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Ios Developer Resume

Columbus, OH


  • Over 6 years of experience, as an iOS developer in designing, developing, implementing, testing and publishing iOS apps on iTunes Store. Built Rich User Interface applications, integrating with various Databases and Client - Server applications in iPhone/iPad. Application development using objective-C, Swift, Cocos2D, Cocoa Touch, UIKit.
  • Strong working knowledge of Xcode, CocoaTouch, Objective-C, Swift, and iOS.
  • Extensive experience in iPhone and iPad application development.
  • Good understanding of Memory Management: ARC and non-ARC in iOS development.
  • Constructed and implemented UI designs using Storyboards with AutoLayout constraints, XIB files, and programmatically following Apple's iOS Human Interface Guidelines
  • Valuable experience in the entire software development life-cycle including requirements gathering, design, coding, testing, debugging and maintenance.
  • Strong Experience in Database Management skills: SQL, NoSQL, Parse, MongoDB.
  • Expert in Object Oriented Programming with experience implementing MVC, KVO, and Singleton architectures
  • Strong knowledge in implementing core Frameworks like CoreLocation, CoreGraphics, MapKit, UIKit, and EventKit Frameworks.
  • Familiar with implementations using AVFoundation for playing/streaming content as well as barcode scanning
  • Worked extensively on XCode, Interface Builder and Instrument.
  • Strong at using the third-party frameworks effectively.
  • Highly-experienced with design patterns such as MVC, MVVM, Viper, Delegation, Singleton, Categories, Notification, KVC, KVO, Blocks.
  • Familiar with both native and hybrid iOS development.
  • Use of Grand Central Dispatch (GCD) and NSOperations to perform tasks on different threads, allowing for a more fluid user experience
  • Extensive experience Consuming REST/SOAP Web Services and APIs.
  • Fluent with NSURLSession for web service consumption and NSXML Parser/NSJSON Serialization for parsing said service responses
  • Experienced in Native Mobile Application development with Social Media platform.
  • Comfortable with both ARC/MRC memory management. Understanding of the workings of retain, release, autorelease, autorelease pools, weak, strong, etc
  • Proficient in source control with Git, Bit bucket and Git Lab.
  • Seasoned in developing using the Agile/SCRUM and Waterfall project management environment
  • Experienced persisting data device-side using Core Data and SQLite
  • Experience integrating with multiple RESTful web services and parsing JSON responses
  • Detail-oriented developer with a strong team mentality
  • Adept in both written and oral communication skills, while also experienced with working with overseas teams


SKILLS Frameworks: IOS Framework, iPhone SDK, Cocos2d, Box2d, Cocoa touch Framework, Cocoa framework, Core data framework.

Languages: Java, C, C++, C#, Objective-C, HTML, XML, CSS

Web Based Services: SOAP, RESTful, JSON

Databases: MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle 11g, 12c, IBM DB2

Web Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, WSDL, SOAP, DHTML

JSP, JavaScript, PERL, Servlets, JDBC: ODBC

Design Tools: Microsoft Visio

Operating Systems: Mac OS, Windows 8/7/Vista/ XP, UNIX, LINUX

Others: MS Office Suite, MS Visio, Adobe Photoshop


Confidential, Columbus, OH

IOS Developer

  • Participated in SCRUM meetings along with developers, testers, product owners to deliver the right value of project and discuss the progress of the project in sprints.
  • Used Xcode and Storyboards to develop the screens for the application using MVC design pattern.
  • Created and customized views, table views, tab bars and navigation bars which are some basic functionality in a multi-view application.
  • Implemented CoreData framework to store user Data.
  • Implemented the project using Storyboards and ARC.
  • Integration of applications with Google maps and also various third-party API's such as Facebook, twitter.
  • Used Mapkit and Core Location framework to enhance user find their destination of the nearest local store.
  • Implemented NS Operation Queue and NSURL Connection to integrate with backend web services.
  • Worked closely within a cross functional team of testers and developers.
  • Formatted the Data as per Business rule to display in UI.
  • Followed a work data flow principle for design and development.
  • Used AV Foundation Framework to record audio/view videos from the device.
  • Developed unit tests for testing specific functionality and logic.
  • Fixed bugs as documented by QA team.
  • Debugging issues at onsite whenever required using Xcode and GDB.
  • Used Instruments to fine tune the app performance and memory management.
  • Worked with Subversion to checkout and update codebase changes.
  • Enforced intuitive gesture controls to enhance the ease of interaction.
  • Improve the speed and functionality of the application.

Environment: iOS 9.x /10.x (iPad SDK), Mac OS 10.x, Objective C, Xcode 8.x, Cocoa Touch, Cocoa framework, JavaScript, JQuery, Adobe CS5 Suite (Photoshop, Dreamweaver), MapKit, Core Location, and AV Foundation, Git, Instruments.

Confidential, Chicago, IL



  • Worked on Implementation UI screens using storyboard in iOS 9 and iOS 10 with the help of Stack view and Auto layout and size classes.
  • Using React Native framework for iOS creating an application.
  • By Core animation we create Custom animation
  • Migrated Project from iOS 8 to iOS 9.
  • Automation of the daily builds and integration of the build system by Shell scripts and CI Jenkins tool. Experience with building scripts.
  • Executing initiation, planning, technical analysis, design, code, debug and testing of iOS and Android mobile applications.
  • Working experience on Swift language using Tuples, Optional, enums and so on.
  • Error Handling experience, guard, defer and API availability based on Swift 2.1.
  • Worked mainly on UIWebView to integrate HTML and JavaScript content.
  • Implementing TouchID authentication for all security purposes for iPhone 6s and a 4-digit pin lock for devices iPhone 5s and iPhone 6.
  • Writing unit test cases, performance analyzing test cases using XCTest framework.
  • Used CoreGraphics and CoreAnimation for implementing custom paths with animations.
  • Used NSURLSession for implementing asynchronous requests to handle data from network.
  • Implemented Core Location, MKAnnotation and MapKit to show ATM centers based on the current location using Swift.
  • Implemented monitoring services using Mapkit and Core Location framework.

Environment: iOS 9, iOS10, Xcode 7, Git, Test Flight, Swift all versions and XCTest

Confidential, Novi, MI

IOS Developer


  • Worked extensively with Objective C and Cocoa Touch Frameworks which includes UIKit, Foundation, MapKit and Core Location.
  • Used Core Data to maintain a local SQLite database on user's device for his information and preferences.
  • Redesigned several screens including default application landing screen as per newer wireframe.
  • Used XML, JSON parsing to retrieve data for display from server using REST and SOAP web services.
  • Integrated MapKit API to show multiple pins and annotation views for the nearest locations of all the stores.
  • Worked with SVN to checkout and update the codebase changes.
  • Responsible for creating models and services in conformance with the WSDL's provided.
  • Constructed views using XIB files, storyboard, foundation, UIKit.
  • Implemented the flight manager app, which allows the customer to manage their flight schedule using the app.
  • Involved in getting requirements from the engineering team and analyzed the feasibility with the existing system design.
  • Implemented multiple UIGesture Recognizers for making user functionality easy.

Environment: iOS 6.0, XML, JSON, XCode, CoreData, SQLite Manager, SOAP, SVN




  • Developing Check out process, Local Storage and Version control.
  • Integrating PayPal SDK payment gateway.
  • Implemented Theme configuration for dynamic color change.
  • Verification of REST API web services of Magento API's.
  • Handled Memory management using NSZombieEnabled flag for crash detection and using Instruments tool for identifying memory leaks
  • Performing unit testing for each module.

Environment: Xcode 6.0, Objective-C, SQL Lite, Magento CE 1.8.0


Mobile App Developer


  • Worked extensively with Objective C and Cocoa framework.
  • Worked with web service calls, JSON and XML parsing.
  • Implemented the scroll functionality by using UI Scroll View in the app.
  • Used Core Data Framework for local storage purpose in SQLite.
  • Maintaining the singularity between the app and the back-end server using the NSURL Request and NSURL Connection for rating submission.
  • Implemented AV Player class for the Pig's audio.
  • Responsible for service integration Development and testing.
  • Worked in waterfall model development in the project.
  • Implemented advanced animation techniques to provide a user-friendly interface.
  • Used the same XIB to design for older iPhone by using Auto-Layout.
  • Integrated a web-based content made with HTML5 on a native app using UI WebView.
  • Redesigned several screens including default application landing screen as per newer wireframe.
  • Gathered all the requirements and prepared the requirement specification document.
  • Designed and understood the requirement.
  • Wrote web service wrapper to form the request and parse the response to send it to UI.

Environment: Objective-C, XCode, Interface Builder, Foundation Framework, Core Location Framework, And Utility Application.

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