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Aws Devops Engineer Resume

Norcross, GA


  • 7+ Years of IT experience as DevOps engineer with expertise in areas of Software Configuration Management, Version Control, DevOps/Build and Release management, Linux System Administration.
  • Experienced in branching, tagging and maintaining the version across the environments using SCM tools like GIT, Subversion (SVN) and TFS on Linux and windows platforms.
  • Implemented TortoiseSVN and webSVN for Subversion and integrated Jira (change management tool).
  • Hands on experience with build tools like Hudson/Jenkins, Maven, Ant and Nant.
  • Worked with different Bug Tracking Tools like Remedy, Jira and ServiceNow.
  • Extensively worked on Continuous Integration and deployment using various CI Tools like Jenkins, Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Hudson, Bamboo and Sonatype Nexus.
  • Highly skilled at supporting web and application servers (Apache, Nginx, NodeJS, JBoss,Tomcat)and Hands - on experience with installing and managing MySQL and Amazon web servers.
  • Created and wrote shell scripts (Bash), Ruby, Python and PowerShell for automating tasks.
  • Deployed application packages on to the Apache Tomcat server. Coordinated with software development teams and QA teams.
  • Collaborated with development support teams to setup a continuous delivery environment with the use of build platform toolDOCKER.
  • Expertise in managing of library versions and deprecated code, Design and sequencing of automated builds& test runs and Troubleshooting expertise - build failuresdue to dependencies, tests, etc
  • Experienced with log monitoring tools like Nagios.
  • Developed AWS CloudFormation templates to create custom sized VPC, subnets, EC2 instances, ELB, Security Groups.
  • Expertise in architecting and deploying of fault tolerant, cost effective, highly available and secure servers in AWS.
  • Expertise in different versions of Openstack, VMware and other private clouds
  • Managed Linux and Windows virtual servers on EC2 using Chef Server and Familiar with Cloud watch, Elastic IP’s and managing security groups for EC2 Servers. Hands on experience with the AWS CLI and SDKs/API tools.
  • Used AWS Beanstalk for deploying and scaling web applications and services developed with Java, PHP, Node.js, Python, Ruby, and Docker on familiar servers such as Apache, and IIS.
  • Experience with Scrum and Agile Environments for regular cadences of work.
  • Created various web apps for administering the extract of files and storing it in Amazon’s S3 storage.
  • Configuring Replication (Merge, Transactional & Snapshot) to replicate data to regional and remote servers and troubleshooting Replication issues.
  • Extensive experience in building & deploying EAR, WAR, JAR files on test, stage & production servers.
  • In-depth experience in developing and supporting both production and development environments.
  • Capable of delivering well documented applications, adhering to quality standards and delivery dates.
  • Good experience in working with a team together to deliver best outputs in given time frames.
  • Supported the application in production and worked closely with off-shore teams.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, ability to interact with people at all levels.


DevOps Tools: SCM, Git,GRUNT,SonalQube, Bitbucket, Maven, Chef, Puppet,SaltStack, Hudson, Jenkins, Docker, Agile, jira,nagios.

Operating Systems: Red Hat Linux 3.x, 4.x, 5.x, 6.x, Ubuntu, CentOS, Windows NT/2003/XP/2000.

Hardware: IBM P-series, Fujitsu Prime-powers (250,450,650,850), Sun Enterprise (Netra T1, T2000, M5000), Sun Fire (v480, 880, 15k, etc), HP DLs (380, 580)

Network Protocols: SMTP, SNMP, ICMP, TCP/IP, FTP, TELNET, UDP, and RIP, iSCSI, Fibre Channel.

Backup Management: VERITAS Netback up 4.x/5.x/6.x, Solstice Disk Suite, tar, dd, cpio

Web/Application Servers: Tomcat, Apache, Web logic, WebSphere Iplanet and JBoss

Database: Oracle, DB2, Sybase, SQL, Postgres, NoSQL, Mango DB

Languages: C++, Java, Shell Scripting, Python, Ruby, XML/XSL, JavaScript

Cloud Platforms: AWS, Microsoft Azure,Rackspace, Openstack, Cloud Foundry


Confidential, Norcross, GA

AWS DevOps Engineer


  • Worked as a DevOps Engineer for a team that involves three different development teams and multiple simultaneous software releases.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, ability to interact with people at all levels.
  • Good experience in working with a team together to deliver best outputs in given time frames.
  • Supported the application in production and worked closely with off-shore teams.
  • Developed and implemented software release management strategies for various applications according to agile process.
  • Deployed java applications to application servers in agile continuous integration environment and also automated the whole process.
  • Responsible for installing Jenkins master and slave nodes.
  • Configured Git with Jenkins and schedule jobs using POLL SCM option.
  • Performed integration of Code Quality Analysis techniques - Checkstyle, Findbugs with CI tools.
  • Managed Sonatype Nexus repositories to download the artifacts (jar, war & ear) during the build.
  • Installed GRUNT,SonarQube on sandbox and installed plugins basing on developer requirements.
  • Used Shellscripts to automate the deployment process.
  • Developed agile processes using Groovy, JUnit to use continuous integration tools.
  • Worked on infrastructure with Docker containerization.
  • Involved in setting up builds using Chef as a configuration management tool.
  • Manage the configurations of more than 40 servers using Chef, configured Jenkins builds for continuous integration and delivery. Automated webserver content deployments via shell scripts.
  • Established Chef Best practices approaches to system deployment with tools with vagrant and managing Chef Cookbook as a unit of software deployment and independently version controlled.
  • Installed SPLUNCK from Puppet module tool (PMT) from command line,
  • Used Chef and other configuration management tools to deploy consistent infrastructure code across multiple environments.
  • Written wrapper scripts to automate deployment of cookbooks on nodes and running the chef client on them in a chef solo environment.
  • Created Python scripts to totally automate AWS services, which includes web servers, ELB,
  • Designed and developed automation test scripts using Python.
  • Created Chef cookbooks and recipes that kickoff post-install scripts.
  • Assisted end-to-end release process from the planning of release content through to actual release deployment to production.
  • Followed agile principles and used JIRA for maintenance and Bug development tasks.
  • Deployed the build artifacts into environments like QA, UAT and production according to the build life cycle.
  • Automated the build and release management process including monitoring changes between releases.
  • Configure, monitor and automate Amazon Web Services.
  • Created and managed custom CentOS and Linux based AMIs
  • Setup Elastic Load Balancer for distributing traffic among multiple WebLogic servers.
  • Involved in deploying the content cloud platform on Amazon Web Services using EC2, S3 and EBS.
  • Creating S3 buckets and also managing policies for S3 buckets and Utilized S3 bucket and Glacier for storage and backup on AWS.
  • Created Docker file for each micro service’s and also changed some of the tomcat configuration file which are required to deploy Java based application to the Docker container.
  • Moved 50 micro services running on Amazon Ami into the Docker containers.
  • Collaborated with development support teams to setup a continuous delivery environment with the use of Docker.
  • Used SVN as source code repository.
  • Created the branches in subversion to implement the parallel development process.
  • Merged release branches to the trunk after the production release and resolved the conflicts if any during the merge in subversion.
  • Involved in migrating from SVN to GIT.
  • Create and setup automated nightly build environment for java projects using maven.
  • Build scripts using ANT and MAVEN build tools in Jenkins to move from one environment to other environments.
  • High level troubleshooting to fix hardware and Software issues on UNIX/VMware platforms.
  • Developed, maintained and distributed release notes for each scheduled release.
  • Kept track of all releases and request of the developers through infrastructure management tool.

Environment: Git, Jenkins, Chef, Docker, Nagios, Jira, AWS, Confluence, Java/J2EE, ANT, MAVEN, Web Logic, Shell Scripts, Groovy,AWS.

Confidential - LA, CA

DevOps Engineer


  • Setting up Continuous Builds using Jenkins.
  • Supporting - patching, rollbacks into SIT, UAT, Production environments
  • Setting up SCM/Build tools for Developers. Helping to resolve all SCM/Builds issues like merge conflicts, compilation errors, missing dependencies, Branching/Merging/Tagging.
  • Working on AWS Servers.
  • Provisioning environments in AWS cloud, building everything in Chef.
  • Assisting in the incident management process by reviewing production data and providing analysis on customer-impacting incidents.
  • Deployed and hosted the application on AWS using OpsWorks, automated single click deployment onto AWS using Chef.
  • Developing scripts for deployment of customer environments into AWS, using Bash and Python.
  • Optimizing capacity mainly on EC2,S3 and RDS, to optimize costs, while maintaining current services optimally.
  • Collaborate with different teams to deploy application code into dev, QA, staging and production environments.
  • Worked with project managers, architects and development team leads to understand and document CM requirements. Developed SCM plans, identified Configuration Items, defined directory structure.
  • Used SVN to check in the Selenium test script and executed the Selenium scripts using Jenkins/Maven plug in.
  • Performed all necessary day-to-day Subversion/GIT support for different projects.
  • Installed and configured GIT and communicating with the repositories in GITHUB.
  • Used the version control system GIT to access the repositories and used in coordinating with CI tools.
  • Analyze and resolve compilation and deployment errors related to code development, branching, merging and building of source code.
  • Integrated Salt Stack to git with out gitfs as part of pilot project without gitfs
  • Develop and enhance the automated configuration management system.
  • Used Maven to perform daily and weekly Software Builds.
  • Installed, administered and configured Jenkins Continuous Integration tool.
  • Wrote MAVEN and Gradle Scripts to automate the build process
  • Automated system configuration using Puppet.
  • Implemented Puppet modules to automate configuration of a broad range of services.
  • Developed Puppet modules to automate deployment, configuration, and lifecycle management of key clusters.
  • Wrote puppet manifests for deploying, configuring, and managing components.
  • Resolving merging issues during build and release by conducting meetings with developers and managers.
  • Maintain build system and automate build process for different applications.
  • Deploying Java Enterprise applications to Apache Web Server, JBoss Application server.
  • Used Oracle to connect to various databases and to check for the invalid objects after and before each release.
  • Solid understanding of Linux shell and Perl scripting, UNIX, Windows, build and release engineering principles.
  • Posting the build on time & following it up the testing team on posted builds until the specified release goes.

Environment: Aws, Puppet, Splunk ELK, Rundeck, Stash, Redhat Linux, Maven, AWS EC2, S3, Route53, EBS, IAM, ELB, Cloud watch, Cloud Formation, AWS CLI, AWS Auto Scaling, Maven, Nexsu, Git, Jenkins, Unix/Linux, Shell scripting.

Confidential, Houston, TX

Build and Release DevOps Engineer


  • Primary responsibilities include Build and Deployment of the java applications into different environments like Dev, INT and QA.
  • Installed Jenkins on a Linux machine and created a master and slave configuration through a build farm for implementation of multiple parallel builds.
  • Generated scripts in Maven, Perl&Bash Shell for build activities in QA, Staging and Production environments.
  • Carried out deployments and builds on various environments using Puppet continuous integration tool.
  • Responsible for applying the Corporation's Software Configuration Management processes to projects, setting up and maintaining TFS/GIT/GITHub infrastructure and supporting a continuous delivery model by automating software build and package migration processes.
  • Created and automated platform environment setup using puppet.
  • Able to create scripts for system administration and AWS using languages such as BASH and Python.
  • Coordinate/assist developers with establishing and applying appropriate branching, labelling / naming conventions using GIT source control.
  • Worked on the administration of Web Logic 9, JBoss 4.2 servers including installation and deployment.
  • Developed automation and deployment utilities using Ruby, Bash, PowerShell and Python.
  • Leverage Chef Configuration management system in creating cookbooks to develop automation and monitoring across web application life cycle management.
  • Experience with Agile to develop and work with client to calibrate releases for test deployment.
  • Expertise with one or more tools to manage software deployment in automating deployment of Linux applications, system configuration and security settings using Salt and Puppet Enterprise.
  • Automate build and deployments of version control tools with SVN, GitHub, Jenkins, and/or Docker Hub.
  • Developed Shell scriptsto automate Active Directory & server tasks to generate reports for admins and management.
  • Primary duties include Build and Deployment of the java applications onto different environments like Dev, QA & UAT.
  • Involved in Installing Jenkins on a Linux machine and created a master and slave configuration to implement multiple parallel builds through a build farm.
  • Experience with build tools Ant, Maven and Gradle for writing build.xmls, pom.xmls and build.gradles respectively.
  • Generated Ant, Perl&UNIX scripts for build activities in QA, Staging and Production environments.
  • Maintained configuration files for each application for build purpose and installed on different environments.
  • Directed the Release Management Calls to sync with the Developers, Testers and DBA teams for successful Release.
  • Created new product build environment, that dropped build time from 2.5 hours to 17 minutes.
  • Providing CM and Build support for different applications built and deployed to lower and higher environments and Implemented CM and Release Management Processes, Policies and Procedure.
  • Provided Guidelines for best practices of Software Management, Coding Standards and Code Commenting for better understandability.
  • Prepared deployment, migration documents and scripts for deployment and backup the application.
  • Involved in Debugging, Assembly test and user acceptance Test of the end product on the development environment.

Environment: Git, Jenkins, Chef, Docker,Nagios, Jira, AWS, Confluence, Java/J2EE,GRADLE, ANT, MAVEN, Web Logic, Shell Scripts,AWS.

Confidential, Miami, FL

Linux Administrator


  • Administration of RHEL 6.x/5.x, Solaris which includes installation, testing, tuning, upgrading and applying patches, troubleshooting both physical and virtual server issues.
  • Managed and installed software packages using YUM and RPM and created repository files for offline servers.
  • Deployed and implemented NIS, DHCP and DNS environment and implemented and maintained Proxy Server under Linux issues regarding Samba Servers and perform hardware and software installs/upgrades.
  • Created Solaris Jumpstart and Linux Kick start servers and processes to automate and standardize the installation process, reducing Installation time by 35% and post-installation errors by 50%.
  • Utilized ssh-keygen within DSA encryption to make a connection without a password from a remote Linux cloud server to a local machine.
  • Used FTP, Samba protocol to transfer data between servers (Production and Development) for code drops.
  • Performed routine account maintenance upon customer request, including DNS updates, httpd changes, and mailman list setup and maintenance on Linux systems.
  • Maintained Active Directory infrastructure creating new users and assigning rights set up a timed scheduled tape backup of network every night.
  • Configured LVM (Logical Volume Manager) to manage volume group, logical and physical partitions and importing new physical volumes.
  • Bonding the NIC cards for active failover and configuring and upgrading kernel parameters limits and users.
  • Experienced with LAN administration including installing switches, and wireless routers.
  • Installed and Configured Microsoft SQL Server database and attach a backup plan for it.
  • Configured secure http, for SVN source control, and back-end communication with Progressa & SQL Database
  • Perform daily system monitoring, verifying the integrity and availability of all hardware, server resources, systems and key processes, reviewing system & application logs, and verifying completion of scheduled jobs such as backups.
  • Experienced with installing and configuring application servers in Apache, Tomcat, Web sphere of application servers and troubleshooting skills with supervision (network, OS, SAN, and DNS).
  • Documented and implemented a disaster recovery plan that included backup schedule policies, regular testing, and off-site recovery plans to ensure data integrity and assurance.
  • Performed incident resolution, problem determination and root cause analysis in accordance with Service Level Agreements.
  • Provided 24/7 technical support and resolution to operators' requests concerning system hardware, software, and network issues.
  • Deployed and maintained servers authentication using LDAP, and Active Directory for different departments.
  • Writing Bash scripts for anacron and cronjob entries, this included in maintaining various log files.
  • Maintained daily backups using the Dump and restore utility on a DLT that also included offsite storage.

Environment: RHEL, Solaris, AIX and Windows, ShelliPlanet4.1, Python, IIS 6.0, Windows 2008, Linux, Shell Scripting.


System Engineer


  • Installed and configured WebLogic Server 8.1 on Sun Solaris.
  • Deployed WARS and EARS using WebLogic Admin Console as well as running scripts.
  • Focal point for project design and architecture for WebLogic Application server layout, which includes Internet and Intranet Web Sites.
  • Configured Node Manager to start and stop servers from admin console.
  • Configured JDBC connection pools and data sources for the applications.
  • Configured JMS Connection factories and Queues for messaging applications.
  • Involved in monitoring and tuning performance metrics like JVM, execute threads, JDBC connections.
  • Developed BEA WebLogic Application Server regular administration tasks scripts.
  • Actively involved in monitoring server performance, network traffic to reduce performance bottleneck by enhanced performance ensuring upstream queuing.
  • Configured the Web Server interfaces, session management, virtual hosts and transports for BEA WebLogic Application Servers.
  • Create the Data Source, Connection Pool and test the Connection to connecting the DB or Not.
  • Creating the User, Groups and Provide the Global Roles for that Groups or Users.
  • Create the Connection Pool and Data Source for Connecting the Oracle DataBase.
  • Involved in bridge calls for troubleshooting.
  • Provided 24x7 on call production support.
  • Created scripts to deploy applications from command line and automate log archiving.

Environment: BEA WebLogic Server 8.1 SP4, Apache HTTP Server, Solaris, Windows 2000/NT, Oracle 9.x, SQL Server 2000.

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