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Senior Software Engineer Resume

Irvine, CA


  • Senior software engineer with 14 years of experience in full life cycle of developing production - ready web, console, and mobile applications. Known as a problem-solver with a strong work ethic and understanding of accountability.
  • Designs features/improvements for software using appropriate design patterns.
  • Implement all layers of software including service, back end, and front end.
  • Automate application build and deployment processes via Continuous Integration.
  • Implements bug fixes for software.
  • Research and evaluate new programming languages and frameworks to use for products.
  • Quickly learn new programming languages and frameworks.
  • Actively participate in agile process including providing input for Sprint Planning Event, Daily Scrums, Sprint Review, and Sprint Retrospective.
  • Lead software engineering teams including scoping out new features, performing code reviews, and merging of feature branch work into integration branches.
  • Interface with customers for customer support.
  • Conduct interviews for possible software developer candidates.
  • Mentor junior software developers.
  • Create UML Diagrams.


Programming Languages: C#, Java, .NET Core, Kotlin, C++, C, Bash

Automating Software Builds: Bamboo, Maven, Nuget, Ant, GNU Make

Web Programming: RESTful and SOAP Web Services, HTML, JavaScript, Angular 2, TypeScript, Ajax, Axis2, Axis2/C, Perl CGI, CORBA

APIs/Frameworks: ASP Web Forms, WCF, Entity Framework, Nuget, NPM, RabbitMQ API, Xamarin, Fluent Migrator, MVVM Light Toolkit, Quartz, Ocelot API Gateway, Spring Integration, Spring Boot, CS-Script, Slow Cheetah, Prox Card SDK

Design Patterns: Singleton, Factory, Command, Repository/Unit of Work, Decorator, Template, Strategy, SPA, MVP, MVVM, Flyweight

API Docs: Swagger, Javadoc

Inversion of Control Containers: Microsoft Unity, Autofac, Spring

Security: OAuth, OpenID Connect

Databases: Oracle, SQL Server, Couchbase, HyperSQL

Web Servers/Servlet Containers: IIS, Tomcat, Kestrel, Apache Web Server

Message Brokers: RabbitMQ, UDDI Registry

Containerization: Docker

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Unix, iOS, VxWorks

UML Design Utilities: Visio, Rational Rose, Gliffy for Confluence

Integrated Development Environment: Visual Studio, MyEclipse, Visual Code

Programming Constructs: XML, JSON, XSLT Translations

Issue and Project Tracking: Git, Subversion, ClearCase Jira


Confidential, Irvine, CA

Senior Software Engineer


  • Major contributor to all releases of product. Implemented applications using IoC and configuration transformations to save on deployment time for customer configurations as well as QA and demo deployments (i.e. databases, connections).
  • Implemented .NET applications to use NuGet to avoid extra library dependency installations during deployment to minimize installation impact for customers.
  • Designed, helped implement and maintained Bamboo build plans for automated testing and QA deployment.
  • Dockerized build/deployment of products including ASP Web Forms application
  • Helped implement configurable web application that allows users to configure UI of pages to avoid coding new pages for each customer’s needs.
  • Separated web application’s service layer into a WCF Web Service application allowing new client applications to interface with data appropriately.
  • Fixed many bugs and added production level code to an incomplete iOS application promised to a customer. Work also included building middleware to allow for real-time updates on the iOS application.
  • Designed WPF application to have pluggable card scanner libraries to allow quick deployment to customers using different card scanners.
  • Implemented WPF application using MVVM pattern to increase productivity of work by having UI and business logic worked by two developers in parallel.
  • Provided direct customer support to solve product issues in a timely matter.
  • Implemented product database migration for seamless upgrade for customers.

Confidential, Seal Beach, CA

Software Engineer 3


  • Participated in demonstrations that led to funding of Interoperability Services team.
  • Successfully met all customer milestones for interoperability services.

Confidential, Anaheim, CA

Software Engineer 1

  • Worked on research and development team implementing a Java Swing application to test interoperability between systems from different domains. System interoperability protocols included HTTP, FTP, SOAP Web Services, and CORBA. Ran demos of the application multiple times for Boeing executives.
  • Research and development team continued to get funding because of successful demonstration of the application.
  • Successfully implemented the application to perform the interoperability protocols from requirements.

Confidential, Cypress, CA

Systems and Environment Developer

  • Second summer internship on system and environment team to work on writing internal software tools. Ported daily build tool script to use Perl interpreted language.
  • Rewrote new version of Athena System Tool to perform faster daily builds.

Confidential, Cypress, CA

Systems and Environment Developer

  • First summer internship on system and environment team to work on writing internal software tools. Removed unnecessary “include” statements in C++ files of product.
  • Wrote multiple Perl scripts streamlining daily tasks for employees.
  • Removing unused C++ “include” statements saved on system compilation time.

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