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Ios Developer| Resume

Chicago, IL


  • Worked in different software development life cycle methods like Waterfall and Agile.
  • Strong knowledge in analyzing and resolving performance issues in iOS applications using Instrument tool. Find memory allocation, leaks and static analyzer to find potential leakpoints.
  • Good working experience with the RESTful/SOAP APIs to consume web services in both JSON as well as XML formats by using parsers such as NSXML Parser and NS JSON Serialization, parsing with both SBJson and LibXMLs.
  • Strong knowledge in implementing Core Frameworks - UIKit, Core Data, MapKit, Core Location, Core Graphics, AVFoundation, Quartz Core.
  • Experience in concurrent programming like Grand Central Dispatch (GCD), NSOperations, NSOperation Queues, XML/JSON parsing.
  • Knowledge in Bluetooth low energy (BLE) and creating iBeacon application interfacing the Cloud services and talk to backend Services.
  • Experience in Using Third party library like RXswift.
  • Expertise in working with Storyboards, XIB files and AutoLayout.
  • Expertise in MVC, MVVM, VIPER architecture design and concepts like delegation-protocols, notifications-observers.
  • Extensive experience working with design patterns like KVC, Delegation, Singleton etc.
  • Hands on experience in Apple Push notifications, Network protocols, Bonjour net services, Mac/Pc to iPhone data syncing.
  • Hands on experience in developing dynamic web pages using AngularJS, NodeJS, HTML5, JavaScript and made webpages dynamic using AJAX, JSON and XML.
  • Worked on consuming RESTful Web Services using Alamofire(Object Mapper), AFNetworking.
  • Experience in all phases of software development life cycle (SDLC), which includes User Interaction, Business Analysis/Modeling, Estimates, Design/Architecture, Development, Implementation, Integration, Documentation, Testing and Deployment.
  • Ability to comprehend server/hosting requisites, data modeling, business logic and UX/UI design.
  • Solid experience in carrying out functional Unit Tests using the XCTest framework and TDD test framework.
  • Understanding of Apple iPhone App store requirements, HIGs, iTunes Connect, iOS Provisioning Portal (Certificates, App IDs, Provisioning and Distribution) and testing on real device and code signing process.
  • Experience in creating reusable components, which can be used for other projects.
  • Proficient in using NSUserDefaults for persistent storage and NSNotificationCenter for storing and maintaining user data for iOS Applications.
  • Ability to work with React Native a cross platform java script based application development framework for building hybrid applications that looks like native applications.


Programming Skills: Swift, Objective-C, Xcode, C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Angular, Shell Scripting, Bash

Mobile Operating System: IOS,WINDOWS MOBILE, IPad

Web Technologies: HTML 4/5, CSS 2/3, ANGULAR JS, PHP, .NET, JQuery

Operating System: Mac OSX, Windows XP, Windows 7, Linux.

Database: SQ lite, Microsoft SQL, Mongo Db

Version Control Tools: GIT, SVT, Source Tree, JIRA

Scripting Language: Linux / UNIX Internals, JSON,SOAP, REST

Frame Works: UIkit, Map Kit, Cocoa Touch, AV Foundation, Core DataE


Confidential - Chicago,IL

iOS Developer|


  • Built iOS Storyboards with UI TabBarControllers creating segues between different views, established IBOutlet, IB Actions in the storyboard.
  • Used NSUserDefaults to save the user & username.
  • Used UIImagePickerController to take pictures of the checks to be deposited into the account.
  • Developed the login view, account information view and payment view among many other views.
  • Implemented push notifications to send notifications related to payment due date, posted payments, etc.
  • Invoked Restful Web services using NSURLSession and Parsed JSON responses using NSJSONSerialization.
  • Used Python, Html5, Bootstrap, CSS, JavaScript, Angular JS, to develop a website to introduce text information and image detail.
  • Followed all the practices and development process of the Agile methodology.
  • Implemented customized web view component to load an SWF file and HTML data.
  • Used Custom Map Annotation pins to display stores within an area.
  • Implemented Map Kit framework for company location, by adding Maps, annotating maps and also by adding overlays.
  • Used Cordova for developing the location and barcode scanning.
  • Developed Camera in Cordova the hybrid application.
  • Used OO Design and iterative methods.
  • Used third party libraries like FaceBook, Twitter, Sonar cube.
  • Used Android SDK, Eclipse IDE, Dalvik Debug Monitor Server, Android NDK Android Virtual Device, and Android Debug Bridge for development and debugging tool.
  • Used AV Foundation Framework to record audio from the device.
  • Implemented Dropbox API for sharing and backup.
  • Implemented Core Data framework to store user Data.
  • Implemented NSOperation Queue and NSURL Connection to integrate with backend web services.
  • Used Hockey web application to distribute builds to the testing team.
  • Developed unit tests for testing specific functionality and logic.
  • Fixed bugs as documented by QA team.
  • Used Instruments to fine tune the app performance and memory management.
  • Formatted the Data as per Business rule to display in UI.
  • Worked with GDB and Xcode for debugging.
  • Worked with Subversion to checkout and update the codebase changes.

Environment: IPhone SDK, XCode, SQLite3, SQLite Manager, Objective-C, Cocoa Touch, GIT and Instruments, Swift.

Confidential - patskala, Ohio

Mobile Developer |


  • Integrate Google analytics, send Event to google console to record user action.
  • Integrate Share Extension, allow user share address from apple map or contacts to Carnet app
  • Enable Silence Notification, allow app get notification even in background. Also add Notification Center, let user determine whether receive push or not
  • Worked on Apple Watch, keep updating when sending command on phone side or get update response from phone side.
  • Presented data as Table View and created multiple pages using Tabbar controller using delegate and data source methods using swift3.0.
  • Integrate Valet and Curfew Alert, if vehicle running out of radius or time-period user get notification.
  • Used third party library called Alamofire(object - Mapper) frameworks for client server communication to consume Restful services.
  • Coding in J2EE using combination of Struts and Spring Frameworks, XML and JavaScript.
  • Have done Automation testing using Apium, and XCTest framework.
  • Integrated Google Maps to navigate to the current location and setup Google Places API to locate points of interest around the vehicle’s present location.
  • Customized the push notifications in iOS 10.
  • Developed the projects in OOAD design and used iterative methods.
  • Used ARC for memory management and implemented the UI using storyboards.
  • Continuously tested application using Test Flight to fine - tune the product.
  • Used key Chain for storing login credentials, and Used Fortify for the application security.
  • Worked with GitHub, Bash, GIT,SVN and XCode for Debugging and use Stash for the code review and reported Progress/Challenge to the project manager.
  • Good at scripting languages like Bash and configuration Management tools puppet, chef.
  • Implemented app extensions to share the vehicle’s address to different apps on the user’s device.

Environment:: iOS 9.0, Xcode 9, Mac OS X, iPhone, Core Location, Restful web service calls, Git, SVN,Bash.

Confidential | Confidential - Chicago, IL

iOS Developer/Android Developer|


  • Working closely with the clients for gathering the user requirements to design the application data flow.
  • Developing a skeletal structure for the code to ensure code separation, readability and reusability.
  • Used UIScrollView for implementing the Scroll functionality.
  • Added animations to buttons and text fields for improved visual appearance.
  • Enabled gesture recognition by working with UIGestureRecognizer, to recognize the touch sequence and map it to the corresponding implementations.
  • Co-ordinating with other programmers in the team to ensure that all the modules compliment each
  • Developed the client side scripting using JavaScript.
  • Enabled Auto Layout for positioning the UI elements appropriately in the view relative to the device and other view elements by adding constraints.
  • Used Stripe iOS SDK to integrate and accept payment within the application.
  • Integrated the Realm Swift cocoa pod for persistent data storage and efficient data retrievals.
  • Used AFNetworking in performing IP verification and User login.
  • Used NSJSONSerialization for parsing JSON data from the database, information storing and retrieval.
  • Used third party libraries with Cocoapods like SWRevealViewController.
  • Worked on RESTful API’s to integrate the application to server-side systems.
  • Implemented Accounts Framework to let the users access their external accounts from within the app without the need for access credentials
  • Implemented MFMailComposeviewController for providing a standard interface for managing and sending messages.
  • Worked with Cloud Kit Framework to enable data transfer between app and user iCloud containers.
  • Developed the projects in OOAD design and used iterative methods.
  • Implemented GCD for facilitating concurrent code execution to increase the performance of the application.
  • Capacity monitoring report using Korn shell scripts on PROD and Non- Prod systems.
  • Working on Apple Push Notification Service for Remote Notifications from Provider to user’s device.
  • Used Appcelator for improving the application speed.
  • Utilized tools for monitoring CPU load, heap size and memory usage.
  • Embedded Jira Mobile Connect into the App to provide Real time crash reports, user feedback and two-way communication with users.
  • Implementing Test-Driven Development (TDD) environment in a Scrum development methodology to provide end- to-end development
  • Working with Jenkins for Continuous Load testing and Test Automation.
  • Testing the Application and fixing Memory leaks and relevant bugs.

Environment: iOS 8.0-9.0, Mac OS X, Objective-C, Swift, Jenkins, XCode 7.2.1 and Later, Cocoa Touch Framework, REST, JSON, SQLite, Instruments, shell scripting.

Confidential - Bellevue, WA

Mobile Application Developer|


  • Developed full code and scripts for actual iPhone and iPod touch.
  • Worked significantly with Objective- C.
  • Developed front-end screens with HTML, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript and JSP's.
  • Tested applications on iPhone simulator, iPod touch and iPhone device.
  • Implemented data scrolling using UIScrollPane and UITextView.
  • Map View implementation using the MapKit and Core Location Frameworks
  • XML response parsing using the NSXML Parser and NSXMLParser Delegate.
  • Performance test and fixes done through instruments.
  • Followed a work data flow principle for design and development.
  • Created User Interface/ Navigation Layout for the application.
  • Improved the application efficiency with multi-threading.
  • Developed the App using Cocoa Touch frameworks like UIKit, Foundation, Core Graphics and SQLite 3.0 Frameworks.
  • E xperience in LINUX IDE for C/C++, UNIX Shell Scripting and Knowledge in Perl, python Scripting.
  • Process the XML files with C program and data from SQL.
  • Live Updates implemented using RSS link.
  • Followed all the practices and development process of the Agile methodology.
  • Experienced in Debugging the Code at every Stage line of Implementation.
  • Coordinated with technical staff in the configuration of iTunes App Store.
  • Collaborate with end users and clients in the implementation of complex software.
  • Worked closely within a cross functional team of testers and developers.

Environment: IPhone SDK, XCode, SQLite3, SQLite Manager, Objective-C, Cocoa Touch, MapKit, UIKit, JQuery, Javascript, HTML, CSS and Instruments.


iOS Developer


  • Integrated beacons with the app.
  • Implemented shortest distance algorithm with navigation.
  • Designed the app UI by using Tab bar controllers, UIScrollView, and Navigation Controllers.
  • Implemented Accessibility to compliance with ADA.
  • Worked on localization and supported Spanish language.
  • Supported the entire application lifecycle (concept, design, test, release and support)
  • Given presentations to management, clients, and peer groups as requested.
  • Collaborated with different part of the business along with other iOS /Android developers to exchange new ideas and improvements for navigation.
  • Structured the code module wise, removed the dependency of features on another module.
  • Used XCode features like instruments, memory leak, and static analyzer to detect memory leaks and warning to improve the performance.
  • Used Appcelator for the performance of the application.
  • Used object oriented design pattern(OOAD) for developing the application.
  • Developed the application using iterative methodology.
  • Worked on XCTest framework and Automation Testing for the robustness of the application. Environment: iOS, Objective-C, Cocoa Pods, HP Quality Center, C/Batch.


iOS Developer


  • Worked on building complete UI of the application using Storyboard, including Tab bar and a custom Navigation bar.
  • Created custom Objective-C categories to add a feature to inbuilt class for recurring use.
  • Used third-party library, for smooth communication with REST based web-services to fetch list of categories and corresponding products in them.
  • Worked on creating the Barcode scanner to scan and add items to the shopping list.
  • Used NSURLSession for communicating with RESTful web-services to fetch sale items from the weekly ad, specific to a store selected by the user.
  • Worked with Crashlytics SDK for fetching crash reports and analysis.
  • Followed all the practices and development process of the Agile methodology.

Environment: Mac OS X, Objective-C, XCode, Cocoa Touch Framework, REST, JSON, SQLite, Barcode Scanning, Agile Methodology.

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