND to WebSphere Application Server v7.0 ND.
  • Enabled Security features using LDAP user registry for authentication and authorization privileges for Admin console.
  • Provided Netegrity Siteminder and Identity Minder Identity Management solutions for the client Option.
  • Configured WebSphere resources including JDBC providers, JDBC data sources and Connection Pools.
  • Installing IBM HTTP Servers and integrated with WAS for load-balancing and fail-over using generated plug-in.
  • Analyzed the problems using IBM Support Assistant (and/or interact with IBM support to solve the problems by sending IBM Problem Management Records (PMR).
  • Monitored Log analyzer, Product logs, Installation logs, Administer server logs and Application server logs during troubleshooting for reported errors.
  • Analyzing the scalability of the applications with the help of tools like IBM Tivoli Site Analyzer, Tivoli performance viewer.
  • 24/7 on call production support and troubleshooting problems related to WebSphere Application Server.

Confidential, Lansing MI

WebSphere Administrator


  • Responsible for installation, configuration, administration, support, and performance tuning of the application server platform with WASND v6.0/6.1 running under AIX 5.x, Solaris and Linux environments.
  • Installed and configured multiple Web Servers using IBM HTTP Server v6.1 and integrating Webservers, application server using plug-in file.
  • Configured and monitored WebSphere Application Server in clustered and non-clustered environment.
  • Created and federated profiles to the Deployment Manager using both Profile Management tool and also automated the process using manage profiles and add Node command.
  • Recommended and used hybrid clustering (horizontal and vertical) to make use of efficient resources on a single system and to provide for hardware failover and load-balancing.
  • Configured WebSphere resources such as JDBC Providers, Data Sources and Connection Pooling and administered performance tuning and monitoring it using Tivoli Performance Viewer by enabling PMI.
  • Configured Clustering EJBobjects, JDBC connections and JMS connection factories.
  • Experience in migration of WebSphere Portal Server from 5.1 to 6.0
  • Involved in trouble shooting and performance tuning using Resource Analyzer and Log Analyzer.
  • Configured Single Signon (SSO) for authentication and authorization.
  • Worked with WebSphere Extended Deployment (WAS /XD) and implemented the Virtualization capabilities that can dynamically match available resources to changing workload demands.
  • Configured global security on WebSphere Application server using IBM Directory Server.
  • Installed SSL certificates on the Web Servers, and WebSphere application server using ikeyman tool.
  • Configured Relational Databases such as Oracle, DB2 and SQL Server with Application Server.
  • Extensive experience in working at 24x7 Support.

Confidential, Cleveland, OH

System Administrator


  • Administered, configured, tuned, and troubleshooting WebSphere in a clustered environment on LINUX.
  • Installed WebSphere Application Server V6.0, V6.1 and configured it on AIX 5.1 and Red Hat Linux 3.x platforms.
  • Configured the Work Load Management in the Network Deployment environment to distribute the load evenly across all the nodes.
  • Responsible for deploying enterprise applications from Admin console and enabling security using LTPA and LDAP for admin console and application components on LINUX.
  • Installed IBM HTTP server 6.0 and configured SSL certificates for all secure sites using ikeyman tool.
  • Configured the web-server interfaces (plug-in file), session management, virtual hosts, Data sources, HTTP transports for Application Server Instances and Applications.
  • Implemented a Migration from WebSphere Application Serve Base to Network Deployment as well as a 5.0 to 5.1 upgrade.
  • Providing Mentoring and Guidance to team members on WebSphere XD and Other new releases.
  • Written Shell scripts to monitor installed enterprise applications and to get information from the logs and Database in the required format and other daily activities and jobs.
  • Used WebSphere Admin Console and wsadmin/JACL/perl scripting to install enterprise EAR, WAR files or for hot deployment.
  • Applied fix packs and cumulative fix packs on top of the installed versions of the WebSphere Application Server (6.0 and 6.1).
  • Troubleshooting Application & JVM errors and configured tuned JVM for optimum performance.
  • Used garbage collection to evaluate application performance health and detected the presence of memory leaks.
  • Used Tivoli Performance Viewer to monitor performance data like application resources (enterprise beans, Servlets, JSP’s) and WAS runtime resource (JVM heap size, jvm thread pools, and database connection pools).
  • Provided 24x7 on-calls Production Support on rotation basis.

Confidential, Orlando, FL

System Administrator


  • Installed, configured and administration of WebSphere Application Server 5.1 Network Deployment on Windows and Sun Solaris Servers.
  • Installed, configured and administration of IBM HTTP Server.
  • Configured JDBC Providers, Data Source, Virtual Hosting, Global Security and SSL.
  • Configured WebSphere Application Server resources like JDBC Providers, JDBC Data Sources and Connection Pooling to connect to Oracle.
  • Configuring WebSphere Application Server on multiple platforms for both horizontal and vertical scaling for Work Load Management.
  • Collection of JVM statistics, garbage collection data for monitoring the heap and physical memory.
  • Deployed EJB components that are run in IBM WebSphere 5.1 Application Server in UNIX on SUN Solaris environment.
  • Recommended and used hybrid clustering (horizontal and vertical) to make use of efficient resources on a single system and to provide for hardware failover and load-balancing.
  • Configured Session Persistence using Oracle Database.
  • Analyzing Activity log files and diagnosing Application Server problems.
  • Involved in backup and recovery of WebSphere configuration using backupConfig and restoreConfig tools.
  • Installed fix packs to overcome Application server problems.
  • Involved in managing releases of products from development to QA to Pre-Production and Production.
  • Deployed J2EE Application in WebSphere managed servers.
  • Assembled and Deployed the application in staging and in productions following change management practices and 24/7 support, worked in shifts.

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