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Angular Js, Full Stack Developer /python Resume

Jersey City, NJ


  • Around 9+ years of experience as a Python developer in all stages of application development lifecycle with excellent knowledge of programming using Python, Django & AngularJS.
  • Expert knowledge in front - end development using Python 3.6, Django, Angular JS, Angular 2, Node JS, Express JS, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS/CSS3, Bootstrap, Ajax, JSON, jQuery, XML.
  • Experienced with full application development life cycle, designing scalable platforms, object-oriented programming, database design and agile methodologies.
  • Experienced in working with various Python Integrated Development Environments like Eclipse, PyCharm, Atom, Pydev, IDLE.
  • Experienced in developing application using MVC frameworks like Django, Flask and Pyramid.
  • Experience in developing responsive web applications using Bootstrap and CSS3.
  • Experience in developing single page application using AngularJS and Angular 2.
  • Familiar with concept of Component, Modules, Metadata, Lazy Loading, Data-Binding, Service, Dependency Injection and RxJS in Angular2
  • Has experience with AngularJS Controllers, Custom Directives, Service, Factory, worked Routing, Filters, Isolated scope, validation and dependency injection.
  • Hands-on experience working with several types of Python libraries like Requests, NumPy, SciPy, Matplotlib, and Pandas, PyMongo.
  • Good Knowledge in setting up Python REST API Framework using Django.
  • Worked with Web services (REST, SOAP) and consuming with python programming language.
  • Proficient in Mongo dB, Microsoft SQL server, MySQL, Oracle 10g.
  • Creating repositories in GitHub for version controlling.
  • Solid foundation in deploying application on Amazon Web Services EC2 instance and use S3 bucket for storages.
  • Carried out unit testing of AngularJS component using debugging tool like Jasmine, Karma.
  • Strong familiarity with Agile, Scrum, Waterfall Methodologies in Software Development.
  • Scalable, database-driven web application development using a variety of frameworks: Flask on Python.


Programming Languages: Python, Java, C, C++

Web Developments: Node JS, Express JS, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS/CSS3, Bootstrap, Ajax, JSON, jQuery, XML, REST API, Web Services

Frameworks: Angular JS, Angular 2, Django

IDE & Tools: Eclipse, PyCharm, Atom, Pydev, IDLE, Notepad++, Adobe Dreamweaver, Visual Code

Database: Mongo DB, PL\SQL (oracle), MySQL, MS SQL, SQLite

Servers: Apache Tomcat, WebSphere, WebLogic

Version Controls: GitHub

Cloud Technology: Amazon Web Services

Python Libraries: Pandas, NumPy, JSON, Unit Test, Tkinter, Beautiful Soap


Confidential, Jersey City, NJ

Angular JS, Full Stack Developer /Python


  • Created application using Angular JS,Python Rest API and HTML5/CSS3.
  • Hands on experience in developing and implementing REST API using Python.
  • Extensively used CSS3 media queries and Bootstrap while working on responsive web design
  • Used AngularJS Services $http for consuming REST API’s and utilized Postman tool to debug Web API.
  • Created methods (get, post, put, delete) to make requests to the API server and tested Restful API using postman.
  • Used GIT for continuous integration and deployment.
  • Worked on MYSQL DB database concepts such as locking, transactions, indexes, replication, schema design.
  • Created pdf report for customer with all information by using Pdfmake Module.
  • Used API from SendGrid to deliver bulk email to all customers.
  • Involved in Agile methodology for SDLC and was a part of all tiers in web application.

Environment: jQuery, AngularJS, Python, HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript, MySQL DB, GIT,MySQL workbench,Atom,Visual Code,Postman.

Confidential, Hartford, CT

Angular 2, Full Stack Developer/Python


  • Design and develop this Web Applications using Angular 2, NodeJS, ExpressJS, Bootstrap, HTML/HTML5, jQuery, CSS/CSS3 and Mongo dB
  • Managed Git repositories for branching, merging, and tagging.
  • Worked extensively with Angular 2. Generated Components, Services using Angular-CLI.
  • Implemented Client-SideValidations, JSON/XML parsing, manipulated DOM Events, Directives, Components, Pipes and Injectable Services.
  • Extensively Used NodeJS and Express to retrieve server-side Data.
  • Used Angular Reactive forms to implement complex forms and performed the validations using Form Builder.
  • Used the Mongoose library and Node JS for implementation of Restful services and configuring to Mongo DB.
  • Designed and developed data management system using Mongo DB.
  • Worked with nested array for document in Mongo DB.
  • Configure and manage storage with AWS EBS, S3.
  • Developed application to migrate from legacy MYSQL database to Mongo DB.
  • Hands on experience in developing and implementing REST API using Python.

Environment: jQuery, Angular2, NodeJS, Python, ExpressJS and HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript, MongoDB, Amazon Web Services, GIT,Visual Code,Atom,Postman,Mongo Compass.

Confidential - New York, NY

AngularJS, Python Developer


  • Designed and developed intuitive UI using HTML, CSS3, JavaScript, and JQuery.
  • Involved in Agile methodology for SDLC and was a part of all tiers in web application.
  • Proficient in Angular Routing, UI Router, Controllers, Filters and Services.
  • Deployed the project into Heroku using GIT version control system.
  • Generated Python Django forms to record data of online users and used Pytest for writing test cases.
  • Good Experience in developing a Single Page Applications using AngularJS.
  • Designed and maintained databases using Python and developed Python based API (RESTful Web Service) using Django, MySQL.
  • Performed form validations on the UI using Django framework.
  • Effectively used DJANGO-FILTER to manage file and image in Django.
  • Designed and developed data management system using MYSQL.
  • Used Amazon Web Services (AWS) for improved efficiency of storage and fast access.
  • Proficient use of developing applications using PyCharm,Atom.

Environment: jQuery, AngularJS, Python, Django, HTML/CSS3, Agile, JavaScript, MYSQL, GIT,Atom,Postman,MySQL workbench, PyCharm.

Confidential - Nashville, TN

Django, Python Developer


  • Working on multiple projects such as development of functionality Test cases for Portable devices and Web development in Media Validation Team.
  • Development of test cases and execution of Manual and Automated Test cases for Tablets and Mobiles.
  • Designing mobile search application system requirements and coded back-end and front-end in Django/ Python.
  • Designed the front end web pages using HTML, JavaScript, Angular JS, JQuery and AJAX. Used CSS for better appearance.
  • Writing templates for front end pages where we include HTML pages and JavaScript files.
  • Developed the back-end web services using Python and Django REST framework.
  • Performing Functional testing, regression testing, integration testing, and communication testing.
  • Regular interaction with developers at different locations in resolving issues successfully.
  • Developing the firmware OS for mobile devices and communicating with other testing teams for better functionality OS.
  • Found critical bugs in the firmware and helped other teams in making the software stable.
  • Migration of Test Content to Automation Tool using Python and XML.
  • Development of Media OS based Validation test content in ACS (Automation) using Python and XML.
  • Experience in UNIX environment in developing the application and familiar with all of its commands.
  • Worked in developing the screens for delete, Edit, Enable, Disable and Impersonate Users in web application.
  • Implemented task object to interface with data feed framework and invoke database message service setup and update functionality.
  • Analyzes and improves application efficiency by optimizing queries and caching contents for Django
  • Validate test content in Emulation for SoC Display Controller.
  • Creating database schema for MySQL Database and helped to draw ER-Diagrams using Microsoft Visio.
  • Responsible for debugging issues using adb (android debugger)
  • Used Git and Jira for code submissions and review process.
  • Managed code versioning with Github and deployment to staging and production servers.
  • Execute Display Controller regression tests with every firmware build release.
  • Reporting Issues using Excel to senior members in the team.

Environment: Django, HTML, JavaScript, Angular JS, JQuery, CSS, AJAX, ITP, peeknpoke, MySQL, XML, Git (Cygwin32), ADB, Logic Analyzer, Debussy Emulation wave capture.

Confidential, MD

Python Developer


  • Developed backend modules using Python on Django Web Framework.
  • Designed and developed Use- Case, Class and Object Diagrams using UML Relational Rose for Object Oriented Analysis(OOA)/Object Oriented Design techniques(OOD).
  • Designed and developed data management system using PostgreSQL. Built application logic using Python.
  • Used Apache CouchDB (NoSQL) in AWS Linux instance in parallel to RDS MySQL to store and analyze job market info
  • Used Django API’s for databases access.
  • Implemented public segmentation using unsupervised machine learning algorithms by implementing k-means algorithm using Spark.
  • Used AWS RestAPI gateway and connected with lambda functionality.
  • Added support for Amazon AWS S3 and RDS to host static/media files and the database into Amazon Cloud.
  • Used Amazon Web Services(AWS) for improved efficiency of storage and fast access.
  • Wrote AJAX framework to transform Datasets and Data tables into HTTP-serializable JSON strings.
  • Participated in the complete SDLC process and used PHP to develop website functionally.
  • Used Python to extract information from XML files.
  • Provided GUI utilizing PyQt for the end user to create, modify and view reports based on client data.
  • Worked on development of SQL and stored procedures on MySQL.
  • Participated in requirement gathering and worked closely with the architect in designing and modelling.
  • Expertise in Service Oriented Architecture(SOA) and its related technologies like Web Services, WSDLs, SOAP, XML, XSD, XSLT etc.
  • Designed and developed a horizontally scalable API’s using Python Flask.
  • Developed shopping cart for Library and integrated web services to access the payment(E-commerce)
  • Designed Cassandra schema for the APIs.

Environment: Python, AWS, Linux, JavaScript, Django Framework, SQL, MySQL, LAMP, jQuery, Node.js Apache web server, Scala, Spark Flask, Cassandra

Confidential -Pioneer, IA

Python Developer


  • Used Django Framework for developing web applications using model view control architecture.
  • Used Multi-Threading factory model to distribute learning process back-testing and the into various worker processes.
  • Managed, developed, and designed a dashboard control panel for customers and Administrators using Django, Oracle DB and VMWare API calls.
  • Implemented configuration changes for data models.
  • Maintained and updated existing automated solutions.
  • Handled potential points of failure through error handling and communication of failure.
  • Cleaned data and processed third party spending data into maneuverable deliverables within specific formats with Excel macros and python libraries.
  • Performed efficient delivery of code based on principles of Test Driven Development (TDD) and continuous integration to keep in line with Agile Software Methodology principles.
  • Used Pandas API to put the data as time series and tabular format for east timestamp data manipulation and retrieval.
  • Different testing methodologies like unit testing, Integration testing, web application testing Selenium testing performed.
  • Lock mechanisms were implemented, and the functionality of multithreading has been used.
  • Python/Django based web application, PostgreSQL DB, and integrations with 3rd party email, messaging, storage services.
  • Developed a fully automated continuous integration system using Git, Gerrit, Jenkins, MySQL and custom tools developed in Python and Bash.
  • Used Docker for packaging up applications along with their necessary operating system dependencies for easier deployment across environment.
  • Design and implemented custom scripts. Extensive use of version controller Team Foundation Server (TFS).
  • Wrote Python scripts to parse config files.
  • Participated in Scrum-related team activities, i.e., daily standup, sprint planning, etc.
  • Involved in code reviews and bug tracking on JIRA.
  • Experience with JIRA, Stash, Confluence.
  • Followed Google Python Coding Style and PEP-8 while working with various teams.

Environment: Linux, Python 2.7, 2.5, Django 1.7, 1.5, HTML5, XML, JavaScript, jQuery, MS SQL Server, Amazon s3, Jenkins, Docker, Mongo DB, Beautiful soup, Eclipse, Git, GitHub, JIRA.

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