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Sr. Cloud Engineer Resume

Malvern, PA


  • Consistently high - performing Information Technology professional with over all 8+ years of experience in delivering business value through innovation and continuous improvement.
  • Certified AWS Solutions Architect (Professional) with in-depth experience designing and implementing enterprise hybrid cloud architectures.
  • Hands on experience in standing up AWS accounts, migrating workloads, enforcing security and automation best practices.
  • Strong technical and practical knowledge of implementation and configuring BigData and Hadoop Ecosystem on AWS using AWS Elastic Map Reduce service.
  • Strong Hands on experience in configuring authentications for accessing HUE, Hive, Presto applications on AWS EMR Service.
  • Experience in creating OOZIE workflows and executing them as Step actions on EMR clusters
  • Comprehensive knowledge on configuration management tools like Chef and Ansible.
  • Extensive experience in building high available, scalable, and secure infrastructure on AWS using tools like Terraform and Cloud Formation Templates.
  • Full stack developer leveraging AWS Cloud, Microservices, Continuous Integration, and regularly adapting to latest toolset including AWS Lambda, Docker, etc.
  • Experience with source control management software, such as Subversion SVN, Git, BitBucket.
  • Experience in Build Automation tools like Jenkins and Bamboo.
  • Experience in working with open source tools Cucumber, Serverspec and Rspec and preparation of Automation test framework to perform verification and validation on infrastructure setup.
  • Proficient in generating Cloud Formation Templates in AWS using Troposphere and CfnDsl
  • Implemented a Continuous Delivery pipeline with Jenkins, Git, Ansible and Packer to build an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) from the latest version of Amazon Linux.
  • Hands on experience in creating VPNs between AWS VPC and customers datacenters using SOPHOS.
  • Provides design guidance for modern cloud projects and integration with legacy applications.
  • Experience with Disaster Recovery setup and implementation of cost optimization techniques using automation scripts Ruby and Python.
  • Experience includes creating dashboards, reports and alerts in Splunk and Kibana.
  • Strong network and security knowledge related to both AWS hosted services and on-premise datacenters.
  • Experience includes configuring routing protocols on Cisco and Juniper networking devices.
  • Skilled in developing Cisco Network Management System applications using JAVA.
  • Experienced in creating Mobile automation testing framework from scratch for Native Apps(IOS and Android)and Web Based Applications which includes WedriverIO(wdio), NodeJS,JavaScript, NPM, Java, Selenium, TestNG, Cucumber, Appium, Maven and Jenkins.
  • Passionate about technology, quick learner, hands-on, hard worker, great problem solver, team player and mentor.
  • Exposure to all stages of Software Development Life Cycle(SDLC) and Agile methodology


Architecture expertise: Cloud (AWS) services, Micro-services, Analytics and visualization.

Languages: Python, Ruby, Java, Shell scripting, Groovy, CfnDsl, Troposphere.

CI, Test & Build Systems: Maven, Jenkins, Bamboo, Control-M

Automation tools: Chef, Ansible, Jenkins, Test Kitchen, Packer, Docker, Terraform, Packer, AWS CFTs.

Databases: AWS RDS, Oracle, MySQL, DynamoDB, PostgreSQL.

Logging & Monitoring Tools: Splunk, ELK Stack, CloudHealth, CloudAware.

Operating Systems: Red Hat Linux, Ubuntu, CentOS, Windows server2008/2012, CiscoIOS, Juniper OS.

Analytics Tools: Hadoop, OOZIE, Hive, Tez, Presto, HUE, EMR.

Version Control Software s: SVN, Git, BitBucket.

Networking: TCP/IP protocols, AWS Security groups, VPCs, VGWs, NAT, SOPHOS VPNs.

Testing tools: Appium, Selenium WebDriverIO, NodeJs, JavaScript, Selenium Grid, Junit, TestNG, Serverspec, Rspec, Cucumber

Authentication: LDAP, SAML 2.0, Federated authentication

Agile PM tools: Rally, Jira, Confluence, Hipchat, Slack, HP-ALM, MS Project


Confidential, Malvern, PA

Sr. Cloud Engineer


  • Responsible for migrating the Confidential ’s on-premises analytics platform on to EMR based analytics platform in AWS
  • Designed and implemented a strategy to pull 50GB of data from Vangaurd’s data center to S3 on daily basis using EC2, Python scripting, Bash Scripting.
  • Automated the implementation of launching EMR cluster on AWS using Cloud formation templates generated by troposphere dsl and Bamboo to launch Cloud formation stacks to crate clusters.
  • Automated the process of installing AWS cloudwatch agents into EMR clusters while bootstrapping. The installed agents are configured to push the system and applications logs to AWS cloudwatch service and the forwarded to Splunk service using Kinesis steams.
  • Developed Confidential ’s customized Ansible playbooks to run on EMR clusters to configure Confidential proxy settings during cluster bootstrap.
  • Implemented automated way to create S3 buckets in AWS using troposphere and cloudformation templates.
  • Configured the centralized RDS Hive metastore on EMR clusters using Ansible playbooks using EMR step actions.
  • Transformed several OOZIE workflows from on-prem to run on EMR clusters to transform 50GB of raw data per data.
  • Configured multiple Control-M jobs to create and terminate EMR clusters.
  • Created a custom Python script to check and issue success signal based on EMR step action status.
  • Implemented multiple Bamboo build plans and deploy plans using JAVA
  • Enabled LDAP authentication for accessing HUE UI using Ansible playbooks and run during cluster creation automatically.
  • Developed a custom Bash script to retrieve service account’s password from IDvault server residing at Confidential ’s on-premises.
  • Responsible in generating Splunk reports and alerts based on the logs generated from EMR clusters.
  • Implemented lambda function to terminate the EMR clusters in non-prod environments based on tags values

Confidential, Philadelphia, PA

DevOps Engineer


  • Responsible for designing and implementing a scalable VPC design to expand their current single VPC footprint. Support their centralized CDP (Continuous Delivery Platform) Jenkins, Chef and Test Kitchen to ensure successful convergence of cookbooks and infrastructure tests.
  • Lead the design for their new VPC model, by collaborating with the DEVOPS team. Conducted POCs to demonstrate the design.
  • Automated the implementation of the new VPC model in Ruby using aws-sdk 2.0, CfnDsl. This approach allows scaling to additional VPCs by just adding configuration data to this code. Upon adding a new account, this job will automatically configure a new VPC and runs tests to ensure compliance.
  • Applied TDD for developing their VPC Model, using the Ruby Serverspec framework.
  • Developed 20+ Confidential application chef cookbooks including Splunk configurations cookbook, Alert logic configuration cookbooks, AWS cloud watch monitors cookbook etc.
  • Involved in enabling Federation to AWS Using Windows Active Directory, ADFS, and SAML 2.0
  • Developed scripts in Python and PowerShell to generate AWS session tokens to individuals to which are used to query/make AWS API calls from their workstations.
  • Implemented a DR strategy to secure data loss in EBS volumes by creating snapshots using ruby scripts and scheduled jobs in Jenkins.
  • Developed a deployment strategy to deploy lambda functions using Jenkins and CFTs
  • Involved in creating Rake scripts to terminate non-production instances during non-business hours and recreating on schedule basis to reduce cost.
  • Automated the process of retrieving cloud watch metrics like CPU, Mem, Network utilization scripts and presenting them in xlsx format.
  • Implemented Lambda functions in Python and clean up scripts in Ruby to delete unused instances, EBS volumes, Snapshots and Cloud watch alarms.
  • Developed Lambda function to copy ec2 tags to EBS volumes when a new EC2 instance is launched.
  • Participated in On-Call support for production support
  • Designed and implemented testing framework to test Confidential ’s infrastructure in AWS.
  • Designed and implemented framework using Python and generating Terraform templates to create security groups in AWS.
  • Automated a way to add and delete SNS subscriptions using ruby scripts
  • Developed multiple Cloud formation templates (CFTs) using cfndsl to support Confidential ’s application stacks.
  • Developed multiple Jenkins pipelines using Groovy dsls.
  • Involved in setting up Sophos configurations.
  • Provided trainings to peers on DevOps pipelines and.
  • Conducted brainstorming sessions on cookbook developments and also to delvelop a new security model that extends and supports their current design.
  • Actively worked with the TPO to breakdown this activity into stories and tasks and scheduling them in multiple sprints.

Confidential, VA

Cloud Engineer


  • Design, deployment, and maintenance of clients’ infrastructure comprised of several mutiple nodes on AWS platform.
  • Involued in migrating services from a managed hosting environment to AWS including: service design, network layout, HIPAA compliance, data migration, automation, monitoring, deployments and cutover, documentation, overall plan, cost analysis, and timeline.
  • Improved application integration methods, emphasizing better utilization of configuration management tools to simplify procedures, promote uniformity, reduce errors and time required to deploy new applications.
  • Designed and implemented continuous deployment pipeline to demonstrate design-to-deployment lifecycle resource reduction for dramatic time and cost savings, and deployment to AWS and internal hosts from single set of tools.
  • I have been involved in creating the Cloud formation templates to enable deployment of an entire stacks in a matter of minutes instead hours.
  • Involved in installation and configuration of an Open source tool know as Free-IPA used as an integrated Identity and Centralized authentication solution for Linux networked environments.
  • Managed all the user permissions to access files and folders across the environments using Free-IPA.
  • Installed and configured the SAMBA shares application on CentOS machines and Managed the user access to these samba shares by integrating Free-IPA on top of Samba.
  • Configured Sophos UTM to access Free-IPA for secured back end authentications.
  • Utilized the DNS feature provided in Free-IPA and integrated the DNS services with Sophos UTM to enable users to access servers in private networks with hostnames instead of IP addresses
  • Involved in establishing Site-to-Site VPN setup also in resolving issues related to Site-to-Site VPN connections using Sophos UTM in clients environments.
  • Proposed and implemented a new strategy of generating Random passwords for local users while building the Cloud formation templates.
  • Built one of the complex cloud formation template used for launching Redhat’s OpenShit application on AWS platform with all the flavors of automating like the random user password generation,dynamic updation of the Route 53 entries with ELB names.
  • Proposed and implemented a new approach in passing dynamic VPC CIDR as an input for CFT used for Infoblox client to showcase their network manage service based application.
  • Involved in REAN managed services support actives like performance monitoring, security monitoring, patch updates, provisioning user permissions to access AWS resources generating cloud aware reports on clients enviorments.
  • Strong analytical skills; able to work with technicians from various engineering disciplines to troubleshoot complex system-level issues.
  • Integrated Amazon directory service on linux mechanizes and manage the centralized authorization service for client environment.
  • I have been involved in writing python/bash scripts to automate backing up of snapshots, LDAP backups, transferring AMIs from one region to another and resolving high CPU,Memory usage issues on client’s infrastructure as part of REAN manage services support activities.

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