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Sr. Devops Engineer Resume

Livonia, MI


  • Around 7+ years of experience in administration and Executing DevOps strategy in various environments of Linux and Windows servers along with espousing cloud strategies based on Confidential . Expertise in Confidential Resources like EC2, S3, EBS, VPC, ELB, AMI, SNS, RDS, IAM, Route 53, Auto scaling, Cloud Formation, Cloud Watch, Security Groups. Expertise in implementation and maintenance of Apache HTTP, SMTP, DNS, TCP/IP, Security Management & Security trouble shooting skills. Experience on working with various OS like Linux (Red hat, Ubuntu, CentOS), UNIX, Windows.
  • Expertise in Confidential Resources like EC2, S3, EBS, VPC, ELB, AMI, SNS, RDS, IAM, Route 53, Auto scaling, Cloud Formation, Cloud Watch, Security Groups.
  • Experience in optimizing volumes, EC2 instances and created multiple VPC instances and created alarms and notifications for EC2 instances using Cloud Watch.
  • Experience in working on source control management tools like GIT (GitHub), Subversion (SVN) and creating GIT repositories with specified branching strategies.
  • Expertise in using build tools like MAVEN for the building of deployable artifacts such as war from source code.
  • Expertise in implementation and maintenance of Apache HTTP, SMTP, DNS, TCP/IP, Security Management & Security trouble shooting skills.
  • Experience on working with various OS like Linux (Red hat, Ubuntu, CentOS), UNIX, Windows.
  • Experienced in Querying RDBMS such as Oracle, MY SQL and SQL Server and designed and created multiple deployment strategies using CI/CD Pipelines using Jenkins.
  • Configured and administered Jenkins for automated builds Responsible for installing Jenkins master and slave nodes.
  • Expertise in automating builds and deployment process using Bash, Python and Shell scripts.
  • Rapid provisioning and configuration management for Ubuntu using Chef on Confidential platform.
  • Installed and Configured Chef Server, Workstation, Client servers and nodes, written several recipes, cookbooks in Chef to automate the environment provisioning, Middleware Infrastructure Installations.
  • Experience in Designing, Installing and Implementing Ansible configuration management system and in writing playbooks for Ansible and deploying applications.
  • Hands on experience in using configuration management tools Chef, Puppet and Ansible and also worked on migration project of moving current applications in traditional datacenter to Confidential .
  • Good understanding of Open shift platform in managing Docker containers and Kubernetes Clusters and was involved in creating pods and clusters in Kubernetes and deploy those using Open Shift.
  • Developed automation scripting in Python using Puppet to deploy and manage Java applications across Linux servers.
  • Familiar with designing and deploying container - based production clusters using Docker and having experience with Docker container service as well as in creating Docker files, Docker Images & Containers.
  • Experience with container-based deployments using Docker, working with Docker images, Docker hub and Docker registries, installation and configuring Kubernetes and clustering them.
  • Extensively worked on Jenkins, Docker for continuous integration and for End to End automation for all build and deployment.
  • Experience on working with on-premises network, application, server monitoring tools and on Confidential with Cloud Watch monitoring tool.
  • Experienced in troubleshooting and automated deployment to web end application servers like WebLogic and Apache Tomcat.
  • Hands on experience (Knowledge) on performance monitoring tools like App-Dynamics, Cloud Watch, Cloud Formation and Services Related to Confidential .
  • Experience in creating Docker containers leveraging existing Linux Containers and AMI's in addition to creating Docker containers from scratch.


Sr. Devops Engineer

Confidential, Livonia, MI


  • Planning, deploying, monitoring, and maintaining Amazon Confidential cloud infrastructure consisting of multiple EC2 nodes and VMware Vm's as required in the environment.
  • Responsible for design and maintenance of the GIT Repositories, views, and the access control strategies.
  • Hands on experience in Amazon Web Services Confidential provisioning and good knowledge of Confidential services like EC2, S3, Glacier, Elk,Bamboo, ELB (Load Balancers), RDS, SNS, SWF and EBS etc and Azure.
  • Used security groups, network ACLs, Internet Gateways, NAT instances and Route tables to ensure a secure zone for organizations in Confidential public cloud.
  • Implemented rapid-provisioning and life-cycle management for Ubuntu Linux using Amazon EC2, Chef, and custom Ruby/Bash script.
  • Wrote Ansible Playbooks with Python SSH as the Wrapper to Manage Configurations of Open Stack Nodes and Test Playbooks on Confidential instances using Python.
  • Installation, configuration, and administration of Virtual Box and VMWare virtual machines for RHEL, Ubuntu Linux Servers using Vagrant.
  • Experienced in creating Docker containers leveraging existing Linux Containers and AMI's in addition to creating Docker containers from scratch.
  • Working on DevOps platform and have gained experience in specialized areas related to Chef for Cloud Automation.
  • Experience in automation of configuration of hosting environments including database administration and scaling an application and support load changes by using Ansible and chef.
  • Demonstrated on Ansible along with Ansible Tower can be used to automate different software development processes all over the team organization.
  • Created Ansible Playbooks for different environments for release and converted Puppet scripts into Docker.
  • Built Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous delivery (CD) environment in Jenkins.
  • Built end to end CI/CD Pipelines in Jenkins to retrieve code, compile applications, perform tests and push build artifacts to Nexus.
  • Working on Multiple Confidential instances, set the security groups, Elastic Load Balancer and AMIs, Auto scaling to design cost effective, fault tolerant and highly available systems.
  • Creating S3 buckets and managing policies for S3 buckets and Utilized S3 bucket and Glacier for Archival storage and backup on Confidential .
  • Worked on integrating GIT into the continuous Integration (CI) environment along with Anthill-Pro, Jenkins.
  • Virtualized the servers using the Docker for the test environments and dev-environments needs and configuration automation using Docker containers.
  • Automated cloud deployments using chef, python (boto & fabric) and Confidential Cloud Formation Templates.
  • Well Versed with Configuring Access for inbound and outbound traffic RDS DB services, DynamoDB tables, EBS volumes to set alarms for notifications or automated actions.
  • Implemented a GIT mirror for SVN repository, which enables users to use both GIT and SVN.

Environment: & Tools: Confidential (EC2, VPC, ELB, Elk, S3, RDS, Cloud Trail and Route 53), ANT, Maven, GIT, VPC, Route53, EBS, SQL, ELB, Cloud watch, Cloud Formation, Docker, Jira, Jenkins, Confidential CLI, Confidential Auto Scaling, Unix/Linux, Shell scripting.

DevOps Engineer

Confidential, Seattle, WA


  • Planning, deploying, monitoring, and maintaining Amazon Confidential cloud infrastructure consisting of multiple EC2 nodes and VMware as required in the environment.
  • Designed Confidential Cloud Formation templates to create custom sized VPC, subnets, NAT to ensure successful deployment of Web applications and database templates.
  • Designed roles and groups for users and resources using Confidential Identity Access Management (IAM) and managed network security using Security Groups, and IAM.
  • Worked on Confidential ELB and configure the auto scaling as per the application user traffic and managing the multi-tier and multi-region architecture using Confidential Cloud Formation.
  • Involved in Confidential Elastic Beanstalk for app deployments and worked on Confidential lambda with Amazon kinesis.
  • Container management using Docker by writing Docker files and set up the automated build on Docker HUB and installed and configured Kubernetes.
  • Hands on experience with Docker hub, creating Docker images and handling multiple images primarily for middleware installations and domain configurations.
  • Developed several playbooks using Ansible and deployed the applications/services on the client hosts.
  • Worked on Ansible setup, managing hosts file, Using YAML linter, authoring various playbooks and custom modules with Ansible.
  • Managed chef cookbooks to automate the system operations and installed chef role-based applications like Tomcat, Apache and Nginx.
  • Setup and maintained automated environment using Chef Recipes within Azure environment. Good understanding on Knife, Chef Bootstrap process etc.
  • Worked with Chef to aid with deployment process and migrating in house systems to Amazon Cloud Services.
  • Installed and configured an automated tool Puppet that included the installation and configuration of the Puppet master, agent nodes and an admin control workstation.
  • Deployed Puppet, Puppet Server, Puppet-Dashboard and Puppet DB for configuration management to existing infrastructure.
  • Administration of Continuous Integration tool in Jenkins. Create and configure new jobs for each application in Jenkins based on technology stacks.
  • Worked with build environment such as Jenkins, container management systems such as Docker and Kubernetes.
  • Used Ant, Maven as a build tools on java projects for the development of build artifacts on the source code.
  • Managed Version Control Subversion (SVN) and GitHub Enterprise and Automated current build process with Jenkins with proposed Branching strategies to accommodate code in various testing cycles.
  • Used and Administered Continuous Integration tools Jenkins, Bamboo. Built, configured and supported Application team environments. Maintained and upgraded Jira issue tracker, Crucible code review tool.
  • Deployed Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.x/7.x, Cent OS and installation of packages and patches for Red Hat Linux Servers.

Environment: Confidential, RHEL, Docker, Puppet, Apache Web Server, Tomcat, Open shift, Apache, Networking, VPC, EC2, S3, IAM, EBS, Lambda, Kubernetes, JFrog, Ansible, Python, Maven, Cloud Formation, Terraform, Cloud Watch, Packer, Jenkins, Linux, Jira.

DevOps Engineer

Confidential, Middle Town, NJ


  • Deployed the Java applications into web application servers like JBoss.
  • Developed build and deployment scripts using ANT and MAVEN as build tools in Jenkins to move from one environment to other environments.
  • Performed WebLogic Server administration tasks such as installing, configuring, monitoring and performance tuning on Linux Environment.
  • Created custom chef recipes that deploy builds from Nexus to target node.
  • Encrypted data Confidential rest in Azure and implemented strategies for key management and key rotation in Azure.
  • Used Kubernetes to deploy scale, load balance, scale and manage Docker containers with multiple name spaced versions.
  • Developed CI/CD system with Jenkins on Google's Kubernetes container environment, utilizing Kubernetes and Docker for the runtime environment for the CI/CD system to build and test and deploy.
  • Coordinated with Release Management and product owners regarding appropriate system releases among other development platforms.
  • Designed and Developed Jenkins Build deployments on Docker containers.
  • Installed Docker Registry for local upload and download of Docker images and even from Docker hub.
  • Deployment and management of many servers via script and chef, utilizing cloud providers as a direct Jira.
  • Maintained Chef and Puppet servers and management application that can use ServiceNow data to bring computers into a desired state by managing files, services or packages installed on physical or virtual machines.
  • Maintained Chef Servers and management application that can use to build and deployment of existing Java/.Net applications environment.
  • Experienced in using Azure and power shell for creating vm's, created jump box and configured gateway vm's in Azure.
  • Created scripts for system administration and Confidential using languages such as BASH and Python.
  • Built and Deployed Java/J2EE to a web application server in an Agile continuous integration environment and automated the whole process.
  • Developed and implemented the software release management for the release of web applications.
  • Involved in editing the existing ANT files in case of errors or changes in the project requirements.
  • Involved in writing parent pom files to establish the code quality tools integration.
  • Installed configured and administered Jenkins CI tool on Linux machines.

DevOps Engineer

Confidential, Minneapolis, MN


  • Built application and database servers using Confidential EC2 and create AMIs as well as use RDS for Oracle DB.
  • Migrated VMWARE VMs to Confidential and Managed Services like EC2, S3 Bucket, ELB, EBS Etc.
  • Interacted with developers and Enterprise Configuration Management Team for changes to best practices and tools to eliminate non-efficient practices and bottlenecks.
  • Coordinated with Release Management regarding appropriate system releases among other development platforms.
  • Deployed Chef, Puppet Dashboard for configuration management to infrastructure and deployed the Java applications into web application server like Web logic.
  • Worked together with developers to establish and apply appropriate branching, labeling/naming conventions using Subversion (SVN) source control.
  • Analyzed and resolved conflicts related to merging of source code for SVN.
  • Implemented, maintained and supported reliable, timely and reproducible builds for project teams.
  • Maintained build related scripts developed in ANT, shell and Python.
  • Created and modify build configuration files including Ant's build.xml and worked with development team to migrate Ant scripts to Maven.
  • Configured and maintained Hudson to implement the CI process and integrated the tool with Ant and Maven to schedule the builds.
  • Worked with development/testing, deployment, systems/infrastructure and project teams to ensure continuous operation of build and test systems.

Environment: Subversion, GIT, Anthill pro, Jenkins, Java/J2EE, ANT, MAVEN, JIRA, Ruby, LINUX, XML, Web logic, MY SQL, Perl, Scripts, Shell screwcaps, JBoss.


Operating Systems: Ubuntu, Windows Server, UNIX, LINUX

Cloud Technologies: Amazon Web Services (IAM, S3, EC2, VPC, ELB, Route53, RDS, Auto Scaling, Cloud Front), Google cloud platform (GCP), Jenkins, GIT, CHEF, CONSUL, Docker, OpenStack, Azure and Rack Space

DevOps Tools: Urban Code Deploy, Jenkins (CI), Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Confidential

Build Tools: ANT, MAVEN, Gradle, Nant, MS Build, Control-M / Kom & Bash shell, Data Power

Languages/ Scripts: Java/J2EE, C, C++, SQL, JAVASCRIPT, Languages Shell, Bash, Perl, Ruby and Python scripting

Databases: MySQL, Mongo DB, Cassandra, Postgre SQL, SQL Server, Aurora

Web/App Server: Apache, IIS, HIS, Tomcat, WebSphere Application Server, JBoss

Bug Tracking Tools: JIRA, Rally, Remedy and IBM Clear Quest, Bugzilla, HP Quality Center

Versioning: Tool RTC, SVN, GIT, TFS, Clear case, Perforce, CVS, VSS

CI Tools: Hudson, Jenkins, Bamboo, Cruise Control

Cloud Computing: Amazon EC2, VPC, ELB, EBS, SNS, Cloud Watch, Cloud Formation, S3, Cloud Trail, IAM

DevOps/Build & Release Engineering: Jenkins, Perforce, Docker, UDeploy Confidential, Chef, puppet, Ant, Vagrant, Atlassian-Jira, GitHub, Bit Bucket, Ansible, OpenStack and Salt Stack, Splunk, Zabbix, Nexus, Terraform.

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