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Web Developer/ui Developer Resume

Boston, MA


  • Around 6 years of programming and application development experience as a Senior Web Application .Net developer in both front - end and back-end web application design by using ASP.Net, C#, HTML, CSS3, WCF, WEB Service, Web API, Net Framework, Web Forms, MVC, JQuery, AJAX, AngularJS, Angular2, Angular4, SQL Server.
  • Experience in responsive UI design and tools such as Java Script, CSS and Bootstrap.
  • Experience in writing Components, Pipes and Services to separate concern and handle different situations by using Angular2/4.
  • Proficient in writing SQL Queries, Stored Procedures, Cursor, Views, Triggers in Microsoft SQL Server environments and experience in data backup, data restore.
  • Experience in using WCF service to Develop Web Form application implementing Pagination and Caches to improve response speed of the application.
  • Experience in AngularJS with functionalities such as Filters, Factory, Service, Provider, Directive, Promise and defer, etc.
  • Experience in manipulate data between pages by using JQuery, Ajax, Cache, Session, etc.
  • Hands on experience in design using Object Oriented Programming Principles like Encapsulation, inheritance, Polymorphism, reusability and SOLID principle.
  • Worked with unit testing software and tools including nUnit and Jasmine to improve program efficiency and provide higher code quality.
  • Strong developing the Data Access Layer(DAL), Business Logic Layer (BLL) using C#.
  • Worked with different Software Development Lifecycle(SDLC) methodologies including Waterfall and Agile/Scrum.
  • Experience in different design pattern including Singleton, Factory, Repository, etc.
  • Experience in Source Control Management tools include Team Foundation Server(TFS) and GIT to keep track of individual team member’s change and edit.
  • Experience in developing Single Page Application(SPA) by using different angular version including Angular1.4, Angular2, and Angular4.
  • Utilized Services and Factories with dependency injection(DI) in AngularJS.


Programming Language: C#, JavaScript

Web Technology: ASP.NET 4.0, ASP.NET MVC, WCF services, Web services, LINQ, Entity Framework, Telerik(KendoUI)

Tools: Visual studio 2015/2012/2010/2008, SQL Server Management Studio

Databases: SQL Server 2008/2012

Web Servers: IIS 8.0


Confidential - Boston,MA

Web Developer/UI developer

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Designed the web application by using InVision and Sketch, including designed custom icons and UI draft.
  • Developed the designs by using Mendix and using it to achieve single page application(SPA).
  • Implemented Microflow on buttons and links to make them with logic and can be used.
  • Implemented slide out custom widget by using dojo as a very important section for the application.
  • Developed all the page styles by using Bootstrap and SASS instead of CSS to gain a better structure of the stylesheets for a maintain purpose.
  • Built and generator custom icons by using IconMoon, and used them instead of the default icons in mendix.
  • Worked in Agile Scrum Methodology to provide more efficiently work and higher quality.

Environment: Mendix, Visual Studio code, Bracket, InVision, Sketch, Jira, HTML5, CSS, SASS, Bootstrap, NodeJS, yeoman, Koala, TortoiseSVN.

Confidential - Elkridge, MD

Software developer

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Designed and developed a web application by using Angular4 as front-end, and using Web API to receive and pass data to back-end. develop screening portion of CARES application using model driven approach by creating different Module, Components and by using these to make the code reusable.
  • Implement Services to store shared data between sibling Components and inject in to it for passing data purpose.
  • Transfer data between parent and child Components by using @Input and @Output.
  • Created Guard Service to prevent invalid routing address for a better security purpose.
  • Used ngModel to achieve two-way binding and using ngIf to display the validation message and error message.
  • Implement Formgroup to pack data as an object and reduce the data trans times. implemented DevOps process to ensure quality code and reduce the tester’s work. (sonarqube)
  • Working with team lead to write documentations and develop data model for the project. write code style guidelines for angular4 based on angular official documentations, formularize into simple 4-step procedure for fellow developer to follow. present skeleton with SRP and modularize project with best practice. follow angular best practice to ensure resource efficiency and low latency.
  • Worked in Agile Scrum Methodology to provide more efficiently work and higher quality.

Environment: Visual Studio code, Angular2, Angular4, Web API, Sonarqube, HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, NodeJS, Typescript.

Confidential - Dunellen, NJ

Software developer

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Designed a Web application by using AngularJS as front-end, Web API as the middle tier to manipulate data with Entity Framework.
  • Utilized UI Router for creating Single Page Application(SPA) and display multiple view.
  • Created ASP.NET Web API to support easy use of CRUD operations.
  • Used Factory and Service to separate concerns and improve the reusability of codes.
  • Implement authentication and authorization based on tokens and roles of the user.
  • Improved performance like reducing watchers and tracked performance with batarang.
  • Implemented client side validation including $valid, $pristine, $dirty and also the server side validation by using Data Annotation.
  • Showed navigation bar based on user role and error message by using ng-show/ng-hide.
  • Populated data by using UI Grid with filtering, sorting, inline editing functionalities.
  • Implemented Custom Directives to display personalized tags such as navigation bar and footer attribute.
  • Implemented custom filter to filter tables and display dropdown list by using ng-repeat.
  • Implemented unit testing by using jasmine to improve the coding quality.
  • Worked in agile scrum Methodology to provide higher quality and efficiently work.

Environment: Visual Studio 2013, Microsoft SQL Server 2012, AngularJS, Web API, Jasmine, Entity Framework, LINQ, CSS, Bootstrap.

Confidential - Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Software developer

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Designed and implemented application using HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, Bootstrap, AJAX, LINQ, MVC, Entity Framework, JQuery and SQL Server.
  • Retrieving data from database using LINQ and Lambda in Entity Framework.
  • Created SQL queries and store procedures with dynamic SQL to get data.
  • Created View Models to encapsulate all models and classes used on the different views for strong type views.
  • Implemented WebGrid MVC with JQuery to provide more flexible, editable and sortable grid view to increase user interaction.
  • Implemented N-Tier Architecture to provide a clean and organized working project.
  • Used containers such as Viewbag and TempData to manipulate data between controllers.
  • Implemented Sessions to protect user information across pages.
  • Used form authenticate to avoid unknown user checking web pages without log in.
  • Used JQuery to achieve the front end validation and achieve server side validation by using Data Annotation such as Required, Minlength, Range validation, etc.
  • Developed pagination and pop-up window using bootstrap to improve UI behavior.
  • Implemented unit testing by using nUnit.

Environment: Visual Studio 2012, Microsoft SQL Server 2012, MVC 5, Razor View Engine, nUnit, Entity Framework, LINQ, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, AJAX, Bootstrap.

Confidential - Brookings, South Dakota

Software developer(

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Designed and developed selling system using HTML5, MVC4, JavaScript, CSS, bootstrap, AJAX, LINQ, Entity Framework, JQuery, SQL Server.
  • Achieved authentication and authorization for login page based on different roles by using form authentication.
  • Designed N-tier architecture for the application to maintain a clean and organized working project including UI layer, Business Logic Layer, and Data Access Layer.
  • Used Kendo UI grid view to display data and allow for inline editing/updating/deleting.
  • Used JQueryUI dialog and make AJAX call to implement a pop-up window for asynchronies and responsive design.
  • Achieved Object Oriented Programming (OOP) concepts such as inheritance, Polymorphism, Encapsulation, reusability and legibility.
  • Created View Model to encapsulate all models and classes used on different views for more stable and organized code.
  • Wrote Auto mapper to help mapping data easier from database to application.
  • Used Areas to separate modules and allow Controllers to have same name in project.
  • Implemented Error Handling functions to handle exposing code and avoid bugs.
  • Used layout page to speed up page changing and pagination to separate lists to several pages for easier read and better performance.
  • Used Razor to design views and partial views to achieve single page application.

Environment: Visual Studio 2010, Microsoft SQL Server 2012, MVC 4, Razor View Engine, nUnit, Entity Framework, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, AJAX, Bootstrap.

Confidential - Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Web developer

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Designed and developed manage system using ASP.Net Web Forms, WCF service, JQuery, JavaScript, CSS, HTML5 ADO.Net and SQL Server.
  • Designed the N-Tier architecture for the application with Data Access Layer (DAL) and Business Access Layer (BAL).
  • Used View State and Session to maintain data and post back operations respectively.
  • Implemented master page template for consistent layout in whole application.
  • Displayed the records in the page using GridView with functions of pagination.
  • Added cookies to store user information and remember users to the application.
  • Implemented client-side validation with ASP.NET validator controls such as required filed validator, range validator, compare validator, and custom validator.
  • Built database including tables, stored procedures by using Microsoft SQL server.
  • Used Dynamic SQL to develop store procedure to fetch data and increase performance.
  • Created WCF services to implement auto complete information.
  • Used HTML4, CSS3, Ajax toolkit and Java Script to design the UI.
  • Working in an agile Environment to deliver higher-quality software more efficiently.

Environment: Visual Studio 2010, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, ASP.NET Web Forms, WCF Services, ADO.NET, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, AJAX, HTML 5.

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