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Ui Developer Resume

Cary, NC


  • Over 7 years of experience in developing the front end/web applications using HTML5, CSS3, Angular.JS, Angular JEE ARCHITECTURE, JavaScript, AJAX, and JQuery , JSON and Bootstrap .
  • Experienced in building cross browser compatibility web pages in Responsive Design using Bootstrap and adapt to the changing environment.
  • Good Experience in TypeScript implementing the Framework like Angular 2.0, 4.0.
  • Experience with Angular/CLI 1.5.
  • Experience working on CSS Background, CSS Positioning, CSS Text, CSS Border, CSS Margin, CSS Padding, CSS Table, Pseudo Classes, and Pseudo Elements.
  • Implementing the new ES6 release of ECMAScript.
  • Involved in developing a Large Scale Application with a Single Page Application (SPA) using Angular 2 and Angular 4.
  • In - depth understanding of React.JS and React-Native.
  • Have developed Client-Application using React.JS
  • Have debugged and fixed the React.JS application to give the user a seamless experience.
  • Good Experience in Debugging an Issues in different Browsers of the Angular Applications.
  • Expertise in using source code control systems such as GITHub, SVN.
  • Various Charting/UI tools like Modernizer to Enhance the HTML5, JQuery UI and Bootstrap.
  • Developed Web API using Angular.js and hosted on multiple load balanced API instances.
  • Experience working with testing tools like Firebug, Firebug Lite Chrome or safari web inspectors and IE Developer Toolbar.
  • Wide understanding of the JEE Architecture.
  • Used C# and ASP.NET To integrate the data from the Database
  • Expertise in analyzing the DOM Layout, Java Script functions, Cascading Styles across cross-browser using Fire Bug, Developer Tool Bar.
  • Have worked in most prominent Development Structures like Agile.
  • Experience applying the latest development approaches including MVC in the browser, event-driven applications using AJAX, Object Oriented (OO) JavaScript, JSON, JSONP, and XML.
  • In-depth understanding of Node.JS.
  • Took active role in working with web responsive pages using Cold fusion, Node.js.
  • Demonstrated ability to complete projects in deadline oriented environments.
  • Good understanding of MongoDB.
  • Implemented RxJS with Angular 4.
  • Broad knowledge about the REST APIs.
  • Solid understanding and experience with Agile Methodologies: Sprint planning, Scrums and JIRA Task Board
  • Quick learner and proficient in solving the technical issues in the project exclusively in Angular.JS and Angular 4.
  • Excellent analytical and communication skills with capability to handle new technologies.


Web Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Typescript, JQuery, Bootstrap, Ajax, jQuery, DHTML, C/C++, Java, AngularJS, Angular 4, React.JS, React-Native

IDE & Tools: WebStorm, Notepad++, Adobe Dreamweaver, IntelliJ Idea, Eclipse, Vagrant, Workbench, Jira, SQL Workbench, Sublime, PHP.

Version Control: GIT, SVN, Source Tree, Team Foundation Server, Git hub, Bitbucket.

Wireframing and Mockup Tools: Adobe Photoshop CS-X, Illustrator, Firework, Premiere Pro, Sketch App, CorelDraw, Axure, Lightroom ( Raw Editing)

Data Base: Oracle, SQL, PS/SQL, MYSQL, MongoDB, MS SQL server 2012

Operating Systems: Windows, OS X, Linux, CentOS, Ubuntu

Servers: Apache Tomcat 7.0, Web Sphere, WebLogic

Testing Tools/ Frameworks: Selenium, JMeter, LoadRunner, Karma


Confidential, Cary, NC

UI Developer


  • Developed the Client frontend using HTML 5, CSS3, Bootstrap 3.3.7 and Angular 4.0 / 1.5.5.
  • Closely worked with BA and Designing team to understand the client requirement and convey it to the Angular developing team.
  • Used Angular-cli 1.5.5 to perform various tasks in the development.
  • Have written the styling of the application with CSS preprocessor using the SASS.
  • Have used RxJS with Angular 4.0 to create Observables in implementing the various functionality.
  • Used the AG-Grid to implement the Pagination and infinite scrolling.
  • Have used React.JS to design the view of the application.
  • Have written services in React.JS to retrieve and post date from/to the server build with Node.JS.
  • Have gathered the requirement from the Business Analyst and provide to the React.JS team by creating the JIRA Tickets.
  • Have deleted the redundancies in the React.JS application to increase the efficiency and performance of the Single Page Application (SPA).
  • Have debugged the angular 4 app and fixed errors in the code.
  • Implemented AJAX calls in Angular 4.0 to fetch data from the backend API’s.
  • Have written service calls from the firebase to return Observables and Promises which can be used in the Angular components.
  • Have implemented Angular feature such as (ngModel), *ngFor, *ngIf.
  • Understanding the working of the RXJS( Reactive Extensions, ReactiveX) to implement various data transfer techniques with Angular 4.0.
  • Have Implemented the Data Visualization with D3 JS.
  • Have closely monitored and contributed in building of the MongoDB Database server to host the huge amounts of the data.
  • Have provisioned the repository using GIT and GitHub with the required dependencies for the Client APP.
  • Have designed and programmed the Node.JS server to interact to the MongoDB server in data transactions.
  • Have developed the RESTful APIs in Node.JS to make data available for the client app build in Angular.
  • Have closely worked with the backend team in debugging the Node.JS application resulting in sync issues with the Client-App build in Angular.

Environment:: HTML5, CSS3, Angular 4.0, RxJS, Cold-Fusion, Node.JS, JIRA, Git, React Typescript, JavaScript, Firebase, Source Tree, BitBucket, SASS, Node.JS, MongoDB

Confidential, Holly Springs, NC

UI Developer


  • Provisioned and developed web pages using MVC framework 4.0, Entity Framework, HTML, CSS and jQuery, Angular JS with the backend API framework.
  • Working with the Client to understand the requirements and structuring the wireframes. Interacting with the technical team and making them understand the requirement
  • Organizing the tasks into simplex structure, to assign to the development team using Jira.
  • Achieving highly interactive AJAX based applications by Integrating with backend code build in Cold Fusion.
  • Making enhancement for the existing application by improvising CSS and DIV tags . Amending the Angular code.
  • Provisioning and setting up the files for the HTML5 mockups with Angular.JS .
  • Ensuring the HTML designing team, has reached the client requirement.
  • Implementing the logic with Angular.JS to bind with the API endpoints from the backend which are developed using ColdFusion.
  • Setting up new Plugins for the application to make the user experience seamless.
  • Integrating the back end APIs build using languages such as Cold Fusion and node.js.
  • Using the Git to host the source code and properly merging the branches without conflicts.
  • Used Source code to organize the source code with the sync with the Attlasian components such as JIRA, confluence and Bitbucket.
  • Have been a part of provisioning the remote repo in the Bitbucket.
  • Provisioning and Developing the client side application using Angular.JS
  • Writing the validations using JavaScript with respective to the API endpoints.
  • Handling the logic in the client side application using Angular.JS as per the client requirement.
  • Organizing the Taffy dashboard which helps the UI developers to easily navigate to the concerned API.
  • Have implemented advanced level of AJAX, JQUERY, JavaScript, CSS Layouts.
  • Testing if the API end points are properly working with post, get, put, delete functionality.
  • Fixing the errors in the JavaScript which is shown in the Gulp console. fassigning it back to the concerned person.
  • Performing the END TO END testing and approving the tasks, so that they can be deployed in the staging server.

Environment:: Angular.JS, node.js, HTML5, CSS3, Coldfusion, Angular, Atlassian components, Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, Angular 2, Source Tree, Webmin, Vagrant, Jenkins, taffy, Lucee, WebStorm IDE, Workbench, Mockup, wireframes.

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Frontend Developer


  • Closely worked with business system analyst to understand the requirements to ensure that right set of UI modules been built.
  • Involved in creating HTML 5 templates.
  • Designed the front end applications, user interactive (UI) web pages using web technologies like HTML5, XHTML, and CSS3.
  • All the CRUD operations were performed with the help of Angular 2.0 http to database.
  • Wrote application level code to perform client side validation using JQuery and JavaScript.
  • On server side, created & used Restful Web API endpoints for database operations (CRUD) for this Angular project.
  • Defined new validations through Angular for the form field validation implemented through HTML5.
  • Using advanced level of Angular , AJAX, JavaScript, CSS and pure CSS
  • Used Polymer.JS experimentally to see its computability for future uses.
  • Developed custom events using the Firefox documentation in Angular 2.0.
  • Maintain the code base by frequent updates to revision control using SVN
  • Structured the Typescript code using the Angular CLI
  • Integrated the REST APIs with the client side Angular application.
  • Implementing the MongoDB scheme.
  • Implemented the two way data-binding by using the ngModel in Angular.
  • Used TypeScript for the API’s developed in JAVA/JEE
  • Designed various Services and factories by using Angular.
  • Implemented various routing mechanisms in the webpage using Angular.
  • Responsible for checking Cross Browser Compatibility of different elements and tags hence worked on different browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari With Angular.
  • Involved in Agile process, two week Sprints, and daily Scrums to discuss the development of the application.
  • Co-ordinate with QA for testing, Production releases, Application deployment and integration
  • Production deployment and validation support.
  • Fixing the post production issues in the Angular application.

Environment:: HTML5, Agile, CSS3,Typescript , JQuery, AJAX, JSON, Angular 2.0, Bootstrap, Vagrant, Node.js, Tortoise, SVN, MongoDB, JEE Architecture, Adobe Photoshop, NGINX.

Confidential, San Jose, CA

UI/Web Developer


  • Responsible for Development of e-commerce Web pages using HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, SASS, ReactJS including AJAX controls and JSON.
  • Maintain Cross Browser compatibility & implement Responsive Design custom media queries, etc.
  • Worked on prototypes for Responsive design.
  • Developing the draft outline in Adobe Photoshop CC.
  • Created and tested scripts using JQuery on various browsers Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE.
  • Developed DOM based interactive to reprogram selected links and adopted WCAG 2.0 standards for HTML 5 and W3C standards for CSS as well.
  • Used Yeoman, BOWER and NPM for scaffolding the React.JS application.
  • Involved in developing the React.JS framework for the Single Page Application development.
  • Understanding and conveying the Client requirement to the Database team Which uses MongoDB and MYSQL .
  • AJAX module is used to handle RESTful calls in React.JS application to enable communication between view components and server.
  • Translated designs and style guides into functional user interfaces, ensuring cross browser compatibility, performance and robustness.
  • Used C# in other testing environment to bind the data from the back end.
  • Have implemented the logic to display the results from the API using React.JS.
  • Have developed React.JS sort function to display the results as per the sorting category.
  • Have written logic in React.JS to search the JSON file and display the results as per the search query.
  • Identifying and fixing the browser/performance related issues in the application
  • Developed a single-page application (SPA) is a web application or web site that fits on a single web page with the goal of providing a more fluid user experience akin to a desktop application.
  • Involved in Production Support and minor enhancements as per application requirements.

Environment: Agile Methodology, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, Node.js, React.JS, C#, AJAX, Docker Agile, Windows.


UI UX Designer


  • Conducting surveys from the end users to improve the Use Experience.
  • Interacting with the client to bridge the User reviews, suggestions and changes to be implemented.
  • Associated with the HTML developers in the developing the website as per the client requirement.
  • Used Photoshop CS5 to create prototypes and show it to the client.
  • Used priority principles in designing the website so as to direct the user’s concentration on a particular object in the webpage.
  • Used alignment methodologies to keep the elements, assets and the fields organized in the webpage
  • Explaining the graphical design part in the scrum meeting to the Development team.
  • Using color theory suggesting the client what colors to be used, which gives the user the right experience.
  • Designed web pages using the principles like alignment, color-theory and hierarchy.
  • Designing the company logos in Illustrator.
  • Designing the WebPages composition, page-layout and typography.
  • Have created mockups and wireframes for the development team using Photoshop CS-X.
  • Initiating the Tasks in the JIRA with the supporting the mockups and wireframes and description and assigning to the development team.

Environment:: Photoshop, CorelDraw, Adobe illustrator, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, brochures, pamphlets, AJAX, Firebug, MS Office.

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