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Sr. Application Developer Resume

Charlotte, NC


  • Proficient Software Engineer with 6+ Years of work experience in C/C++/Objective - C/Swift, working on Native/Hybrid Mobile applications and on large-scale systems
  • 3+years of experience as NativeMobile Application Developer (iPhone/iPad) using objective-C, Swift, UIKit, Location, XCTest, MapKit, Cocoa Touch, Cocoa Service Frameworks
  • 1+ years of experience as Hybrid Application programmer (Mobile/Web), HTML 5, Ionic 2, Angular2, NodeJS, Cordova, CSS, Restful Web Services (JSON, XML) and Oracle workshop for Web logics (10g, 12c)
  • Strong Knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) with strategically designing and implementing the software, debugging, fixing and maintaining the software
  • Expertise in creating and custom UIViews, Table Views, Tab Bars and Navigation Bar which are some basic functionality in a Multi view Application and implemented reusable classes
  • Experienced in working with Storyboard and Interface Builder with Auto layouts
  • Developed apps using various iOS design patterns (MVC, Delegation, Target-action and Slide-out Navigation)
  • Highly expertise in integrating Push Notifications and Network Connectivity
  • Experienced in adding Animation for smooth transitioning between UIViews and better user experience
  • Strived for elegance and simplicity in code while focusing on scalability, readability and standards complicity
  • Worked in different software development life cycles using the Waterfall, Agile methodologies and have great experience with tools like GITHUB, Bitbucket, Jenkins and Subversion (SVN)
  • Experienced in implementing Third Party library into the Codebase
  • Experienced in creating and extracting data from database and displaying on iPhone using SQLite and Core data
  • Developed automated and functional unit test cases using XCTestCase and XCUITestCases
  • Good experience on RESTful Web Services. Used AFNetworking for implementing the web services using network handler classes
  • Proficiency with memory management - Manual Reference Counting (MRC) and Automatic Reference Counting (ARC)
  • Designed and developed applications as per specifications. This included core development using various iOS frameworks and test driven development using XCTest framework
  • Expertise in developing Universal iOS applications and experience in tuning the applications to fix Memory leaks and optimize memory allocation using Xcode developer tool Instruments such as Leaks, Allocations, Time Profiler etc.,
  • Experienced in using Confidential Maps API for the Geo location services and using JSON web services to call external web service. Also used CoreLocation and MapKit frameworks
  • Experienced in provisioning and publishing applications in App Store with working knowledge of Apple publishing procedures and App review process
  • Experience in creating certificates for development as well as production
  • Experience in various methodologies of SDLC like Agile development and Waterfall development
  • Goal oriented, organized, team player with good interpersonal skills; thrives well within group environment as well as individually


iOS: Objective-C and Cocoa development for iPhone and iPad devices in Xcode 4.6 Interface builder-UIKit, Cocoa Touch, Core Data

Software: iOS 4/5/6/7/8/9, Xcode 3.0/4.0/5.0/6.0/7.0, OSX 10.6, 10.7,10.8, 10.9, ASP.Net with Visual Studio 2005/ 2008, Microsoft Office Suite

Languages: C, C++, Core Java, Objective-C, Swift

Front End: HTML 4 and 5, CSS2 and 3, JavaScript/ jQuery, JSON, AngularJS, Node.JS, AJAX

Databases: SQL server 2005/2008, SQLite with Core iOS and box, building, and testing database in iOS sandbox

Operating Systems: Mac OS 10.6/10.7/10.8/10.9, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8

Tools: Xcode IDE, App Configuration Utility, Cornerstone


Confidential, Charlotte, NC

Sr. Application Developer


  • Involved in developing the Hybrid App using Ionic Framework 2 and Angular 2 for the platform IOS over Cordova
  • Used Confidential Maps API to plot public Tweets using its geo-location data
  • Integrated Data map to show the client GCI count with color variation
  • Experienced in working data parsing to dynamically display data on iPhone/iPad such as XML and JSON
  • Used Cordova plugins for iOS platform
  • Used Angular2, JSON, JQuery, SCSS, HTML5 and IONIC2 to build Hybrid Mobile apps
  • Regularly interact with client and get requirements, Performance testing using XCode tools
  • Used GoodBB Framework as authentication page before proceeding to the application view for the security purpose
  • Used Grunt-War (Pure JavaScript implementation for creating a WAR of my current ionic project for deployment)
  • Worked on TOM Deliverables portal(Maintaining updated end to end AIT- Application Inventory Tool) Internal Banking Portal
  • Used Key Chain to store the sensitive information
  • Involved in SDLC gathering requirements, creating detailed Documentation which includes all business related information
  • Leverage industry best practices to design, test, implement and support mobile applications
  • Oversee overall systems testing and migration of platforms and applications to production
  • Participate in DAILY SCRUM to discuss the progress in the sprints
  • Effectively communicated with business owners to explain limitations and provide feedback
  • Developed unit tests for testing specific functionality and logic
  • Worked on bug fixing as documented by QA team

Environment: iPhone SDK, Mac OS Sierra, Objective C, iOS 9/10, Cocoa Touch, Xcode 7.3/8(beta version), GoodBB, Grunt-War, HTML 5, Ionic 2, Angular 2, Node JS, Cordova, Typescript, Notepad, Notepad++, Visual Studi Code, CSS, RESTfulWeb Services(JSON, XML), Oracle workshop for Web logic(10gR3, 12c).

Confidential, Mountain view, CA

UI/UX Engineer


  • Worked on a prototype with compass functionality to rotate the compass according to the device heading direction
  • Used Core Location framework and its delegate methods to record device location and heading parameters
  • Applied transforms for the compass view to rotate based on the device heading direction
  • Used the third party integration tool Cocoapods, for integrating Confidential Maps API
  • Worked on changes to internal prototype app for new interface and user experience in Confidential maps
  • Implemented generic views to demonstrate the user experience in the existing prototype app
  • Using Sketch for selecting images and can use it to our storyboard
  • Worked closely within a cross functional team of UX designers, UI developers and testers
  • Developed automated and functional unit test cases using XCTestCase and XCUITestCases
  • Participate in DAILY SCRUM to discuss the progress in the sprints

Environment: iPhone SDK, Mac OS X EI Capiton (version 10.11.6), Swift 2.3/3, iOS 9.3, 10.0, Cocoa Touch, Xcode beta 8, XCTest, XCUITest, XML, Sketch, Confidential cloud.


Sr. Mobile Developer


  • Created model classes based on the business requirement
  • Implemented NSNotificationCenter for the posting notifications for the objects which have been registered as observers
  • Maintained constants file for declaring and defining string constants and others all through the classes
  • Implemented child view controllers in the must-pack, to-do etc., and screens
  • Implemented the client integration of push notifications. Created APNS certificates and delivered to the server team for integration
  • Participated in the Core Data implementation for data persistence. Maintained manager classes for work flows of User Profile and Coupons
  • Created notifications to detect the auto rotation in the customized sub views
  • Publishing the application on App store and then pushing updates after every sprint release
  • Worked closely within a cross functional team of designers, developers and testers
  • Intuitive and easy to use interface
  • Support for multiple trips and activity types
  • Solved issues on different areas of the application
  • Create your own pack list and to-do list for each trip
  • Track activity status
  • Developed functional unit test cases using XCTestCase, Code coverage of 80%
  • Built-in “must-pack” and “to-do” dictionary
  • Email activity details to contacts
  • Offline usage of the app

Environment: XCode, Objective C, NSUrl, iPhone SDK, UI Tabbar control, iOS 6.0/6.1//7.0/8.0, JSON, Cocoa Touch, XCTest, Cocoa framework.


iOS Application Developer


  • Worked with a team of 3 people and responsible for this project right from requirement to implementation
  • Designed the requirements for the application in coordination with the business team
  • Coordinated the development of the User interface with the UI design team to match the flow of the app for iPhone/iPod
  • Developed the XML parsers, which interface with the back-end web services to retrieve the data
  • Designed and developed the magazine reader application on iPad/iPhone using Xcode and Objective-C
  • Implemented Single Sign On feature in Reader Application with Facebook
  • Implemented Share, like, tweet feature using Tweeter API
  • Developed Developed functional unit test cases using XCTestCase
  • Implemented Web trend mechanism in Confidential iPhone/iPad applications
  • Developed overall flow the application using Tab Bar and UINavigation Controllers
  • Integrated various Restful Web services call to Reader Application
  • Involved in the entire SDLC of the applications

Environment: iOS, Xcode, iPad, iPhone, Objective-C, Pure MVC, and RESTful Web Services, Agile Methodology, XCTest, SCRUM, and Mac OSX.


Mid-Level Mobile Developer


  • Added animation between UIViews for smooth transitioning and better user experience.
  • Used the same XIB to design for iPhone 5 and older iPhones by using Auto-layout.
  • Custom UI implemented with XIBs and Story boards as well and associated with appropriate reusable classes.
  • Worked with GIT to checkout and update the codebase changes.
  • Developed the UI screens by integrating different Views and Windows to make them user friendly.
  • Coordinated with the design and development team to define the user interface (UI/UX) requirements for the application and develop the wireframes
  • User can register via Facebook and email and can login through the same ways as he registered.
  • User can compose the message and send to the users.
  • Contributions can be done for each Confidential . Details of each Confidential can be seen in one’s detailed screen. Splores are classified as popular, recommended, recent etc.
  • Users can follow a particular person and the types of people are also classified as following, followed etc., there is a search option for searching Splores and users.
  • There site domain based Splores. Only public Splores created on a public domain can be accessed by all not the private one until and unless he is a member.

Environment: XCode, Objective C, NSUrl, iPhone OS SDK, UI Tabbar control, In app Purchase, Cocoa Touch, Cocoa framework.


Jr. iPhone Developer


  • Used Core Location Framework to get the user current location accurately
  • Implemented Business, Technology and Transportation functionalities in the application
  • Implemented REST API to get the all response from server end and render the data on UI screens as per the keyword
  • Used Serialized JSON to read the response that came through the server
  • Work closely with the web application development team to ensure proper integration between mobile application and web application
  • Created notifications to detect the auto rotation in the customized sub views
  • Worked extensively with Objective C and Cocoa Touch frameworks
  • Managed technical tasks, project implementations and technical projects going into production
  • Responsible for App support and latest versions compatibility
  • Used MapKit and Core Location to get users’ locations
  • Search hotel rates by city or near your current location
  • Sort hotel deals by price, popularity, and city location
  • View detailed hotel information (description, ratings, images and more)
  • View hotel locations on map
  • No account registration required
  • It involves booking of a room through credit card payment
  • Reported progress/challenges to onsite project lead
  • Used agile methodology for development

Environment: XCode, Objective C, NSUrl, Cocao Touch, CocoaPods, iPhone OS SDK, JSON, AFNetworking, UIKit.


Java Developer


  • Involved in designing and implementation of application flow
  • Involved in Developing UI screens in Administrator module
  • Developed Servlets and JSP pages for displaying both dynamic and static pages using HTML and CSS
  • Developed Action and Form Bean classes to retrieve data and process server side validations
  • Used JavaScript for performing client side validations
  • Created JDBC stored procedures, triggers, queries and PL/SQL statements to interact with the database
  • Involved in implementing Internationalization for supporting different country languages using Unicode formats
  • Involved in Code Reviews to make sure best coding standards and java best practices are used before placing the code in version control

Environments: Java1.4, Servlets, JSP, Struts, EJB, JDBC, Design patterns, HTML, JavaScript, Eclipse IDE and Web sphere application server (WAS 5).

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