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Web Analytics Developer Resume


  • An accomplished Senior Web Analytics Developer with over 6+ years of experience in Tag Management, Web Analytics, Campaigns, Target, Audience Manager and CRM. has strong analytical skills to provide strategic direction and core web data insights as well as in - depth knowledge of Digital Marketing disciplines (including general Content Management, SEM, SEO, social media, email marketing, CRM etc).
  • Expert Adobe® Marketing Cloud - Adobe Analytics (Site Catalyst), Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager, Adobe Audience Manager, Adobe Test & Target,
  • Expert in Google Analytics 360 suite - Google Analytics Premium, Google Tag Manager, Google Optimize


Web Technologies: HTML, CSS, Java Script, jQuery, Angular JS, PHP, XML.

Web Analytics: Google Analytics Suite 360, Adobe Analytics, Clicktale, Ensighten, Tealium Target

Campaign Solutions: Adobe Campaign (Neolane) 6.x, Dynamics CRM Campaigns

.NET Technologies: MS Visual Studio 2013 & 2015, Eclipse, MS office

Programming Language: C#.NET, ASP.NET, MVC, VB.NET

SQL Server Technologies: WCF, WWF, SSRS, SSIS, SSAS, SQL Server, Tableau Data Tools.

ERP Technologies: Microsoft Dynamics 365CRM 2016CRM 2015 and 2013.

Data Base: MS SQL Server, Alteryx, MS-Access.



Web Analytics Developer

  • Responsible for capturing analytics requirements in discussions with business and IT teams.
  • Develop design and implementation plan for the web properties
  • Engaged in day to day implementation of Tealium Tag Management and Adobe Analytics for Verizon ecommerce sites.
  • Designed Tags, Load Rules in Tealium IQ tag management and integrated with Adobe Analytics, DoubleClick e.t.c
  • Implemented Tealium Data Layer including Universal Data Object (UDO) variables utag data, utag js, Java Script variables, Query String parameters, Tealium cookies
  • Implemented Meta data elements variables in Tealium Data Layer for Search engine optimization.
  • Developed Traffic Reports (Site, Visitor, Segmentation), Path Reports (Page reports, Entries and exits) and Conversion reports (Purchases, Custom events, Campaigns reports e.t.c) using Report Builder
  • Implemented different marketing tags like sidecar tags, certona customer experience, Facebook pixel tagging etc.
  • Developed new features like Click2Call, Live Customer Engage, Apple-Pay, Criteo Tags.
  • Implemented lot of new events, eVars and props as per business requirements and used to check the reports daily how the new features are helping in growth of company.
  • Implemented Adobe Analytics to capture sessions, OS, Versions, devise, location metrics of web / mobile users and sending intelligent Email, SMS based campaign alerts
  • Developed report suites using Adobe Analytics Report builder and dashboard for customer journey and conversion metrics
  • Developed custom java script to enhance data layer script and capture data from DOM objects
  • Provided status updates and issues resolutions to senior management.


Sr Web Developer / Onsite Lead

  • Lead the Confidential efforts to implement a new solution design of Adobe Analytics across 25+ web properties and mobile apps (IOS, Android).
  • Responsible for leading offshore team and coordinating with marketing, product and development team.
  • Engage in meetings with marketing, product and development teams to gather and translate digital analytics reporting needs into a solution design reference (SDR) document.
  • Work closely with developer teams to define data layer taxonomy and develop a technical specification document with inherent instructions to deploy the data layer JS object and DOM objects.
  • Extensively worked with Adobe DTM to manage the deployment of various analytics tools and third-party tags
  • Analyze A/B testing results in the sitecatalyst reports and documents the test results to identify the success metrics and post-test analysis to improve Website efficiency.
  • Captured path mapping, heatmaps, funnel optimization using Clicktale, analyzed and derived best path for improving conversion by 150%
  • Maintain records of web usage and traffic to site and prepare reports in user usability trends using the Adobe Analytics Report Builder.
  • Captured first party data from web analytics, 2nd party data from applications and defined segments in Adobe Audience Manager
  • Captured requirements for Publisher Reports to show delivery performance report at segment and campaign level and identify high performing audience segments across web properties
  • Responsible for mapping customer profile data elements from web properties to MS Dynamics 365 CRM database
  • Conduct a complete a 360 inspection and audit of the solution design implementation by performing QA and debugging tasks to validate analytics data collection in Adobe analytics reports.
  • Responsible for the project’s governance documentation and communications plan by creating a ‘wiki’ site with resources and information detailing the projects goals and objectives, timeline, training material, etc.
  • Consult and strategize to create an analytics program that is manageable and scalable at the UGC and its broker portals .
  • Design and developed analytics dashboards for Marketing and Product teams using Adobe’s Workspace Analysis tool.
  • Track and report key performance metrics, traffic behavior and campaign performance using Adobe Sitecatalyst
  • Extensively worked on JavaScript, HTML web resources, Angular JS for custom UI templates.
  • Developed multiple quick small CRM related tools to fix existing data issues.
  • Trained marketing analysts on new features of Adobe Report builder and generation of reports
  • Supporting end users during User Acceptance Testing.


Web Analytics Developer

  • Design the implementation of Google Tag Manager (GTM) for the individual and community health groups.
  • Set up usability tracking using GTM to understand user’s click behavior to complement ad hoc UX research results and analysis.
  • Generate analytics reports using Google Analytics Premium platform for corporate and 30+ provider sites.
  • Devise solutions to expedite tracking requirements leveraging GTM, JavaScript data capture and event handling methods via the DOM model of client’s Microsoft Dynamics 365.
  • Create Conversion Variable (eVar), Traffic Variable (props) and Traffic Events (event).
  • Validate the analytics data using Charles Proxy Server and Digital debugger Tool
  • Designed and implemented data layer in Tag Manger to simplify and manage tags sending data to in structure way to Web Analytics, Double Click, Test & Target tools.
  • Designed and developed Analytics project reports based on Dimensions, Metrics, Segments and Channels
  • Perform the admin duties of user management, adhoc request and report suite creation.
  • Performed evaluation and analysis of 30+ Confidential client sites using Clicktale, Alteryx to improve user’s overall satisfaction and task completion.
  • Develop and document survey questionnaires with skip logic to continually monitor and improve the site’s feature/product releases and measure the impact on task completion and overall user satisfaction.
  • Worked with cross functional teams of 30+ members to deliver UX analytics, UI Developers, Data Analysts and Marketing team across software development life cycle.
  • Created SSIS packages for different data loading operations for many applications and developed SSRS reports using tables, sub report and charts

Confidential, MI

Web Analytics Developer

  • Captured and Reviewed business requirements with end user and proposed solutions to achieve business goals.
  • Implemented the Omniture tagging for brokerage portals and applications using AngularJS and NodeJS as per the Solution Design Report
  • Created the custom tags (props, eVar and events) to track requirements
  • Implemented tagging on the hybrid application which run inside a native container
  • Implemented client side and server side visitorid synchronization This was the first such implementation as per Adobe.
  • Expert in Adobe Sitecatalyst solution design & architecture
  • Worked as UI developer for the Global menu and product detail page of m.sears.com & m.kmart.com using HTML5, CSS3, AngularJS, JQuery and Node.js
  • Developed framework for A/B testing using Adobe Target and executed tests on 20 use cases
  • Expertize in analyzing the reports from the Sitecatalyst and Discover tool as per business requirements
  • Monitoring KPI's and deliver analytical findings to improve the business
  • Created and Maintained the Dashboards for the application in order to check the data's are flowing accurately


Analytics and Campaign Developer 

  • Partnered with a 4-person team to design, develop, and implement digital analytics for Retail and eCommerce clients
  • Used Google Analytics and Google AdWords to identify, develop, and enhance the performance of our client's online social media and search engine optimization campaigns for additional client value creation
  • Contributed to offering and image development for our client by developing a holistic branding campaign, illustrating unique selling points
  • Responsible for integration and setup of Web Properties, Tealium Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Apple App Anlytics, Double click and other tools.
  • Implemented Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics on marketing sites, generated reports summarizing visitors traffic by location, New Vs Existing users, Bounce rates e.t.c
  • Developed and managed relationships with both our clients' web-master and manager to ensure that all engagements identified and delivered maximum value to the clientAnalyzed the client CRM business application to achieve and maintain high performance.
  • Built out of box solution for fetch XML based custom reports.

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